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Friend of a Friend


I was at a loose end one hot afternoon and had gone for a drive. Idling my way through the mountains (hills, mountains, it's all a matter of perspective) it registered with me that I was passing near an old friend's place. I hadn't seen Kylie since she got married so I thought I'd just drop be and see if she was home. Kylie and I used to be good friends (friends only, not lovers) but had sort of drifted apart once she married, what with her moving and having other things to do.

By chance she was home and welcomed me in. She made us some coffee and we sat and talked for a while, discussing old times and flirting a little, just letting a little innuendo creep into what we were saying, both of us smirking about it.

Kylie was a very attractive young woman in her early twenties. She'd been quite attractive as a teenager and marriage and a couple of years had certainly not detracted from her looks. Enhanced them, if anything. Looking at her I could only wonder why I never had got around to seducing her. Maybe we'd just been friend-zoned for too long.

I'd just finished my coffee when her doorbell rang. Kylie answered and returned with a young woman of about her age. She was blonde and her fair looks were an excellent contrast to Kylie's dark beauty.

It turned out that the young lady was Miranda, from next door. She'd seen my car in Kylie's drive and just had to investigate. Some people are like that. I gathered that Miranda and her husband had moved in next door at about the same time that Kylie moved in and they became friends.

Miranda grabbed a cup of coffee and joined in the general chat, a chat that became a lot more general as Miranda was a stranger to me. A suspicious and not too bright stranger, it seemed to me.

"So, Andrew," she said, trying to draw me out, "just what are you doing here?"

"None of your business," was the correct answer but there again, who needs to be correct all the time.

"Oh, I was at a loose end and in the area so I thought I'd drop by, get a free cup of coffee, reminisce about old times, and seduce Kylie into a pleasant period in bed."

Kylie choked and nearly bit a piece out of her cup when I said that. Miranda, on the other hand, seemed to treat it as gospel.

"Oh. I see. Ah, you do know she's married?"

"Oh, yes. That's partly why I dropped past. A young married woman needs attention from other men every so often just to show her that she's still wildly attractive. The extra exercise doesn't do her any harm and she may learn a few new things about her sexuality. Good thing for all concerned."

Kylie was pinching herself to make sure she didn't have hysterics, struggling to keep a straight face. Miranda was frowning slightly.

"Yes, well I've never heard that before," she said. "You realise that you'll have to cancel your seduction now that I'm here?"

"Ah, why?" I asked.

"I just told you. I'm here. You can't seduce Kylie while I'm sitting here watching. It wouldn't be polite."

"That depends, surely. I mean, you might be a voyeur who likes watching other women get seduced. Alternatively, you might be an exhibitionist who would rather have me seduce you while Kylie watches."

"What? I'm not. I'm not either of those things."

"I didn't really think you were," I said, sounding serious. "My assessment of you is that you're probably a hedonist. The correct thing for me to do in this situation would be to seduce both of you."

Kylie made a very strange noise at that point and both Miranda and I looked at her.

"Ah, is there a problem, Kylie?" I politely asked.

She shook her head. Her hand was at her throat and it seemed to me that she was trying to strangle herself. I shrugged and turned back to Miranda. She was looking confused.

"But you can't seduce me," she said plaintively.

"Why not?"

"You don't know me and anyway, I'm married."

"I do know you. You're Miranda, a very lovely young blonde. It's because you're married that I'm considering seducing you along with Kylie. Look at it from my point of view. Even though the pair of you are lovely to look at right now you'll be even lovelier once you've taken your clothes off."

"I'm not taking my clothes off. Are you taking your clothes of, Kylie?"

I got in before Kylie admitted that she wouldn't be taking her clothes off.

"Oh, but, Miranda, you've got to understand that there's a benefit to you if I have two young ladies to seduce. I mean, if either one of you changes your mind then they'll automatically protect the other young lady. This gives you the freedom to get undressed, knowing that you're not committed to anything. Apart from knowing that you're showing off your fine figure to an interested man. If nothing else, you'll have fun teasing me."

I was waiting for Miranda to tell me I was an idiot and talking unmitigated nonsense but to my surprise she actually looked as though she was considering what I'd said.

"Um, just because we get undressed doesn't mean we have to, ah, you know. . .?" her voice trailed away leaving the question hanging.

"Well, naturally you don't have to do anything more. Why, either one of you might find you heartily dislike being touched while someone else is watching. That would certainly kill of the idea. Of course, you'd have to experiment just a tiny bit to see."

Miranda was, much to my astonishment, considering the idea. Was she an idiot or was she just finding the thought of teasing a man with some nudity a big temptation. After all, she had Kylie there to provide moral support. Not that I expected the girls to get naked. Kylie would call a halt before that happened, if she could just stop giggling to herself. Her face was quite red from restraining her mirth.

"Ah, Miranda, you will notice from Kylie's blush that she's a little shy about this. Why don't you take off your dress first to show her there's no harm in it?"

Both girls were wearing light dresses only, due to the heat of the day. Miranda looked at Kylie sympathetically and calmly took off her dress. She was wearing matching undies, what there was of them. I nearly swallowed my tongue. The woman looked sensational dressed like that. Just like that I had an erection.

"See, Kylie," Miranda said. "No problems. Your turn now."

Kylie shot me a very odd look and calmly took off her dress. All I could think was, "Damn! Now what do I do?"

So there I was, sitting there, with two hot women in their undies looking at me. What do I do? Take a chance and risk getting slapped, of course. Miranda was nearest me and I simply reached out, took hold of her panties, and drew them slowly down. She just froze in place, watching me. When I had them down to her ankles she daintily lifted her feet one at a time, stepping out of them.

