tagMatureFour Stars for Miss Dabney

Four Stars for Miss Dabney


As I sat on the couch with my pants and underwear unceremoniously draped around my ankles, I looked down at the woman who at that precise moment had her mouth slobbering over my dick and began to think about the chain of events that led me here.

The morning started out rather uneventful. A Saturday morning on which I made no plans other than having my 2002 Cougar in for scheduled maintenance at the dealership where I bought it. I'm the type of guy who does everything according to the owner's manual. Oil changes at 6000 miles, coolant changes at 15,000, and so on. It's just the way I am with a car. You take care of the car and it will take you anywhere you want to go relatively trouble-free. The dealership knew this and always treated me as one of their best customers.

Sitting in the waiting room of the dealership, trying read a year old Car and Driver magazine, I took notice of the woman across from me. She wasn't anything spectacular by any definition of the word. She looked to be about in her mid-fifties, a tad bit overweight by what I could tell. Actually I couldn't tell much about her body because of the white baggy sweatshirt and the baggy blue jeans with god-awful elastic around the waist. She wore her salt and pepper hair cut in layers neatly resting just above the ears. Her face looked clean and well scrubbed. Not even a hint of make-up. The one feature of her face, which caught my eye, happened to be her lips. They were full and luscious. One could say they were perfect DSL's or dick sucking lips, if you will. I became so fascinated with those lips that I actually began to fantasize about them being wrapped around my chub. Just thinking about her going down on me made my doink stand to immediate attention. I actually thought for a second or two the old boy would be ripping through the seams of my faded Levi's and making it's way to those wonderful lips. In just a few minutes of studying the matronly woman I became obsessed with her going down and dirty on me.

Now I want to make this perfectly clear, I am not the type of guy who has smooth moves. I'm not an expert when it comes to seducing a woman. True, I have been moderately successful in my 32 years, but it all came down to luck with being at the right place at the right time. To be honest, I prayed this would be one of those moments.

Then suddenly it all began to fall into place. The service manager came into the waiting room to discuss the servicing of the matronly woman's 1998 Mercury Sable. He informed her they completed the oil change but he noticed since she bought the car there new she never brought it in for regular maintenance servicing. He said since the car was over five years old and even though the mileage was a little under 19,000 he wanted permission to give it a complete maintenance check up. Agreeing, the woman thought it would be a good idea since she and her sisters were driving down to South Carolina for a week's vacation. She didn't want the car breaking down in some strange place. After the service manager left I took the opening and played it for that it was worth.

"Pardon me, I couldn't help but over hear your conversation with the service manager. You never had your car serviced here since you bought it in '98?"

She looked at me with a little embarrassed look on her face. "I actually bought it in 1997 when the new models came out. Since I didn't drive it much I thought it didn't need anything. I don't know very much about cars."

Silently I thought to myself, how typical. But no matter, I just wanted those sweet lips on my cock. I chided her a little bit for not taking better care of her car. She gave a little sheepish grin. "I've been a secretary for 35 years and I always took the bus into work. I only used my car to go shopping or to visit my sisters. I retired early and now I'm starting to use my car more."

As we talked I learned she started working for the same company for all those years when turned 18. So Sweet Lips is only 53 years old. I thought how my mom would be turning 54 this summer.

We talked for about twenty minutes about our jobs, her early retirement, and the trip with her sisters. I think she also said her name was Jane Dabney. I couldn't really hear it too well because at the exact moment she told me her name a couple of fire trucks drove by with their sirens blearing. Truthfully I didn't care about her name. I wasn't out to fall in love with the woman. Hell, all I wanted was a blowjob from her.

Just as I was about to make a move the service manager came in and informed me the Cougar was all ready to go and then handed me the bill. He then told Miss Dabney her car would be ready in another twenty minutes and then left. I didn't want to blow (no pun intended) this opportunity so I laid the charm on her.

I told her that I really enjoyed our conversation and I asked would she like to have lunch with me. Suggesting we could meet at he Olive Garden restaurant down the street after the service was through with her car. It was a gamble on my part and in spirit I kept my fingers crossed. Dabney looked at with me a smile and said yes she would love to.

I waited for her at the front of the Olive Garden with restless anticipation. My mind scheming and planning with different ways of seducing the prim Miss Dabney into putting those luscious full lips on my throbbing man missile. My wait lasted only twenty minutes when I saw her Sable pulling into the parking lot. As she got out of her car it suddenly dawned on me this was a tall meaty woman. I didn't realize it at the dealership because all the time we were sitting down talking. Dabney must go at least 5' 9" and a good 175, maybe a 185 pounds. Now I'm 6' even and a little slim at 165 pounds. Truthfully I began to wonder what I got myself into.

As things turned it out while were having lunch I forgot all about her size. She was a witty and bright woman and I found myself enjoying our conversation. Now before anyone gets the wrong idea like I fell for this woman I want to set it straight that I listened carefully for an opening so I could slyly suggest she take me home with her to have my dick sucked. Again Lady Luck showed her radiant head. During our conversation over lunch I mentioned casually I worked for a mortgage company as a closer. This perked her interest almost instantly. As it turned out she wanted to sell her house and move into a small apartment. She said the upkeep of her home was getting to be a bit much for her and the expense was something she didn't need. I could see another opening coming up when Miss Dabney asked the question I hoped she would ask, "Could you please come over to my place and tell me what it's worth?"

