tagRomanceFriends Don't Fuck!

Friends Don't Fuck!


The break up happened more than a week ago and I missed her. I didn't know what hit me and suddenly I had this tremendous void in my life. Seemed like yesterday we were best friends, now I didn't even know if we'd ever talk again. But I was persistent. The same persistency which probably caused the break up had now gotten me back into her life. And we did start talking, and I still loved her. The next logical step, (at least in my mind) was to see her. She had reservations, as I knew she would. Her reservations were not without merit. No matter what happened between us to cause the break up, (which I still don't know) I knew what didn't cause it; the physical part of our relationship. From day one, we clicked. Right down to the point of being synchronized sleepers. We'd lie down at night and our bodies would naturally entwine. And without fail, every night, our bodies would become one, . . . many times. Amazingly, she was the one woman who never satisfied me. No matter how many times we fucked, I wanted her, needed to have her, that much more.

But now, she was afraid to see me. So, we talked on the phone. Our conversations throughout our relationship were almost as good as the sex. We'd talk for hours some times. Her voice, that giggle, the way she'd roll her eyes or smack my arm at some ridiculous comment I just made. She'd stimulate my mind and I'd want her. It was a chain reaction, stimulate the mind, goose bumps down my spine, then the cock would start to twitch. She called it "Thumper" when it would do that. And she always seemed to know when it did and would happily release it from its restraints. For my birthday she bought me some underwear she thought I'd look sexy it. Hey, that's fine with me; anything to make her happy. The only problem with this particular style of briefs was when I got an erection; which, being around Melody, was quite often. Limp, the briefs would allow my cock to hang just a bit. So, when I did get excited and started to grow, it would grow downward most of the time, down my leg, which is somewhat uncomfortable. That didn't last long, coming to my rescue, she would just reach down, grab that thing and point it north. She'd take her hand out, pet it as though it were a puppy and say, "There, is that better?"

God, I loved her touch. But now, I was limited to the phone. We'd talk for hours into the night about everything. Yes, everything! But now, it was me making sure my cock was comfortable. She was incredible. I could tell she was playing with herself while we talked. Her breathing would quicken. Little "Mmmmph" sounds were barely audible. I knew she was biting into her shoulder when I heard those sounds. She is somewhat vocal when she cums and since she still lives with her parents she muffles the screams anyway she can. Even if it means drawing blood. I know, I have the scars to prove it.

So, we were friends again, even if only over the phone. I did want to see her though. It took a while but I convinced her that we could do this. Her only response, which she kept repeating, was, "Okay, but friends don't fuck!"

I never understood that. I'd remained friends with many of my ex-girlfriends and on occasion the urge comes over you and you end up cumming all over them. I see nothing wrong with that. But I'm older than my current ex; twice her age. So, the life experience thing may have something to do with that.

"Meet me in the garage. You can get in, can't you?" was all she said before she hung up the phone. "Yeah, I can get in." I responded to the dial tone. Had to break in, but I could get in. The garage was where we lived when we were together. It was November and it was cold in that garage. I had a couple of blankets, one electric which might not do us any good. Think they turned the power off since last we were there. Didn't matter to me, just another reason to hold each other. I broke in and fumbled around in the dark. Didn't want to turn a light on because the garage was in view of her parent's house. And we didn't need any questions about what I was doing back in her life. Found an outlet to plug the electric blanket into. The little orange light never appeared. No electric! Damn, going to be a cold night. I spread that blanket on the bed, tossed another one on top of that. Nice and cozy, probably not! My cell phone rang.

"Did you get in?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm here." It amazed her that I could get in anywhere. Living in the streets for so many years, one learns to be inventive. I think that was part of her attraction to me. The phone went dead and I waited. A couple minutes passed and the door opened. She, in sweat pants and sweatshirt, had her bag that she usually carried. This was a good thing, I thought. She was ready for a long night. Without saying a word she took candles from it and placed them back where they were when last we were together. She fumbled for a while and asked, "You got any matches?"

I went over to where we kept the lighter before. It was still there. Damn, it was as though nothing change. And there I was, hoping the last week was nothing but a nightmare. I lit the candles and turned to her. And once again I fell in love with her all over again. I walked toward her to hug her.

She gently pushed me back. "Just talk. Friends don't fuck."

Apparently that was her new catch phrase, which woke me back to the nightmare.

"How have you been?" was all I could think of. I wanted to hold her. If I could just get my arms around her, maybe, . . . I don't know.

She started to complain about work. Work was always a good subject to get a conversation going. After a while, the mood lightened and we started to laugh. Sitting on the bench, it was obvious she was cold. I know I was.

"Want me to get a blanket for you?"

She didn't say a word, just shook her head no, then walked to the bed and got under the blankets.

I stayed on the bench, not wanted to ruin a nice mood.

In the candle light I could she her turn and look at me. "Are you cold?" she asked, lifting the blanket as an invitation.

I sat for only a moment more while, 'Friends don't fuck' repeated in my head. I walked to the bed and got under the blankets with her. She turned her back to me. So, there we were, like two spoons in a drawer. It was a little awkward, no natural entwining of the legs, hands nervously avoid touching now-off-limit places. But it was cold, . . . and she grabbed my arm and put it around her. That reminded me of when I'd feel her hand reach over for the blankets and cover my bare shoulders. All those little things she did; I know she loved me. Don't know what happened, but I know she loved me then.

