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Friday Night


I arrived home from work at 6pm on Friday completely exhausted. It had been a killer week in work. We had had some new software installed that had played havoc with our macs and it had taken half a dozen of us until 11pm the previous night to finally fix the wretched thing.

As soon as I walked through the door I kicked off my shoes, poured myself a glass of wine and ten minutes later was fast asleep on the settee.

I was awoken by my wife an hour or so later. Jo has a way of bringing me back to life that is guaranteed to brighten up my day. My zip was was down, my cock was in her mouth, and when I opened my eyes she was stark naked. Seeing my eyes flicker open Jo slipped my cock out of her mouth and into her right hand. Stroking it gently, she said:

'Evening hubby. Time to play.'

'I was completely out of it. What time did you arrive home?'

'Five minutes ago. Now there's a pizza in the oven. I've eaten at work. So I'm going to go upstairs and get ready.'

'Get ready for what?' I asked, hoping my luck was in.

'The party. Don't tell me you've forgotten?'

I genuinely couldn't remember any party we'd been invited to.

'Who's party is it?'

'Who's party? Our party. Our naughty erotic sex party.'

'Oh I see. Just the two of us have invitations then.'

'No my sissy hubby. THE sex party of the year.'

Suddenly the penny dropped. Jo had been talking for weeks of getting her colleagues round for a saucy doctors and nurses party. But she was always teasing me with such suggestions. Nevertheless I felt that old familiar butterfly sensation in my stomach. The thought of a load of nurses dressed in stockings and suspenders coming round to play with me woke me up completely.

'Shall I bring you a glass of wine up?' I asked from the bottom of the stairs.

'Yes please darling and a couple of cocks please.'

'What did you say?'

Jo appeared on our landing wearing only a pair of black crotchless, satin panties.

'And a couple of cocks please.'

'Feeling horny my sexy wife?'

'You've no idea...but you'll soon see just how horny and naughty I feel tonight.'

She blew me a kiss and walked back into our bedroom. I felt a sudden surge of both adrenalin fuelled excitement, tinged with a little bit of anxiety. The thought of Jo getting it on with some hot sexy blonde blue-eyed nurse with big tits really turned me on. After all what guy hasn't fantasised about his wife getting down to some girl on girl action in front of him? But how would her male colleagues respond to such a show? Surely they'd what to join in as much as I would? Then what?

The alarm started beeping on the oven indicating that the pizza was ready. I only managed a couple of slices. My stomach felt all knotted and my appetite had more or less disappeared entirely. My cock had been permanently erect for about 15-20 minutes. All I could think about was the thought of my wife french kissing some gorgeous sexy nurse and peeling her uniform off. I loved the thought of my doctor wife dominating another female, pushing her onto the bed and running her hands all over her breasts and thighs before taking a vibrator or a strap-on dildo and fucking her senseless.

I boxed the pizza up, thinking I might be a little more hungry later and then laid a load of drinks - wine and other spirits (there was beer cooling in the fridge) - onto the dining room table, pouring Jo and I a glass of red wine in the process. The mundane activity had the effect of finally calming my erection, that though still swollen, was becoming flaccid.

But my erection grew to enormous proportions when I entered our bedroom to find Jo looking at herself in the full length mirror dressed in a Victoria's Secret black, polka-dotted, meshed body, garter/suspender slip attached to which she wore glossy fishnet stockings and those same drop dead gorgeous black satin crotchless panties.

'What the...'

'Fuck?' Jo finished my response for me with, adding with a very mischievous look on her face: 'I certainly hope so.'

'You look stunning. I could eat you.'

'I may let you later...thank you for the wine.' She took a sip, dipped a finger in the glass and sucked the same finger as if she was auditioning for a porn movie.

I dropped my trousers and begged her to get on the bed.

'And spoil my hair and make-up? Not likely hubby. But come over here and let me kiss the little fellow.'

She slid my boxers off and knelt in front of me, planting a firm kiss down the length of my cock and leaving a deliciously naughty lip-glossed stained mouth on it.

'Now, you better get dressed. Our guests will be here soon.'

'What shall I wear.'

'Why the same as me silly. It is a fancy dress party. Your outfit is on the bed.'

I turned around and there before me was a pair of pink satin panties, pink stockings with a black line on the back of them and a little red bow on the ankle, a Chantilly lace bodice in ice pink with little trims of black lace running through the middle of it, a pair of black stilettos and a dark navy nurse's uniform.