I swore I heard a choir singing "Hallelujah". Of course I played it real cool telling her just prepared the closing documents for the mortgages, however I saw enough appraisals to give her a rough estimate. I followed her to her house from the restaurant, which only took a matter of about ten minutes.

The house certainly reflected its owner I thought. Very well kept lawn in front of a small brick home, probably built in the early 1930's. The tour consisted of her showing me the basement, the two bedrooms, the bath, the kitchen, dinning room, and finally the living room, each room of the house being perfectly neat and orderly. Just like the owner's life. Now here I am planning to put a little disruption into an otherwise uneventful lifestyle.

We stood in the living room talking about what I thought would be a fair market value of the house and I gave her what I figured to be a fair estimate. Then an awkward silence followed. That's when I thought, "Oh what the hell." I took her quickly in my arms and kissed Miss Dabney hard and long. Her tongue quickly responded to my kiss, flicking furiously against my probing tongue. She let out very low, soft moaning sounds as each kiss became more intense. My hands slid down very easily in the back of her elastic waistband jeans. I felt the silky smoothness of her panties against my palms. I kneaded her soft full rounded ass with my fingers and grinded my pelvis into hers.

Just letting her know that my cock had become granite hard. I can't believe how Miss Dabney responded by thrusting her hips forward and grinding her covered pubis mound against my crotch. She had my head in her hands and by now the kiss became more passionate as her tongue heatedly explored the inside of my mouth. Truly, I don't remember what happened next, just that here I am sitting on the couch with my pants around my ankles and her lips around my dick. As her mouth released my cock I could see little strings of her spittle hanging from my dick's head to her lower lip. The sight made me even hornier than when everything first started. Then she went back down on my member with fury making slurping wet sounds and at the same time massaging my balls with the expertise of a professional masseuse.

Her lips and tongue were driving me to the point of sexual madness and now I wanted to fuck her wildly and blindly. Clothes were flying everywhere in crazed abandonment. In short time I could admire her plump figure. Her perfectly sized tits swayed with each motion of her body, the nipples erect and succulent looking. I licked and played with them like a hungry baby, as she hissed out, "YESSSS".

Miss Dabney's meaty hips fit perfectly to the flow of her body. Then I looked at her pussy, covered in a thick tuff of dark brown pubic hair. I could barely make out her swollen labia poking out from her sweet pussy patch. I slowly ran the middle finger of my left hand between her pussy lips. Miss Dabney let a loud sexually heated moan as the finger glided up her slit. The moist stickiness of her snatch clung to my finger. The air began to fill with the musky scent of her sex as she took in quick swallows of air while my finger manipulated her excited clitoris. I bent down to her wet crotch and took in the aroma of her sex. It smelled of Ivory soap with just the slight aroma of urine. My tongue just lightly glided over Miss Dabney's clitoris. Her hips rose up as she sucked in a deep breath. I began to work my tongue quickly on her clit, flicking it in a back and forth motion. I tasted the saltiness of her pussy as I placed my tongue in her vagina, which by now was overflowing with Miss Dabney's love juices. She squirmed with sexual delight as she took the back of my head and pushed my face deep into her snatch. Then out of nowhere she screamed, "FUCK ME NOW!"

She threw herself back on the couch, legs straight up in a flayed vee, her pussy partly gaping and gleaming with her juices. Of course I dove in with a hunger, my hard cock finding its target with a magical ease. Each furious hard thrust from me met with an equally hard upward movement from Miss Dabney's hips. She wanted me in there and wasn't about to let me out easily. The sound of flesh pounding flesh, and the animal sounds we both made filled the room with sexually ravaged electricity. I could feel her fingers digging into my ass cheeks as I bit on her shoulder. As I fucked her with savagery I never knew before, I slipped my hands onto her ass cheeks and squeezed with all my might. Her reaction lifted me off the couch for a split second and just as quickly slammed me back into her. I then took the index finger of my right hand and shoved it up her asshole. "OOOOOOOOH FUUUCK!" she screamed out.

So here I am, pounding the living hell out of a retired, middle-age sex machine. She just wanted to drain me of everything I had in me. Then I came in a thunderous rush of hot semen. I knew it filled up her womb because some of it began to ooze back onto my dick. When I finally pulled out after ejaculating the most amount of cum I ever did in my life, I stared down at her pussy. It was a luscious cream pie, her juices and my cum mixed and glazing Miss Dabney's pussy hair. Then I flopped my self backwards onto the couch, breathing heavily and trying to recoup myself from the dizziness I felt.

"I have a confession to make." She said demurely, leaning over and gently putting her arms around me.

"What would that be?" I asked with a hint of curiosity in my voice.

With a little wicked smile she said, "When I first saw you at the car dealership I wanted to get into your pants."


"You see, when I worked as a secretary I never took a chance on anything. Not even promotions at my job. I always wanted to play it safe because I never had enough confidence in me to go out and grab the things I wanted.. Now, since I've retired I promised myself I would go for broke and do the things I never dreamed of doing before."

There's irony for you. Here I thought I would be the devious one and there she is plotting and planning my seduction. Well, four stars for Miss Dabney. I like this woman.

I put my arms around her neck and gave her he longest, sexiest kiss I have ever bestowed on a woman. She just sighed and gave a whispery. "Wow."

That's it. That's my story. We talked for a little while afterward and exchanged phone numbers. Miss Dabney promised to call when she got back from vacation with her sister. We plans to go a little camping trip to Allegheny National Forest for that weekend when she got back. After all she never went camping before and I never made love in the woods before. Sounds like a great afternoon with Miss Dabney to me.

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