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Friendly Girlfrend at the Frat


This all happened long before the days of AIDS and rampant STDs. Back in the days of free love, where our motto was "If it moves, fondle it." And we did.

Names changed to protect the innocent and the not-so-innocent.

It is my senior year in college, at a spring party at the fraternity house. I am with Beth, a wonderful girl I've been dating for a couple months. She is, I think, very attractive, a very slinky babe by any standards then or now. Overall, she is quite sexy and flirty. Medium height, slender, great legs. She is wearing a standard uniform of the time, a tight jersey tank top and an A-line skirt. The top shows off her medium handful size boobs; the short skirt shows off her lovely legs. And she has low heels, like two inches. Sneakers are not acceptable dress here. And this is long before the era of "going commando" so she has underwear on, nice satiny tight white bikinis that mold her mound and her butt beautifully. She has a good attitude toward relationships and sex, and is very friendly with the brothers in the house.

The party is in full swing. The beer and booze are flowing freely and the music is loud. We leave the downstairs dance suite because it's just too loud, not possible to talk. Bands on campus always do fast rock early, then they play a higher proportion of slow dances as the night progresses. The plan: get drunk and tired early, then cling tight to your honey. A good strategy. It's getting late.

So we're upstairs dancing in the hall. There are a few other people up there also, dancing or just talking since you can hear each other up here. Several of my good friends are up here, too, and we all talk and we all dance. They happen to be dateless this weekend because of finals at the women's college where their honeys go. So they dance with my date. No problem.

Everyone is a little blitzed, more than just buzzed. There's beer and a deadly punch. She's doing the punch, which is sweet and disguises the alcohol content. And so she's friendly and they are friendly, and there is a lot of flirting going on. And there is a lot of touching going on. One dance with me she says, "Your pals are kind of grabby tonight. No girls and they're horny I guess."

"Is it bothering you?"

"No, not really. It's kind of nice to be held and hugged, and wanted. They haven't gone any further than my butt and my boobs yet, so no problem."

"Whoa, they're feeling your boobs?"

"Yeah, just now and then."

"Well, if it's okay with you, it's more than okay with me."

She looks a little puzzled. "You're not jealous? You *like* this? You *want* them to feel me up? I thought I was your girl. You want me to *let* them paw me?"

"You *are* my girl. I think you're fabulous. Well, so do they. They have good taste, just like me. They're just guys."

"If I don't resist, they'll just keep going and I'll just be their little sex toy for the night. Is that okay with you? How far should I go with these guys?"

"If it feels good, do it, baby." Shrug. "Whatever you want to do. You're a big girl."

Seeing her with them, seeing them with her, is exciting. I think she's slinky and sexy and wonderful. My friends do, too. I love that. It turns me on to know that these great guys want her too. They can't resist her. They're so hot for her that they will even risk hitting on her in front of me. The alcohol helps loosen us all up, but still. . . .

A while later, I see what she means. The guy she is dancing with has one hand on her ass while the other moves up to her right breast. And stays there, and kneads it, not just for a quick feel. Wow, I want some of that -- which presumably I will get later. This is pretty conspicuous. Anyone who is looking can see it. The balcony is not brightly lighted, but it's sure bright enough to see where people's hands are. Her arms are around his neck, and his hand are ravaging her bottom and her top.

After a couple minutes (minutes!), she gently removes his hand. And then before they break, he kisses her. Not just a peck but full-on serious kiss. Their mouths open and their eyes close and their tongues start fencing. And he puts both his hands on her boobs. She's still holding him tight, not pushing him away. They break and go get more drinks. More fuel for the fires.

When she comes back, another of my friends dances with her, first a fast one, then the inevitable slow one, and he, too, is all over her. Holding her tight to him, kneading her butt, pulling her skirt up almost to her panties. Then a hand on the breast. Then kissing, real French kissing like lovers do. And finally he goes even further: the hand on her ass pulls her skirt up until he can get his hand under the hem and onto her bare legs, and then back up to her delicious panty-covered ass.

