tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFrancis Meets a Black Stud

Francis Meets a Black Stud


First some background:

I am a male, about 5'5', athletic and have long light brown hair and fair skin. I was on the swim team in high school and college. In college I had started shaving my legs and arms to cut down on drag in the water. My girlfriend at the time liked and eventually talked me into shaving my entire body. She eventual talked me into having all of my unwanted body hair removed using a laser hair removal gadget that she used on her legs. This included all hair below my neck and part of my facial hair too. After several treatments I was surprised to find out that it was permanent. It seemed as if we would be married, so, what she wanted, she got. In our senior year we broke up, she wanted to explore new things.

Currently, I am in my late twenties and travel around quite a bit through the US. My work never allows me to be in any one place more than a few months. When I am working it is usually 3 months on (7days per week) and one month off, but this varies depending on the projects. This doesn't allow for much of a social life, but I make a lot of money. I roll around with a 5th wheel and usually stay in a campground and try to be away from everyone else as much as possible. Sometimes this works, other times not.

Since I do not have much of a social life, I masturbate a lot and have enjoyed a lot of different types of internet porn. I smoke pot, but usually only in the evenings when I masturbate. This makes it a lot more fun and I enjoy some pretty wild porn when I am stoned. Sometimes, while masturbating I will smoke a lot and get really stoned and this can make me get a little kinky. I consider myself straight, but have masturbated with, dildos and butt plugs. Sometimes when I am really worked up I will put on some women's underwear etc and have experimented with some make up too as well as using a cock ring and binding my balls. I think I look pretty hot when I wear make up and lingerie and I think I look pretty hot and have even masturbated while looking at myself in the mirror.

I can also suck my own dick; well not really I can get the head and a little bit more in my mouth. I have never been able to cum like this, but I have shot cum into my mouth and on my face. I found it did not taste bad and I liked it because it was nasty and when I was made up, I looked really hot with cum strung on my face, but cumming with my dick in my mouth eluded me. I do like to tease myself right up to the edge and then deny myself release and repeat the process. One time when I was doing this and was very, very close. I lifted my legs over my head, put my dick in my mouth, started licking my dick and then started to fuck myself with a dildo. Then the most amazing thing happened. I started to cum and shot a huge load directly into my mouth with mt lips wrapped tightly around my dick. It was the most amazing feeling to have my dick firmly in my mouth and to have cum squirting out of it and into my mouth, this aroused me even more and I came very hard. After I calmed down a bit I was still hard and excited, I then masturbated and came again within a few minutes and came again it was amazing. I got stuck in this habit for a while.

I also exhibit some risky behavior. I like to walk around outside naked and masturbate. I do not expose myself to anyone and don't do this in any risky places, usually I will do this somewhere in a remote area near the campground in the wee hours of the morning when I am certain not to be seen by anyone.

Well this all leads up to my current situation. I had recently taken up hiding the spare key to my camper someplace close to the campground, walking out of my camper in gym shorts, tennis shoes and nothing else. If no one was parked near my camper, lock the door, walk for a short distance, take off my shorts and then go to get my key. Sometimes I will just walk out with nothing on but tennis shoes. I am always stoned and usually take a joint with me. I will masturbate along the way and will often have some kind of lube waiting with my key. I really like to tease myself by getting really close to orgasm only to stop and light up or something. Well it had been a long holiday weekend and the campground had been packed with families. I had not had a chance to masturbate in 5 days and today I hoped the campground would be nearly empty when I got back. It was! There was one camper on the far side of the campground, at last I have some privacy and I was very horny. I took my spare key and went to a place that I had found recently and placed it on a limb. I had eaten on the way back, had a little puff, set my alarm for 11:00pm and went to sleep. It was only 7:30 and I could not do anything for a while and if I did what I planned, I would be up pretty late and needed some rest.

My plan tonight is to wake at 11, give myself an enema then shower and come back to my camper, puff up, make myself up and get dressed in a little mini skirt and half tank top, with hose, panties and a small bra, along with nails and eyelashes. I wanted to be dressed fully as a girl tonight and going for a walk. I was also thinking about a cock ring and binding my balls with a strap and maybe weights with a lock. After this I would pack my purse with 2 types of lube, some astroglide for the butt plug I would use later, and some vaseline to masturbate with, 2 joints and a lighter. I wanted to be really high for this and I had some of the killer. All this should take about 1-2 hours. After I was ready I will walk out the door and lock it behind me and walk to the ladies bath house, puff up, then insert the butt plug, then go and get my key and be back in by 3:30 or 4 am for a couple more hours sleep before work.

