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We arrived at their house shortly after 4pm knowing we had all placed some interesting expectations on the six hours we had been able to talk my mother into babysitting. Even having talked, joked, planned, and fantasized about this evening, practically ad nauseum, approaching their doorstep sent shivers of nervous excitement through me. I let my husband, Joe , take the lead, and he rang the bell.

There were the usual hugs and greetings, but the atmosphere was definitely charged. Cocktails were hungrily consumed and smoke lingered just above eye level. We caught up on everyday events as Gillian and I prepared to leave the boys and spend an hour playing darts at the bar. Neither hubby was really thrilled with this idea, but it had been WAY too long since we had had a girls' night out, and dammit, we were going to get an hour!

We drove the six or so blocks to the bar and found ourselves a small table in the corner near the dartboard. Gillian sensed that I was a little tense and nervous and made a crude joke about a guy across the bar, while she lightly rubbed my shoulders. Her touch was wild! Until she and I had begun , first joking, then waxing philosophical , then discussing preferences, and finally admitting interest, I had never considered feeling such a rush from another woman . Just thinking about it had opened up new sexual worlds for me.

We started playing and drinking, brushing against one another in the cramped space. It was all very friendly and polite until I purposefully turned to face Gillian as we passed just close enough so our nipples made contact with one another. We both grinned mischievously, and the game took a definite turn . Small, carefully aimed touches, then more aggressive grabbing turned into longer caresses. I became uncomfortably aware of a number of men watching us from around the bar, intrigued smiles on their faces. Gillian said, rather loudly, "Let's give them something to look at!"

And with that, she leaned over to where I was sitting, and kissed me full on the lips. Her mouth was so soft, nothing like a man's. I felt myself forgetting the men in the bar and being carried away in response. It could have been five minutes we went on like this, I'm not really sure. By the time we left, we had the attention and desire of every man in the bar, and more than a few remarks were made as we departed. We just smiled and walked out hand in hand. On the drive back, I asked Gillian to take a longer route so we could toke a little for courage. It dawned on me that we had just given two horny husbands a license to plan out everything their little hearts (or other organs) desired, in our absence. We decided to just go with the flow when we returned, and agreed we would put on a great show for them!

The house appeared completely dark , and we joked that they must've gone out. Upon opening the door; however, we could see candlelight coming from the family room and the bedroom. We called out, but no one answered, then we saw the note. It read: Take off all of your clothes and choose a room. I looked at Gillian, and I'd imagine our expressions were identical, who had a puzzled, yet amazed expression on her face. Neither one of us thought our husbands had the balls to accomplish something like this in a year, let alone an hour! I flashed her a glance that asked "what do we do?" and she began removing her clothes. I was already wet with anticipation, so I muttered something about "when in rome!" and started to remove my blouse.

All of a sudden I freaked out! My mind was spinning, my heart was racing, and every nerve in my body was at attention. Gillian just laughed at me as I tried to explain, and called out to the rooms, "Give us just 5 minutes -- sorry!" as she ushered me to the laundry room. I, again, valiantly tried to explain that I really did want to do this, I was just having a temporary brain overload, and she fished out the half smoked doob, lit it, and passed it to me. I took hit after hit of the sweet herb while I downed a whiskey and soda, and started to calm down. Amazing how well that works! We talked, and Gillian sat behind me, rubbing her hands lightly over my shoulders and back. She gently kissed my neck and earlobe, her breath warm and light in my ear as she whispered, "I think it's time we see what the guys have been up to, don't you?" I could barely stutter , "Uh - huh." and follow her out. I had goosebumps everywhere as wave after wave of desire spread through me.

Gillian quickly shed her garments, but I hesitated. I needed to work into this more slowly. I wasn't really ashamed of my body; I just hadn't exposed it to anyone other than Joe and my midwife in over ten years! She gently guided my blouse over my shoulders, and went to unfasten my bra. I shivered as the fabric brushed my rock hard nipples, and I let the clothes fall to the floor. I tensed again as I felt Gillian's hands tugging at my panties as her breasts brushed my bare back. She wrapped her arms around me warmly, cupping each of my breasts in her hands, and I melted. I forgot to be nervous as a warm rush filled me from head to toe. I arched back against her wanting to feel more of her

A voice from the bedroom called out, " Ladies; it's been five minutes. Unless you want to be disciplined for taking too long, you better get in here!" I could hear both men laughing at some joke we weren't supposed to hear. Gillian said, "That could be fun!" and winked at me. I quickly removed my panties, embarrassed by how wet they had become. Since we now knew they were in the bedroom, we wandered into there.

It looked like the "dirty store" had exploded inside her bedroom! There were plastics, leather, metal, fuzzy stuff, feathers...even some things I had never seen before, and, quite frankly, was a little afraid of! We were commanded to kneel on the bed. "For tonight, we own your asses!" Jake, her husband, declared with a broad smile on his face. Gillian and I looked at each other and burst into giggles. I heard the crack of a bullwhip from behind me, and Joe sauntered up alongside me saying, " Why, Jake, I don't think they understand the rules. First, speak only when you are spoken to. Second, do as you are told , when you are told, or suffer a punishment."

