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Friday 13th


Bloody Friday the 13th

Andy didn't believe in Friday the 13th, in fact he rather despised those who do and thought of them as 'superstitious fools'. This Friday the 13th, however, was definitely living up, or should that be down, to its reputation; it had just been one damn thing after another. For a start he'd traipsed halfway across the country for a sales meeting only to find it had been cancelled at the last minute, then the Sat-Nav had gone on the blink forcing him to dig out his old road atlas from the boot. And now he was lost, well and truly lost. He'd tried a rather clever shortcut across the moors and it had gone badly wrong; he must have taken a wrong turning somewhere and now, with the atlas balanced across his lap and not a road-sign in sight, he was desperately trying to find out where he was. The detour, instead of being quicker, had cost him hours; it was getting late, night was fast drawing in and the gathering gloom had brought with it lashing rain driven by a north easterly gale.

Slowly, cautiously, peering through the windows, he picked his way along the narrow twisty lane that dropped down from the tops. Under better circumstances this would be the North Yorkshire moors at their best but, as the windscreen wipers fought the incessant rain and headlights picked out the jagged outline of the dry stone walls that hemmed him in, right now Andy would give anything to be back on a main road.

Fate had kept her cruellest twist to last. A sudden turn in the road concealed the flooding where the beck had burst its banks and, before he could even think about stopping, Andy found the bonnet of the car awash, the engine stalled, the lights dead and the car sliding to a halt in two feet of swirling water.

"Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn!" Andy hammered his fists on the steering wheel in impotent fury. He got a grip and forced himself to calm down; anger and bad temper were not going to fix his current predicament and he needed to get somewhere, anywhere, to sort out the mess. He dug in his pocket for his mobile phone but, as he suspected, he could not get a connection; there was no chance of getting a signal out here in the middle of nowhere. He put his phone back in his pocket and reviewed his options: he could either sit there until someone came along and rescued him or he could get out and walk. He hadn't seen another car for quite a while, nor would anyone in their right mind be driving a road like this in the current weather. Anyway, Andy was never one to sit quietly and wait, he always seen himself as forceful, a go-getter, so there was nothing for it but to brave the elements and walk. He opened the door and looked out and his resolve nearly weakened; he was going to have to step out of the car directly into the water but, with the way the rain was lashing down, he was going to get soaked to the skin anyway so it wouldn't make that much difference. He got out of the car, pushed it the best he could to the side of the road, locked the doors and set of in search of a phone, preferably one in a pub.

What was left of the daylight was fading fast and Andy was beginning to wonder if he wouldn't be better off sitting out the night in the car after all when, thank heavens, he spotted the light. It wasn't that far, a hundred yards or so at the most and not far from the road either. It must be a farmhouse, please let it be a farmhouse, though, quite frankly, Andy would have settled for a barn at that point. Pulling up his collar and wrapping his jacket around him as best he could he pushed on through the wind and the rain. As he got to the gate he could see it was indeed a house; the light was showing from an upstairs window and there were signs of life from downstairs. He opened the gate and, stumbling in the potholes; he made his way up the drive and reached the relative shelter of the front porch. He groped for a bell but he couldn't find any; rather there was an old fashioned door knocker in the shape of a ram's head. He pulled it back and slammed it onto the door. At first there was silence so he hammered again and this time he could see a light moving inside. The door opened a crack and an unseen person peered out at him.

"Please, please help me." Andy asked. The cold, the wet, the struggle against the wind had left him quite exhausted and his words came in clumps, almost incoherently. "My car... it's back in the lane... broken down... need to call the AA..."

Immediately the door opened fully revealing a tall, thin woman of indeterminate age. She had long, jet black hair and dark eyes. She was dressed in some sort of long flowing robe which made her look a bit like some sort of nun or something but, as far as Andy was concerned, she could be dressed any way she wanted as long as she gave him shelter. She held up a candle which flickered in the wind and looked down at him.

"You poor man, look at the state of you!" the woman exclaimed. "Come in, come in immediately. We must get you dried out. Here, this way."

The woman stood back to let him in and motioned with the candle to a half open door further down the gloom of the hallway. Grateful to be out of the rain Andy pushed past her and stood apologetically dripping on the doormat.

