tagInterracial LoveFresh Off The Bus Ch. 1

Fresh Off The Bus Ch. 1


Ann stepped off the bus and looked up at the sky in awe. The skyscrapers strived to reach heaven like the tower of Babel from the bible. New York City, the most famous skyline in the world, was even more amazing then she imagined.

Ann had just stopped at the bottom of the bus, staring at the city sights and she was rudely pushed out of the way by the other disembarking passengers. She moved out of the way still staring as she collected her bags.

New York was both beautiful and ugly. The buildings were amazing, but they were also a dull gray and the curb stank of exhaust fumes. It was also the noisiest place she had ever been, car horns were constantly honking and brakes were squealing. Ann heard the word "fuck," three times in five minutes, mostly from taxi drivers yelling at one another. This certainly wasn't Idaho.

"Excuse me Miss, but would you happen to be a model?" said a deep voice.

Ann had just gotten her bags and turned towards the voice. A well dressed, young black man was sitting on a bench reading the Wall Street Journal. "Yes I am," she answered, then added, "Well actually no, but I'm looking to become a model or maybe an actress."

"My name's Latrell," he said standing up to shake her hand. The black man towered over her five feet eight inches by almost a foot. He was only about the tenth black person, she had ever seen. Latrell was both handsome and charming. He wore a well tailored suit beneath an open trench coat. He was young, probably only about twenty two.

Ann dropped her bag and shook his hand noticing how his large beefy hand completely engulfed her small dainty one. His handshake was firm, but gentle. "Ann, Ann Dutton," she introduced herself.

"I'm a photographer with the E&I modeling agency," he said handing her a card. "If your looking for work give me a call. We're always looking for a fresh face."

"Well sir, I'll consider it," said Ann grinning from ear to ear and knowing she'd be calling him Monday morning. "Thanks."

"Thank you," said Latrell. He tucked his newspaper under his arm and headed up the sidewalk.

The reigning Miss Teen Idaho watched him walk away for a few minutes before turning to hail a cab. Ann had always known she had what it takes to make it in the big city. She checked her watch, ten minutes off the bus and she had a job offer and she wouldn't even turn eighteen until tomorrow.

"If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere," she sang softly as a taxi pulled up to her.


Two days later, Ann tried not to sound too anxious as she called the E&I modeling agency. Her confidence was shaken as it had taken all her first day to find an apartment, with rent three times higher then she had budgeted and it wasn't even half the size of one of the apartments on "Friends". Sunday, she had called her parents on her birthday and listened to her mom cry about losing her little girl for over two hours. She knew her phone bill would be sky high, plus she couldn't help but run up her credit card on her first trip to Macy's. She wasn't overly worried, soon the money would be rolling in. Miss Teen Idaho wasn't all that talented, but her looks had always coasted her through life. She had blown the talent competition, but had garnered a perfect score during the bathing suit competition.

"E&I, how may I direct your call?" said a nasally female voice on the other end of the phone.

"Yes, Ann Dutton calling for Latrell."

"Please hold."

Ann waited on hold, surprised there was no music on the line while she waited. Finally, after about five minutes, she heard Latrell's deep voice on the other end. "Ann I'm so glad you called. I described you to the boss and he's definitely interested in meeting you. Would you be free for a meeting tomorrow?

"Yes, anytime," said Ann barely able to contain herself.

"Great. Come to the address on the business card at noon and bring your portfolio. bye."

Ann listened to the click as Latrell hung up. She didn't have a portfolio yet. She hung up the phone and smiled. She would just have smile and bat her eyes a little more at the interview and they would be fools if they didn't hire her.

Ann spent the rest of the day sightseeing and treated herself to a complete makeover, getting her hair and nails done. She also couldn't help but run up her credit card a little more at some of the classy stores on Fifth Ave.


The taxi pulled up to an old warehouse near the docks. Ann got out and paid the driver, then looked at the decrepit building. She looked at the address on the card for the third time since the cab pulled up here. There was no doubt this was the right place.

She walked around to the side of the building and noticed stairs leading up to a door. She walked up the stairs and knocked. She saw Latrell through the window and waved at him.