She looks over at me with a puzzled expression. I can't tell what she's thinking. Is she thinking, Is this okay if they do this? Or, Is it okay if I let them do this? Or, Should I stop them? Or, Are they going to stop molesting me? Or, Are you going to stop them from molesting me? Or, Do you want them to do this? Or, Do you want *me* to do this? I don't know what she's thinking. I look back at her with lust in my heart, and in my eyes. She looks a little anxious, like, you know, Where this is going to go? These guys are already feeling me up now. A lot. They want to put their hands all over me. Soon they will want to go further. They will want to get *in* me. No, I think that's just my fantasy.

I'm ambivalent. I don't want her to get hurt, I don't want her to be forced to do anything she doesn't want to do. But watching that gorgeous body of hers be fondled and appreciated is really something. I don't think a little sex play will hurt anyone. And I think she sort of wants to go ahead with this. How far will she let it go? She's an adult. She can make her own decisions. How far will she let them go in playing with her, kissing her, feeling her? She already let them feel a lot of her, but mainly over her clothing. Will she let them under her clothes? Will she let them into her underwear? Will she let them feel her sex? Will she go all the way, let them inside her sex? She already let them feel wherever they wanted to. Does she want them to feel her more?

She pulls his hand out of her skirt, downs another drink, and comes over to me. We wander into one of the upstairs rooms, the so-called library, for a little privacy to talk. We pretend-dance, just holding each other, swaying, and whispering. "Your friends are really hitting on me. Did you see their hands all over me? On my boobs. And Bill went under my skirt. That was a little rude. Did you see that?"

"What do you want to do? You want to leave? It's not surprising that they want to hit on you. I'm just surprised that they'll do it openly, in front of me. You're a very sexy girl. It's incredibly exciting for me to see them lusting after you like that. And feeling up your fun parts. When he cupped your breast, my dick jumped.

"You obviously like it, too, the way you are kissing them and holding onto them while they put their hands on you. You're not pushing anyone away, not even the hand under your skirt. Did he go under your panties onto your bare ass?"

She looks at me a little shocked. "Yes, he did. . . . And I liked it, oooh. He reached down my crack and almost got his fingers into me. Oh, god, that's exciting. I am so excited, I am dripping wet. Being pawed by them and you. And you watching. And letting them sort of in public."

I think, We're a couple, but we're not in a serious relationship or anything. At least not yet. I mean, I like her, I like spending time with her, she's gorgeous and sexy and I love sleeping with her, but I'm not in love with her. I tell her, "You can do whatever you want. You can push away and stop. Or you can go ahead. If you like it. You know that *I* like it. It's incredibly erotic to see you playing with them. Don't do anything you don't want to. But if you want to go ahead, go ahead. You choose how far it goes. How far do you want them to go with pawing you? Over clothes? Under clothes? All the way?"

"Christ, I don't know yet. I don't know. But I sure don't want to stop here," with a sexy smile. "You know me, Mr. Cuddly. I love being held, and groped like this. I am so turned on. I've never done this with more than one guy. I've never done anything with someone watching. Do you mind if I let it go on? If I let them go further? I like their hands on me. My pussy is sopping."

I take her hand and put it on the front of my pants. "Feel. I'm hard as steel watching you and thinking about you being turned on. Watching them feel you up is incredibly erotic. If it turns you on, it turns me on more."

"You *want* me to go ahead?"

The door closes. Bill and Mac had been standing inside the door listening. We hadn't seen them, or at least I hadn't, and we weren't whispering very low. So they heard. "May we join you?"

Mac comes over to Beth, holds her to him and kisses her fervently. She is shocked at first, then accedes. His hands come up from her waist to her breasts, both of them. They are pushing out visible nipples from inside her tight tank top. He cups her firm mounds and kneads them, then pinches her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She almost jumps. She swoons, she moans loudly but his kiss covers most of it. Bill comes up behind her, puts his hands around her waist and starts kissing her neck and shoulder.

I back up a couple steps. She looks in my eyes as if to say, this is okay, isn't it? I'm not going too far, am I? This is just play. They're just playing with me and I'm just playing with them. I look back in her eyes and lick my lips. She knows I don't have a problem with it. She closes her eyes languidly, she is very turned on.