'I can't wear this outfit.' I exclaimed, though I felt strangely turned on by the idea.

'Of course you can. You wore something very similar for the theatre last month.'

'Yes, but that was for a production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and all the men were dressed as tranny's. I'm going to be the only transvestite in the house tonight.'

'What makes you think that my little sissy hubby?'

'What do you mean?'

'Well, there's going to be a couple of gay male friends coming, dressed as slutty nurses. Don't want them to feel like the odd ones out now do we?'

'I suppose not...but I'm not gay.'

'I know, but you looked so hot as my sweet transvestite last month. And once I've done your make-up you'll we'll look like a couple of hot lesbians.'

Despite my misgivings, the thought of being Jo's lesbian girlfriend for the night really turned me on. Besides we had had such a laugh at The Rocky Horror Picture Show, me dressed as Dr Frank Furter, Jo as Magenta the maid, that I thought to hell with it, let's really spice things up. Jo even agreed to dress me. When she slid the stockings over my legs I felt really horny, especially when she attached them to the suspender belt.

After putting some foundation on my face and some false, black eyelashes, she applied the same deep sexy scarlet red lip gloss she was wearing, before slipping the navy uniform over me and the blonde wig I had worn to The Rocky Horror Show. She then knelt down in front of me and strapped up my back stilettos. We then stood admiring ourselves in the mirror - we looked like work colleagues, except Jo was wearing her starched white doctor's uniform with the first three buttons undone revealing her magnificent cleavage.

'Hey, what am I going to do for tits?' I asked, really getting into the part now.

'Well, Staff Nurse Naughty, that's a very good question.'

Jo promptly walked over to her underwear draw pulled out half a dozen pair of her seamless cocktail dress panties and shoved three pairs in each of the silky cups of my garter slip. It had the desired effect. I now looked truly like a very slutty naughty nurse.

My wife gave my knew tits a quick squeeze.

'It's just as well I'm not a man.'

'Why's that,' I asked.

'I'd get done for sexual harassment everyday...Now bend over the bed while I give you your enema!'

'No, you bend over the bed while I give you a cock.'

'I told you before I want at least two tonight.'

Suddenly the door bell rang breaking us both out of our reverie.

'Nurse, can you let our first patient in please.'

'You want me to go, dressed like this?'

'I'm the doctor.'

'But say it's Liam?' Liam was our new next door neighbour who kept finding reasons to call round (I think he has the hots for Jo).

'Then problem solved.'

'What do you mean, problem solved?'

'Well then I'll have the minimum number of cocks I require.'

'You are such a wicked gorgeous wife.'

'That's Dr Naughty to you nurse. Now open the door.'

I crept downstairs, treading carefully so I wouldn't fall over in my high heels. Reaching the hallway, I took a sharp intake of breath and opened the door. A small group of partygoers stood there all dressed as either doctors or nurses. I only recognised Thomas, an Asian doctor who Jo was always going on about. They ranged in age to from early twenties to perhaps late fifties.

Everyone of them greeted me with a kiss on the cheek (I had initially held out my hand expecting people to shake it, but clearly everybody had already had at least a couple of drinks) and one of the nurses (I think one of the male nurses dressed as a female nurse) greeted me by kissing me on the lips and squeezing my ass. I felt my stomach do a somersault. I wasn't at all repulsed - it actually made me relax a little.

I told everyone to help themselves to drinks, our hostess would be with us shortly. I then put some music on - Anything Goes from the musical of the same name, this was Jo's cue to come and join us. She appeared on the mezzanine looking like some kind of outrageously saucy Greek goddess, her flowing blonde hair dancing on her shoulders as she made her way down the stairs.

She was greeted by lots of wolf whistles and a round of applause. Thomas went straight up to her and kissed her firmly on the mouth, passing her a martini.

'Dr Naughty, I presume.' The way he stated it suggested it wasn't the first time he had called my wife that. I felt the jolt of some jealous pangs, but did my best to remain civil and jocular. I managed to quickly get a moment alone with Jo in the kitchen.

'Are any more guests coming.' I asked. So far there were only eight guests, five doctors and three nurses.

'No, this is it hubby. Why you're not disappointed are you?'

'No, not at all. To be honest those nurses seem really hot, even the male one who grabbed my ass when he came in and kissed me on the lips.'

'Are you sure you're not gay? Or at least a bit bi?'

