Friend or Foe


I opened a bottle of white wine, and we chatted for a while. I noticed her nerves as she spoke, asking me some minor questions about the day before, as she gulped down her wine.

"Ready?" I asked softly.

She nodded, her face was clearly asking what ordeal would I force up on her, but she sighed, apparently resigned to the fact that she needed the money. She knew that no other way would yield such a salary, a payment.

"Your bedroom?" she asked. I simply nodded, and followed her through the doorway, carrying the wine. The room was bathed by the sweet aroma of the scented candles, which were flickering softly from their resting places around the room. Soft music drifted from the stereo.

I lent back into the arm chair, feeling the cool leather on my arms as rested them on the armrest, sipping my wine gently.

"So what does Miranda request of me today?" she asked in a matter of fact tone.

"Please undress yourself," being very much aware that she had made an effort today, a longer flowing cut skirt, a strappy top, her bra straps clearly visible. She had applied some makeup, and looked very attractive.

"But please. Be slightly more into it, as if you're undressing for a new lover, teasing him, toying with him. Perhaps George Clooney."

"Is that what you want, Miranda? I looked up Sapphic love; it means love between two females. Is that what you want?"

My faced blushed, as I gulped some wine, ignoring her question, but rather allowing her to broad on it.

She undressed for me, in a seductive manner, teasing me I guess, her eyes upon mine, mine upon hers, as she danced, teased, flirted with me. Finally she was in just her boots, and lingerie, her face asking the question "How further?"

Smiling I asked her to keep the boots on. She blushed but soon removed her bra and thong, covering herself up, looking at me intently, but apparently not as nervous, as the day before. Perhaps the wine had helped?

"Oh my, Shauna, you are a very pretty girl, Stephen and those other boys were very lucky to see you naked before their eyes, and how lucky I am now," smiling.

"Thank you," she stuttered, with a nervous blush.

"So you fancy George Clooney? Mmmmmm well, Shauna, the second part of today's task is to cast your mind back to Friday evening, when you masturbated thinking of him. I want to watch you, see you pleasure yourself imagining it's him, George that you are performing for."

She gasped, loudly, looking at me, a deep cold penetrative stare.

"You cannot be serious M! Oh my god, Oh Fuck, Oh god. Here, now in front of you, something so personal?"

"Why is it personal Shauna? With every new sexual partner, I like to watch them masturbate for me early on. I can watch them, see how they like to be touched, where they like to touch. It helps me to learn about my lover's body... Remember your debt, and that you're on track to clearing your debt. And... if you don't do today's second task, you will forfeit the hard work, the embarrassment of yesterday."

She stared at me harder, the flickering candles reflecting of her curves, outlined in the shadows, the flickering shadows.

With a deep sigh, a sigh of hesitation, she approached the bed, climbing onto it. As she lay down, her breathing was light, rapid. She settled herself; her hands slowly touched her body, stroking her flat stomach, her sides, and her breasts.

For several minutes, her hands moved in what seemed a disorganised manner, touching her self stroking, letting out slight moans, gasps. Finally, her hands settled on her breasts, concentrating on her obviously sensitive nipples.

Initially she moved her hands down, over her breasts towards her stomach, and then back up in a circular motion. I watched her gaze at her own nipples, which were pressed, taught against her young breasts. She repeated this process several times, with each growing in intensity. The room became silent, the sound of her breathing, of my breathing, the soft music.

I watched in awe, as Shauna continued, any fears, nerves forgotten. Her head was back on the pillows, her eyes closed, as her hands wondered, caressed her young body. Once or twice, she mentioned his name, called out to him, George.

Her right hand had reached beyond her breasts, her fingers in, on her mound. Her legs opened wider, exposing herself further to me, watching her middle finger gently stroking her clitoris, small gentle strokes in a circular motion. Her left hand was now, rather than stroking her breasts, was teasing at nipple, pulling it, gasping, sighing with every tug. The other hand concentrated on her clitoris, her labia glistening in the candlelight, her state of arousal beyond dispute.

She continued, the sounds of her own arousal passing past her lips, yelping every time she tugged, pulled her nipple, her other hand now caressing the folds of her labia, up and down as if she was teasing herself,

"Oh God George," she called out, and immediately pushed a finger past her labia, inside her, quickly followed by a second. The sight before me was so erotic, so wanton, Shauna lost in her own world, as she was tormenting her own sex, close to cumming.