"Ann thanks for coming," said Latrell opening the door and swallowing up her little hand in his again. "Come on in, I'll show you around and take you to see Tyrone."

Ann followed Latrell into the building. For the most part it was dirty and deserted with a few rooms cleaned up. She passed an empty photography studio and wondered where all the people were. "This isn't exactly what I expected," she said to the black man.

"We just moved into this building. It'll take us a while to get it up to speed," said Latrell holding open a door to a small waiting room with an empty desk.

A tired looking woman came out of a door by the desk. She was only about thirty, but looked older and she wore a scandelously short skirt and too much makeup. "Tyrone will see you now," said the same nasally voice that she had spoken to yesterday.

Latrell nodded and entered the office. The woman had some white yogurt or pudding dripping out of the corner of her mouth and Ann gestured with her finger towards her own mouth. The woman understood and her tongue flickered out and slurped up the white stuff. Ann smiled and followed Latrell into the room. This room was the best decorated so far with a garish carpet, a book case filled with unlabeled video tapes, and a large desk with a computer on it. A giant black man sat at the desk. He was very black and very ugly with a broad face, flat nose, and big lips. He was bigger then Latrell, but not as tall.

"Tyrone this is Ann Dutton," said Latrell.

Tyrone didn't bother getting up and Ann flashed him her most dazzeling smile and walked over to shake his hand. He didn't hurt her, but he had the most powerful grip she had ever felt. She felt dwarfed by these two powerful men.

"Well Miss Dutton," said Tyrone. "Lets see your portfolio."

"I'm sorry, but I don't have one," she said trying to look sweet and sad at the same time, turning on the charm.

"What, no portfolio. We only deal with professionals here at E&I.

Ann's eyes grew wide. These men weren't as easy to manipulate as the boys back home. "I'm sorry, I meant that I have a portfolio, but it's back home in Idaho," she lied, crossing her fingers.

"I'm sorry to hear that Miss Dutton. I prefer to look at a model's portfolio up front," said Tyrone leaning back in his chair. "I'm afraid there's no point going on with this interview, short of you modeling some clothes for us now."

Ann was horrified. She was counting on this job to cover her bills. "Well Tyrone, I'm very interested in working for a company like E&I and I'd be willing to model some clothes for you now."

"Ok, I'll give you a shot. Latrell find her a couple of bathing suits to wear for us."

"You won't be disappointed sir," she said.

Tyrone grunted and turned to his computer. Ann sat there and tried to look pretty, but Tyrone ignored her as he moved his mouse around before the computer. After a few minutes Latrell came back and led her to a changing room.

The dressing room contained a large full length mirror and had two bathing suits hanging on the wall. She examined the first, it was a snug one piece, similar to the one that had won her the Miss Teen Idaho crown. The other seemed to just be a bunch of strings and patches.

Bikini's weren't allowed in the pageant and they were frowned upon in the town she grew up in. Ann had never worn a bikini before, so she chose the one-piece suit.

Ann stripped and looked at herself in the mirror. She was one of the rare women who couldn't find something to dislike about her body. Her hair was curly brown and shoulder length. Her arms and legs were a deep golden tan, while her breasts and belly were a pale white. Her skin was unblemished, she had never had a mole, wart, or a pimple. Her pubic hair matched the hair on her head, curly and brown. Ann had a thin waist, with a smooth, flat belly, except for a slight, sexy bulge under her navel. Her hips were well rounded and they curved out from her waist. Anne was proudest of her breasts. They were large for her small figure, making her look over-proportioned. They curved upwards proudly capped by her half-dollar sized nipples. Her areola were brown with a pinkish tinge. When erect her nipples poked out half an inch.

Ann leaned forward and checked her make up, finding it perfect as usual. She used it sparingly to accentuate her features. Ann didn't like to wear too much, but then she didn't need to. She winked at herself and pulled a small tube of vaseline out of her hand bag. She rubbed a dab on her teeth and blew a kiss at her reflection.

Anne walked out into Tyrone's office, smiling and doing her pageant walk. The one piece was a little snug, but it accentuated her breasts and she knew she looked good. Latrell had also provided her high heels and she paraded around the room in her heels, stopping to pose with one hand on her hip. A perfect performance, but she missed the applause of an audience.

