Friend Fucks Wife In Back Seat


I moved my hand upwards slowly and them towards the tip. The cock did not seem to end as my hand kept on sliding downward towards the tip. I realized that Jeet must be having atleast 10 inches of thick cock. How I would have loved to have it in me. I pulled back and down again over this monster.

Initially Jeet must have thought that I was doing this in my sleep, but now he was sure that I was doing it by choice. He moved his hand over mine, as I shivered and pulled his loose short up. He led my hand onto his bared prick and I felt the hot flesh searing into my hand. I had not turned my face back and all this action was remotely done behind my back. I slid my hand to the head which was like a smooth cannon ball. I moved my soft smooth finger over his prick lips which had a glob of pre-cum. I twirled my finger and spread this all over the head making it slimy and smooth.

I started to masturbate him slowly. He was controlling his squirming. After some time I felt a hand going between my thighs, between the curled legs and crumpled skirt, probing the pearly gates, over my panty, which were hot & moist with this exercise. Jeet could not control himself and was returning my favour. I felt a finger slowly entering me from the side of the panty and I masturbated him faster. His cock was hot in my hand. I could feel sweat breaking out even though the car AC was on. He started to push his finger in & out of m, inside my panty and I started to push myself on his finger. I could feel a sudden flush in my stomach and felt a building orgasm. His other finger was flicking my clit which was pushing me further. I felt that his fingers suddenly left my hole.

Suddenly I could feel Jeet lifting his legs slowly towards mine in a spooning effect and spread them straight under Atul's seat. I could feel his legs exactly being my folded legs and his prick pressing into me. It was uncomfortable for my hand to hold his prick and I turned my face to him. He put a finger on my lips and turned it forward. I felt him lifting my skirt up and his fingers pulling my panty down over my thigh. I helped him by sliding them to below my knees and then to my feet.

What was he up to? Was he intending to fuck me here & now? Not that I wanted to stop him, but there was every possibility that we would be caught. I tried sliding down & towards him. He positioned his big head between my arse cheeks and slid his cock towards his target. His bum movements were very slow and hidden from Puja. I felt his big head at my pussy entrance. I pushed backwards, but his head travelled along my slit and slipped out. I did as though I was reclining more on the seat and let him point his bulbous head into my hole. I pushed back slowly as he guided his huge pole into me. I almost cried out as his monster invaded me, slowly.

I felt as though a huge hose was being stuffed into me; I felt pain as though I was being fucked for the first time; I pushed my face into the pillow so that no sound would come out. I was undergoing a totally different feeling. Just the head of his penis slipped into my hole and even his small thrusts could not push his monster in me. He had almost 2-3 inches into me. I slipped my hand between my legs and felt his cock where it had entered me doggy style. It was stiff like an iron rod. I reached further and felt his ball sac slapping against my right arse cheek. It was like a velvet bag. I fondled the pair lovingly and which made Jeet to push further.

His cock was hot & throbbing inside me. To be pinned on a strangers cock, with his wife behind us and my husband in the driver's seat, was giving me an unknown high. The slight thrusts were giving me immense pleasures. It was at this time that I decided that I had to meet Jeet some other time for a full dose. The thighs put together had pressed my cunt lips together putting more pressure on his cock and heightening his pleasure, just like a virgin cunt being taken on the first night. He started his to & fro motions assisted by me and started to plunder deeper into my hole. I slightly lifted my left leg to accommodate his thickness.

His one hand had slid under my tank top and his fingers were playing a harmony with my tit & nipple, which was at full attention. My nipples were very sensitive and a cock in me and a hand on my tits was an inflammable combination.

After a little while, I felt Jeet tensing himself. I knew he was about to shoot his spunk into me. Should I allow him to come inside me or should I pull forward and out? If I had to pull out then his spunk would have shot on the seat and around leaving tell tale marks and difficult to explain later. I reached behind and pulled Jeets' thigh forward, without any jerky movement. He was now fully into me and a second later his cock was spurting hot jets into my womb. Mt orgasm coincided with his spurting and I had a difficult time trying not to shout out my thrill. I noted that I had to remember to take the contraceptive pill tomorrow without fail, as I did not want to be impregnated by his hot seed which were flooding my baby cavity.

It looked like his cock would not stop pumping his seed into me. I could feel the additional sperms leaking over my thigh. I reached below and using my panty, which was around the ankles and wiped around my hole, with Jeet still embedded in me. There seemed to be no sign of his pole softening, which was a surprise for me. Atul's prick would shrivel up and slide out after he pumped his seed into me. But here was a pole that did not seem to end his jaunt even after almost an hour of play and pumping his seed in me.

He slowly pulled my skirt over where his penis where it had entered me and left it that. I felt like a bitch which remains stuck to the male dog even after the act is over. I adjusted myself to a comfortable position still skewered onto his pole. It was a novel feeling as though lying around with a bamboo up your cunt. Now and then the jerks and turns of the vehicle made him slide in and out of my pussy. Some times he would suddenly jab into me making his presence felt. And what seemed after hours, he started to shrink and slide out of my pussy.

