tagBDSMForty Days of the Weasel Ch. 01

Forty Days of the Weasel Ch. 01


"Now this is a check for the 'paper," she said, bending it and ripping it from the pad. She held it between fingers, though, and rummaged in her purse rather than handing it to him, so he waited. "And this," she went on, "this is another twenty for you, for doing such a good job. All right?" Both the twenty and the check passed to his hand.

"Wow, thanks."

"No, thank you!" She flashed a brilliant smile. "It's so cold out there in the morning all the time. Now, before you go, I have to show you something; come on." She led briskly to the front door, where he delivered the News. For Mrs. Gilbert, he put it between the doors, shutting it behind the screen door every morning. She was demonstrating.

"I get the door open, like this, and then look!" Mrs. Gilbert bent down and stretched an arm in on the jamb by the screen door. Her housecoat, pale pink and featureless, shrouded her bottom, which was up in the air. So there was nothing to see but pink cloth and a pair of feet at the base of the structure. "Do you see?" came her voice from behind the pink mass.

"I guess I don't; what's the problem?"

She straightened up, puffing air to lift a strand of hair off her face. "Well, for one thing, it's always cold and, ah..." she fluttered a hand at her chest, "you know." Mrs. Gilbert grinned at him as though they were sharing a little joke. "I'm still in my nightie, and the chill hits, you know?" His blank look told her plainly that he did not.

"Never mind, then, um, look! You do it! Open the door and go down to get the 'paper." He hesitated. "Just do it, it can't hurt or anything! Bend down and when you get down all the way, stop."

Mrs. Gilbert came up behind him and placed a hand on top of his hips, which made him jump a little. "My legs are longer than yours," she remarked, "even though I'm shorter. So I probably have to bend more. Don't you feel it, the stretch right back here and just there, excuse me, right there at the top of the thigh?"

She illustrated, pushing fingers over the small of his back and then tracing a line between his buttock and thigh. He straightened again, pretty fast, a little pink in the face.

She turned her bottom to him and traced the same line on her own body with a slow fingertip, pushing her hip out. "Right along there, just at the very top of my leg..." Now I got him looking! she exulted. "Here, let me show you again."

Down she went again. "Come over and compare, I bet my legs are taller than yours."

He stepped in next to her. "Yep."

"Now feel right where I showed you. Put both hands on! Good, now I'm going to bend over again, and you hold on right there. Feel it? Feel the muscle stretching?"


"Grab right on firm so you can feel, and I'll go again. Feel it?"


"Want me to do it some more?"

"What? Sure..."

"Spread your hands out and cover the whole area. Now hold on, here I go."

As she bent her hips seemed to open and her pussy pushed bluntly out against his hand. He pulled his hand away so as not to be handling her there, but she reached behind and held his hand in against it with a cool palm.

"The whole area stretches," she said. "Moosh it."


"Moosh it, move the flesh around. Good, one more time... Okay, now stay right there while I stand up some. There, that's about halfway, moosh it again."

"Like that?"

"Great, yeah, feel how it's soft now?"

"It was soft before, too."

"But it was taut when I was bent down, firmer than it is now. I'll do it again, moosh everything and feel the difference." A whole minute passed while she bent and came up a few times with the boy's hands all over her, probing and feeling carefully.

"Anyway! You see what I mean, right?"

She stood and turned and he withdrew. He was agreeing, but in truth his brain had put out a sign, BUSY NOW, TRY AGAIN LATER. She concluded by requesting the 'paper be put entirely inside the house on the little table by the door, and eased him out the door and away.

Mary skipped upstairs to masturbate right then, not wanting to wait even a second. Poor Glenn had to wait until he got home. But there would be a next time, when he came around to collect again, and they both were looking forward to it.


Glenn was eighteen, a little old to be a paperboy, but his little sister had scarletina and he was being a hero. There were some creepy characters on the route, some strange smells, and some hostility. But Mrs. Gilbert was in a class by herself.

Mary Gilbert heard the knock and recognized the shape in the doorway when Sunday arrived. Glenn was red-faced and tongue-tied, so sweet! She took her time fetching the money for him, basking in his avid gaze, conscious of his concupiscent attention. It was easy to feel that she could ask him to do anything, no matter what.

"Do you have something to say to me, Glenn?" she asked innocently as she passed over the money, but he denied it. "I'm sorry I confused you last time--"

"Oh, that's all right, Mrs. Gilbert!"

