tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFour Friends Decide to Share Husband

Four Friends Decide to Share Husband


It had been a long time since we had a girl's night out. I have known Kristy, Grace and Terri since high school. Unlike many kids that graduate and move away, we all got married and set up our lives in this small town south of Los Angeles.

High school seems like a million years ago when in fact we were all in the same graduating class 20 years ago along with Kristy's husband Dan. Terri's husband Bob and my husband Jerry were two years ahead of the five of us in the same school. Dan also happens to be my husband's younger brother. Grace met her husband JJ in college and he is about five years older than Grace.

All four families have done fairly well and now pushing 40 plus or minus a little, all of our kids are either out on their own or away at school. The four of us would spend an hour each morning together at the Gym and our husbands as best of friends would play golf on Saturday mornings but a girls night out was different. It gave us a chance to just be girls and share our inner most feelings with each other.

Our biggest issue this particular night was that we chose a bar that offered dancing and even at our age we had to keep chasing away the guys that wanted to dance. We totally enjoyed the pickup lines and as in the past we voted on the best lines of the night at the end of the evening. Most of them were pretty lame but some of the young guys were pretty original.

I guess the reason we are still desirable at our age is that we each work hard at staying in shape. Kristy is the tallest at 5'7. She has long shapely legs and shoulder length dark hair that I swear is black. She has the smallest set of boobs of the four of us but is perfectly proportioned at 32C-26-33. She is a bit of a dare devil always ready to play to win.

Terri was the typical California blond standing 5'4 and measured 36D-24-36. Her skin is soft and very pale, but she always manages to maintain a beautiful dark tan. I don't know if it is still an all-over tan or not as I haven't seen her in the buff in a number of years. She has always had a tendency to put on weight and has to work harder than the rest of us to keep her weight down.

Grace is a light skinned black girl. She is by far the prettiest of the four of us and at 5'4 her most prominent feature is her 38DD breasts that taper beautifully into her 26 inch waist. She always thought that her ass was too big but we never could see the reason for her complaint.

My name is Carol. I am the shortest at an even five feet but I make up for it with the attitude of a red head. My hair is down to my waist and is as red as you can imagine. My skin is very pale in comparison but I have a few well-placed freckles on my 36C-25-35 frame. Terri always teases me about my gym workouts because she says that soaking wet I weigh 110 pounds and she has to work so hard to maintain 125 pounds.

All four of us dated for a time before we were married so none of us were virgins on our wedding nights, but I know for a fact that all four of us have been faithful to our husbands and I am pretty sure our husbands have been faithful as well.

It's kind of funny the things girls confide in each other, but I really don't believe that any of us have secrets from each other. With that as the backdrop, after ordering a round of margaritas, Terri started the girl's night out conversation kind of complaining about our husbands and how they each in their own way nudge us to open our sex lives to new things. All four of us stood together in an emphatic NO WAY for years.

It rarely occurred but occasionally after too much drinking at one of our many four couple events one of the guys would try to get us to play strip poker or wife swap. On other occasions they would settle for the quick feel of an ass or a tit that was too close to a drunk hand. Mostly the push for sexual experimenting came from our individual husbands when we were alone. The interesting part when we compared notes was that they all seemed to use the same lines as if they were all reading from the same dirty mind.

On this particular occasion Terri brought it up because Bob was pushing for them to go to a clothing optional beach.

After a lot of conversation on the subject Kristy, Grace and I agreed with Terri's position but were not so conservative when the conversation got around to maybe we should give the boys a little tease here and there.

Kristy pushed the envelope a bit and after a few drinks asked if maybe we were being a bunch of duds. She asked what specifically would be wrong with giving in to the guys and at least tease our husbands a bit. We all knew that she and Grace thought Bob was hot and in our own way we all admitted having fantasies about JJ. Grace and Terri didn't take long to jump on the wagon. They all turned on me as the last holdout and finally got me to admit that maybe we could all have a little fun with this. After all for 20 years there wasn't much that we hadn't shared already as a group.