"Very nice Miss Dutton," said Latrell. "Now go try on the bikini." Tyrone grunted in agreement.

Ann almost protested, but instead she nodded and returned to the dressing room. She stripped off the one piece and picked up the bikini. She could barely understand what went where. She stepped into the panties and slid them up her legs. The small patch of material in the front wasn't enough to completely cover her pubic hair, and she was embarrassed to see hair sticking out the sides. She would have to trim herself when she got back to her apartment. The back of the bikini bottoms didn't have any material, just a thin string that slid up between her butt cheeks. She tied the strings on the sides and spun around looking at her bare ass in the mirror. You couldn't even see the string.

The top was similar to the bottoms. Two thin patches of material just covered her nipples, exposing just a hint of areola out the tops. The rest was all string. She lifted her hair and tied the strings together behind her neck and then behind her back.

Ann looked at herself in the mirror liking how she looked except for the contrast between her white and tan skin. She was a little nervous exposing this much of herself to two strangers, but all the super-models were swimsuit or lingerie models.and if she was to become famous, she'd have to start somewhere.

The biggest thing that had bothered her was that the two men didn't seem to really notice her when she had modeled for them, but then they saw beautiful women every day, plus they were black and probably didn't find white women attractive.

Well, she would just have to make them notice her. Ann flicked up her top, exposing her breasts. She stuck two fingers in her mouth, wetting them, and she ran them around her nipples teasing them to erectness. They quickly popped out their full half-inch, plumping up and turning red. Ann smiled and pulled the bikini top down again. Her nipples were clearly visible through the top, and they stretched out the thin material exposing more of her areola.


"Fuck me, will you look at this slut," said Tyrone watching Ann teasing her nipples to erectness on the computer screen. "She's your best yet Latrell."

"Thank you sir," replied Latrell watching the screen over Tyrone's shoulder.

Tyrone licked his lips at the sight of her big, firm breasts. The top of the screen over Ann read www.voyeurcam.com/model/dressingroom, a division of E&I Enterprises. The camera behind the mirror was state-of-the-art, Ann was crystal clear and in color.

Tyrone Jones, part-time pimp, full time pornographer looked at the bottom of the screen. 3000 subscribers had tuned in to check out the new girl, live at her noon tryouts. The other 6000 would check out the best of voyeurcam at their own leisure.

Tyrone pressed a button on the keyboard and a link appeared on the screen, with the words: video available, $19.95. He looked over at the order counter and watched it turn fro 0 to 1, then jump to 10, and it started climbing from there.

Tyrone looked up when Ann entered the room in the small string bikini. His long cock dangled outside of his zipper and it began to grow again at the sight of her. Tyrone didn't want his semen staining his $200 silk boxers and his cock continued to drip sperm on the carpet long after the blow job his secretary had given him, adding fresh stains to dozens of older ones. Now his cock was reversing course, fattening and stiffening up, until it thunked against the bottom of his desk. Ann passed the test.

"Even out that tan and you're hired," said Tyrone staring at her breasts. Clear as the picture on the computer was, they were nothing compared to seeing the real thing.

"I'll be in the tanning booth within the hour," replied the young woman, who was blushing furiously as the two black men ogled her body.

Tyrone looked over at the computer screen. Video orders had stagnated at 150. He needed some more shots. "First, I'll want Latrell to take some pictures for a quick portfolio. We'll take some more when your tan another day. Congratulations," he said shaking her hand without getting up from his desk. The young fool seemed thrilled as she left with Latrell.

"Carol come in here and take some dictation," he yelled to his secretary, moving his chair back so that his secretary could crawl between his legs. He looked up at the computer as Carol wrapped her talented lips around the head of his cock. Ann was back on screen changing again and the orders were climbing.


Ann spent the following week sightseeing and she joined a gym to keep in shape. By the end of the week she had an all around tan from going to the tanning salon every day. The problem was all this cost money and hers was rapidly disappearing. This city seemed to suck up cash faster then an Oreck vacuum and she hadn't gotten any calls from E&I yet.

Finally, Ann decided she couldn't wait any longer and dialed E&I's number. Carol answered the phone. "Hi, this is Ann Dutton. I was wondering if I'd had any job offers?"