"Did you ever figure it out, what I said about the cold air down between the doors?"

"The cold air...?"

"Remember? I said it was always cold and the chill hit my chest?"

Something of the sort percolated up from the welter of emotion; Glenn was imagining he might be able to remember what she was asking about if he could only think a little better. "Mm." he said.

"Let me show you the nightie, you'll see what I mean. Come on upstairs, it'll only take a second." She chatted about the paper route as she led him up to her room.

On the way up, he finally formed a good memory of her talk the week before about the chill hitting. At the top of the stair he told her he remembered, but he never did figure out what she had been talking about.

"Well, this will show you. My bedroom! And here on the chair is the nightie. See, this sort of thing is all I have on," she held the filmy gauze up to her chest, "when I come down in the morning. I was wearing this very one, the last time I talked to you! Just this and a little gauze panty to match, nothing else, under the housecoat...

"Anyway, you see," she ran a hand inside it, "it doesn't cover much, and I don't have a bra on, of course, when I'm in bed. Understand?"

"I see, but what about the cold?"

"Well, it always makes my nipples stand up!" She laughed to see his face. "Don't you ever watch, in the frozen foods aisle at the supermarket? I thought all boys knew that trick! All the ladies bend down and their nipples get hard!"

"I didn't know..." he blurted.

"Well, you do now! I'm sorry, don't be upset--"

"Oh, I'm not!"

"Oh, good." She beamed on him. His eyes kept sliding away from her. What could he be looking at?, she wondered. She turned her head to follow his gaze. On the floor next to the bed lay her dildo! "Oh!" she exclaimed. But inwardly she was delighted. He'll be a while getting to sleep tonight, I bet! I'll tell him what it's for, it'll drive him nuts!

With an evil joy in her breast she bent down and plucked it up, holding it to her chest along with the nightgown. "I'm alone now, since my husband died, so I use this quite a bit; I'll put it away. It goes here in the nightstand, where I can always reach it if I want it." She spoke as calmly as she could, but he was shaken. He could only nod, not speak. She shut it in the drawer. "Haven't you ever seen one?"

He shook his head, eyes wide.

"They're called vibrators, they have a little motor that hums and makes them vibrate. Well! That's it, I guess! You have anything you want to ask me, now?"

With a sweet smile she took in the spectacle. Glenn was speechless. Looking at him, so disoriented and malleable, pushed her on to the next step.

"Poor boy, I've been talking over your head, haven't I?"

"No, I.. I get ya."

"So you know what I do with the vibrator?"


"So where do I put it?" He made a strangled noise. "When I use it, what do I do?"

"Jeez, Mrs. Gilbert..."

"Go ahead! I take it in my hand, turn it on, and then..?"

"You put it up, up, into your, uh... vagina."

"I like to say pussy or sometimes box."

"In your pussy," he stammered.

"It's pretty realistic looking, but it's not as nice as a real one," she informed him. "Shall I show you?"


"You heard me! Would you like to see me use it sometime?"

"Yeah, I guess... yeah."

"If you say please and call me Mary, I can do it right now. Glenn?"

"Please, Mary, show me."

"Naked or in the nightie?"

"Naked. Please, Mary."

"All right, this'll be fun! But you have to talk to me, answer my questions, okay?" He'd have hopped on one foot the whole time or chewed nails, if she'd asked for that.

"How old are you, Glenn?" she asked, "seventeen?"


"I'm going to take these jeans off, now; watch me." No snake ever held the attention of its victim more completely. "Am I pretty? You like the panties? I thought so. I liked your hands on me the other day. Put your hands on me again. Oh. Touch me, it's all right. Get right down on the floor and feel me.

"That's nice. No, be firmer but gentle still. Give me a little spank, baby. Kiss me right there. Firm. Moosh your face in, like this." She held his head and ground his nose into the strip of lace. "Ahhh. Now you do it... Nice." She let him nuzzle a while in silence.

"I'm going to take the sweater off. Do that again first, though... yeah. Are you getting hard yet?"


"You said you'd answer my questions, Glenn. Please."


"Real hard?"


"I want to see you hard, and play with it. Take your things off!"

She watched him get naked. He was perfectly hard and aiming almost at the ceiling. "Oh, Glenn, that's a nice one."

Transfixed, Glenn avidly watched her get down and stroke him, cooing. She rubbed it in her hair, she slid it over her neck and cheek, she rubbed her breasts on it! "I adore it," she said, and it seemed to be true.