How I had wanted to turn around and suck him dry, but in this situation I could do nothing but watch him slide out. It felt like my hole had been widened beyond its natural girth. I could feel his spunk oozing out of my hole and I stuffed the panty into my hole to stop this flow.

I put my right hand between my legs and held his sticky pole in my hand feeling the slimy ball of the head of his penis. It was still very turgid. As a passing out gesture I tried to slide my fingers over his deflating pole. I waited in this position and then straightened out on my seat with the panty still stuffed in my hole. Jeet had now pulled his legs back to his regular position and had stuffed his monster in his loose shorts. I was wondering that when he got down and had a stand it would be very difficult for him to hide it. But that would come later.

I again put my hand on the rear seat, as though nothing had happened and rested my head on the seat with my right arm as a pillow. The night was still dark and much distance was yet to be travelled. No word had been spoken. Again a bout of sleep took over me; but this time there was a pain topped with a lot of pleasure in my honey pot. Jeet's honey had filled out my pot. I was feeling stuffed with the panty as a leakage block. I had loved the way I was pinned on his thick cock even after a strong bout.

My hand slid over the seat and dangled behind the seat. It must have brushed against the sleeping Puja, waking her up. Something sucking on my fingers woke me up. I slowly peeped over the seat to find Puja sucking on my fingers putting them in & out slowly & erotically. I froze, because she must definitely have felt Jeet on my finger tips. I kept quite. Then she slowly took my hand and led it to her milk filled breasts, putting her own fingers over mine and pressing them onto her boobs. I could feel her wriggling enjoying the feel of fingers on her tits. In turn I could feel her milk oozing out as her breasts turned taut & excited. I allowed it to go on. Later after she had got both her boobs pressed and nipples tweaked & pulled, she slowly let my hand drop to its original position. She must either been really missing sex or she must have been a lesbian.

The rest of the journey was uneventful. After about three hours, as the first rays of the sun lighted the sky, we reached Jeet's place. Since they stayed alone, Jeet & Puja were adamant that we have breakfast before we went home. But finally we agreed to freshen up and have a cup of tea. By now my son was fully awake but cranky. We decided to finish our morning ablutions at their place & then leave.

Jeet was acting as though nothing had happened between us. I felt that Puja was overly friendly, and thought that it must have been because we had offered them a lift. After I freshened up and got my youngster comfortable, and Puja had put her baby to sleep in her cot, we met in the kitchen.

We were just the two of us when she dropped the bomb-shell. "Anujaji, thank you very much," she said.

Thinking that she meant having giving them the lift to the get-together I replied, "That's no problem Puja. It was a pleasure to take you'll along, since we too were going there."

"No, Anujaji", she replied with a whisper, "I mean thank you for having bearing with Jeet."

My expression must have given me away. She realized that I did not understand and lowered her voice to clarify.

"Please don't mind Anujaji,' she was very cautious in her tone. "I know that he made love to you today on the seat itself."

I felt the floor below my feet slipping away. I did not know where to look and bowed my head in shame. All I could mutter was "I am sorry, Puja."

"No, no, Anujaji. Please don't say sorry. In fact I am happy that you didn't mind his love-making."

I was now totally confused. Here was a wife of a man who had just had his entire prick embedded in me. And now instead of blowing her top at me was knowingly thanking me for getting rammed by his thick prick and getting my cavity filled with his seed.

"But, Puja you don't mind?" I asked her in surprise.

"Anujaji, in fact you have done me a favour." She explained. "Jeet has a high appetite for sex. He wants to make love to me at night, on the kitchen counter and even in the bathroom. He is very passionate. But you will have realized that his penis is very long & thick. My vagina is very small and accommodating his big prick is very painful and at times unbearable. Even my son's delivery was through caesarian as the doctor's knew that a regular delivery who be dangerous. Anujaji, I have a favour to ask you."

She looked at me pleading with her eyes. I felt pity on her as no woman would have wanted to share her husband with anyone. "What's it Puja?" I asked.

"Please promise me that you will not take it bad." She stopped and continued after I nodded my assent." In case you want, you can make love to my husband anytime you want, and I will not mind it. In fact I will be happy as it will avoid the pain for me. I really can't accommodate Jeet fully and feel pity for him. Atleast he will have full joy if you can go along with me & him."

This was a golden goose on a platter; but would Atul go with this arrangement? Well! I could match him up with Puja and then we would be on equal terms. I thought that I could give Puja a return gift.

"Puja, Atul does not have a pole as big as Jeet; would you mind if we exchange partners once in a while?"

Her face blossomed and she shook her head in delight nodding her assent. Well, there started our exchanges and screws on tables, kitchen platforms, bathrooms and once we did it together in one bed. What are friends for?

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I agree with anon 04/04/17 "EXCELLENT..." (excellent points!)
- Both Anuja & Puja are keepers!
- I too would forgive my wife if she succumbed to the temptation posed by Jeet's firehose.

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