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We had been living together for over ten years. Our sex life was still very strong, very active and deeply satisfying. We experimented with different sexual enhances such as vibrators, clit teasers, benwa balls, nipple clamps, light bondage, ass slapping and cock rings as well as many others. We watched porno movies together and went to the local adult shops for peeks at the women or shopping for new toys to play with. We have on-going dialog about different things we would like to introduce into our sex lives that would enhance an already awesome experience. We have discussed inviting an extra man or woman because we both would love to see the other being fucked by another person. Ultimately we decided to swing with another couple.

I wanted to see his face buried in another woman's pussy then watch as he took his huge cock and filled her. I wanted to see him fuck her in every hole. I get so hot thinking of watching him fill her mouth with his cock and then her pussy, then watch him as he fucks her ass, hard. He wanted to see another man's cock buried deep inside my hot, wet pussy, watching as this other man pumped deeply into my cunt. He loved the idea of another man licking and sucking my pussy. Most of all he wanted to watch as I slipped my dildo in my pussy as the other man pumped into my ass as I sucked him off. We both enjoyed the talks of additional people fucking the other so much we decided to go online to our favorite hang out and see if we could find the perfect couple. A couple open to swinging with another couple.

As we entered TAN several of our mutual Afriends@ were on line. We entered the Flesh Café and started posting photos and chatting with others in the room. It didn’t take long before several people were trying to talk to us in private. A younger couple contacted us and asked if we were swingers. We were honest with them, stating we were very curious and interested, but had yet to experience swinging. They were more than happy to invite us to their home for a weekend and we readily accepted.

It was during the winter months that we agreed on a date to meet. We would arrive in Virginia, USA, and the middle part of February. We were flying out of London, which made for a very long flight, but we were sure we could handle the jet lag. As the date approached we had long talks about what we wanted to do, and we agreed that this was exactly what we both wanted to do. We decided that our limits would be discussed when necessary and with the other couple.

The day of the flight I was frantic for what I would pack. My lover reminded me that I wouldn=t need much as I would be naked most of the time and to pack warm clothing for when we were out. Blushing I agreed and relaxed, putting our clothes in the suitcases, our toys and oddities. Concerned about customs, I took the toys out. He laughed at me and put them back in the bag, saying ADarling they have seen more of these than you can guess.@ I laughed with him and finished packing.

The flight was long but not the least boring. I had always wanted to fuck him on an airplane and this was my chance. The lights had gone out in the airplane and the movie started when I reached over and laid my hand on his cock. He was semi hard and just grinned at me. I rubbed his cock over his slacks, feeling it grow to it's full length under my expert hand. I whispered in his ear, AI want to fuck you babe@ then looked in his eyes smiling.

I excused myself to the restroom and minutes later he joined me. With little room to move I raised my skirt revealing to him that I had no panties on. He smiled, and I unfastened his pants and removed his hugely engorged cock. I gently pulled on it for a moment before I turned toward the door. I reached between my legs and guided his cock to the door of my dripping wet pussy. Moving just slightly to take the head of his cock inside my hot cunt. He groaned and thrust forward, burying his entire length deep within my steaming hole. I cry out from the sudden thrust, arching my back and pushing my ass into his pelvis. His hand instantly over my mouth whispering in my ear Ashhh darling, we are nearly in public.@ I nod my head letting him know I understand.

Leaning on the door heavily, I moan lightly as he slowly fucks my pussy, grinding his pelvis against my ass with each stroke. I can hear the sound of my juices each time he thrusts forward, the sound of us coupling stimulates my pussy even more and my juices flow down his cock as we fuck each other standing against the door. He reaches around and suddenly squeezes my tits, lifting my lace bra up over top of them. He unbuttons my blouse and pushes my tits against the cold metal of the door. My nipples harden instantly and he reaches around and pinches them hard then rolls them in his fingers as he slams his cock deep inside me. I shudder as I reach my first orgasm, stifling the moans of pure pleasure, he holds his cock deep inside me as my cum spills down, covering his cock.