"Ask nicely and I'll kiss it," she offered. Then she made him ask her to lick, and finally to suck. She licked his balls without waiting for an invitation.

Releasing him and standing again, she told him to take off her panties and lick her. He did pretty well. She kept up a stream of little instructions, customizing his efforts, and got a good glow from his mouth.

"I want you to put your fingers inside, too. Tell me what you are feeling; what's it like?"

He babbled a description. "Fuck me with your hand, Glenn. Lick at the same time. Yeah... you like that? Is it sweet?"

"I want to really fuck you, please Mary?"

"I'd love that but I can't get pregnant, you know. We'll need condoms, and I don't have any right now. I'll buy some for next time."

Glenn made a vow never again to be without condoms. Never.

She extended herself on the bed and had him hand her the dildo. Telling him, quite needlessly, to watch, she fucked herself slowly with it under his fascinated eyes.

"You need to come, don't you, baby?"

"Yes, Mary, please, I--"

"Come up and put it in my mouth."

The conspirators satisfied themselves and then made a plan for the following week's collection day. Both felt they were taking great risks, and both felt the quality of their lives had improved by them.

The first Sunday had little effect. It was just a quick feel, after all; moving, but not changing anything fundamental. After the second Sunday, when so many virginities had been shattered, Glenn began acting differently. He was less tolerant of his father's ideas, for instance. He spent most of Monday looking at the girls in his classes in a new light, hearing nothing of his teachers; and, starting Tuesday, it made a big difference with Nan.

Nan, truth be told, had a secret thing for Glenn. She watched him doing track and field and lusted. She heard him read and speak in their English class, and thought him wise. But he was so comically awkward in her close presence that she had been reduced to teasing, mocking him and laughing at his discomfiture.

Leaving English class, she hung by the doorway and intercepted him. "Glenn, do you read poetry all the time?"

"Not really, but I like poetry." Glenn had read in class from Andrew Marvell, and done a creditable job, but Nan was sure she had a way to make him squirm.

"Do you read poems to your girlfriend?"

"I might even write new poems for a girlfriend."

"What?" This was Nan's friend Jackie. "Write poems for her? Who is it?"

"Who is it, Glenn?" mocked Nan.

"I haven't found a good one yet, but I wouldn't mind trying you."

"Holy shit," laughed Jackie. "He loves you, Nan!"


"I don't know if I love anyone yet," he told Jackie, "but if you're not busy," he asked Nan, "can I see you Saturday after breakfast?"

"Are you asking me out?"

"The only way to find out about someone is to see them more. Can I see you Saturday?"

"You wanna be my boyfriend?" She was still mocking.

"I can't tell yet. Maybe. But I do want to go out with you."

"What do you want to do?"

"He wants to make out with you!" Jackie announced.

"What's he doing? Is she dating him?" A circle of ten or so of their classmates had gathered.

"I got a chance to go sailing with my Uncle Doug on Green Lake. It'll be fun, and I'd love to have you go with me."

"The lakes are all frozen, Nan! He's lyin', he wants to make out in his room!" Jackie was always so helpful. The circle of onlookers giggled and waited, holding their breath to hear Nan reply.

"Okay. Has he got one of those ice sailing things?"

"He's got three of them, we can have one all to ourselves if we want."

"All right. I don't think we're going anywhere Saturday."

The little crowd buzzed with discussion.

"You'll need serious warm clothes. And bring slippers too, because there's a Franklin stove in the camp and we always warm up by the fire after sailing. I can just stop at your place and get you on the way out, okay? It'll be maybe nine or nine-thirty. Here's my number. Let me know."

As they left, Jackie asked in a scandalized tone, "Are you really gonna go out with him?"

Glenn was amazed to find that it went very well. He even got a couple of kisses by the woodstove-- you can't ask fairer than that.

He was still thinking about Nan the next morning, so that he had to actually see the Gilbert house in front of him before he remembered.

Nan faded from his consciousness. He was so avid he hardly waited for invitation, but shouldered inside as soon as the door opened wide enough to let him by. Mary murmured a welcome to his back, and as she shut the door they faced each other.

"Kiss me," invited she, and he stepped into her arms. "More softly, relax your lips," she suggested, and gave kissing lessons for a minute or two. "Now let's get your coat and boots off, I want to play."

Mary considered her conquest with a critical eye. Nice looking kid, husky. And definitely

a virgin! Mary, you are such

a lucky little slut!
She exulted over the shoulders and hips on the kid, his soft smooth skin, and especially his utter obedience to her smallest wish.