I was so aroused, as I watched her, wanting to cum myself. I badly wanted to masturbate, but I also wanted to savour that for what I hoped may come in store. I was keenly aware of my highly charge d state, my nipples hard, prominent like bullets, my mound aching, tingling; crying out to be touched.

Shauna's other hand moved, stroking her taught stomach until she found her clitoris, slowly stroking, caressing it, shuddering as she did so. She became more vocal, gasping, sighing, her mind obviously confused, as she called out George, Stephen and one or two other names, which I really did not catch, nor would I repeat.

She increased the tempo, the fingers inside herself, stroking, before fingering herself, sliding them in, out as if they were a cock, a penis. Her other hand was now just rubbing her clit, faster, harder, faster; culminating in a crescendo of a finish.

"Oh God, Oh fuck Oh George!"

She finally exploded, cried out, her head arched back, eyes closed as her slender form shuddered, convulsed in what was a very explosive, arousing orgasm. Even as she came, her fingers were still working herself, making the sensation last that little bit longer, before her fingers came to a halt, the previous noises replaced by a deep heavy breathing.

I sat in silence, staring at her during the minutes it took her to recover. Finally, I was able to speak. "Oh God Shauna, that was the most erotic thing I've ever seen."

I stood up, and walked over to her, seating myself on the edge of the bed, reaching out, stroking her leather clad calf gently.

With a tear in her eye, she thanked me, opening her eyes looking at me, hot, flushed, and embarrassed.

"Really?" she asked quiet, unsure.

"Shauna." I said, offering her my arms. She sat up, and leant into me and we hugged. I savoured the feel of her bare breasts against mine.

We hugged in silence, aware of my arousal, unsure how to take, introduce the third task, the final task. Finally she pulled away, her long hair in her face. My hand moved to clear it from her lovely dark emerald eyes.

"Sapphic love, I looked it up yesterday M on the internet, found some interesting definitions, some interesting websites, and some lovely pictures. Is that to be my next task, M? Are you wanting me, us to make love, to sleep together?"

Our eyes locked, my thumb stroking away a tear slowly running down her cheek.

"I would like that Shauna, yes, I am attracted to you. It's kind of hard to explain, but I am fond of you. I have been for some years, during which I have become aware of changes in my own sexuality, I am now bisexual. But when we hugged, sometimes I wanted, I do want to hug you tighter, to kiss your cheeks, to kiss your lips, softly sensually. Because I am fond of you I want to express my fondness, how I feel about you, more physically."

As I explained, I could see the thoughts race through her mind, her facial expressions changing every second, it seemed.

"But, I won't ask that of you, my sweet Shauna. Our friendship means too much to me, and I hope we can recover from this mess, this monster that I have created."

"So what is my final task?"

"To be honest I am not totally sure." a soft smile on my face, "I never expected you to come this far."

She looked at me; somehow more relaxed, resigned to what may come in store before the day is over.

"I am slightly over dressed. Why don't you start by undressing me, Shauna?"

Slowly I stood up, letting go of our hands that had become slightly intertwined, and stepped back, as she, too, stood up.

"I guess compared to your last task, this part so far is pretty straight forward." Giggling, knowing Shauna it was very much a nervous giggle.

Slowly she unfastened the tie on my dress, opening it up, exposing my Basque, and the inside tie. She undid the knot, and walked behind me, helping me out of the dress, part of my Christmas present from my boyfriend, now husband. As the dress was removed, I stood in front of her, in a light red Basque and thong, heavily laced, from the Rigby and Peller Opulence range; and of course, my burgundy boots completing the outfit.

She stood there, gasping. "I've never seen such lovely lingerie before M, it's beautiful! And, oh my, you look so wonderful. Oh My."

She stood, stared at me for a couple of minutes, before she approached me. I offered her my back and felt her small, delicate fingers slowly unhooking the clasping along the back of the Basque, taking her time. Finally, I felt the last one released, and with my hands on the cups, on my breasts, I turned round and faced her.

"Ready?" I asked.

I could see her; hear her gulp, as she nodded. I let go of the cups, the Basque falling away onto the floor, exposing my breasts; my erect nipples, protruding to the sky.