We decided that since Terri had the best back yard for a pool party, we made plans to have a party the following Friday night and we would compare notes over lunch on Wednesday as to how we could tease the guys without going too far.

Just the thought of our plan made sex with Jerry that night really intense and on Wednesday when I met with my co-conspirators they each admitted that our plan had added a bit of a spark to their lovemaking.

Kristi started the Wednesday conversation by suggesting that we should go out and buy the skimpiest swim suits we could find. We had many pool parties over the years but it did seem to us that with each passing year, the swim suits had covered more and more skin. That idea was quickly adopted.

Terri then suggested that we make up some games that required being close to each other's spouses and maybe looking away at the occasional grope. After a three on me discussion this also was agreed on.

Grace and I could add nothing further so at that point we asked each other how far were we willing to take this and we all agreed that we didn't want to do anything to break-up one of the relationships. They had a bit of persuading to do to get me to agree that a little excitement in the bedroom in light of Friday night might not be a bad thing.

Finally I suggested that we just play it by ear and be a little creative. If anything seemed out of line or risky, we would all meet in the kitchen before agreeing to anything.

Friday night came and we all met at Terri's at 7 for a barbeque and some swimming. The yard was completely enclosed in an eight foot block wall and the pool was at just below 80 degrees. As the guys grabbed a beer and headed for the pool lounge chairs to plan their Saturday round of golf, the girls all started putting things together in the kitchen.

Without mentioning it to each other, we had all covered our soon to be revealed swim suits with a cotton pool jacket. None of the guys had seen us yet and in fact we decided on the spot that we wouldn't share with each other until the guys were present.

Not wanting it to look staged, we decided to put on our show one at a time.

Knowing that my courage was quickly disappearing I decided that if I didn't do something quickly I would probably back out. When the burgers were ready for the grill, I took the platter out to the yard to see which of the guys was going to do the honors tonight.

It was a truly perfect evening without a cloud in the sky. As I came out of the kitchen yelling for a volunteer, Terri's husband Bob said he would do the cooking if the other guys took clean-up duty.

He took the tray from me and headed for the outdoor bar/kitchen. He set the tray on the counter and as he offered me a glass of wine, I slowly opened my robe to reveal two pieces of one inch cloth that barely covered my areolas and a thong bottom that I had to shave my pubs for.

Bob whistled and the other guys looked up just as I pulled my robe over my shoulders, turned with my glass of wine and headed for a lounge chair where they could all see that my bikini bottoms were nothing more than an inch of material that almost covered my pussy and a string stuck between my ass cheeks. I was amazed at the warm all over feeling I was getting from the air on my body and eight eyes glued to me.

The girls must have been watching because the moment I sat down, Kristy appeared with a tray of snacks as her husband Dan said see, Carol knows how to get her guy ready. Kristy just smiled as she removed her pool robe to reveal a bikini that was identical to mine on the bottom and only a little bit more coverage on top. Even I had to admit that her hard nipples were clearly visible thru her white bikini top. I also wondered if when she got it wet would it cover anything at all.

As Bob tripped over himself to brink Kristi her drink, he yelled to Terri that she should hurry out here to protect her friends from these old letches.

With perfect timing, Terri and Grace joined the fun. Leaving pool coats behind in the kitchen they came marching out with Terri wearing a suit that was actually smaller than mine. It was light blue but because it was so tiny, I don't think any of the guys even noticed the color. What they saw was a bikini top that was more like a pasty. It was tiny cups smaller than a thimble holding each of her nipples held together by a single string that you really had to look to see. Her light colored areolas about the size of a nickel were clearly and entirely visible. Her bottoms were a thin piece of material that covered only her opening. Without even trying, I could see lots of skin on both sides of the material between her legs. Like Kristi and I her ass was entirely on display.

