tagNonHumanForgotten Ch. 02

Forgotten Ch. 02


After an agonising five months of waiting for my editor to do his job I took it back and did my own editing so please forgive any grammatical and spelling errors. I will deal punishment to my editor shortly (my partner)


Chapter 2: The Honeymoon Is Over!

The dawn filtered through the drapes of the bedroom. Michael had woken a few minutes before and watched the morning glow bathe his mate in the sun's warmth. He was still locked inside her, which surprised him at first until he felt a fluttering around his swollen appendage causing him to harden again. He saw the dried blood from his bite in the crook of her neck and decided he would clean it once he was free from her body.

He gave her a gentle squeeze nuzzling into her dark mahogany hair and inhaling deeply. She was now in full heat and her scent alone was enough to make him explode inside her again without any effort. He nearly squeaked at the sudden orgasm, "My love, you are full of surprises."

His euphoria was broken by a quiet rapping at the door, he began to welcome the guest inside when his mother's head peeked around from the back of the door, a huge smile animating her youthful face. "Is this her?" she asked joyously.

Michael nodded and held a finger to his lips, begging his mother to remain quiet.

She moved further into the room followed by the packs Alpha, Michael's father. "She is beautiful, my son," His mother grinned happily, tears filling her eyes, "my only son, finally mated after nearly seven hundred years!"

"You will be the envy of all the other males in the pack," The Alpha smiled, "your pups will be absolutely gorgeous." He sniffed the air and his smile broadened, "and I believe that will be sooner than we thought."

Michael laughed softly, "I hope so," he stroked her messy hair, "I want everything to be perfect for her."

"You should bring her breakfast," his mother suggested, "She will be very hungry when she wakes."

"I would love to," Michael blushed, "Only ..."

"Only he's still locked inside, Mollie," the Alpha took his mate into his arms, "Remember the night we mated? You kept me in there for nearly two hours!" he nibbled her neck causing her to giggle.

"William, stop it!" she chided playfully, "We'll leave the two of you alone, let us know when she wakes up so we can meet her properly."

Michael nodded and watched his parents leave, he nuzzled Michelle's neck again and drifted back off to sleep.


It was nearly noon before Michelle's body released Michael, she still slumbered exhausted from the previous night. He slowly eased himself out of bed to retrieve a washcloth from the adjoining en suite to clean the blood from her neck and thighs. Michael smiled at the four bloodstains on the sheets the biggest being the blood from the tearing of her mating seal, she had bled more than he had thought and she would probably hurt a bit when she woke. Not wanting to alarm her, he quickly wrung out the cloth and began to clean her.

Working the cloth around the curve of her beautifully shaped bottom he could not resist kissing each cheek. Hell, he wanted to do more than just kiss her. He quickly finished cleaning her neck and discarded the cloth wanting to now wake her. He gently rolled her onto her back and parted her knees, his senses exploded with the onslaught of pheromones she emitted, each tiny particle screaming for him to take her again to plant his seed in her. He fought his instinct and drove his mouth to her swollen and slightly bruised womanhood, his tongue sliding the entire length and tasting his spending from the previous night along with her nectar and blood.

Michelle sighed, "You still going?" she asked sleepily then chuckled, "Your stamina is incredible!"

Michael laughed, "My love, it is midday. We have both had adequate sleep and now I wish to pleasure you before I get us something to eat."

"Midday?" she asked waking fully alarmed by the news of the time.


"SHIT!" she cried sitting up fast, "My devil embryos are being delivered today!" she tried to get off the bed when Michael wrapped an arm firmly around her.

"Dr. Monahan knows that we won't be in today," He explained, trying to sooth her agitation, "He is happy for us and congratulates us."

Michelle stopped, "Okay," she looked at him for a moment then relaxed, "I take it he noticed us, huh?"

Michael chuckled, "yes, that and as you know it is University policy for couples to be noted for legal reasons."

She nodded, "I'm sorry to sound demanding but could I get something to eat?" Her eyes pleaded with him. How could he resist her? He rose from between her thighs and made his way out the door. "Hey!"

He stopped, "What's the matter?" he asked, turning to look at her.