'Of course not. Just because some attractive guy grabbed my ass and it wasn't unpleasant?'

'No. Because all the nurses are men. There's not a single female here tonight. Apart from me.'

'But you said there were hot nurses coming.'

'And judging by your reaction I have told nothing but the truth.'

'I'm speechless.'

'Because you fancy the nurses? The MALE nurses.'

'No. I don't fancy them. It's just...'

'It's just what sissy hubby?'


'Go on. Spit it out,'

'Even the nurse with the jet back hair?'

'Simon you mean. Or Simone as he likes to be called.'

'No way!'

'Yes, way!'

'But he's...'

'He's what? Come on. Don't be bashful.'

'Nothing. Forget it.'

'There's no way I'm forgetting it. Now tell me or I'll tell everyone you fancy Simon. Sorry, Nurse Simone.'

'You wouldn't!'

'Wanna bet?'

'Okay. Okay. Fuck I don't know what's got into you lately...Sorry. I don't fancy him. But I will admit he looks hot in that uniform.'

'Hot?' I nodded, a little ashamed. 'As do you. Now come on let's mingle.'

Within an hour the party had grown raucous. Jo had danced with everyone. I'd danced with all the other nurses and even one of the doctors. Any reservations I had were floating away in a haze of alcohol infused eroticism.

Then Jo stopped the music and demanded we all play spin the bottle. Everyone cheered enthusiastically.

'Okay.' She began. 'Here are the rules.'

'I think we all know the rules of spin the bottle Jo.' I said wondering where all this was going.

'Not my triple X-rated version you don't.'

Another ringing endorsement from the revellers.

'So. Whoever spins the bottle has to kiss the person opposite. Or they can forfeit a piece of clothing or even ask another player to sacrifice a piece of theirs. Or take their place in some naughty physical action.' Despite the alcohol I felt more and more nervous. I'd never seen my wife so utterly commanding and sultry. She was behaving like a dominatrix and we all appeared to be pawns in her sex games. 'If you spin the bottle and it lands on the same person again, you have to french kiss that individual. A third spin equals you flick and lick their nipples and a fourth spin means you rub their cock or pussy.'

More howls of delirium. Was Jo really going to go through with this? Was she going to allow these men, all of them colleagues, to deep kiss her and fondle her tits and pussy? If I had any doubts about her intentions what she said next dispelled them immediately and caused everyone to lick their lips in anticipation, except me - I felt like I'd been hit with a sledgehammer.

'A fifth spin means you have to lick or suck pussy or cock. And a sixth spin, six being my favourite number, means a gang bang.'

Everyone raised their glasses, clinking them in celebration. I joined in reluctantly, and if Jo noticed my reluctance she chose to simply ignore it.

'Okay. Well I think it's only fair if the ladies go first. Starting with my sexy sissy hubby.'

Intuitively she seemed to realise that, whatever she had in store for tonight, required me to be fully on side and that would only happen if I was far more turned on that I felt now.

I spun the bottle and it pointed at Jo. I felt a huge wave of relief sweep over me. Jo was more or less directly opposite me, next to Simon, so I stretched over and kissed her full on the lips. Then it was Jo's turn. Remarkably when she spun the bottle it pointed at me. There were a few murmurings of "fix, fix, fix" but Jo winked at everyone and slid her tongue in my mouth caressing the insides, flicking my own tongue for several moments before resting in her place again. Now I felt a little more at ease and certainly a little more turned on. This is fun, I thought. And more motivated spun the bottle again. For a second it looked as if it would point at Jo again. Instead it landed at the stockinged feet of Simon.

A cry went up, led by my wife...kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss.'

Why the hell not I thought? I crawled over to Simon. As I got closer he reached over and as I knelt up to kiss him he grabbed my ass again. The combination of our lips (he was wearing a sultry looking deepest red lip gloss) and his hands on my ass with my wife and everyone else watching, made me melt into it. I had intended to just give him a quick peck, but found myself enjoying the intimacy far more than I expected.

Jo applauded wildly, while everyone else cheered exuberantly. I returned to my place confused, but more and more turned on. The game proceeded apace. Clothes were shed rapidly with all of the doctors choosing to forfeit if the bottle pointed at anybody but Jo. By now my jealously had dissapated somewhat. Yes, Jo had now kissed all her colleagues, but I felt sure the game would come to an abrupt halt before it got completely out of hand.

