tagGroup SexFrench Maid At Your Service

French Maid At Your Service


Thanks to everyone who commented and enjoyed my first story.

A mate of mine came across a website that you can place ads for adult services. He told me about it so I checked it out for myself. Just to try it out, I placed an ad looking for a young lady 18-22 yrs willing to dress up as a French Maid for fetish, please send picture of yourself. Couple of days later I noticed that I got a reply back. A 21 year-old girl named Megan sent me a hot picture of herself in a black PVC French Maid outfit. Surprised, I was talking to her in a chat room.

"I love dressing up in sexy outfits, it's so much fun." Megan told me.

"You look hot in your picture Megan, I can't stop looking at it."

"Thanks Matt, you sound like a nice guy. How about we arrange a time?"

"Sure this weekend looks good, Saturday night at 7pm?" Just at the top of my head.

"Sounds good Matt! Can I ask you something as a favor?"

"What's that Megan...?"

"I always wanted to try a gangbang with four guys. I'll still dress up as a French Maid for you guys."

"I can help you with that if you want to. I can invite some mates to" I replied.

"I want to be your Cumslut and Sex Toy and I want to be covered in cum."

"I can arrange that for you Megan. I'll see you on Saturday than."

"Thanks Matt, bye."

Shortly later and rang three of my mates. Trevor was very keen with the idea and since he was the one who told me about the website in the first place he was the first one I thought of. My other two mates Steve and Adam were willing to join but were a little uncomfortable so I sent them the picture of Megan and they sounded keen.

Feeling excited as Saturday night slowly came around. I arrange the lounge room for tonight with two couches setup in the corner. Megan was the first to arrive, I greeted her in, the French Maid outfit was covered by protective cover and on a hanger and she had a backpack with some other accessories. I took her items and placed them in the bedroom and sat her on the couch.

"I'm so excited, I've being waiting all week." Megan started off.

"Same here, my mates should be here soon, would you like a drink?" I offered.

She took the offer and I returned back with her drink. My mates soon arrive and I introduced Megan to them. We sat on the couch and chatted for a bit before we started. Trevor was keen to start and was talking to Megan about it.

"Matt tells us that you'll be our Maid tonight?"

"That's right, I know that you'll love it." Megan answered back.

"You're a very good-looking young girl Megan."

"Thanks Trevor." Megan smiled back, "I'm at you're service tonight guys so feel free to fuck me and cover me with your cum or let me suck you dry." Megan instructed.

"Don't worry Megan we'll look after you." Steve jumped in.

"How can anyone resist you hun, you're so hot," Adam added. She gave us a cute smile.

"Give me a bit time guys so I can get dressed, see ya soon." Megan waved and headed to the bedroom to get dressed up.

We started talking again and the guys loved Megan and couldn't wait to see this French Maid outfit. Megan was in the bedroom for a while before we heard her open the door. The bedroom was down the hallway from the lounge room so we could only see her when she got to the lounge room. She started walking down the hallway, the wooden polish floors made her heels echo through the hallway as she walked. All our eyes were locked on to the opening to the hallway, she appeared and we all just stared.

"What do you think guys?" she came right up to us and turned around a couple of times to model herself to us.

Megan looked great dressed up in that French Maid outfit she really made it look classy and sexy. Her outfit was a black PVC short Maid's dress that showed off her long, sexy, high-thigh stocking legs. Her black stockings had a seam that ran down the back of her legs that would attract you follow the seam up & down her curved legs. The tops of her stockings were just below the white-laced skirt line that showed a bit of her bare skin & more as she bend over to slowly exposing her beautifully shaped ass. She lifted the back of her skirt just enough to catch a look at her ass, what appeared to be a naked ass at first, a black g-string was stopping us from seeing her pussy.

She loved being watched as she teased us, it was making herself wet as well. Lifting her leg up we followed her nylon seamed legs to her shiny, black high heels that made her legs complete, she was tall but these heels made her whole body & outfit look amazing. She turned around facing us and she really looked like real a French Maid. The apron was perfect and the top of the dress went over her smooth shoulders and her cleavage was out for all to see, she also bent over forward so we can look down her Maid's dress that those D cup tits.

The white-laced headpiece sat in front of her brunette hair that was done up in a ball and made her top half just right. She had Blue eyes and a perfect cute smile & a nice size blowjob lips. Her make-up gave her class, beautiful black eyelashes and eyebrows, bright red lipstick made her mouth look glamorous and longing for cum to be unloaded down her throat and spread across that pretty face. Bright red nail polish made her cute hands look sexy & wanting to grab our hard cocks.