"You should put a robe on," she pointed to the wardrobe.

He cocked his head to the side curious to her reason for him to cover up. He then thought that she was a little worried that other females might try something on him if he were naked. "As you wish, my love." He swaggered over to the wardrobe removing a black silken robe and covered up, "Better?"

"Yes," she smiled sliding to the side of the bed again.

"Where are you going?" he asked now, his confusion returning.

"I'm getting dressed," she explained, "I may not be expected at the lab today, but my two dogs will want feeding." She searched for her underwear.

"I'll send someone to feed them," he replied casually with a grin.

"I do not think that Tala and Fenrir will like that," she stated dryly pausing her search to shoot him an incredulous look.

"Is that their names?"

"Yes and they do not like strangers," she explained, "They are likely to attack whoever you send."

He laughed, "Then we will go there together after lunch," he said and disappeared out the door.

Michelle sat on the bed feeling the ache in her nether regions, she had expected some pain for her first time though she had never expected her first time would be with the one man who had haunted her dreams since she first arrived at the University. In truth, she had never expected there to be a first time she had promised herself when she was sixteen that Dr Michael Paterson would be the one man who could take her innocence. By the time she was twenty-three she had concluded that she would never loose her innocence because of the tall and beautiful women Michael would have hanging off him, a new one each week and never did they come back.

She sighed lying back on the love nest of pillows and high thread-count sheets. She closed her eyes listening for movement outside the door, to her surprise there was quite a commotion out there women gossiping and men joining in something had gotten the occupants of the house excited today. She felt a little self-conscious at the number of people out there it was like a busy shopping mall or something. Michelle decided then that she would not venture out of the room until it was all clear out there, she did not want to be looked down on as a whore or anything.

The commotion in the hall began to quiet down and Michael returned with a whole trolley full of food and beverages. "How much do you think I will eat?" she asked shocked at the shear amount he had.

"I forgot to ask what you wanted," he shrugged with a faint smile, "So I had the cook whip up a bit of everything."

Michelle swallowed hard, her mouth watering profusely at the sight of what could only be described as a cardiologist's worst nightmare. "What is there?"

"This is three rashers of bacon with two fried eggs, two grilled field mushrooms and wholemeal toast," he pointed to the first plate. "This is scrambled eggs, grilled button mushrooms with a tangy cheese sauce on sour dough," he said pointing at the second plate. "This is French toast with fresh forest berries," the third plate. "And this is porridge with cream, dark brown sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon." He handed her a tall glass of orange juice, "There is also a pot of freshly brewed coffee and fresh cream too."

Michelle thought she would drown on her own saliva it all looked and smelled so good and very different from her standard bowl of cereal with low fat milk and coffee with low fat milk and artificial sweetener. In fact, the food before her made her feel ashamed of her regular diet of convenience foods and dietary supplements. "I'm going to need to do a lot of laps of the pool to burn that lot off," she said staring at the feast.

"I can help you with that if you wish," Michael smiled devilishly wheeling the cart towards the bed, "Please, make yourself comfortable."

Michelle complied and Michael gave her a set of cutlery and a small foldout table for her lap. She looked at the knife, it looked to be made out of silver with a golden grape vine that coiled around the handle and the fork was the same.

"What would you like to try first?" he asked as he gestured to the four choices.

"I'll start with the bacon and eggs," she answered timidly, there was no way she could finish the first plate let alone all four. Michael handed her, her desired plate and sat back to watch her eat. She finished that plate quickly so Michael handed her the scrambled eggs next and that too was gone within minutes. The French toast was next and it suffered the same fate leaving the bowl of porridge for her to consume.

As the last spoon full passed her lips she reached for the coffee he had prepared for her, two sugars and a good helping of cream it was the most indulgent coffee she had ever had the privilege to drink. Leaving the contents of the cart decimated Michelle flushed a deep crimson with embarrassment, "I'm so sorry," she uttered covering her eyes with her hand, "I didn't leave you anything."

Michael was impressed she ate everything and drank all the offered coffee and orange juice. "I will find something later," he smiled, "Did you like it?"