Thomas spun the bottle, thus far he hadn't had much luck, only having kissed Jo on the lips once and several other times removing items of clothing - shoes, socks, and on his last turn to the delight of my wife - his shirt. Thomas had a good body. Not a six pack, but he was very well toned, was very handsome and it was clear he fancied the pants off my wife. This time his luck was in. The bottle pointed at Jo. I prepared myself, knowing there was no way this guy was going to miss the opportunity to drive his tongue into my wife's mouth.

He leant over. Jo pulled him closer and I watched miserably as they played tonsil tennis to everyone else's appreciation, for a full minute. I was getting angry now but was trying desperately not to show it. Jo spun the bottle and to my huge relief it pointed at me once more. She came over and unbuttoned my nurse's uniform. She then reached inside and took out the panties, throwing them up in the air, that made up my breasts. Then she stopped wiggled her finger in Simon's direction and said:

'I forfeit and pass to Simon.' I didn't know how to react. My wife had sent a curve ball down and I felt unable to resist and spoil the game. Simon simply removed the straps of my garter slip and gently flicked and then licked my nipples with his tongue. The longer he went on the more I tried, unsuccessfully, to stop my cock from swelling. Fortunately he came to a halt just before my cock tented my uniform.

Jo again led the applause even smacking Simon on the ass as a sign of her personal appreciation. I took a moment to compose myself before spinning the bottle. It pointed at Kelvin or Katy - a long time colleague of Jo's. Together with Simon and Lucy (Larry), a blonde wigged nurse, Katy made up the three naughty nurses tonight or four if you included me. Katy was more rounded than the other two, but he was very sensuous and I had liked kissing him earlier in the game on his big juicy lips, and even enjoyed Jo kissing him. He seemed like a really nice guy and, as I didn't want to lose any more clothes, my uniform was completely unbuttoned now, I'd lost my high heels and a little red garter I'd sneaked on when Jo wasn't looking, I went over to Katy and we started exploring each other's mouth. It couldn't have lasted more than a few seconds but everyone seem to like my willingness to join in properly. For a moment I felt relaxed again.

But when Katy spun the bottle it pointed at Jo and instead of taking advantage of the opportunity he passed to Tyler, a young new Junior Doctor who had just started working with my wife. He was ruggedly good looking, had massive hands (and we know what that means) and I knew any woman looking at this Herculean morsel would find him irresistible. And as Katy had already French kissed Jo, it meant Tyler got to play with her tits. Jo needed no encouragement she unbuttoned her doctor's white gown until her outrageously sexy garter slip was in full view. Tyler wrestled the straps from her shoulders and after first stroking the tops of her breasts he slid her garment passed the point of her cleavage and after a brief massage off Jo's tits launched his tongue at first the right, and then the left breast. Jo sighed, her face flushed and when Tyler tried to move away she pulled him in again. My penis which had been semi-erect now went flaccid again. The jealously had returned with a vengeance.

Jo spotted my own flushed face and quickly spun the bottle. It pointed at me (by now I was sure she had some kind of voodoo control over the damn thing), she reached down inside my panties and started to rub my cock back to life and despite of my jealous anger it sprang back to life. Only when it was fully erect did she stop.

'Your turn hubby.' She said giving my cock one final squeeze.

Now I was properly turned on and with the audience gagging for it. I spun the bottle. It pointed at Larry (Lucy). Now I had a dilemma. If I went over to Lucy I would have to rub his cock, having already kissed him on the lips and he'd french kissed me, but if I forfeited I'd have to remove my uniform and that would definitely leave me exposed and vulnerable. I chose the former. I'd never touched another guy's cock before, but figured it couldn't be that bad.

Larry was wearing red silk panties, he actually looked really good in them. At first, I gently rubbed his cock through the material but as his excitement grew something seem to possess me and I reached inside his lovely panties and started rubbing his cock. I felt it grow in my hand and urged on by my wife who had now started rubbing herself continued to massage Larry's cock. It was only when some pre-cum dripped into my hand that I stopped.

For a moment the whole room went quiet. Everyone looked a little guilty as they had all been rubbing themselves. My wife broke the spell. Taking the two fingers that she had inserted inside her pussy she brought them to her lips and licked the juices from them. One of her doctor friends, Nigel - the oldest guy, bit paunchy, but had obviously been good looking in his youth, gasped out loud. Two of the others - a Greek fertility expert Demetrius and Joshua a hunky black guy reached for their own cocks again.

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