Megan was very horny she lifted the front of her skirt and started rubbing her fingers up & down her pussy and was leaving a wet spot on her g-string, she was licking her lips and letting out some short moans. Her other hand was rubbing her tits and started to reveal her puffy nipples through the PVC material.

I had a look around at the guys, they couldn't wait to fuck and cream her glamorous face and body and cover her with cum. Megan was still facing us as she removed her hands and lowered the Maid's dress and fixed up her apron she placed both hands behind her back and stood straight up which push out those big D cup tits and hard puffy nipples. She looked around all four of us and spoke in the sweetest voice.

"Good evening gentlemen! I'm your Maid for this evening. My name is Megan and if there is anything you need please don't hesitate to ask me. I'm at your service." Finishing with a bow.

"Yes Maid, I have a hard cock you can polish for me." Trevor ordered and keen to start off.

"Yes sir, right away sir." Megan replied.

She approach Trevor and slowly lowered herself down to her knees in front of him. She undid his pants and grabbed his hard cock and started pulling it. She bought her head down and started sucking him off. Adam and Steve had a great view up her skirt sitting across to Trevor and me. They started to take their pants off too.

"Excuse me Maid, don't forget you must polish ours to." Adam called to Megan. She looked to them.

"At once sir." Megan spoke so sweetly and innocent it was driving me wild. She moved across to Adam and Steve and grabbed both cocks with each hand and sucked off Steve and pulled Adam, now giving Trevor and me a nice view up her skirt at her beautiful ass and g-string.

We watched her as she was lowering her head up and down on Steve's cock moving her ass backwards and forwards, her legs were just sexy in those black seamed high thigh stockings, they were perfect with the black high heels.

She started sucking Adam off now he grabbed Megan's head and tried to get her to deepthroat his cock. She gagged at first, but continued to deepthroat him.

"Good Megan, swallow the whole thing." Adam spoke to her. She hummed back to him with his cock deep down her throat.

"Megan! Come here please." I instructed her. Adam released her and she came me.

"How may I help you sir?" she asked.

"I noticed you're wearing a g-string, you know I don't allow you to wear them here Miss."

"I'm so sorry sir! I'll remove it right away sir!"

She reached up her skirt and grabbed the top of the g-string and pulled them down, slightly bending her knees she lifted her legs to remove it.

"Here you are sir." She handed me the g-string.

"Good girl! Don't you forget that next time? Just for that, I want to you show that pussy to us."

As instructed she stepped back a bit a face us so we all could see. She lifted her Maid's dress and revealed her gorgeous little pussy with a small neatly shaved patch of brown hair above it. Every part Megan's body was perfect. So I decided to tease her a bit more.

"Now Megan apologize to everyone for hidden it away for us." She stood there looking so innocently as she was about to apologize.

"I'm so sorry gentlemen for wearing my g-string and hiding my pussy, please forgive me."

"Good Megan, now since you've been doing such a good job at polishing there is one more cock to polish." She faced me again.

"Yes sir!" now she kneeled in front of me and removed my pants grabbed my cock with those sexy red nail polished hands and began to suck me off.

Just as I though, her mouth was a nice size for blowjobs, she took my cock deep to start with but then got deeper as she continue finally swallowing it all. The guys watched as her body move as she sucked me off. After sucking me off for a bit, Trevor grabbed her ass and slapped it. Megan was moaning while deep down on my cock.

"Come here hun, time to go for a ride."

Trevor got up and grabbed Megan's hand and pulled her up to her feet. Trevor moved her to the middle of the room and he laid down on his back.

"Now sit Megan!" He instructed her.

"Yes sir!" she slowly lowered herself down to her knees facing him and guided his cock into her.

She let out long moans as she sat straight up riding Trevor's cock. She undid the tie in her hair let it fall. Her brunette hair was shoulder length and look amazing as she fucked Trevor, Steve got up and moved to Megan and she grabbed his cock and continued to suck it.

Adam and me watched the show for a bit and finally Steve wanted to fuck her, so Trevor and Steve switched places and but Trevor moved behind her guided his cock up her ass. Megan screamed with pleasure as his cock moved slowly up her tight ass. He managed to get it in all the way and Megan was moaning loudly as they fucked her. Megan was looking straight at Adam and she was licking her licks at him. Picking it up straight away Adam now got up and moved to her, she grabbed his cock stared pulling it and looked towards me.

"Your cock sir, I want your cock please." Megan begged.