Glenn had difficulty believing in his good fortune. He took the opportunity while removing his coat to drink her in. She must be thirty-five, he estimated, striking rather

close to the real figure. She really is gonna do it with me. Look at the legs! She's all right! I'm so fuckin' lucky!

"Want to go right upstairs and get started, baby?" she asked.

"Yeah!" She froze and looked disapprovingly at him. He caught on, though. "Please, Mary!"

Her smile opened up and she led the way up the stairwell. He was headlong and his face came right up behind her, so she stopped on the landing. "Reach under the skirt," she ordered. His hands slid up the thighs, one onto the smooth curves of her cheeks and one into the neatly trimmed hair. "You like that?"

"Yes, Mary. You're so beautiful."

"You're going to lick it and fuck it today. I'm going to take your cock, little boy. Lick me. On the asshole, right here on the stair."

"Yes, Mary." Just turning up the hem to expose it was a thrill; he performed this duty reverently. She told him to keep going, and he stood beneath her lapping her anus like a trained dog for a minute. She luxuriated in the sensation and in the feeling of dominance it gave her. She thought about Roxanne. "Tell me you love to lick my asshole."

"I love this. I love everything about you."

"If I brought you another woman like me, would you let us both fuck you?"


"Would you let me share you with another woman?"

"Uh, sure! Please, Mary! Are you serious?"

"Certainly. You will do it?"

"Yes, I'll do that."

"Wonderful! Next week, then, all right?"

"You'll have her here?"

"Yes, and you'll do whatever we say, won't you?"


She nodded. "Good, then. Lick it some more, and then we'll go up." He rooted in between her glutes and she sighed happily. "You lick very nicely. Such a good boy! I want your cock now, though."

And he acted just as she would have wished, like a combination lap dog and dildo, for the next hour. Nothing was beyond his scope; she draped him over her naked lap and pushed the greased vibrator up his ass. After fucking him with it, she told him to hold it in while he licked her pussy.

He had to keep it inside the whole time, humming, while crawling on his knees to the edge of the bed to eat her, but he took it all in stride, and when she had him lie across her again, he grunted his pleasure to be fucked once more.

Roxanne will love him! Mary thought, sliding the hummimg plastic cock in and out of the teenager's ass. And she's got a strap-on! It'll be delicious!

"Glenn, honey," she called gently.

"Yes, Mary?"

"Would you like to fuck my ass?"

"Please, yes, Mary."

"I was sure you would."


Monday the word had spread that Nan was going out with him. He had to confirm it a dozen times, but Lisa Fein surprised him. She cornered him at his locker.

"Renee says you're going out with Nan Helprin."

"We went sailing this past weekend."

"Is she your girlfriend?"

"Not yet, we only went out one time."

"So you could still go out with me if you wanted?"

Glenn had to reorient. "I could, we haven't decided anything. You want to go out?"

"You could come to my house tonight. I'll tell Mom you're helping with ancient history, and we'll go to my room. You got indie CDS? I got a stereo up there."

"I got some good music. Okay, tonight is good."

"So you'll come over?"

"Give me your number. I'll call if I can't make it. This is great."

"After supper. Bring Ancient History books."


So Glenn studied ancient history after school, up in his room. He made up a wallet of indies and accepted a ride from his dad. He went to the back door, because that's what you do in Maine if the house is expecting you.

Her mother Roxanne let him in, and he kept it bland and polite. Nothing must show that he was eager to be alone with her!

The older woman seemed snide, as though she wasn't buying it for a minute. She also asked, out of the blue, if he delivered papers. He confirmed it, and she gave him a searching look before releasing him to go up the stairs. She stood at the base of the staircase looking up at him as he climbed, and called Lisa's name to let her know he'd arrived. She was watching him all the way up until he passed out of sight.

It was a little spooky, but he lost track of the problem almost immediately. Lisa had plans.

They consulted over his CD wallet and her shelf of disks, and set up the music, first of all. Then she asked what he'd brought for ancient history.

"Let's set it up on the desk and the nightstand, so we can jump right up there if we have to," she suggested.

The decoy looked good, and they smirked at each other. "Gimme a kiss," he demanded in a gentle voice. She did it right away, and he gave her kissing lessons the way Mary Gilbert had done the day before. She reached in behind and unsnapped the catch on her bra, but he'd already snaked a hand in under it to palm the firm small tit.

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