He begins to thrust deeply again with a fast ferocious pace, moaning softly I arch back taking him as deep as space allows. I whisper Afuck me baby, make me cum with you again, yes babe fuck your pussy, hard, and take me.@ I feel his cock swelling up inside me and I know he is ready to cum; I reach back between our legs, find his balls, and slip a finger into his ass. His deep groan and swelling cock lets me that he is cumming and instantly I feel his steamy hot sperm splash deep inside me and my body stiffens as I reach my peak once again. I feel his body relax against me as we both catch our breath and his cock slides from my pussy. I turn to face him, I kiss him deeply and say Athank you my love for a perfect fuck fantasy.@

He finishes dressing and arranging his clothes and exits the restroom, returning to his seat. I spend a few moments refreshing my makeup and adjusting my clothes before attempting to return to my seat. On exiting the restroom I notice a gentleman grinning at me from his seat near the restroom, I glance to the restroom door and he shakes his head yes, I return to the restroom and I am joined by this stranger almost immediately. I hike up my skirt and lean over the closed toilet seat, glancing back, I see him release his cock and I say Ayou have five minutes or less to fuck me like I=ve never been fucked before.@ He replies by shoving his thick eight inch cock deep inside my pussy still wet with my lover's cum and inserts his large thumb into my ass hole at the same time. I struggle with suppressing my shocking scream and udder a deep moan as his other hand cinches down on my nipple. Holding tightly to the toilet he slam fucks me hard and fast. I feel myself reaching the ultimate peak and feel him swell inside me at the same time. I crush my ass back into his cock and thumb as he thrusts forward for the final time. I feel him explode inside my steaming wet pussy and I release my passion squirting cum everywhere. It had to be the excitement of stranger to stranger sex that caused such a release. The man left the restroom as I cleaned myself up and arranged my clothes to return to my seat.

As I slip into my seat next to him. He looks into my eyes and smiles, saying Awhat took so long darling?@ I lean over and whisper in his ear, spilling the details of fucking the other man in the restroom. I feel his cock hardening as I tell him how hard I came and how the man felt to me. I reach up into the overhead bin and find the small blankets the airline provides. He leans back in his seat reading his magazine. I place the blanket over our laps and notice the attendants passing out food and drinks in the first class section. I reach over under the blanket and release his cock from his pants, gently stroking him under the blanket. He looks over at me with a look of pleasant surprise, when I duck under the blanket and suck his cock, he moans. I lick and suck him until I bring him to the edge, cleaning off my pussy juice from the restroom fuck we just had, then teasing his cock head with my tongue. I hear the stewardess getting closer and I face fuck him with all I have, bringing him to an explosive orgasm. I swallow every drop and place his now flaccid cock back into his slacks, sitting up like nothing happened. He is breathing hard in an attempt to gather some composure back. I lean back in my seat waiting for the meal to be served. Smiling.

We finish our meal and our flight lands in Washington, DC as scheduled. As agreed the couple met us at baggage claim and we begin the process of meeting each other for the first time, after introductions, Sam and Dena introduced themselves and we reciprocated giving our names: Cymon and Linda, we had discussions of the picture room and we all laughed as we realized we have seen each other naked and were thrown off by clothing.

Heading for the parking garage our conversation flows along until we reach their suburban, and head down the freeway to their home in Virginia. We take in the scenery of Northern Virginia as we carry on idle conversation with Sam and Dena. Interstate 95 leads us down through Richmond and into Petersburg, a suburb just outside Richmond.

As we approach their home we comment on the beauty of the Victorian homes, they are stunning. Pulling into the driveway of their home, I am absolutely in awe, their home is lovely. We all grab bags and enter the house, Dena shows us to our room. We deposit the bags and return to the living room area where we are offered tea and coffee. Readily accepting coffee I ask Dena to show me her lovely home, leaving the guys to visit alone awhile.

Dena shows me through the house and we get a chance to visit privately while the guys do their thing. We have e-mailed extensively over the months, fucking each other in cyberspace and we feel as if we have already known each other forever. I feel the lust for her that has built over the months and I boldly comment that I think she is very beautiful with and without clothes on. She returns the compliment and we laugh with one another. The ice has been broken. We round the corner of the hall where the master suite is, I am awestruck once again. The entire suite is decorated in old Victorian era furnishings. The huge king sized canopied bed is in red and black silk and Victorian Lace accents. Dena has turned the canopy into panels of Victorian Lace which flow down around the bed like drapes, giving one the feeling of being in a bed belonging to royalty. The carpet is high pile plush and I feel like I sink into it with each step. The whole room is decorated in red and black silk and Victorian lace.