Grace was wearing a white bikini that would easily pass for naked. The bottoms were a thong that did nothing to hide her flat tummy and shaved pubs but it also put to rest her big ass complaint. Her top with material similar to mine on her perfectly shaped 38DD's was awe inspiring. At our age, one would expect her larger than life breasts to have at least a little sag, but like the rest of us her breasts were still holding up remarkably well.

Without saying a word to each other, we knew that we had gotten our husbands attention and that our plan was already a success. I knew that if I was wearing anything at all it would be dripping wet already from my excitement.

I watched as Terri walked to the diving board and bounced twice before doing a perfect dive. Based on the reaction, I don't know if it was the dive or her almost naked body hitting the water that got the evening in gear.

I also made a mental note to ask Terri if she knew beforehand what would happen to her suit if she performed such a dive. The diving board was on the far end of the pool and Terri stayed under water until she was inches from our lounge chairs. As she came up holding the side of the pool we all saw immediately that the little nipple cups pretending to be her bra were nowhere to be found much less of any use covering her hard now naked little nipples.

Before Grace could offer to help find the missing bra all four guys were in the pool. Before we could come to her assistance the four guys were all over Terri.

Knowing how uncomfortable I was with this, the other girls agreed to go along with me when I put a stop to the Terri grope fest and asked the girls to join me in the kitchen while I sent the guys looking for Terri's top.

I confided in my friends that I was not real comfortable with what had just happened. Still caught up in the excitement Terri said she understood but wanted to share that in that situation her tit's had been fair game and that at least two of the guys hands had to be removed from between her legs when I had stopped them. She had a hard time convincing me that the excitement was in not knowing whose hands were taking liberties and that even if one set of hands had been her husbands, at least one set of hands feeling her up belonged to one of our husbands.

It was agreed that the rest of the evening would be mellower. We were all on display for their eyes but we would hold to our old comfort zone with our bodies being off limits to hands.

When we came out of the kitchen JJ handed Terri her top which she slowly placed back over her nipples as the guys asked us what we were up to. Since it was my barrier, I had no problem telling them that hands were off limits.

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful and I couldn't be sure but I think each of the guys got more persistent in a few positions where using their hands in inappropriate places on our bodies continued to happen more often. Twice I had to pull fingers from between my legs, but I never heard any of the other women complain. When we all decided to get out of the water it became apparent that my fear of Kristi's white suite became a reality. When wet her white bikini bottoms just seemed to disappear and the rest of us could see Kristy's pink pussy as if she were naked. My brother in law Dan seemed to get the most enjoyment of all as he watched his wife on display.

We finally called it an evening about midnight and we got dressed and went home with the guys pledging to come back and clean up after golf in the morning.

Sex that night was better than I could ever remember as I teased Jerry about how many pussies he had touched that night he asked me if I could get a suit like Kristy's for our next party and I said absolutely not. It appeared to be a conspiracy because for the next week, Jerry would keep up the pressure of wanting me to expand my sexual limits. It was always followed by his hard cock fucking me till I had to beg him to stop.

What really got my attention was that individually and collectively my three best friends seemed to be working with Jerry in getting me to open up to some new experiences.

Truth be told my libido was on fire and my walls were slowly disappearing. After 2 weeks of constant pressure, we did another Friday girl's night out.

The entire focus of the evening was obvious to me as my three friends tried to get me to ease up a bit. Most of the evening was spent with two of them working on my inhibitions and the third accepting dance offers only to return in an obvious state of arousal from the attentions of young men on the dance floor.

After a few to many drinks I finally gave in. After getting each of my friends to swear that there had never been anything inappropriate between them and any of the guys I reluctantly agreed to another pool party the following Friday. Against my better judgment and with promises from each of my friends that there would be no penetration, I agreed to join my friends in treating the guys to all our obvious charms. This time we planned to remove our clothes and remain nude for the pool party with only our two holes as off limits to the guys. As an afterthought I got them to agree that we insist on the guys keeping their swim trunks on.