Then Bill and Mac change places. Or they change hands anyway. Bill behind her reaches up to cover her breasts, and Mac in front reaches down to her waist, her hips, her ass. He runs his hands down the outside of her thighs while still kissing her. His hands pull her skirt up a few inches, then more, then almost to her ass, and now he runs his hands up and down her bare thighs. Her eyes come open with some alarm and she looks over at me. Bare skin! I am so filled with lust watching her be touched felt and fondled and turned on. Watching her kiss them both and let them handle her body, feel the shape of her breasts, touch the skin of her legs. She sees my lust. I don't think I'm going to do anything about this unless she really objects and asks me to stop it. But she isn't stopping, so. . . .

Bill reaches down to her waist and pulls the tank top out of her skirt. He runs his hands on her bare tummy now up to her breasts again, this time with only her bra between his skin and hers. He holds both breasts tightly, kneading them. From the way she moans I think he is pinching her nipples between his fingers. He reaches one hand behind her and releases the bra, and pulls it up so both her breasts are freed. Her tank top is now up over her bare boobs so I can see him fondling them. She moans. "Oh, no, not. . . oh. . . ."

She has reached back with one hand to grab him and hold him more tightly to her back and butt. With the other hand, she's holding Mac in front, under his t-shirt on his bare back. Mac reaches over from her hip to the inside of her thigh and starts to caress it. He's high up it, only a couple inches from her panty crotch. The panties must be very wet by now. She told me she was wet before, and with this additional handling she must be dissolving in lust. She is moaning constantly.

His hand comes up slowly between her thighs and touches the vee of her panties. Again her eyes open wide and she looks over at me. On my pussy! From her expression, she is consumed with lust and afraid at the same time. Her face is filled with lust and surprise, Are you going to stop this? Am I? Am I going to intervene? No. Is she going to let them go on? Apparently. How much further? I don't know. Does she know?

She pulls away a little from his hand, but he follows her movement. He cups her crotch with his palm on her mound and his fingers curled under covering the fur and lips of her sex. She whispers, "Oh, no, no, you . . . you can't do this . . . not . . . in front of . . . ."

They don't let up. The combination of wonderful pressure on her breasts and grinding of her nipples above, and a male hand pressing on her thigh and labia below excites her more. She relaxes, slumps in their arms. Her legs part a little. Then more. She moves one foot out to the side and then the other. Her knees are a foot apart or more! Holy hell, she's spreading her legs for them, she is open to them, she is opening for them to reach her most intimate place! She wants them between her legs! That is so hot! I know what that means! My dick pulses madly. I don't dare touch it or I might come in my pants.

He senses her acquiescence and pushes hard on her panty crotch with his fingers to separate her lips and get a finger between them. She cries sharply, "Oh! No! Oh! Oh!" Her hips jerk forward into his hand to start a motion and increase the pressure on her pussy.

My god, how far is she going to let this go? They have her tits out. They have her skirt up. They have a hand on her pussy. Though not inside it. Yet. She spread her legs wide for them. They don't want to stop. I don't think I want it to stop. I am so hard from watching her be manhandled like this. I'm sure they are, too. They won't stop unless someone insists. Guys never stop. It doesn't seem that she wants it to stop yet, either.

Bill comes over to her side and reaches in to kiss her breast. His other hand moves down to her ass, now covered only with panties. Mac slides around the other side and sucks on the other nipple. His hand is still in her crotch rubbing and pulsing, and her hips are still jerking forward.

She looks to me like, What am I doing? If I just let this go on. . . . Clearly she is loving it. she looks scared, or maybe just uncertain. Her behavior seems clear, like she is saying, please touch me, please make love to me. I look down at her boobs being fondled, I look down at her pussy being grabbed. She knows where I'm looking. She closes her eyes again and gives herself over to the lust of the moment.

Mac fondles the front of her panties, smooth and silky, with that delicious bulging mound of Venus beneath them, goes up and under the waistband and starts down into her fur. I can see his hand beneath the silky surface of the white panties. He cups her pussy again, this time directly on her flesh. She opens her eyes again to look at me and at them. They're in my pants! Is she pleading with me to stop them or to let her go on? I don't think so. Or is she just showing me her excitement? I think her expression says, If you don't stop it, these guys are going to fuck your girlfriend! They're going to fuck *me*! Your *friends* are going to fuck *your girl*! I don't see any uncertainty or panic in her eyes. I want to join them but there is no room for another body in their current positions. I will have to wait for an opening.