I woke up at 11, gave myself an enema and headed to the bathhouse; I showered and used some sexy smelling soap and shampoo. Dried off really good, gathered my things, and since no one was around, wrapped my towel around me and headed to my camper. The cook night air felt good flowing around my naked body. When I got back to the camper, I put on my cock ring, took a couple of hits off my pipe opened a folder of porn videos on my computer and hit random, the screen was suddenly filled with a cute white girl with a mouth full of black cock (when getting fixed up, I listen to porn more than I watch it). I then put on my stockings, panties and 4" high heel clogs, and then sat down in front of my mirror took a few hits from my pipe. I was already super turned on at this point, so I played with my dick for a few minutes before I began to fix my hair. I then took another hit and began carefully applying my makeup. I also had a black rubber cock on my make table standing straight up. It is about the same size as my dick, around 7". I can get most of it in my mouth easily and have managed to get enough of it in mouth so that my chin was resting on its black balls from time to time. I would take a puff, play with myself while I watched the black cock slipping into my mouth in the mirror and imagining that the girl I heard on the video was me.

I finished my hair, make up and nails by 12:45 and then inserted some small breast forms into my bra, put on my skirt, top and then checked myself out in the mirror. Everything seemed awkward with the nails but, damn I looked hot! I sucked on the black cock for a few minutes watching myself in the mirror, took a couple of hits, and then touched up my lipstick. After this I put a leather strap around my balls and put a small pad lock on it and put a small dog collar around my neck that said "SLUT" on it and put a small lock on it too. I left the keys to the lock beside the black cock in front of the mirror, walked out the door, locked it and closed it tight. I was now committed, I could not take the collars off of my dick or neck until I first went and got the key to my camper.

I was very stoned and the sexual high was invigorating! I slowly walked to the ladies bath house, when suddenly I noticed that the light was on in the camper across the way, but then thought that no one would be out at this hour. I lit a joint and began my trek to the ladies room, went inside and found a stall. It was very clean; I suppose they had washed today after everyone left. I put the seat down and slipped down my panties, then sat down like a girl to pee. I took another drag and then just held the joint in my mouth. I had just put my feet up spread against the sides of the door to insert the butt plug when I heard footsteps walk in the bathhouse, luckily the joint had gone out, but you could still smell it. This was really stimulating to me and I started touching myself while someone else was in there, after a few minutes they walked out. The next sound I heard was the showers in the men's bathhouse on the other side of the wall. I giggled; the guy in the other camper must be taking a shower. I stroked myself 'til I nearly came and then I took out and kissed the butt plug before I lubed it up, I also pushed it all the way into my mouth and clamped it tight with my lips where I asshole would soon be. I had calmed down a bit and knew I would not cum if I inserted it now, so I lubed it up and put it in my ass. The shower stopped next door so I decided to wait for a few minutes before walking out to give the guy a chance to get back to his camper. After what I thought was more than enough time I stood up, my bound cock was like steel and was sticking straight out making the mini skirt tent and there was a little bit of the head sticking past the edge of the mini skirt. I checked myself out in the mirror, gave my dick a rub and I walked out with the joint in my mouth, I was going relight it as soon as I got outside. I walked out the door and ran straight into a 6' black stud with a towel around his neck, silk boxers, sandals and nothing else.

He took one look at the joint hanging from my lips and said, "I thought I smelled pot." He then asked me for the joint, I was scared as hell, had not said a word and found it difficult to take my eyes off of the outline of his cock. I handed him the joint and offered him a light. He asked me my name.

I thought quickly and replied, "Francis."

He then looked down at my cock sticking out and snickered, "so you like to get a little kinky huh? Have you ever sucked a black cock before?"

At that moment, I regretted everything I had ever done. I did not want to answer his questions and just wanted to run away, but I told him "no" and then for some reason added, "the only cock I had ever had in my mouth was my own".