That entire week brought about nightly marathons in bed as I couldn't get enough from my husband. By Thursday night I wondered if I would be able to stop myself from fucking every cock I could get my hands on.

Once again we all showed up at 7 sharp and the guys found the lounge chairs and the beer as we prepared the meal. When we were ready we all came out together carrying the food for the evening. What the four guys noticed immediately was the fact that all four of their wife's were stark naked.

While Grace and Terri got prolonged kisses from each other's husbands, Kristy and I headed for the water. I swam for the far end of the pool but before I got there my brother-in-law Dan angled across after a halfhearted dive and kind of corralled me into the far corner of the pool. He whispered in my ear that he had waited years for this opportunity and he immediately started trying to kiss me.

When I pulled back he took my head in his hands pulled my mouth to his and buried his tongue in my mouth in a long breathtaking kiss. I was so flustered that I made no attempt to stop his hands as they roamed my body. When he finished feeling and squeezing my tits, his hands roamed over my tummy and in spite of my demands from the girls, I spread my legs to let my husband's brother insert two fingers past my clit and deep into my willing pussy. I was lost in the feelings of being touched by another man and there was no way that I wanted to stop Dan from what he was doing. I quickly realized that I was not the only woman in heat as each of the four corners of the pool were occupied by one of my girlfriends and a husband that was not their own.

I started to work my hand down the front of Dan's swim suit as I watched my husband in the far corner of the pool fondling Grace's 38DD's. In no time my inhibitions disappeared and my libido took over as I took Dan's cock in my hand and started stroking his dick to hardness. Before I could get him off, Dan used his fingers inside my cunt to bring me off twice.

It was Grace who came to my rescue as she swam to the middle of the pool and told the guys that one free feel was all they were going to get. She went on to say without mentioning names that one of the girls was not comfortable with the evenings events and so for the rest of the evening you horny guys can look but you can't touch.

As we got out of the water for the barbeque part of the evening two things became obvious to me. First was that the guys were totally enjoying the view and second that each of my friends faces had that flushed look of orgasm.

That night sex with my husband was incredible as I teased him about Grace and his freedom to finally touch her incredible body and his teasing me about being used by his brother. Neither of us knew how far the other had gone.

I couldn't wait for Friday and the next girls night out to compare notes. I found myself changing wet panties three or four times a day and I was horny beyond belief.

I was a few minutes late in meeting my friends on Friday and they were all wearing great big smiles as they asked me about Dan. Without thinking that Kristy might have a problem, I went on to tell them how Dan had cornered me and touched me. To my surprise it was Kristy that asked point blank how far I had let Dan go. As it hit me that it was Kristy's husband and how it was me that had put in all the rules I decided to apologize before I confessed that I had spread my legs so that Dan could finger fuck me.

Thinking I had allowed it to go too far I was surprised when one by one my friends told of their pool party dalliances. I was particularly turned on be Grace admitting that she had lowered my husband's suit and wrapped her legs around his waist so that he could fuck her. I was surprised that I felt absolutely no jealousy in the fact that my husband had fucked one of my best friends.

When each of us had shared their tale, my three friends looked at me and said, how would you feel about taking the next step? I immediately asked what that next step was. This time it was Terri who said that they had agreed to share their husbands but only if I agreed to join them.

Rather than back off, I surprised myself when I asked them to explain exactly what they were talking about. It was Grace who said, we all agreed to some rules for the pool party based on your concerns and even though we exceeded those by just a bit, we stopped the guys before we went too far. What we are asking is if you would agree to join us for a month in which we would each take a turn meeting with all of our husbands and let the guys go as far as each of us wanted.

The three of us that are not getting laid could get together for a few drinks and on Saturday when our husbands are playing golf, we could get together and compare notes.

Listen girls I said, my sex life after 20 years has been on fire these last few weeks and being fingered by Jerry's brother was an incredible turn on but even if I agreed to this how would we get our husbands to agree and for that matter how would we decide who went first.

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