tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFour for the Handyman Ch. 02

Four for the Handyman Ch. 02


Marie met me in the living room. I flushed guiltily, my body still sore from the incredibly intense sex I'd just had with her roommate, my skin slick from the shower, my cock hard in my shorts, obvious to even the most oblivious observer. To my surprise she stepped close, standing on her tiptoes to kiss my cheek.

"Thank you. I told you we needed a man around the house. Now maybe Karen will be able to focus on her schoolwork..." She squeezed my ass and stepped back. I was about to ask more, or perhaps I thought Marie intended to say more, but whomever intended to speak next was cut off by the door slamming as a whirlwind tore through.

Suzy raced through the door, red hair wild, skin sheened with sweat, her body straining the yellow t-shirt she wore. She shouted something about being glad to be home as she slung her bag aside, one hand working her cut-offs. They had hit the floor and been cast aside, giving me a very brief flash of copper curls before her shirt fell over them, before she looked up and spotted me, her face flushing crimson, her words dying in her throat.

"Excuse me." She squeaked, looking mortified as she dashed for the stairs. I heard the bathroom door slam shut behind her.

"Oh... I guess I forgot to mention..." Marie smiled cruelly, "You want any more action like today's, you have to seduce our poor little virgin first.... Before she drives the rest of us nuts." She walked away from me. A minute later Suzy yelled from the top of the stair.

"What the hell is wrong with the sink?" I looked up, then away before she had a 'modesty moment' when she realized I could look right up her flimsy t-shirt.

"I was working on it when everyone came home. I'm not supposed to be upstairs, remember?" I replied evenly. I waited a moment...

"Well... why didn't you start earlier?!"

"I was fixing the pool." I had barely gotten the words out of my mouth when I heard her feet scrambling down the stairs, practically bowling me over to go look out the back door, completely forgetting herself... again. She squealed in unconcealed pleasure, hopping up and down, the shirt fluttering over her bare ass briefly.

"Swimsuits!" she cried loud enough to carry through the house. "We're going swimming, girls!" she yelled, turning to glare at me. "But not you, mister. You're going to finish my sink." She held it for a second to make sure I knew, then dashed back up the stairs.

I reclined on the couch to wait. It didn't take long, and it was worth every second and then some.

Tatiyana was first, maybe she'd the pool earlier and was already changing, who could say. Her lean body was in purple, rich against her pale skin and hair. A tiny two-piece string bikini like you'd see in any summer fashion catalog. She wore sunglasses and flip-flops, stalking through the house like a graceful ghost, smiling knowingly at me as she went by.

Suzy was next, the most eager I supposed, barely noticing me as she whirled by in a somewhat more modest two piece in earth toned patterns, barely holding her huge breasts, a ring of some white plastic holding the top together. Her red curls were tied back loosely, pretty much the only look I'd seen on her yet.

Marie was third, wearing tiny navy shorts and a halter top, barefoot and taking her time slinking by. She had a naval ring I saw for the first time, something silver and dangling over her taut bronze stomach, she'd left her dark mahogany hair unbound, shorter than Karen's raven tresses.

Karen came down last, after the other girls were already in the water, playing and splashing about delightfully. She was the only one who broke with the two-piece pattern, but how! Her swimsuit consisted of a loop of some material, tied behind her neck, flowing and widening as it crossed her breasts, than crossing over her sex, coming up through her ass as a pair of strings that looped over her hips to tie to the front straps. I was reasonably certain it wasn't legal on a beach in the country, just like I was certain she hadn't made any effort to clean up after our romp aside from the brief, shared, shower. She too went barefoot, slinking down the stairs, with an unmistakable sway to her ass, what I called on the street the 'just fucked walk'. She came over to where I sat, her hair tied back, away from her face, leaning over me, just for a second.

"Don't take too long." She whispered cryptically before giving my softening cock a rub through my shorts and heading out. Did she mean the sink or seducing Suzy? Were they all on some script they hadn't felt like sharing with me? Not that I'd mind if what had happened less than an hour ago was a sample.

Fixing the sink took less time than the girls had to parade past me on their way to the pool. I'd already taped the threads and half assembled the pipes when I'd been interrupted earlier, all that was left was to tighten everything down and turn the water back on for a quick test. I took a moment to peek out the window into the backyard, looking down into the pool where the girls were frolicking like the little nymphs they were. Their skin was shiny with the water, their suits flimsier than I'd thought when I'd seen them dry.