He asked me if I swallowed?

I responded, "yes."

He took another hit of the joint and then told me to walk back into the ladies bathhouse so he could get a better look at me.

I wanted to run but I obediently turned around and he followed me inside.

Inside he told me to turn around so he could see my ass. His only response was, "you are one fine looking woman except for that little thing sticking out from under your skirt."

I think I blushed. I wanted so desperately to be anywhere but, but I was afraid and hypnotized by this beautiful man that seemed interested in me.

He then asked me if I wanted to suck his cock?

I shocked myself and whispered, "yes."

He asked me to repeat myself where he could hear me.

I was completely under his spell, I tried to speak, but was only able to reply just above a whisper.

He pulled me closer and put my hand on his huge cock.

I glanced over at the mirror and nearly passed out at how sexy I looked right now next to this tall black stud with my hand on his big cock through his boxers.

He asked me again what I wanted to do?

I told him in the sexiest voice I could muster that, "YES, I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum."

He said, "Well bitch, kneel on this towel and do it!"

He was beginning to get hard, so I took the towel and spread it out on the floor, just staring at the outline of his big black cock and glancing at us in the mirror every chance I got and then I was on my knees with his cock just on the other side of those boxers.

I asked him to turn a little bit so I could better see myself in the mirror and felt his big black dick through his boxers with both of my hands. I kissed it and rubbed my face on it. I then began to pull down his boxers and fished his cock out. It was amazing! I just held it in my hands and fondled it. I then looked at myself in the mirror and watched as I kissed it all down one side so I could see myself real good in the mirror with this black cock in touching my face and then I watched it slowly slide into my mouth.

After a few minutes he told me to stop and to pull down his boxers and he stepped out of them. I was now completely dressed as a woman and on my knees in the ladies room of the campground in front of a naked black man with a really big black cock that I wanted to suck and make cum in my mouth so very much and he was smoking my pot.

I guess he noticed me looking in the mirror because he said, "So you like seeing my black cock between your lips?"

I took my mouth off his cock and massaged his balls that would soon fill my mouth with cum and replied, "YES I do!"

He asked, "You do what?"

I told him, "I love to see your big black cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

He said, "Good" and started taking pictures of me sucking his big beautiful black cock with his cell phone.

I kept sucking and kissing and licking massaging his cock and balls for a while, a couple of times I nearly got all of it in my mouth, but not all the way, but when I did I pulled his balls and rubbed them on my chin. I put his balls in my mouth and massaged them with my lips and tongue and then sucked his cock some more.

He then said, "I am about to cum and when you feel the first squirt, lean back , open your mouth wide and jack my cum all over your face, and don't swallow until I tell you."

I did not want to do this; I wanted to suck all of his cum straight out of his cock. A few seconds later he started to shoot. The first squirt took me by surprise, but I quickly did as he said and it seemed like he just came and came.

He was also shooting a video with his phone of this. After he was finished cumming, he told me to look into the camera with my mouth wide and to swallow. I then kissed his cock and put it in my mouth to squeeze out the rest of his cum, swallowed and kept on kissing his beautiful black cock.

He took a few more photos of his black cock in the mouth of this white girl who had cum all over her face. Soon I stood up and looked in the mirror. I looked so sexy with the strings of cum all over my face and began to push it into my mouth.

He made me "stop" and added "Leave that on there for now, it will remind you that you are my bitch." He then asked if I had any makeup in my purse?

I told him no, that it was all in my camper.

He told me to walk to my camper with his cum on face, to fix my makeup and then walk back to his camper.

I told him it was not quite easy and explained why, then showed him the locks and butt plug.

He just chuckled and told me to go get the key, then go fix my makeup and to not jack off while I was gone. He also told me to bring a camera if I had one, and added, "If I don't answer the door, I may have fallen asleep, just come in and start sucking my cock until I wake up."

Right then, I hoped he would fall asleep quickly.

As I turned to walk away, I gave him my cell number and asked him to send me the pictures and video. I left the ladies bathhouse feeling more sexually intoxicated than I have ever felt before and started walking to get the key as this black mans cum was sliding down my face and dripping onto my top, I smiled as I wondered what he planned to do with me next.

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