"Absolutely," she enthusiastically replied, "I can't believe I ate the whole lot considering the amount I ate last night," she laughed, "I have eaten the equivalent of a whole weeks worth of food this morning alone."

"You must not eat much," Michael sounded worried, "You don't regard those artificial models as being what a woman should look like, do you?"

Michelle roared with laughter, "Excuse my language but fuck off! Some looked a little better than a med student's plastic skeletons with shrink-wrap over them."

His worry dissipated. He removed the foldout table and crawled onto the bed, "How are you feeling?" he asked with subtle intent.

"A little sore," she whispered, "but I think I could be up for more of what you have to offer." She snuggled in close holding him firmly, "Promise me that you will be gentle."

"I promise," he lifted her hand to his lips with a smile.

Michelle could see his devotion to her in his eyes and a playful grin teasing her on his lips. Yes, she loved him more than anything in the world and she did not want to leave his arms. There she felt ... home. She waited with bated breath for him to make the first move and she was not disappointed, his lips touching hers with feather light caresses. His fingers entwining with her mahogany locks, pulling her closer to deepen their kiss. Their tongues met with ardent passion curling around each other as though trying to pull the two of them closer together.

Shell wrapped her legs around Michael's waist, coaxing him challenging him to make a decisive move. He did, flipping her onto her back and pinning her beneath him with his solid body not once breaking their kiss. She could feel him growing against the curves of her cheeks and her tight little rose bud, his size baffled her the shear length and width that would fit most women's fantasies actually existed on the man she had loved and admired for so long.

He broke their kiss, "You want it don't you," he breathed hotly in her ear, rolling his hips to emphasise his statement.

"Yes," Shell hissed with impassioned ferocity her mind clouding in a haze of lust that Michael seemed to induce around her by his mere presence. She had no idea what was causing her to act so out of character nor did she care, all Michelle wanted was to feel his lips his touch his masculinity. Her body ached for him to possess her to drive his entire length into her to complete her and sate the burning need that consumed her.

Michael did not wish to delay he could feel her need for his body and although she was his to control he was her slave the moment he caught her scent through the ventilation of the of the Biology building of the University. The sweet fruity aroma that intrigued him called to him like a siren calling to her prey. Her scent was stronger now, intoxicating him like several shots of absinth laced with pure endorphins which was meant only to beguile his senses and enslave him. With a crooked grin he looked down on her vulnerable form her chest heaving with anticipation to his next move. He tenderly brushed his lips against hers, trailing down her jaw to her ear.

Michelle quivered as not only his tongue danced over her sensitive neck and ear but his talented fingers glided down her soft abdominals tickling each puckered nipple on the way down to the torrent of moisture that rivalled the monsoon. She needed no more teasing her body demanded satisfaction and he had the choice of weapon. With a swift smooth motion he buried himself to the hilt encountering no resistance or friction only a quiet moan begging for more.

He leaned back resisting the urge to hammer into her only wanting to gaze upon the perfection before him, "Shell, look at me," he demanded with a deep husky voice that rumbled like distant thunder.

She opened her eyes staring into the deep blue pools of desire captivating her. He grabbed her ankles bringing her feet to his chest, she could feel his heartbeat like a canon firing in quick succession, it tickled her. He closed his eyes and began to kiss each of her toes, normally she would have begun laughing and kicking about as she hated her feet being touched however the subtle movements of his hips stayed the violent reaction. Her head lolled around as his attentions stimulated pleasure centres that she did not know existed. Her eyes closed again groaning with the build of her release.

Michael held her feet to his chest as he began to change again, his piece swelling to lock her to him. Michelle giggled when his chest hair changed to soft downy white fur tickling the bottom of her feet, "Michael, stop it," she opened her eyes.

He smiled down at her but his smile froze just as hers had. He watched her beautiful expression turn from ecstasy to something he could not place, her gentle moans vanished gradually then her movements until she lay still. He watched her just stare at him in silence. He thought that perhaps she had decided to play a game with him only her eyes said otherwise and if it were a game it unnerved him greatly. "Shell?" he called to her trying to break her out of this catatonic state she fell into, the deep guttural voice of his wolf/man body reverberating through her.

