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On one of those whimsical moments that occasionally pop up on the internet, my girlfriend Jenny and I stumbled upon a photograph of a woman with her face in a man's lap. Her long dark hair, tied back in a knot with a scrunchie, kept the view clear to the photographer as she deeply swallowed the staff of the man in the chair.

Her white tank top, knotted at the waist, read "Free Blowjobs" in bold letters, with three underscores beneath to emphasize the offer. Judging from the colorful beads on the crowd around her and the video cameras staring down at the action, it looked like a Mardi Gras party. Not that it mattered to us--what we found important was the way her mouth ovaled around his rod while she steadied herself with forearms braced on either leg.

Seeing the picture brought my dick to a quick rise, which Jenny couldn't help but notice. "Easy there, fellah, it looks like this booyah thing has got your attention."

Jenny stroked me mildly as we explored other links from the site.

In one, a scene played itself out in a nearly deserted stadium. The grainy photo, shot from across the field, showed a young man smiling while the blonde in the seat next to him leaned over the armrest, burying her face in his lap--or should I say he buried his lap into her face?

In another, a woman sat astride a man in a chair, her skirt pulled up to her waist as she arched her back. The photo showed his hands on her hips, suggesting they were guiding the woman up and down, oblivious to the crowd gathered around them and smiling.

Each subsequent image stiffened me further. It seemed Jenny enjoyed them too. Her stroking grew more insistent until she finally reached for my zipper, working it slowly to open up my trousers without snagging anything important in the teeth. Meanwhile I continued to roll the trackball and click the buttons.

We continued to pause between images, studying the look on the faces, vicariously enjoying the thrill they must have been feeling, as she tugged on my rod. To get more comfortable, she curled up at my feet, resting her head on my thigh while pumping my staff and smearing the pre-cum around the head, then touching her fingers to the tip of her tongue.

She was just about to engulf my dick with her mouth when I heard Jenny gasp unexpectedly. My last click brought up another crowded bar scene, but this time it was one woman on her knees in front of a second, the blonde holding the brunette's head tight against her crotch. A hint of tongue showed in the three-quarter view, but most of her oral digit appeared buried in the shaven folds of the woman still standing. The couple was surrounded by a crowd, all staring and laughing, except for one self-enamored doofus who smiled at the camera instead.

It took only a second for the image to register before Jenny dove hard onto my cock, working frantically up and down in an effort to get me off in her throat. I rocked myself gently in the chair as she snorted air on the exhaust stroke. Using her left hand, she pulled back her shoulder length red hair to keep it out of the way and giving me a better view.

I knew I was going to blow soon. She's been with me long enough that could sense it too, so she gently tickled my nuts with her right hand while I clicked back to the picture that started it all, the one with the T-shirt that read "free blowjobs." She glanced over her shoulder to see what I'd pulled up, then stared up at me, mimicking the look in the photograph.

That did it--hot come spurted from my body to hers and she accepted it all, gulping and smiling and holding on to me with her lips as I softened slightly in the warm confines of her mouth.

"Mmmm, you're a tasty lover," she laughed as she pulled free with a slurp and a pop. "I rather enjoyed that."

"I guess you can tell how I felt about it too!" I replied. "You wanna go back to that picture of the two chicks? I'll bet we can get my tongue to work like that."

Jenny just groaned, then pulled herself to her feet. Lifting her dress and pulling her silky red thong to one side, she scooted forward until her fragrant cleft challenged my beard to a duel. My nose rubbed the sensitive nub that gave her so much pleasure so I tipped my head back slightly to give my tongue a bit of working room. With broad strokes (if you'll pardon the pun) I slid from the base of her cleft to the top of her clit, with a little tickling action on the way back down. She steadied herself by grabbing the back of the chair.

I continued to spread the sweet nectar of her pussy across my tongue and her clit, keeping a steady rhythm in the way she liked, a pattern of constant strokes that led to escalating pleasure. I could tell she was close to climax by the way her legs trembled, her eyes closed, and her head tipped back. Just as I heard a low moaning sound that signalled the beginning of her orgasm, I commanded, "Look at the screen now!" Her eyes flashed open and she saw once again the picture of two women together, each in the throes of pleasure--one by giving, one by receiving. Her low moan cranked up quickly to a full blown scream as I moved my tongue into double time over her most sensitive spot, now projecting out from its protective hood.