I turned and looked at Kylie, gave a mental shrug and reached. I was watching her face as I drew her panties down and she was wearing the most evil smile I'd ever seen. And she winked at me just before stepping out of her panties.

"Undo Kylie's bra," I told Miranda, looking at her and smiling expectantly. It's amazing how, if you act as though someone will do as you ask, they will do it. Like a good little girl she did as requested, stepping behind Kylie and unhooking her bra, pushing it down her arms and off. That completed she turned her back, letting Kylie do the same for her.

I looked at them, standing there beautifully naked, four pert breasts pointing at me, and I mean pointing. Stripping in front of me had aroused them enough that their nipples were puckered and standing proud. I lifted my hands and brushed them across their breasts, one hand per girl, rasping my palms across their nipples.

Both of them were now flushed and breathing slightly harder. I turned them both towards the table, easing them into bending forward over it. Standing between them I rubbed my hands over two neat little bottoms, sliding down and under and cupping their mounds, gently rubbing them.

From what I could feel both girls were quite happy at my touch. Eager even, from the way they pressed themselves against my hands. I reminded myself that I never had and never would understand women, but would appreciate them anyway.

While I was gently bringing the pot to a boil I had to decide who first? Would either of them be insulted if I took the other first? Would they want me to ask for a volunteer? If I got it wrong, would they castrate me? Highly possible, I decided, but love is worth the risk.

Choice made I moved behind Kylie. I heard her gasp softly as I stroked her lips with my erection. Then I eased in, no rush, just taking my time and doing my best to fill her. While doing this I was still playing with Miranda, keeping her nicely warmed up. Once I was fully inside Kylie I tapped Miranda, catching her attention. Her eyes went wide as she realised where my cock was, seeming to get even bigger as I slowly withdrew from Kylie. Once out I turned to Miranda, murmuring, "Your turn."

She quickly turned her head to look elsewhere while I brushed her lips with my cock. Then I started sliding in. Kylie had guessed at what was happening and was watching closely, a smug little smile on her face. Miranda was making some odd little noises, almost as if she wanted to say no but wasn't sure how to go about it. She gave a little gasp when my groin pressed against her, knowing I was fully inside her. (And there was quite a bit of me to go inside her, too.)

Looking at Kylie I indicated Miranda and she nodded with a smirk. I read that as approval for me to start the action. Arms around her holding her breasts, I started moving. Just partial strokes to start with, a gentle easing in and out, letting Miranda get a feel for what I was doing. It didn't take long and she was moving with me, pressing against me as I slid home.

Now that she was participating I started to increase the length of the strokes, finally pulling well back and driving home hard, accompanied by excited little squeaks and squeals from Miranda. Now that she was actually being screwed she was all for it, lifting her bottom and doing her best to impale herself on my cock.

Miranda was totally aroused and giving it everything she had. I helped her along, driving in hard as often as possible, my hands holding her breasts as I bounced her along my cock. I kept going, giving her no respite until she screamed and shuddered, her orgasm bring her crashing down. I disengaged while she leaned against the table, breathing heavily.

Looking at Kylie I smiled and nodded towards the table. She looked back at me for a moment, tossing a mental coin, I think. It must have come down heads because she smirked and turned to lean against the table. I moved up behind her, my cock a rigid pole, standing tall and strong.

I patted Miranda's bottom, getting her attention.

"Are you watching?" I asked, moving closer to Kylie.

Miranda straightened up, turning to watch. She seemed fascinated by the way my cock was pressing against Kylie. Both she and Kylie gave a gasp when I drove forcefully home, plunging all the way in with a single vigorous stroke. (I was trusting in my earlier probe and her subsequent voyeurism to have prepared her for this. I won, driving fully in with no problems.)

Miranda's face told me she was both shocked and excited, finding it hard to believe that I was actually fucking Kylie right there in front of her. She was almost panting in her excitement. Kylie was fully aroused and responding to my attentions. Once again it was grab for the breasts and start pounding, valiantly giving my all.

I'll admit I was a little worried at this stage. I'd managed to avoid shooting up Miranda but it had been a near thing. The break between leaving her and saying hullo to Kylie hadn't been that long and my cock was feeling incredibly sensitive. Still, all I could do was my best, and that I did.

I pounded busily away at Kylie, enjoying the feel of her bouncing happily against me. Every time I thought I was about to lose it I slowed for a moment, calming down just that little bit before applying myself again. The trouble was that I could only do this so often. The period between slowdowns was decreasing rapidly and it was either stop for a while or let her rip. Assuming that stopping would also cause Kylie to cool off I had no real choice.

I increased my tempo, really hitting home, doing my best to push Kylie over the edge. Then it was a case of I was done and done, my seed scattered to the winds. That was when Kylie chose to climax, her passage clamping onto me, draining me to the last drop.

Miranda had known I hadn't released into her so she wasn't worried about herself. She was a little concerned about Kylie, though.

"Geez, Kylie, did you think about getting pregnant?" she asked.

"Vasectomy," Kylie said, shaking her head about the pregnancy.

"Well, that's a nice thing for you to do," Miranda said to me, thoroughly approving.

I gave Kylie a quizzical look.

"Vasectomy?" I asked as she escorted me to the door, out of earshot of Miranda.

"Not you," she replied. "That asshole of a husband of mine. He got one before we married without telling me. We'll see what happens."

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So Miranda thinks that it's HIM who's had a vasectomy so when he stops back and fucks them again, she lets him come into her, too. That's what I did to three of my ex-wife's sisters, when we separated.more...

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