tagNonHumanFree Falling

Free Falling


Today was one of those days where rain never stopped falling. A day where the wind roared and the leaves jumped down the street in sync. I sat in the front seat of my mom's dodge mini van watching the water pour from the sky.

"Aren't you excited sweetie?" my mom's jolly voice rang in my ears.

"About what?" I knew exactly what she was talking about, and I hated the reality of being a part of it.

Today was the day we finally moved.

Weeks of hints and small talk built up to this moment. I remember sitting down reading one of my zombie stories when my mother suddenly appeared in my door.

"Whacha reading honey?" she asked as if she really wanted to know.

I could almost feel the annoyance reradiating off me, "Zombies mom."

"Sounds great!" her voice always seemed to squeak when she was excited, and I knew something was about to happen. "but can I ask my lovely Robin a hypothetical question?"

I cringed, God don't let us have a sex talk. "Yes?" I could only hope my prayer would be answered.

"What do you say about moving to Cambine?" she asked playing with a strain of her curly black hair.

I sat my book on the floor," Excuse me?"

Cambine had to be the creepiest place ever put on the maps, why the hell would she want to move there?

She jumped into my room," Oh honey just think of the possible opportunity we could have there, It'll be like mother and daughter against the world!"

I stared at her, totally not impressed. "Excuse me?"

"Please sweetie, you know with the divorce and everything, I just think that an exotic place like Cambine would help me, no, help us start over."

That sentence said it all, she was still upset about dad, and wanted to move to someplace just to shake the feeling that he ever existed. I knew I couldn't say no, not after she pulled the daddy and mommy divorce card on me. I still couldn't believe what I was about to do, I simply stared into her dark brown eyes and said "Sure mom, I think moving there would be great."


The memory made me shiver, I still couldn't believe I let that divorce bullshit talk me into agreeing with this move. My mom continued to ramble on about the big move. How we would visit all the stores we wanted too or look off of cliffs at beautiful sunsets. Then she said something that peaked my interest.

"And honey your going to love your new school!"

Fuck! I totally forgot about that! Going to a new school had to be the hardest thing anyone could ever go through. I couldn't imagine how bad of an outcast I would be. Cambine might have been creepy, but the weirdest thing was that mostly everyone there never seemed to tan. They were pale as a bone, especially compared to my dark skin.

"I can't wait mom." I said with fake smile, I was dead inside.


I woke up just to see a sign that read "Welcome to Cambine" Great we were here. I continued to stare out the window, trying not to make a move so my mom wouldn't start talking. God this town was pathetic. Everything seemed lifeless ,even the colors on the flowers seemed more dark than usually. I scanned the townspeople, just like I said, pale. Why did we have to move, I enjoyed my life in my own room without anyone bothering me. I enjoyed being that girl sitting in the shadows that no one noticed, but here I would be the center of attention.

The new girl, a title I loathed to have.

My mom slowed to a stop in front of a small white house. "We're here!" she said tugging my shoulder.

"Alright, I'm awake, Geez." I watched my mom run toward the house.

I couldn't really tell its flaws in the dark, but I'm sure whatever damage, it was nothing that couldn't be fixed. I stepped from the van and followed my mom into our new home.

It was two bedroom, two bathrooms with a living room, a kitchen, and a washing room. I walked to the furthest bedroom, it wasn't big but it was prefect for being alone. "I call dibs on this room!" I yelled. I walked further into the room and looked around. The walls were all black including the boarder on the top and bottom. God it'll take weeks to paint over that, must have been some Goth's room. I looked at the far wall out the window to get a glimpse of what my view looked like, then I saw him. A boy, no, a man staring right back at me.

I yelped in fear at the icy pale blue eyes penetrating me. I knew this was a freaky fucking town! I stumbled back toward a black wall, landing on it with a hard thud. "What the fuck?!" I screamed, gaining balance and running out the room.

I ran right into a tall figure. "Let me go you creep!"

"I might be an over excited mother, but I am no creep!"

I was so relieved to hear that squeaky voice," Oh god mom, there's some creep in the last room!" I couldn't help shaking. There was no way I was staying in this house or this town.

"Calm down sweetie, we'll check it out." she walked on toward the room, and I slowly followed.

"See sweetie, there's no one watching you." she pointed at the window, and sure enough, all I saw was a single bush swaying with the wind.


I couldn't sleep that night, all I could think about was some pervert trying to break in and throw himself on me or my mom. I clenched my baseball bat to me. I'd like to see someone try and fuck with us!

That bat was the best thing I had for protection. I remember buying it from a local dollar general store with my allowance money my dad always gave me. It wasn't much but damn could it scare off some rats. That's the only reason I ever bought it, if this pink girl power bat could scare of the scariest rodent on earth, then it damn sure could scare some homeless pervert out of a house.