Dena and I sit on the bed to talk and I ask if I can kiss her, she leans into me and we embrace, gently moving into a deeply passionate kiss. We look at one another and giggle like children and I lift her top up over her head revealing the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen; her pictures did her no justice. She has no bra on so I gently lift her right breast to my mouth and lick and suck on her nipple, gently biting, until it stands up firmly pointing skyward. I lean over to her left breast sucking and gently biting until I have it just as firm. I reach down and begin to remove her skirt, she suggests we both get undressed and explore each other. I remove my clothing and she finishes hers, we lay down on the bed side by side, each caressing the other as we talk of the many times we have wanted this to happen. I lean over Dena and suck her tits more, loving the way they feel in my mouth. She is teasing my nipples with her fingers and driving me crazy with lust for her.

I reach up and run my fingers through her hair while looking into her eyes. Leaning in I kiss her fully on the mouth then kiss down her neck, across her chest and down to each nipple again. When they stand tall I lick each globe of her breasts and begin kissing my way down and across her stomach, licking, blowing my warm breath over her skin as she lightly moans and writhes under my touch. I reach her freshly shaved mound, gently licking and sucking on her skin as I inhale the scent of her. I memorize every inch of her skin and her sweet scent as I slide between her wide spread legs to nibble at the outer lips to her wet pussy. Licking and sucking, gently biting, Dena raises her hips, to meet my teasing mouth. I slide a pillow under her beautiful ass and lick her firmly from ass to clit. She releases a startled, passionate scream as I continue to lick her pussy. Placing her legs up over my shoulders.

My tongue jets around her clit doing circles, then dives into her hot dripping hole, licking and savoring her sweet juices, I move back to her clit, I want to make her cum for me. I flick my tongue over and over her clit, she moans and squirms under the pressure of my tongue, I lick harder and faster, and then suck her clit into my mouth firmly. Dena screams with pleasure and I suck her clit hard, she reaches down to grab hold of my arms as she gets hotter and hotter. Her nails dig into the flesh of my arm as I lick her back to front a few more times. I lick her hole of passion and take one of my hands down inserting two fingers deep inside her pussy and a thumb in her wet ass then I suck her clit as hard as I can. She screams so loud and she cums hard, thrashing around the bed, the men come back to check on us.

They are standing at the door of the room just laughing, when they say Aso you two started without us?@ Cymon looks at me and says ADarling; I thought you had hurt her.@ I smile at him and say Ajust a little painful pleasure, my love.@ The men ask if they can watch us play and we agree, but only if they are naked. They remove their clothes and sit at the end of the massive bed to watch as Dena gently pushes me back to lay flat. I lay back spreading my legs wide remembering every time Dena and I cyber fucked and the deeply felt passion I experienced with each orgasm. I feel Dena rising above me and I open my eyes, looking into hers, we are both hot from the passion filled moments prior to the men showing up. The excitement of them watching adds to our heat.

She leans down and kisses me, tasting her juices from my mouth, then delves deeply into my mouth with the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced, I kiss her back with all of the passion I have and I moan deeply, wrapping my arms around her, pulling her close to me. She scoops me into her arms as we passionately kiss; she softly runs her hands down my body, and she slips down to begin sucking my breasts. Dena is an expert at this, I feel so sensitive to her lips and tongue. I scream with ecstasy from her biting my nipples and sucking them so firmly. She begins licking her way down to my freshly shaved pussy. I am conscious of the scent of male cum on my pussy and just as I thought she would do, Dena dives in hungrily.

I have experienced the most wonderful cunnilings with my lover, but this is different. This is everything I had ever dreamed of. Dena knew a woman's wants and needs instinctively. I had no need to guide her. She expertly licked and sucked my pussy until I exploded in ecstasy. I screamed out her name as I came and I caught a glimpse of Cymon's face, his expression was of absolute ultimate pleasure. I have known for a long time that he wanted to watch me with a woman, but I never realized he would enjoy it this much. He was mesmerized.