"Sure honey," said Ann's nasally voice, "but they're all nudes and you checked "no nudes" on the questionnaire."

"Oh really, I didn't know there was that much call for nude modeling," she said into the phone.

"We do have an open call for a buxom brunette to do some sexy lingerie shots, if your interested," said Carol.

Ann wasn't comfortable with the idea, but as she looked around her tiny apartment at her new furniture currently accruing interest on her credit card, she asked, "What would it entail?"


Tyrone called some of the tech boys to have them put up a notice of Ann's next appearance on E&I's voyeurcam. Sales of her first spycam video had hit 300, which was a record for voyeurcam. Voyeurcam was a small, insignificant part of E&I Enterprises, but a profitable one and the big boss loved profits.


Ann showed up at the warehouse the next day for her lingerie shoot wearing only sweat clothes and no makeup. Carol had said that all she had to do was pose in various outfits and that was it. A pretty blonde greeted her and ushured her towards a chair, where the girl started teasing Ann's hair.

Ann could see the set, reflected in the mirror by her chair. It was a large canopied bed. Lights were set up around the room illuminating the bed. She could see Latrell setting up cameras around the room.

"I thought there would be a lot more people around," said Ann.

"Most of the rooms have permanent sets, so we don't need a lot of people," said the girl, Suzie, starting to apply makeup to Ann's face now.

"Excuse me, I'm Mark. I'll be doing some scenes with you," said a voice over her shoulder. "I think we're doing some honeymoon pictures."

Ann looked in the mirror and was surprised to see a handsome black man about her own age standing behind her. He wore a robe belted about his waist, but open enough to show off a lean, muscular chest. "Hi," said Ann meekly.

"I must say it is a pleasure to meet you," said the black man running his eyes down her body, stopping to linger on her breasts, before turning and heading away.

"He's black?" said Ann, which seemed to shock the blonde girl. Ann didn't want to appear a racist and added, "Wouldn't it be more realistic for a white guy to pose as my husband?"

"Oh," said Suzie. "I guess there weren't any available today. Besides, Mark's handsome enough and did you see the size of his cock?"

This shocking statement shut Ann up quickly. She didn't know how to respond, nor did she go around staring at men's crotches. She couldn't respond anyway as the girl was now applying lipstick. Ann was worried that her dad would see the pictures of her posing with a black man and have a stroke. She would just have to censure the photos before showing any to her parents.

"Ann," called Latrell. "I'm ready for you. Go put the outfits on in the order they are placed on the rack from left to right."

Ann looked at the first couple on the rack. They didn't seem to bad. She grabbed the first and entered the dressing room. Ann quickly stripped and admired herself in the mirror before putting on the negligee. It was ankle length, glossy and very elegant. It was sleeveless and hugged her curves. She thought she looked fantastic.

Ann came out of the room and Latrell put her through various poses, standing by the bed, sitting on it, laying down like she was napping. and Ann loved every bit of it. She loved being the center of attention, posing for the camera, and how sexy the negligee made her feel.

"Alright Mark get in there," said Latrell.

Mark stood up off his chair and dropped his robe. He was wearing only tight knee length boxers and Ann couldn't help but admire his body, from his hard, wiry, chest to his crotch. My god, he does have a big coc...penis. His boxers seemed to tent out and she could see the outline of what looked like a very fat coc...penis dangling down towards his knee.

Ann wasn't a virgin, barely. She had let Johnny Thompson, the football captain, take her virginity before she left Idaho. Johnny had orgasmed into his condom less then a minute after penetrating her. Ann found it so unrewarding that she decided to wait again until she got married. The weirdest thing was that Johnny's penis was only about five inches long when hard and Mark looked bigger then that soft.

"Mark pick her up like your carrying her across the threshold," said Latrell.

Mark effortlessly picked her up and they posed in front of the cameras.

"Now set her down by the bed and pick up the champagne glasses," said Latrell reloading the camera.

Now rub up against each other and clink your glasses together and look at each other like it's the happiest day of your life."

Ann looked up at Mark as he pressed his crotch into her hips. She could feel his penis pressing against her. It was big and it was moving under his shorts, growing. Mark just grinned at her as he brought his glass against hers.

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