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If I had to use a phrase to describe my wife Benita, it would be "fiery temper." I'm your typical white guy who, at the time, was lucky enough to find this vibrant beautiful no holds barred creature. She has more energy than any two women put together do and she loves me. How lucky is that? Well my luck had to run out sometime. I guess I'll just tell you how life can be ironic and maybe there should be room for forgiveness.

It all happened last week. Benita and I are empty nesters. We have two lovely daughters who look just like their mother did and still does. The three of them look more like sisters than mother and daughters. All three of them have coal black hair and tan complexions. The girls are a little taller than their mother, have the same figures, curvy but not fat. Although they all have, "C" cups. Their breasts look bigger due to their small frames. Three heart breakers, well at least one of them is a heart breaker.

As I said, it all came to a head last week.

I'm in my study going over the monthly reports when I hear a thud and the breaking of glass. I get up and move to Benita's private room door and knock: "Is everything alright dear?"

"What have I told you about reading Literotica, Benita? It's not good for your blood pressure. Not the "Loving Wives" stories again, you know you can't read that stuff and not throw a fit."

"Cream pies, what is a cream pie?" I listen to her explanation. "So this fictional character has sex with someone she is not married too and then gets hubby to go down on her? Do I have that right? Did he know about it? No! Did he find out about it?" I waited again. This talking through a door can get tiring at times.

"Well what did he do when he found out? Kicked her to the curb? So what has you so upset dear?" She is in full rant mode now this could take awhile.

"So you thought she got off too easily. Nevertheless, he didn't take her back did he? No! Well what should he have done? There is only so much that the law allows darling."

"Burn the bitch? I think assaulting someone with fire for an act of indiscretion is both excessive and illegal." Now she is on a full-bore rant and if the door wasn't in the way, I might be ducking flying objects.

"Sorry honey, I took you too literally. Are you saying he didn't go far enough in his revenge? What would you have him do? After all he wouldn't want to go to prison over a worthless bitch, now would he?"

"He kept things quiet and everyone blamed him when the divorce went forward. He didn't even tell his kids and they sided with their mother. How sad, so you would inform the children? What if they are not old enough? Oh, they are in their twenties like our girls. Tell her co-workers, mother, and father. Don't you think that is somewhat cruel, telling the kids, is bad enough?" She just about screaming, now thank God the door is closed.

"Aren't you being a little harsh dear? Doesn't a mistake deserve some forgiveness? Isn't posting pictures of the cheating couple on the internet and at her work classless? Shouldn't we turn the other cheek like it says in the Bible?" I turn off the voice recorder.

"I have to go do some business dear. Try not to break anything else and certainly not anything that is irreplaceable. I'll be back in about an hour."

"Yes I'm sure you do dear have to go bye." With that, I head out to see the attorney I hired two weeks ago when I found that my Benita had been having an on-going affair with one of her office managers. It's nice that she has given me the blueprint on how I should handle her infidelity. I'll add it to what is left of my heart and being the dutiful husband, I will do exactly as instructed by my loving wife.

I play the recording to my lawyer and ask if any of her observations are illegal. He informs me that I might get in trouble posting photos of a sexual nature on the internet but that I can certainly inform people of the affair through private emails. We talk about alienation of affection but our state doesn't allow suits of that nature.

I ask him about her employer's morality clauses. He says if they exist, we would need proof they did it on company property or on paid company time. I hand him the P. I. report showing them in a hotel room during a seminar, time stamped and authenticated. Not quite a slam-dunk but certainly something he can work with.

We talk about my wife and I having a prenup dealing with infidelity as this was my second marriage; my first ended when she cheated on me as well. He tells me the court may overlook the prenup because infidelity is not a crime so there is a good chance that she will walk away with half of everything. Oh well, it is only stuff. Time to tell the children I guess.

Funny thing is they already know about her affair. They are the ones that told me about it. I email them the voice recording. My daughters are like their mother in one respect: they have no restraint in what they would do to a cheating spouse. They tell me they have already talked to both grandparents and the rest of the family.

That brings us full circle to where we were when I started this little tale of woe. Time to beard the dragon in her den I suppose.

I return home with everything I need to bring an end to what was a good marriage but which over the last few weeks has turned into a sham. Benita is the most clueless person I know. I haven't touched her since my girls told me about the affair, nor said I love you either. I know the kids haven't spoken to her in the weeks leading up to today. She lost their trust.

I come in to find she is still in her cave ranting away about fictional infidelities. I slide a photo of her and her lover fucking on the hotel bed. "I've implemented your plan dear I hope you like it."

I go down to my den, close, and lock the door.

A few minutes later I hear her door open. "What did you say John? Oh no no no no...what have I done?"

Being told your wife is a common slut... hurtful

Hiring a P.I. to get the truth... painful

Following your wife's orders... priceless

For everything else, there's Literotica

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And remember guys?

Per Department of Defense Regulations; you always obey the last order given,,,,

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What a wonderful,
unusual story!
Damn, this writer
uses his originality
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Top ratings from me.

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Came back for a reread. Still a Classic! 👍🏻

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@anon - high horse

You state you gave author highest score for story which
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