As Dena finished by kissing me deeply and passionately again, the men were both fully erect. Dena and I looked at each other and grinned, we were both thinking the same thing, let's get them! I whispered in her ear, Atake Cymon and I=ll take Sam,@ nodding we quickly scrambled to each of the men. I watched as Dena took Cymon's massive cock into her mouth licking and sucking him. I whispered into Sam's ear Alet's watch them as we masturbate each other.@ Sam nodded and said ALinda, she is so beautiful sucking on Cymon, and I get so turned on watching her.@

I told Sam that I had always wanted to see Cymon with another woman and Dena is the one. So, Sam and I watched. I stroked his cock slowly to the rhythm of Dena's mouth on Cymon. Sam fingered my hot pussy as we watched our partners. I wanted to crawl up under Dena and lick her cunt as she worked on Cymon.

I positioned myself under Dena with Sam's help, lifting her hips for me. I slid on my back under Dena and began to lick and suck on her hot wet pussy. I felt Sam lift my legs high and sink deeply into my pussy in one long stroke, I was so hot and wet and he so thick I came instantly. I felt every inch of him as he slowly started fucking me. I heard Dena moaning as I sucked on her clit and tongued her love hole. Hearing that muffled sound of a mouth full of cock sent me to the moon, because I knew that cock was Cymon's, my Lover's, and his groans of pleasure confirmed he was extremely pleased with Dena's mouth, my eating Dena, and Sam fucking me.

I made Dena cum hard, Sam made me squirt cum everywhere and Dena sucked every drop of cum from Cymon. All at the same time, together. We all separated slightly and laid back to gather our breath. Moans and groans filling the air. We were all completely satisfied for the day. It had been a long day for us four.

We all just lay back on the bed, resting for the afternoon as Sam and Dena had plans for the evening. We chatted quietly with one another as we drifted off to sleep. Sam woke first, leaning over Dena to gently rub my breasts to wake me. I turned to Cymon and gently kissed him awake. We both gathered our clothes and headed for the shower on our end of the house, while Sam and Dena headed to theirs.

We had reservations for dinner in 2 hours. We all showered, cleaned up and did make up and hair just in time to head out to the restaurant, Stewart Andersons. We arrived about 15 minutes early and sat in the lounge as our table was prepared. I admired Dena’s beautiful black strapless dinner dress, she was gorgeous and I wanted to take her again. Sam was saying after dinner there is dancing at the other end of the building. We all agreed that would be fun and decided we would go.

We had just been served our drinks when the escort came to show us to our table for dinner. We carried our drinks to the table and when seated we all talked about the menu choices. Cymon and I decided on steak and baked potato with the dinner salad Sam and Dena chose to add the lobster to their steak dinners.

We talked about how we were feeling about this afternoon, everyone seemed comfortable and felt as if we had been doing it for years. Dinner was delicious and seemed to breeze by, we all enjoyed talking, drinking and just being together. As we finished eating we decided to go down and see the dance floor.

We walked down and found a table had drinks ordered and delivered. The music was excellent for dancing. Rhythm and blues as well as a mix from the 60’s and 70’s. We had so much fun sharing partners and grinding to the music, reaching for body parts and playing grab ass; the time flew by.

Sam told us it was time to go. I was hurt, having so much fun, but he assured me the night was far from over! Dena had this smirk on her face and Cymon as well. I knew they had something up their sleeves. Sam drives for about 25 minutes and pulls in to what looks like a huge building. I was so excited thinking we were going roller skating in dinner dresses! Cymon thought I was funny; he knew where we were going and knew I had never been.

We all get out of the car and head into this place. So quiet, so hidden and very rich looking. Sam flashes something to the lady at the door and we slip into an Adult Theater. I was instantly wet and shocked I couldn’t take my eyes off the people. I reached for Cymon and he held me close to him whispering that I will be fine. He then told me the rules between the four of us, we could lick and suck anyone we wanted but intercourse stayed between the four of us, I relaxed after that. Sam and Dena were already engrossed with a couple, the man feeling Dena all over and Sam’s face was embedded between the ladies legs. This was so cool.

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