"Oh, don't worry about that. Go on through; I'll fetch you a towel."

Squelching gently Andy went down the hall and on through the door. It opened into a large, well proportioned room which was mostly lit by a roaring log fire at the other end. The only other lighting was from candles and Andy presumed that they must have had a power cut or something, heaven knows they couldn't be that uncommon out here in the middle of nowhere. Grouped round the fire were three high-backed armchairs and, as he approached, two women got up to greet him. They were dressed in the same sort of robe as the woman he had first met. Indeed, they might almost have been her as they were both similarly tall and thin with long black hair. Andy guessed that they must be sisters or something.

"Come in, come in. Get yourself next to the fire." One of the women urged. "You must be soaked to the skin on a night like this. Let's get you out of those damp clothes."

She reached out and led Andy to the hearthrug. Then she came round behind him and started to help him out of his jacket. Andy was a little concerned, after all his wallet with all his credit cards was still in the pocket, but it would have been churlish to have refused such warm hospitality and, there was no doubt about it, he was soaked to the skin. He'd hardly got his jacket off when the first woman reappeared carrying a towel and a dressing gown.

"Ah, that's better. Now let's get you out of those damp clothes. You'll catch your death and that would never do." She handed Andy the towel, laid the dressing gown over the arm of a chair, and, as Andy towelled his hair, knelt down in front of him and started to take of his shoes. And had no problem with this but, as he continued to dry his hair, the woman finished taking off his shoes and socks and reached for his belt.

"Err..." Andy stammered. He wasn't at all sure about this.

"Don't be silly, man." The woman replied crossly. "You've nothing we've not seen before and your trousers will never dry unless we hang them up properly. Now don't be shy. Get that shirt off and put on the dressing gown."

Again, despite his concerns, it would have been churlish to have refused such hospitality and, anyway, the woman's voice had an edge to it, like a primary school teacher from his childhood, an edge that stood no nonsense, an edge that demanded obedience. He took of his shirt as fast as the damp material would allow so as to put on the dressing gown and preserve his modestly. The woman gathered up his clothes and headed for the door.

"Now, I'll hang these up to dry. Alice, why don't you fetch our visitor a drink? I'm sure he'd like one."

One of the women, presumably Alice, went over to the side of the room and, without asking Andy what he wanted, fixed him a drink. When she returned she handed him a cut glass tumbler with a couple of fingers of dark amber liquid at the bottom.

"Here, drink this. It will warm you." She said.

Andy took the drink from her and sipped it gently. He guessed it was some sort of whiskey, certainly not one he'd met before, but it slipped down easily and he could feel the warmth of the alcohol flowing into his veins. The door opened again and the woman returned and stood next to him.

"That's better, now we can relax. Good heavens! We haven't even introduced ourselves. I'm Lilith and these are my sisters, Alice and Jane. Welcome to our home." The three women smiled at Andy. So his guess was right, they were sisters.

"Hi." Andy replied. "I'm Andy and I can't say how grateful I am for your hospitality. If I could just use the phone..."

"But we don't have a phone." Lilith replied. "Anyway, you won't be needing a phone, not tonight."

"You don't have a phone!" Andy groaned. And then exactly what Lilith had said sunk in. "What do you mean? I won't be needing a phone tonight?"

"Oh, you're going to be far too busy." Lilith replied. Suddenly she seemed to be standing very close and her voice, previously so welcoming, so seductive, had taken a much harder edge. Andy tried to back away but he was nearly against the fireplace and the heat from the logs was already uncomfortable against his bare legs. Andy glanced over Lilith's shoulders looking for a way out but instead he saw Alice and Jane standing either side of her. He realised he was hemmed in. With a rising sense of panic he glanced at the door and decided, dressing gown or no, to make a dash for it. He flung the glass into the fireplace and dropped his shoulder to push between Lilith and Alice but, no sooner had he started, than six hands gripped him. There was a brief, very brief, struggle and he was down on the floor, his face pushed into the hearthrug with the weight of the women holding him down.

