Friends and Foes Ch. 12


"She hates us."

"It's born out of fear, she's turned it over the years, focussed on us as something to be afraid of and the source of everything that has gone wrong for her. Must have been a shock to find out her children weren't what she expected. Speaking of which, you need to fill me in on what happened on your trip up, because it seems I missed out on quite a bit."

"I will. Meanwhile, I think we should send the civilians back to the house, the trainees too as they are probably desperate to get back to their mates. Tilly to keep charge of it all?"

"Run me by that 'getting back to their mates' part again? When did this happen?"

Tom gave him a grin. "Seems I've been around for all the best bits while you've been asleep or in the wrong place!"

"Once we get back, I'm not letting you out of my sight for a while. You get up to far too much when I'm not around!"

"I much prefer what we can get up to when we are together!"
Tom replied, his gaze now full of want and desire.

Sam cleared his throat, not wanting to get into a conversation like that just at the moment. That one look of lust reminded him that he had slept alone earlier, and he desperately wanted to be curled up with this mate right then. Work came first, but he couldn't begrudge the others their own time together and he sent out instructions to some of the others, especially Finn and Jake and their mates, to head back to his mansion.

"Get that one downstairs with the others, then you two can go. You're in charge," he said to Tilly, indicating the man Adam had shot. "We'll bring the others back when Mark gets here."

"Don't be long. We need to celebrate!" she replied, already on her way out of the room with Dill behind her carrying the unconscious man.

"And it's about time someone other than our team did the work!" Tom added.

Sam smiled at him. "We must be due some time off, you want to take that holiday we discussed? A life of luxury for a few days, change of scenery, lots and lots of passionate sex?"

"Hell yes!" Tom said, returning the smile and his bright blue eyes gleaming. "Does it still count as a change of scenery if we don't get out of bed?!"

* * * * * *

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by MickyFox011/26/17

Liked it

Liked the story, well , both of them, but I was wondering why Simon's mother was not able to be a Were? As the traits were stronger in the female line. Was it something that could , as it were , missmore...

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