Mac's middle finger disappears between her large outer lips and slides into what must be a very wet inner pussy. Suddenly she gives out a loud yelp and she looks surprised. "Oh! Gaaah! Oh! You . . . mmm . . . in . . . you're . . . you. . . ." His finger has curled up and penetrated her, he's pushing into her hot fleshy sex tube, way up into her. He leaves her nipple and covers her mouth with his kiss to keep her cries from alarming anyone out in the hall. I now see his hand moving, contracting, pushing his finger deeper into her with each stroke. Her hips move again, urgently, down and forward, to get that finger further into her.

Bill's hand is now down inside the back of her panties, too, on her ass, reaching forward down the crack of her ass. Is he going to get into her pussy at the same time. Yes! He reaches way down and then up, and she jumps again. Now two guys have their fingers in her cunt at the same time. Is that going to be far enough? Is there a way to stop after this? Does she want to? From her movements, from her responding to their touches, their kisses, their penetrations of her body, I don't think so.

All four of us are breathing hard, the room feels hot and sweaty even with the air conditioning.

Mac lowers her panties. Now she looks at me with real alarm in her eyes. My panties! If they take off her last protection, if her cunt is naked and exposed to their lust, their hands, their tongues, their cocks, then there is nothing to stop them from fucking her. She grabs his wrist to try to stop his hand. She closes her thighs to try to keep the panties on. but that almost makes it easier for him to remove them. She whispers, "Don't. . ." barely audibly and not with much conviction. All she can get out is phrases, "Please . . . leave them . . . you want to . . . I can't . . . here. . . ." Mumbling. He pushes the panties down past her knees to her feet. She whimpers as though she doesn't really want to do this. But the die has been cast. Bill has a firm grip on her, and he starts to pull her backward toward the table. The panties come off along the way.

They lay her back on the table with her hips right at the edge. She looks at me, then at them, then lies back and softly breathes, "Nooooo, Nooooo." But at the same time, she spreads her legs far apart to let Mac stand between them. She lifts her knees to open her pussy for him.

The guys both look over at me. I lower my zipper. If anyone is getting a piece of this incredibly hot woman, I sure want one, too. They understand. Mac steps between her legs, unzips, pulls out his cock, He twirls two fingers around inside her to open her up. Her hips jump up to meet his hand. She likes that. His cock is on her lips, right at her cunt but not in it yet. She is still moaning. We all really want to consummate this play. "Come on" she whispers. She lifts her head to look at him, reaches down to grab his cock and pull him inside her. After the head is in, he pushes in slowly. Takes three or four pumps to get all the way in. Ohmigod, she's taken him inside her! She wants him to fuck her. He's fucking her! He's probing her sex to the maximum depth. She wraps her ankles around his waist to pull him firmly into her. And they begin.

He pumps into her, slides his cock into her hole, in and out. She pushes her cunt up and forward onto him to force him deeper. She closes her eyes and moans with every stroke. He closes his eyes and moans with every stroke. I can only imagine how hot her insides must be, how his cock feels with that hot, soft, slippery pussy wrapped around it. I try but I cannot imagine how she feels being penetrated by a hard love muscle like that, pushing into you and pulling out, pushing in and pulling out over and over, but she is certainly enjoying the hell out of it.

After maybe two minutes, he starts pumping shorter and faster. We all know what this means. She looks up at him. "Come in me. Come on, baby, come in me! Fuck! Me! Come! In! Me! Come! In! Me!" with every stroke into her. And a few seconds later, he does, he comes with a groan, four, five, six groans, shoots into her.

He lies down on top of her and kisses her deeply. This is not just a lust kiss, this is a lingering, tender, romantic kiss. For both of them. She holds his face with both hands. He kisses her mouth and her neck.

Bill wants his turn. He taps Mac on the shoulder and tells him, "Hey, man, you're done." When his dick plops out of her, come flows out of her hole, down the crack of her ass, onto the table and the rug. Bill unzips, drops his pants to his feet, and steps up between her wide-open legs. "Guide me." She reaches for his cock and pulls him up to her pussy lips, too. He pushes in hard, she wraps her legs around him, and they go at it for several minutes. He is less gentle than Mac was. He just wants laid. He comes, pulls out of her. More white spunk flows out of her hole and onto the table.

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