As though waking her she blinked with wide eyes for a moment taking in the image above her and it started the slow creep of shear terror starting in her belly and spreading throughout to her extremities edging into her chest causing his to increase in speed and height of each inhale and finally reaching her voice rousing it from the stunned silence with an ear-splitting scream.

Her face was the perfect blend of fear shock and absolute horror, Michael tried in vain to calm his panicking mate by stroking her leg and hushing her. Shell responded by drawing her knees to her chest and kicking him square against his sternum propelling him across the room tearing him from her. He collided with the opposing wall knocking the air from his lungs and crumpled in a foetal position clutching his now wounded staff.

Michelle wasted no time as soon as he left her body she ran to the adjoining bathroom and locked the door behind her. She was breathing heavy again her throat throbbed with the raw pain that resulted from her continuous scream. She slowly stepped away from the door her eyes still wide with renewed fear at the sight of fresh blood on the white tiles trailing towards her. She noticed the trail leading up her legs and a dull ache at the source.

She scanned the large room for a towel to stem the bleeding next to the bath two white fluffy towels hung with two bathrobes. Cautiously glancing at the door once more she whipped one of the towels from its hook rolling it up and placing it between her legs clamping them shut to keep it in place. Next she reached for a bathrobe covering her now shivering form, "I must be dreaming," she whispered to herself sitting on the toilet in the far corner not once taking her eyes off the door.

Michael had not moved paralysed by the infliction to his favourite part of his anatomy. 'What the hell just happened?' He asked himself, replaying everything in his head over and over. He had not done anything to hurt Michelle or intimidate her, he had only done what any male would do for his mate to pleasure her in every way possible.

With the worst possible timing his mother returned, "Is everything alright, Mickey?" she asked prior to seeing his crumpled body on the floor.

"Please," he groaned out, "Don't call me that."

"Oh Great Mother!" she ran to her son's side, "What happened?" She pulled him into her arms cradling her son.

"Mother," Michael looked up at his now very concerned mother with his tear-filled eyes, "please let me go, I'm not a pup anymore."

She reluctantly let him go, "I know but you are still my little boy no matter how old you are," she saw the disarray that was her son's bedroom, "Where is Michelle?"

"She screamed while we were making love and kicked me off her," he pointed to the bathroom, "She's in the en suite."

"Do you want me to get your father?" she asked, still wanting to comfort her injured child.

"No, I'm good," he sat up on his own leaning his back against the wall, "Don't trouble Dad with this, Shell's a lone wolf. She probably just had an anxiety attack with the prospect of belonging to a pack now."

Molly looked at him not believing her son's explanation for the sudden change in his relationship with his mate. "Fine, you deal with your fretful mate," she stood up straightening her skirt, "then the two of you can come to the Alpha's office so we can finally meet her properly."

Michael nodded and watched his Mother leave. Slowly he turned his attention to the bathroom door. He had to get her out of there so they could talk.


Michelle tried to listen to the conversation on the other side of the door. She had learned very little from what she heard, only that Michael hated being called Mickey, the fact would have made her laugh if she was not so scared.

Gradually her logical brain began to take control again, she surveyed her surrounds in earnest now. She had done the one thing she always said she would not do, trap herself in a dead-end. All those horror movies she sat there yelling at the victim's stupidity when they were being chased only to do it herself. "You stupid bitch," she berated herself, "you did the cliché horror movie thing and now your trapped by a fucking werewolf!"

Curiosity now caught her wondering if she had been bitten and would she become one herself if she had? Rising from the toilet seat her legs tingling from the restricted blood flow she made her way to the basin where the mirror sat above it. She slipped the robe off her shoulders and inspected them with a critical eye and there it was, a bloody and bruised bite mark looking more painful than it felt. "So," she swallowed hard, "Michael's a werewolf and I will become one." She stood for a moment longer studying the teeth marks, "his wolf is much larger than any of the living species of wolf ...," she paused shaking her head, her inner scientist analysing the facts did not help with her determined anger. "I'm going to kill him!"

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