She just gasped as she looked at me, stared at me. I smiled slightly, reaching out offering her my hands, to hold her. She accepted and reached out, and softly took hold of mine, our fingers interlocked. We stood there for what seemed like ages, neither of us speaking, my mind in a turmoil as I felt my heart pound in my chest.

I wanted to take Shauna there, and then, to hug her to kiss her softly, lovingly on her lips. I wanted us to collapse on the bed in an embrace, to hold each other, to talk, discuss our experiences, and for us to make love. But as I looked at her, I felt that I had achieved my aims, to a point, she was now aware of her sexuality more, and she was aware of Sapphic love, the beauty of two friends embracing, kissing, making love, soft, sensually, passionately. I never really knew what the third task would be; I guess it depended on how she responded to the first two. I just knew she was not ready for us to take our friendship over the line, into new territory, un-chartered for us both.

Do I ask her to masturbate me, I thought to myself, to give me an intense orgasm as she gave herself? Or do I ask her to help me? I was still aroused, as it seemed was Shauna. As we stood there, holding hands softly, lightly, I could still see her puffy breasts, her nipples still prominent.

"So Miranda, what is my third task? What's the rest going to be?"

There was a pause, a long awkward pause, a cold eerie silence, as we looked at each other.


"Yes" she replied, hesitantly.

"Your final task is for you to follow your desire."

"My desire?"

"Yes, Shauna," looking up at her, looking into her eyes; "Shauna, you have expressed an interest. You are aroused, I can see that easily. I want you to follow your desire, your urge. If you want to take the cheque and leave, it is your free will to do that. If however....." My voice disappeared, as I watched her.

She looked at me, hesitated. I looked at Shauna, as she slowly picked up her things, headed for the door of the room, seeing her stop as she hesitated; maybe wondering if she should walk through the door.

"Miranda, what is, what was the third task you had in mind for me? I just have to know."

"I think you can guess Shauna." I replied, still leaning back on my arms, realising I was still in thong and boots. "I have hinted at it, made subtle suggestions a couple of times. But your final task is for you to follow your desire, your instinct."

"Yes," she hesitated briefly, as if formulating in her mind what she was about to say; "But I'm almost embarrassed to think about it, because if I tell you what I think and if I'm wrong, well, it's just too much."

"What is?"

"What I'm thinking; that you might have possibly been planning."

I was aware that I had gulped as I looked at her, listened to her.

"But... you have your £9,000; your debts are cleared or at least far more manageable. Besides, I saw the most erotic masturbation from anyone."

Shauna blushed as I referred to what I had seen maybe 30 minutes earlier.

"Just follow your desire, your instinct." I repeated softly.

"Well, I sort of got carried away with that," she stated, an obvious embarrassed grin formed on her face.

"So you must have relaxed a little since yesterday?"

"Well, yes," Shauna went on. "Yesterday was such a surprise and, to be honest, I was angry with you!"

"I would be worried if you had not been at least annoyed with me."

"It seemed as if you were taking advantage of my situation."

"I was, if the truth be told."

"Yes, I know," she said softly. "And it confused me a lot thinking of you as my friend, like and older sister, almost and then to have you do that. But then, after we began those tasks, I began to feel differently, somehow."

I smiled softly to myself. "How so, Shauna?" I continued. "I've been bisexual since you were around 14, 15."

"I began thinking about what I would have done had you just asked me out right to do something sexual. And I'm sure I would have turned and run away fast. But when you, in essence, forced me, I felt as if I had no choice. But then earlier on today, when I was lying on the bed touching myself, all of a sudden, I didn't feel as if you were forcing me. It was almost as if you were leading me, guiding me and now, when you are ready; when I AM ready, you stop the whole thing."

"I was not strictly forcing you." I interjected, "you had the option to leave... but the thought of your debts kept you here... but you have your money now Shauna, and you're angry with me? How else could you have cleared your debts with three hours work?"

"I'm just confused all over again, I guess" she replied, "I'm not angry but rather, as I said confused, bitter. Why did you change your mind?"

"In what sense, Shauna? I never really had a third task defined... I was not expecting you to come this far, truthfully."