Andy was no stranger to the gym and he fought hard to try and regain control but the three women were too much for him. Hands gripped his arms behind his back and the dressing gown was forced down. His arms were no sooner free from the sleeves of the dressing gown when some sort of cuffs were fastened round his wrists. He tugged hard but they were far too strong. Next he felt a similar pair of cuffs being fastened round his ankles. In vain he squirmed and wriggled but he was now hogtied and unable to make any real moves. He felt one of the women get off him and there was the rattle of chains. A stiff leather collar was put round his neck and he began to find himself pulled upwards. Even when the other women got off him, bound as he was, it was still a desperate struggle to get to his feet fast enough; the collar tugged at his throat, half choking him. Finally, when almost on tiptoe, the chain was fastened off and he hung from the collar dangling in front of the fireplace.

Lilith came up in front of him, a large and vicious pair of scissors in her hand. She clicked them in font of his face menacingly.

"Tonight you're ours; our plaything, or toy, our slave. You're going to pleasure each and every one of us, you're going to obey our every order and you're going to do it willingly. Now what shall I do with these?" Again she clicked the scissors in front of his face. "Shall I cut your worthless member off?

"Please, please let me go..." Andy knew real fear. It had all happened so fast; one moment he was enjoying a drink in front of the fire and the next he was strung up, half naked, dangling by his neck. The scissors were just in front of his face and he had no idea just how far the women would go. He could well believe that Lilith would make good her threat. Lilith reached down and he felt the cold steel of the scissors against his hip, sliding beneath his boxer shorts. SNIP! The side of his shorts were sliced through. Another snip and the other side had gone. Lilith grabbed the material, tugged the remnants of his boxers from between his thighs and threw them on to the fire where they sizzled briefly.

"Look at this! How pathetic! What a useless little specimen you are." Lilith flicked the end of his penis with the scissors. "You're like a little shrivelled up worm. Are you a pathetic little worm?"

"Please, let me go." Andy repeated, struggling against his anger and fear and trying to be calm and reasonable. "Look, let me go and we'll forget all about it."

"Oh, no. That's not right at all. A proper slave begs to serve his mistress. It looks like we need to teach you exactly what happens to slaves who haven't got the right attitude." Lilith stood back and put down the scissors. She unfastened her belt and let her robe hang lose to reveal her naked body beneath. But she wasn't quite naked. She wore a thick black leather belt and from it hung a riding crop.

"Come sisters." She said as she unfastened the crop from her belt. "Let's show this worm what happens to those who disobey."

Alice and Jane came and stood either side of Lilith and unfastened their robes. Alice had a cat-of-nine-tails hanging from her belt and Jane had a firm leather tawse. Slowly, steadily the three women circled round him and, each with her different implement, struck at his body. At first Andy clamped his teeth together and tried his best not to show the pain but the relentless lashes were far too much for him. It seemed no part of him were to be spared even if his buttocks and the backs of his thighs bore the brunt of it. No sooner had the crop laid its ribbon of fire than the tawse would strike a counterpoint. The cat, although not as vicious as the crop or the tawse, could get in places they could not reach, the tips of the lashes stinging harshly on the soft flesh between his thighs.

"Please, please. I'll -- aargh -- I'll do anything. Please - aargh - I can't take this." Andy gasped but they ignored him. His cries became incoherent, tears filled his eyes, he sobbed continuously and, all strength gone hung against his collar with no option but to take whatever he had coming to him. Finally, at a word from Lilith, the blows finished, the chain was released and he slumped to the floor.

"Now to the choosing. Jane, fetch the dice."

Jane disappeared for a moment and returned with a pair of dice. The three women knelt down in a circle in front of Andy. Jane tossed the dice in front of her.

"Five and three -- eight." She announced.

Alice picked up the dice and threw.

"Four and six -- ten." She announced triumphantly.

Lilith then threw the dice.

"Double six -- I win."

"You always get double six!" Alice said petulantly. "When are you going to let us win for a change?"

"When you rule the sisterhood then you can control the dice." Was the sharp reply. "Now, Jane scored lowest so she goes first."

Jane disappeared to the side of the room and reappeared with a long thin chain dangling from her hand. At one end was what looked like a small dog collar in black leather. She bent down and fastened the collar tightly around the base of Andy's genitals forcing his prick and balls to jut out in front of him. She stood up and tugged on the chain.