She twitched and cried out her pleasure for a couple of minutes, then with one last harsh exhale, abruptly collapsed onto my lap, nearly impaling herself on my renewed staff. Holding me tightly, she trembled for several minutes as the final waves of mini-orgasms rippled through her body and mind.

"Oh, god, honey, that was awe-SOME," she exclaimed when she'd finally caught her breath. "I'm all gumby legs now."

"It's the least I could do for you, darling," I replied. "Wanna see what it did for me?"

"Oh, I can tell all right," she chuckled. "That hot sausage of yours is burning my skin!"

I clicked idly through the earlier pictures, returning again and again to the one that started the whole thing. She kept looking at it kinda funny, and finally blurted out, "How could that chick be bold enough to wear such a shirt? I'd die of embarrassment, never mind the whole freaky idea of going down on some guy in public. I mean, she's not even wearing a mask or anything!"

"It looks like Mardi Gras to me, in the old French Quarter. Things get pretty wild down there--or so I've been told," I added quickly. I didn't want to sound like I spoke from experience.

She went on, "I mean, it's one thing if she were wearing a mask and a big, billowy outfit. Then she might be adventurous enough to try it while preserving her anonymity. But to wear that shirt! I'm stunned, I really I am!"

"So you're telling me you'd go down on a stranger if you had a mask on?" I queried. We often teased one another about doing the dogging thing, enjoying sex in public in a strange city. But this was a hint of a new direction, one I thought I'd explore a little further.

"Oh, god, I think I'd have to be pretty drunk, wouldn't I?" she laughed. "And when I'm drunk, I'm not very good!"

"You know the old saying, there's no such thing as a bad blowjob. If you let some guy shove his dick in your throat, you can bet he wouldn't be complaining about how drunk you were!"

She laughed again, admitting that I was probably right as long as she didn't puke in his shorts.

I probed a little further. "Just how drunk would you really have to be?"

"Are you serious? You know what, I think you are! I think you'd *like* to see me blow some stranger, wouldn't you? I'll bet it would really get you off, knowing I was on my knees sucking down a big boner while a crowd looked on."

"Yeah, I'll admit I like it when you play the tramp for me. I don't know if I'm ready to watch you with some other guy, but I'll confess it's pretty damned exciting to talk about it. What about you, hon? Would you dig it?"

"I'll tell you what I'd dig right now--an honest to god fucking from this thing you've been poking me with. Why the hell are we talking when you could be making your girlfriend forget about everything above the waist?"

She was right, as she often is. Not bothering to shut down the computer, I grabbed her by the ass. As I rose out of my chair, she wrapped her legs around my hips, rocking herself while her tongue reached towards my tonsils. I carried her to the bedroom, then dumped her and me on the top of the bed.

"Oh, baby, that's it!" she yelled as our landing shoved the base of my cock hard against her clit. Knowing it's a good thing to repeat the good things, I hammered hard in the very same place. I knew full well she'd be sore in the morning, and thanking me anyway, so the relentless pounding continued, each of my down strokes being met with a squeeze of her pussy and a squeal from her throat.

Having come once already, we took our time even with all the heavy exertion, knowing the second load would go off like a cannon when the moment finally arrived. She has this knack for floating along on a series of orgasms, like multiple crests of a wave that would eventually crash to the shore like thunder. As each crest grew taller and longer, I knew the big thrill was about to happen. I redoubled my efforts, struggling just a bit to hold back my own climax, pushing hard in the saddle because she likes it especially rough near her peak.

"Oh, god, oh, god, ohgod, ohgodohgodohgod it's so GOOD!" she screamed. "Harder, baby, baby, harder--I'm--almost--there! Oh.... god!"

Suddenly she turned rigid as a board, squeezed me with every muscle in her body, and cried out a long continuous wail, her eyes shut tight. The wave had crashed and it was time for my cannon to roar back in answer. Stream after stream of hot come burned its way into her soaking receptacle, my rigidity no less than hers.

The two of us seemed frozen for thirty seconds, a minute, three minutes, then suddenly it was over. The tension in every muscle simply evaporated. Limp and sweaty, she turned her head sideways and instantly fell asleep. As for me, I could barely hold myself above her. I glanced down at her beautiful body, her sweat glistening like hot oil, then weakly unlocked one elbow to fall to her side, face to face with my angel. Though already dozing, she still held her mouth open, trying to catch her breath. Just as I succumbed to slumber, I wondered how that mouth would look if it were filled with another man's cock.

(to be continued)

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