I didn't have a swimsuit, my shorts would have to do, I thought, hurrying downstairs. I stepped out the back door pretty much as I was.

"Mind if I join you ladies?" I asked casually as I put my hand on the rails. Suzy seemed set to refuse, but she didn't get the opportunity.

"Not in those nasty things. Take them off first." Tatiyana ordered. For a moment I wondered if she was joking. I mean, she'd already seen me buried balls deep in her friend, but...

"I... don't have a suit." I protested weakly.

"Oh.. that's no problem. I thought you might not have brought one, so I bought one on the way home for you." Marie chimed in mischievously. "Didn't you see the bag on the kitchen counter?" I had not. I turned back to the house, curious. "Just change in the kitchen, we won't peek." The girls tittered at this. It took me a second to get it, the kitchen wasn't the most private place from the back yard pool, no matter where you stood. There was even an oddly placed mirror. A show, the I thought. No matter.

The 'shorts' turned out to be a Speedo banana hammock that was barely my size, and with the chub I'd had most of the afternoon I'd be looking.... Healthy. I barely bothered with modesty, not that I had any real choice aside from ignoring the suggestion to change in the kitchen, and skimmed off my shorts to some pleased gasps that I did my best to ignore and tugged on the flimsy thing. I was fit enough, but normally you'd never catch me dead in something so stupid looking. I leave that for the professional swimmers and men with no sense of shame.

I came back out to some cheers and jeers, and knowing that I was nominally a piece of meat for the moment I went ahead and turned around for them before sinking into the cool water.

Tatiyana swam... if you could call anything done in three and a half feet of water 'swimming' over to me.

"Good job with the pool." She told me. Meanwhile, below the water's surface her lacquered nails traced hard lines down my shaft through that ridiculous Speedo. Karen leapt on my back before I could recover, wrapping legs around my waist, grinding against my back even as she dunked me into the water, screaming 'Good Job!" In seconds they were all on me, not entirely sexually, not entirely innocently either. My left arm was practically smothered in Suzy's massive mammaries as she tried to pull me under, finally giving up on the simple pull and tripping me by wrapping her beautiful legs around mine.

Through it all I found hands reaching for my Johnson, sometimes I knew, other times I had to guess. More than one bikini top got temporarily misplaced as we roughhoused in the shallow water. But eventually, as all things must, the playtime seemed to end, with the sun dipping in the horizon and exhaustion setting in. Through it all, my cock never quite managed to soften.

Once again Tatiyana left the pool first, her bottoms wedged firmly into the crack of her tight ass. I was busy watching her leave and I missed the hands slipping into my Speedos. A second later I was pants'd, the flimsy scrap of cloth winging through the air out over the lawn somewhere...

For just a second I considered the wild Irish lass behind me, thought I'd return the favor... but something told me she'd freak out. She needed the sense of power, of immunity, at least until she got comfortable. Besides, she was already half way out of the water, followed quickly by the others. Obviously planned to leave me hapless in the face off their wiles. They all stopped halfway into the house, egging me out of the pool. What choice did I have?

Cock erect, proud as I could manage all things being equal, I climbed out to appreciative hoots and walked towards the house. The Russian had already made off with my shorts from the kitchen, I quickly learned.

"So.... How about cooking up some dinner?" Karen suggested, licking her lips. I knew what she wanted... but I was also under strict orders and we both knew it. I shrugged, helpless for the moment.

"It'll be twenty minutes." I told them.

"Then you better get cracking, you can't dress until we're all satisfied." Marie told me sternly. I raised my eyebrow at this. Suzy wasn't in on the 'plan' as near as I could tell, and I know she didn't mean I couldn't get dressed until Red... and the others after I supposed... were limp wrecks in their beds.

So I cooked naked, wondering what else the minxes had in store for me. At first every time my cock started to flag, one of the girls, never Suzy, would manage to brush against me, to grope me or stroke me in passing, keeping the teasing going, keeping me hard in spite of myself.

Karen pushed the game to a new level, big surprise there, when she ditched her wet 'swimsuit' about half way through cooking, while I just stood there and stirred the pot. Tatiyana followed a split second later. I had hopes of seeing Marie, or a clearer look at Suzy perhaps, but the virgin seemed too shy and the conductor of this little musical was holding back. The tiny Eurasian and the tall Russian were friendly enough, more than friendly enough really, to keep me going until we'd sat down, though they kept the most obvious petting for when Suzy was looking my way... which was often.