"Interesting, so maybe you're not as hard as you tried to make yourself out to be, Miranda; could it be that your conscience got the better of you?"

"Yes... But I also saw enough, and I hope taught you the value of money, and discipline."

"Well, yes. It was a difficult lesson in one way: but in another way, I have to thank you for opening my eyes to a lot of things."

"A lesson you won't forget in a hurry."

"But more important than money," She paused, looking at me in the eye. "A lesson about who I am, and what I want."

She stopped again, her lips moved, but no sound came out, but finally she spoke.

"I don't think that was your main point though, M, the lesson about money I think that is a side issue."

"Oh?" *feigning confusion, "I don't understand. And what do you want?"

Shauna paused again, "well, I didn't walk out the door a few minutes ago when you gave me the chance. There must be a reason."

"True, Shauna; you have much to hate me for now; degrading you, as I did."

"No, not hate you. In some ways I feel sorry for you . . . to be afraid to tell me what you wanted . . . to see what might have happened."

"I sense a desire within you Shauna, A desire for what? As I said, your final task is for you to face that desire, to confront it."

"If there is desire here, it's something you have to take responsibility for."

"True... I guess." my head nodding slowly.

"It wasn't here before the first task or at least I didn't know it was here. And now that you've awakened it, you're ready to send me away." She paused deeply, "I think that would be using me twice. But I can't believe you would intentionally be that cruel."

"Look Shauna. How long have I known you? Since 11 or 12?"


"And I've seen you grow up, develop into the pretty girl you are, the pretty, intelligent, confident girl you have become."

Shauna looked down blushing, biting her bottom lip. "But I'm not a little girl any more and you know that better than anyone. You knew it before you made me do those things. That's the reason you wanted me to do them because you didn't look at me as a little girl anymore. But you certainly know it now, now that you've seen me naked. After all... no one has watched me masturbate before."

There was an awkward moment of silence.

"Shauna, I look at you as a friend..."

Shauna continued "seen me masturbate. No one's ever seen me like that."

"And I want to show you how fond of you, I love you, I guess."

"My god, Miranda did you just say that you love me?" she finally dropped her belongings and took a step or two towards me, still on the bed.

"Yes, Shauna, perhaps not in the same way as with Adrian or you with your current boyfriend, but yes."

"Maybe you'd better explain what you mean by that." She insisted.

"Guess it's similar to how I feel about my family, or you feel about your family, to Kirsty. "But... unlike Kirsty, your sister, or me and my brother, when I hug you, hold you sometimes I get the urge to hold you tighter. When we exchange kisses... sometimes I want to kiss you on the lips. Softly, sensually; to let you know how fond of you I am.

"So Shauna, you have left two questions unanswered. What did you think I was planning for the third task, and what do you want, desire?"

"Well," She stopped briefly, pausing; "I think it's pretty clear that you were going to have me do something sexual to you, perhaps with you. I suppose either watch--perhaps help-you masturbate? Or maybe even have the two of us make love."

"I'd lie if I said I had not contemplated either of those thoughts... I have already confessed as much. And what do you now desire, Shauna?" I sat up, moved my legs so that I was sitting on the edge of the bed, facing her.

"I want to feel what it is like to be touched by a woman. By you, Miranda." Her face became crimson, from her blush.

"Oh my....." I held out my hands, openly, as an invitation. "Are you sure?"

She gulped, her hands accepting mine, our fingers intertwined, interlocked. She took my hands, softly, and pulled them towards her, as she stepped forward, placing my hands on her breasts, her hands on top. I slowly caressed her nipples, still hard, feeling them harden further, as I caressed her soft skin, feeling her push herself onto my hands, my caressing fingers. I heard her sigh, gasp to my touch.

"So... what made you desire me, my love?"

I continued to caress her breasts, feeling Shauna press herself against me and guide my hands with a more vigorous massage. Having sensed her desire for something more firm, I applied more force, pressing her breasts, cupping them, massaging them.

Her response was a loud sigh, a loud gasp "Oh god. That feels so good, Miranda," her voice husky. She threw her head back exposing her neck, inviting me. I responded, softly nibbling, kissing her soft skin, my hands still pressed against her breasts.

"You'll have to show me what to do, Miranda."

"No... No I don't. You just need the courage to accept it, and to follow your instincts."

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