So I moved her to and she moved both our cocks to her pretty face and sucked mine first then Adam's. She was humming and moaning as she sucked us off while Steve and Trevor got faster.

"Matt and Adam, fuck me, I want you both to fuck me please!" She begged.

So Trevor got up to let Megan up and Steve got up. Trevor was still behind her and he grabbed both of her tits and played with them. She moaned as he rubbed them and lowered the top of her Maid's outfit to reveal her hard puffy nipples. He was kissing her neck and playing with her nipples which was driving her wild, she was breathing deeply now.

"Fuck me, please fuck me now!" Megan begged more.

I got down on the floor and she lowered and guided my cock in her. Adam went around to fuck her ass. She was very warm and wet her pussy was tight around my cock. I grabbed her hips and drove my cock deep in her and she moaned loudly as Adam got his cock up her ass and fucked her hard.

Now Steve and Trevor had their cocks sucked by Megan, I grabbed her nipples and played them. Megan was in heaven, she was enjoying every motion it, she must of been wanting to do this for a while caused she knew exactly what she wanted.

Finally she lend back and let out a long moan as she came, Adam and me slowed down as she was getting her breath back.

"Thanks guys that was great. Now I want you all to cum all over me, top to bottom." She instructed.

She moved up got off me and rolled on her back next to me with her legs bended at the knees.

"Come on guys cover me with your cum, cover all of me." We started to move,

"And Matt, give your cock I'm hungry." Licking her lips.

So Trevor moved to the end of her legs and grabbed them together with one hand and started pulling himself with the other. Adam moved to the side of her next to her stockings tops and Steve was next to her tits. I moved my cock to her mouth and she sucked it, the guys were watching her suck me as they pulling themselves so they can cover her with cum.

I was very close and I started to groan. Megan could tell I was almost there so she pulled my cock and had her mouth open ready for cum.

"Here you go Megan, nice hot cum." I let out.

"Give it me, give all your cum!"

I cum straight into her hungry mouth, she moved my cock and I shoot a big load of cum over her pretty face. She made sure that all my cum came out which got the other guys ready to blow their loads.

"Cover me guys with all your cum." She begged.

The guys cummed about the same time, Megan watched as the guys creamed her body. Trevor at the end covered her legs and high heels with cum while Adam shoot a big load of cum over the top of her stockings and Steve covered her tits. Megan moaned as they unloaded themselves on her. We all moved back to get a good view of Megan with her legs, tits and face covered in cum. She was looking straight back at us.

"Thank you gentlemen for your cum, I feel much better now." Megan thanked us.

"Not a problem dear, now there is some glasses in the top self in the kitchen, serve us with some drinks." I instructed her.

"Right away sir!"

She got up covered in cum and headed to the kitchen. As she was getting the drinks, we fixed ourselves up and sat back on the couches and waited for her. We watched her return with the drinks and cum still all over her stocking legs, tits and face. She found a tray from the kitchen and placed the glasses on it.

"Here you are sir." as she handed the first glass to Adam and repeated herself as she served the rest of us.

"Is there anything else you need gentlemen?"

"No that's it for now Megan. If you wouldn't mind standing by the hallway and wait for our guests to finish their drinks." I instructed her

"Yes sir!"

Megan moved to where ordered her to stand while we had our drinks, started talking and laughing while Megan just stood here looking straight ahead, it was good spot so we can see the damaged we did her body, she had fixed up her skirt and apron, and also the top of her dress with cum still all over her tits. She continued to stand there while the guys finished their drinks. We talked a little more than the guys started to get up to go home.

"Megan escort our guest to the door."

"Of course sir." Megan replied.

The guys thanked her as they left the house and she closed the door returned back the lounge room.

"You're guest have left sir."

"Good Megan, you have done a good job tonight! You may clean yourself up now."

"Yes sir, thank you sir!"

I followed her to the bedroom and told her that she can use the shower. As she showered I fixed up the lounge room and she got dress back to her normal clothes and came to the lounge room and sat next to me.

"I had fun tonight! How was that Maid outfit for you." She asked.

"You look better than the photo and you knew what you wanted didn't you."

"This has been a fantasy for awhile now and I'm so glad that you and your mates made it possible."

"Not a problem at all." I assured her.

"Thanks Matt, well... I better be leaving to."

So I help her with her stuff to her car, she gave me big hug and started to climb in her car but stopped.

"Oh and Matt, if you need some cleaning, contact me and I'll give you my PERSONAL SERVICE!" She waved and climbed in her car and took off.

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