Like all Indian food, my shrimp dish was swimming in sauce. Karen and Suzy especially seemed to struggle with the messy stuff, though only one seemed to do it deliberately. Once, Suzy spilled a fat dollop of the orange-ish cream on her magnificent tits, and to my surprise it was Marie who wiped it up with one finger, sucking said digit clean deliberately. Suzy never blinked at the contact, but then she'd spent most of the last half hour staring non-to-secretly at my manhood, bobbing on display.

Dinner done, the girls essentially dismissed me to the garage for the night, where I could dress, or not dress as I pleased. I felt vaguely uneasy about the whole 'dismissed to the garage' thing, to be honest, but then I had what appeared to be a difficult seduction to plan, one for a girl who was skittish as a wild colt around men. I was pretty tired, to be perfectly honest, and while I considered pulling one off, I was asleep before I made up my mind.

I was awakened by a light hitting my eyes, the door from the kitchen was open, the lights on. I was still nude, laying on the cot with my cock throbbing against my stomach. I blinked painfully against it, wondering what time it was, I could see Tatiyana and Suzy standing there, staring at me.

"If you don't mind..." the blonde asked softly, early morning whispers I guessed.

"Ugh?" I managed intelligently, starting slowly to sit up.

"I know it's early, but I need to get to school today. Suzy also has early classes, we thought, since you have a car, you could drop us off." I blinked. No one had asked the other day, but I'd been out at five AM to hit the gym... and I recalled that Tatiyana had mentioned that she didn't go to school after work nights.

I staggered to my feet, my balls swollen and aching with need, regretting not taking the time to polish off one before passing out.

I had to wonder about colleges today, really. Suzy looked almost as she had when she'd burst through the door yesterday. The shirt was pink instead of yellow and a bit shorter, I thought. Pictures of that stupid little cat thing were holding rainbows over her nipples in what had to be a deliberate design choice, though she obviously had a well-chosen bra on, a necessity for her. The denim over her hips was not, on second glance, the same shorts she'd kicked aside so casually, but a slightly longer skirt with a frayed hem, showing off her lovely legs, though I could have done without the flip flops, they did show off her pink painted toenails.

Tatiyana was the one who looked out of place. Her 'school clothes' looked more like a 'little black dress'. Sleeveless and backless, a buttoned strap around her neck to hold it up in front, short and tight almost all the way down it's short length, with high heeled sandals on her feet.

I couldn't help but to notice Suzy lick her lips absently. I really had to wonder why they needed a stud to seduce her, the girl seemed half cock crazed as it was, though still skittish, she practically hid behind the taller woman while I found my shorts and a shirt to wear.

Suzy went to the same school as Marie, only a tiny drive, but Tatiyana gave me directions that led practically into the next city. I had to wonder how she got there before me.

We spoke some on the drive, though she insisted I toss my shorts in the back seat first. It was still dark out, damned early, really... too early for schools to open, but I guessed Suzy was headed to the library or some such. I had to drive and talk while a dangerously well-manicured hand gently kneaded by aching balls.

Tatiyana explained to me in, in small ways, that she'd disagreed with Marie's plan from the start. Not so much the idea of getting Suzy laid, but the way of doing it. Marie had disagreed with Karen's demand to take their 'stud' for a test drive... and Karen was pretty likely to break the rules given have a chance, especially now that she'd had a good taste of the action.

The point of contention was really all about what made each girl tick, Suzy excepted, as no one would really be able to say until she'd gotten past her hang up about men and sex.

"... we all have our little kinks, as you must realize. Karen's... well, I'm sure you don't need me to explain. I won't tell you mine..." she smiled cryptically, "But I expect you to figure them out soon enough. Marie... all I can tell you is that despite her early start on sex, almost as early as my own, she's more about the control, the teasing than the act itself. She has had less lovers than any of us barring poor Suzy, and I sometimes think that half the reason she cares is that until Suzy is awakened, she's no fun to tease..." she explained as she fondled me along the way.