"Come, worm, come here and worship."

As best he could Andy struggled to his knees and shuffled across the floor. Jane kept the chain tight, the collar round his balls digging into him, forcing him to move as fast as he could or face the agony. She settled in one of the armchairs, her robe wide open, and slipped off her shoes.

"Let's see if this slave knows how to worship a woman." Jane lifted up a foot and held it in front of Andy. He bent forward and kissed the tips of her toes.

You can do better than that!" Jane snarled jerking the chain to reinforce her point. "Now worship properly or you'll feel my anger."

Andy realised that he wasn't going to get away with just kissing her feet if he were to avoid further blows from her tawse, the collar yanking at his balls was bad enough and, if he were to survive without too much further pain, he was going to have to convince Jane that he was really the subservient worm she demanded of him. He kissed her feet again, this time just brushing them gently with his lips, playing along, trying to convince her that he was what she wanted.

"That's better." Jane mocked. "Good little slaves love to honour their Mistress's feet, don't they? Are you a good little slave?"

"Yes." Andy replied, still playing along. Again he felt a vicious tug on the leash around his balls. "Yes, Mistress." He quickly added.

"Well, if you're good, if you're very good, then I'll let you honour me properly. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress." Andy replied.

"Well, get on with it."

Andy threw himself into the role. He liked to think of himself as an accomplished lover and he'd realised that, as long as he was satisfying Jane, as long as he was indeed a 'good little slave', then at least they weren't beating him any more. The humiliation of being forced to act as their sex toy was bad, but is was nothing compared to the pain of being whipped. Furthermore, and he hardly dare admit this to himself, although Andy thought of himself as an alpha male, and although he would never in a million years submit willingly to being tied up and humiliated like this, there was a strange erotic thrill in being at the feet of a beautiful woman and there was no doubt, as the open robes had shown, that all three of the sisters were beautiful women.

Urged on by tugs at the leash around his balls Andy kissed his way up Jane's calves, caressing them as sensuously as he could with his lips. He was so intent on giving the best performance possible that he almost lost himself in what he was doing; there was even a certain sense of pride in being sufficiently skilful so as to avoid further punishment. Once past the knees he ran lines of butterfly kisses along the inside of her thighs and was gratified by the sighs of pleasure this elicited. Each time he moved towards her groin he could smell the wonderful warm, dark, smell, the smell of an aroused woman.

Emboldened by his success Andy moved further up, kissing the very tops of her thighs, and then her lower belly, his lips tingling as they brushed through the neat, well trimmed fur of her pubic bush. His lips flickered around her mons, teasing, tugging gently, kissing here, there, everywhere except for the lips of her vagina.

"Don't tease!" Jane tugged on his leash and he got the message; he moved to the centre of her passion, his tongue easing her lips apart, probing for her clitoris. Andy was no stranger to cunnilingus, it was often the best way to persuade girlfriends to go down on him in return, and now, still in his worshipping slave role, he put his experience to work. However, as soon as his tongue found her clitoris it was as if he'd flicked a switch. Jane grabbed the back of his head with her hand, pulling him into her groin, and Andy felt the collar round his balls tighten as she pulled firmly on the chain. He responded by increasing the pressure of his tongue, flicking harder and harder from side to side.

Jane lifted her legs over Andy's shoulders and rested her calves on his back, locking her ankles together. Her hand on his head, the chain and collar around his balls and her thighs locked together all held him trapped in her groin. Andy was having difficulty keeping up with her unspoken demands; he was being gripped harder and harder but he couldn't match this by upping the strength of his licking, he was at full stretch, giving as much as he could. He was having trouble breathing, his mouth and nose were crushed into her and when he tried to twist away to snatch a quick breath a swift slap round the ear told him not to try it again.

He could feel Jane nearing her climax; at least he hoped she was. He was near to passing out from suffocation and his head felt like it was about to burst, crushed as it was, between her thighs. He knew he just had to keep going, had to keep his tongue flicking away; he dare not stop for fear of the reprisals he knew Jane would mete out to him but he was feeling feint, almost passing out and right on the edge of his endurance.

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