"Yes sir!" I said, with a little salute, giggling. With a loud SMACK, I felt the sting of the bullwhip biting into my buttocks. I couldn't allow myself to think about what was happening. I mean, here I was receiving a spanking from my husband in front of our best friends! Not your average cocktail party by a long shot!

Without another word, the men wrapped silken scarves around our eyes. The cool fabric felt good, and I was incredibly relieved to be blindfolded. Somehow, stripped of my clothes, my dignity, and now one of my senses, I felt my self-consciousness melt away. It was as if by not being able to see what was happening, I was forced to tune into my other senses. And it was a thrill of no small sort to feel so helpless, so vulnerable, so exposed!

I could feel myself being repositioned. I knew Gillian was right next to me as our legs brushed together while we were moved. Jake instructed us to "play with each other's tits". We obliged and began reaching forward to find one another's bodies. Although Gillian had done similar things before, this was my first time, and I could feel my hands quivering as they made that first exquisite contact with her full breasts. I felt Joe's hands squeeze my shoulders as he whispered in my ear, "reeelaaaaax!" As I explored her firm, soft flesh further, I felt how erect her nipples were. It was completely amazing to me to feel on another woman, what I had rarely even felt, in this context, on myself. I yearned to feel her naked body press against my own. I even began to think about what she might taste like. Joe started kissing my neck and running his hands softly over my body. I arched my back against him as I began to turn my attention to Gillian's hands on me. She started out tracing small circles around each one, never coming in close enough to touch the most sensitive nub. Now she was gently kneading, and tugging, and squeezing. Before I could stop myself, a soft moan escaped me.

"Okay, girls," Jake laughed. "We'll definitely get back to this, but now it's our turn!" Gently, but firmly, I felt myself being pulled once again to Gillian's side. I could feel the imbalance of the mattress as one or both of the husbands climbed up next to us. Almost out of nowhere, I was surprised by the warm touch of a hard, hot cock against my cheek. Not sure of whom it belonged to, I resisted, thinking, "This must be Joe, but what if it's not? I need more time for this if it 's Jake!" But then I felt Joe's strong hands on my face, and he whispered, " I need to feel your mouth fucking me..." I reached out and took his large shaft in my hands, smiling. I brought my mouth to it and began to slowly lick around the glans, flicking gently across the top every so often.

Before long, I was plunging him deeper and deeper into my throat, and I could hear the familiar, wet sounds just inches from me as Gillian did the same to Jake. "Are we doing it?" Jake asked Joe. I heard what could be conveyed as agreement, then the bed began, once again , to rock around as the men moved somewhere. Suddenly, I felt hands lightly touch my arms, and knew immediately this wasn't Joe. My mind whirled! All of my insecurities flooded back and I trembled. Something akin to the uncertainty and nervousness, combined with an intense "need to please", of a first date washed over me, but it was different somehow. Jake whispered to me, " You know we don't have to do anything you don't want to, right?" I nodded, and this gentleness along with his breath on my neck encouraged me to smile and reach out toward him. He ran his fingers through my hair as he pulled my mouth closer to his engorged member. At first, I just kissed and ran my lips along the shaft. Slowly, I edged closer and closer until I was kissing the tip. Firmly, he pressed me closer, and I parted my lips to allow him to enter my mouth. Softly and slowly, I moved back and forth in a rhythm set by the pressure on the back of my head, until Jake seemed satisfied I could handle this by myself, and released my hair to explore the rest of me.

As I kept on stroking and licking and sucking, I gasped to feel his hands on my breasts. I arched into the caresses while I tried to keep my mind on satisfying him as well. His touch was different than Joe's. This alone was thrilling to me at that moment. I bobbed my head up and down as I reached out to explore what I could reach of his body with my hands. Suddenly, any shyness I felt was gone, and had been replaced by an intense curiosity. I wanted to know what Jake felt like, and wondered how I felt to him. His hands moved over each tit, then stroked my face and neck, then returned to my chest.

Meanwhile, my senses reeled as the sucking, and slurping, and quiet moans, and the musky odor of sex filled the room. I knew that right here, right next to me, my best friend was filling her mouth with my husband's cock! Here we were, and our husbands were WATCHING their wives suck each other's cocks! All of a sudden, Jake pulled back and threw me on my back. I felt the bed bounce a little as Joe did the same to Gillian. I wasn't sure what to think, when Jake and Joe let out long, loud groans, and I felt something warm and wet sprinkle over my upper torso and belly, running down my sides. Joe said, "Jake, man, that's a beautiful sight!" and they both chuckled.

We were allowed a brief respite without the blindfolds to clean up a bit, and to renew our fading buzz. We were warned, though, that we still had to do as we were told. Punishment wasn't sounding so bad anymore! And the clock only read 6:45!

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