I figured out, by the time we had pulled into what I realized was one of the better medical schools in the country, that one of the things that drove the blonde bitch was mind games. She'd lost to Marie over Suzy, so she was setting me up to win for her. She wouldn't throw the game for me, if only to keep me working for it, but really I was her proxy in this game. Playing it well would turn her on, just like breaking rules and flaunting her sexuality turned Karen on, but wasn't a deal sealer... Marie was a stone blueballing bitch, and to win I had to turn her. Well, that last part I figured out on my own, maybe I was projecting. She'd follow through with her deal, but that didn't mean she wouldn't make it as hard a possible first. Marie had to be beaten before I could possibly succeed with Suzy...

As we sat there, the sky starting to lighten, I laid out, as subtly as possible, my questions to Tatiyana, wanting desperately for her to break the rules herself... She only smiled and admitted that she thought clever men were sexy, along with her penchant for juggling several lovers at once.

Karen used and discarded, looking for the perfect lover, Tatiyana juggled men and women both to sate her lust for ready, quick fucks, Marie had no one... sort of like the virginal Suzy.

"I must go soon." She told me at last. A car pulled into the parking lot behind us somewhere, looking for a good parking spot. She ducked her head, coiffed blonde hair bobbing over my seeping rod, tongue licking me. She didn't dally long, engulfing me. I thought I'd pop as soon as she did, but the death grip around the base of my shaft held me back as she proceeded to give me the wettest, and hottest, blowjob I'd ever had, even as the headlights swept through the cabin of the car, my body straining until the seat frame creaked and cracked, my eyes screwing shut as she worked me over expertly, keeping just on the verge. I thought I was past holding back, beyond salvage when she lifted up, pushing my rod hard between my thighs until I blinked with agony and frustration.

"I will make this deal with you, on the side." She said, smearing the sticky precum around her lips like a balm, "If you can refrain from orgasm, refrain from even attempting to masturbate, until the time comes I will reward you in ways you can only dream of. You thought Marie was setting you up with a sweet deal..." she laughed, throaty and sexy, and I groaned, her hand still hard around my shaft, keeping me from popping off by main force and a cruel understanding of biology. She didn't let go until I was 'safe'.

"How...." I swallowed, my throat dry, "how will I know?"

"Silly boy, I'll tell you. Obviously you can't afford to cheat with Karen... not unless you have one hell of a self-control. Don't worry, I'll let her know about the deal, she'll be kind... enough." She opened the door and stood up, turning to walk away. Before she did she flipped the skirt back down over her ass, she'd been sitting bare assed on my seat, which smelled of sex. How'd I miss that? Aside from the obvious, anyway. She took her time, letting me see her lack of panties, the bare pale skin, the silver ring through her clit. She was letting me know that while Karen may have been the sex kitten, she was the real freak of the house. I believed her, oh... did I believe her.

I really... really... regretted not pulling one of the night before. It seemed like it would be a long time until my next one, a long painful time.

I didn't bother retrieving my shorts for the drive back, aside from not really wanting to 'bare ass' the parking lot while I looked for them. When I pulled back up to the house Karen was walking back, and I saw her for the first time in 'real clothes'. Surprisingly demure, actually; tight low-slung jeans, baby doll t-shirt, canvas shoes and only a hint of makeup. I could see the hint of a colorful thong when she moved, peeking over the top of her jeans... I wasn't sure if I found that sexier than commando or not. I'd love to think of those tight jeans rubbing her twat directly all day, but... she saw my state and winked at me through the window, pausing long enough to tell me Marie had already left, miming a handjob. I gave her a pained smile back and retrieved my shorts before hustling in the house.

The week progressed about as you'd expect, actually. I spent most of that day relaxing, I didn't have any urgent projects, and I wanted to take my mind off of sex like no one's business. The girls came home in no particular order and mostly ignored me at first, heading upstairs to shower off the heat of the day, then stayed upstairs. I gathered they generally hung out nude up there, but was under stern orders not to look. Tatiyana was last home, dropped off by some stranger I suppose, she paused long enough to kiss my cheek with lips that smelled like sex, her entire body smelling faintly of lust, hers and someone else's. She slipped a hand into my shorts as she did so, fondling my swollen balls. She also stripped off her dress on the way up the stairs, tantalizing me with her body for a brief moment. I didn't hear the shower start after, so I supposed she'd gone into her room, though I did entertain notions of her with Karen, or perhaps Marie, who remained impenetrable to me.

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