I stared at the ceiling in my new room. Wait! Why the hell am I sleeping in here? Oh yeah, my girl power baseball bat. Every now and then I'd sneak peaks at that window just to see if that creep had big enough balls to come back, and if he did, I shattered his ball sack with this bat and laugh at his pain! He wouldn't think about coming here again.

I felt my eyelids go heavy, must be time to try and sleep. I laid down on the soft bed closed my eyes, maybe the eyes were some figment of my imagination. Maybe the town isn't freaky, maybe I'm just psycho.

"No sweetie, your anything but psycho."

Did I say that aloud? Please god say I did, and please god tell me that was my mom that answered my question.

"I'm afraid I'm not god, but I will tell you that I answered your question."

That voice wasn't in my head, it was in my room!

My eyes shot open and my mouth opened to scream, but no sound came out. I started at icy blue eyes, the same ones that were at my window. I knew he'd be back, but how did he get in? Then I remembered girl power. I gripped my bat with all I had and swing it like my life depended on it, because I knew it did, but nothing. He simply dodged it and slapped it to the ground.

"Is that anyway to treat a guest?" he asked innocently.

I tried screaming again, but then I realized why I couldn't. There was a pale hand over my mouth.

"Don't fight me Robin, I promise I'm not here to hurt you." his voice was deep, but more enchanting than scary.

Why did I believe him? He broke into my home, God there was no telling what he would do to me or my mom. My mom! Oh shit! I have to save her. I struggled to move but he was somehow holding me down with his hand.

"Your mom is fine, it isn't her I want, it's you." I started shaking my head hard. This cant be happening, it just cant be. He was suddenly on top of me giving the moonlight time to shine on his person. My god he was beautiful. Strong chin, straight nose, short brown hair, and full lips. The main feature were those hypnotic eyes. They started into my brown ones. He lowered his mouth toward mine and planted the tiniest of kisses on my lips. I felt sparks fly.

What am I thinking? This man is going to kill me!

"I will do no such thing." He assured as his mouth started planting more tiny kisses on my neck. Each one sending chills down my spine. " Just relax sweetie"

His kisses became larger but just as slow, soon he made his way to my collar bone. "Take off your shirt." he ordered. Before I could protest, I felt the fabric ripped from my flesh. Then his full lips took in a chocolate nipple, causing me to moan.

"Please..." I tried to stop him by placing a hand on his strong face. He only moved to the other nipple flicking it lightly with his tongue. I let another moan escape. His lips continued down my stomach and stopping at the line just above my sweet sex.

He lifted his head and smiled a perfect smile "Do you really want me to stop?" he asked so cunningly. I couldn't focus, he had me tamed. "Oh god..." I squeezed my eyes shut, I knew this couldn't be real.

His voice passed through my ears "you seem to call to god a lot."

I never responded; the sensations he sent through me were incredible. I could feel his breath in the exact place he had stopped. Why hasn't he continued? Why did I want him too?

"Your wish is my command." He licked below my belly, and before I knew it; I saw my white boy shorts fly across the room. I was exposed to him! I tried to cover my womanhood, but he grabbed my hands and secured them to my sides.

"Didn't I tell you not to fight me?" he teased. Now I could fell his breath right between my legs. "What do you want Robin?"

"Please..." There was that word again. Was I begging him for it? I never felt anything like this before. I knew I must have been dripping wet before him. I felt so cold down south.

His hands moved and he rested them on my thighs. He lifted them and chuckled. "I know what you want." He began to dive into my pussy like it was his last meal, slurping ever drop of my juices down his throat. My moans grew louder the more aggressive he got. He began moving his tongue in patterns between my lips while flicking my clit every chance his tongue passed it.

My nipples grew hard and I began to pull and pinch them to a point of pain. "Fuck!" I screamed as my breathing grew heavy and I felt the build up in my stomach. I pulled at the nubs harder while his tongued worked magic down below. He soon found my opening and darted in and out; his finger playing with the clit when the tongue left. Damn he was hitting all the right spots!

I arched my back, my toes curled, I threw my head back and prepared for the best orgasm of my life.

I screamed as the cum squirted on his face making him glisten like a glazed donut, and he licked every drop of it up. My vision was blurry and my head was dizzy. I felt my bed slump down; he was crawling on top of me.

I never noticed how muscular he was or how tall. His body covered my 5'4 frame intensely then I could feel something poking against me. "No.." I trailed off," I'm a..."

He placed both his hands on either side of my head. "I knew exactly what you are, and now you belong to me." My brown eyes met blue as I looked up. This guy is fucking crazy.

He smirked, "You'll see me again, and when it's time you'll be mine, all mine." He stood and instantly I was alone in my new bedroom. Was it a dream? Fuck it, I'll figure that out later. I closed my eyes and drifted off into a heavenly sleep.

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You story is good. I cant wait to see what happens next and whats up with the town

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