We just lied there, no more conversation. I guess we were waiting for the awkwardness to subside. But it was cold, and now she was hugging my arm. To the point where she had my hand just about lined up with her left breast. I didn't know what was happening here. I figured, 'What the hell.' and kissed the back of her neck. (One of her more sensitive spots) I was met with no resistence. A few more kisses turned into nibbling. Still no resistence! She hugged my arm tighter, and I bit a little harder.

"Don't leave any marks." she warned. Her boss always gave her a lecture when she went to work with marks on her neck.

Damn, did I just get a green light? I had no idea now. I knew what biting her neck would do though. Another one of those chain reactions. Biting her neck hardens her nipples. Then, just a light brush over one of those stiff nipples will send a signal down below to the point where her cunt starts to seep.

The mystery was over, I think. Still wasn't sure. Then, both her hands hug my arm even harder, moving my hand directly onto her breast. And yes, the nipple was just about piercing her sweatshirt. I used the palm of my hand to gently caress it. She let out the slightest of moans and her left hand released my arm. The right pressed my hand harder to her breast. I wondered for a moment what her left hand was doing until I saw the blanket raise up. Her legs were spreading. A moment passed and her ass started to move back against me. "Thumper" had come to play; pointing south again, dammit! I let her play with herself for a couple minutes. Her scent was coming from underneath the covers. God, how I missed that scent! I missed everything about her.

"Can I have a taste?" I asked.

She didn't say a word. Her right hand took me from her breast and guided me down between her legs. Damn, she was sopping wet and slippery. I finger fucked her for just a minute before I had a taste. As sweet as I remembered. The sweetest nectar God ever created. I took my fingers from my mouth and put them in hers. She was hungry. Sucked them dry and hurried my hand back to her cunt. My middle finger fingered her while the palm pushed her back against my cock.

"Does Thumper want to come out to play?" she asked as she reached back and buried her hand into my jeans. "Oh, he's all crumpled up again." She straightened me out but didn't remove her hand right away. She stroked me until she felt moisture on the head of my cock. She used her thumb to spread it around. Damn, that drove me nuts when she did that. And I'm thinking, 'What happened to FRIENDS DON'T FUCK.' Didn't know, didn't care. This was a beautiful thing and I could see nothing wrong with it.

She finally release my cock and grabbed a belt loop of my jeans. "Aren't you hot?" she asked.

Yeah, forty degrees in that garage and I am hot. I get out from under the blankets and took my jeans off. She likes to watch me take off the briefs she got me. As I pull them down they grab my cock until I get them so far down and it releases. It springs up like a diving board and she always responds, "Scccchhhhwiiiing!!" Once it stops bouncing and points up, she says, "Damn, that's a lot of cock!"

I take the covers off her. No one's feeling the cold right now. I rip her sweats off her bottom and she lies face down, that gorgeous ass slightly elevated. I stay by her side and put my thumb inside her cunt. Love to work her G-spot with my thumb; great control. I rub it gently at first and her moans get louder. A little harder, a little louder. I move my thumb in to the hilt and start rubbing her cervix. I know she loves that. Her ass starts to buck back against my hand and she screams, "GOD, FUCK ME HARDER!!" I start working that thumb like I'm hitchhiking across the country and only have fifteen minutes to get there. She's got such an ear-piercing scream when she cums. Her hand shoots under body and starts working her clit. A moment later, screams echo in the garage. "I WANT YOUR COCK NOW!" She rolls over on her back and continues to play with her pussy.

I did have to have another taste before I fucked her though. I got between her legs and started to lick some of the juice from her pussy. It's been a while since she's been that sloppy wet. Melody has body language that tells you exactly what she wants. If she wants her clit licked, she'll keep her ass close to the bed so that's all you have access to. If she wants it sucked, she stays in the same place, just grabs your head and hold s it there. If she wants her hole licked, she'll arch up just a little bit for easier access. If her ass is feeling sensitive anytime, she'll arch way up so you can french kiss her ass hole. If she wants it all, she'll do pelvic thrusts and you can hit them all.

Her body language once again did not fail me, with only a few seconds worth of pussy juice glistening my face, she said, rather forcefully, "I want your cock!" With that, she sprung up and pushed me onto my back. A second later she was straddling me.

Now, Melody does these exercises that keep her cunt tight. And they definitely work. The combination of the thick cock I've got and her exercises, sometimes make it a little tough getting inside her. This was not one of those times!

She grabbed the shaft and put it at her opening. She slide down, her eyes rolled back and she started to grind into me. Occasionally she would move up and down, but she was mostly a grinder. That was fine with me. She'd get the right angle and I could feel the head of my cock smacking her cervix like a speed bag in a boxing gym. God, she could move! She's so wet it sounds as though someone is walking through a swamp with galoshes on. That sloppy, sucking sound is drowned out as once again the sirens tore the night in half. It always surprised me that her parents couldn't hear her screaming. Her moans would build and build until she had to release. I guess it kept her from exploding. She was incredible on top. She's go non stop until you think she's about to pass out, screaming all the while, "OH GOD, FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" then she would start with the, "YOUR COCK IS SO BIG!!" Now, in all reality, by porn star standards, I'm not that big, I've got almost eight inches and it is thick. And as I said, she is tight! So, if she wants to scream, "Your cock is so big!" who am I to argue?

She's screaming louder now and it's echoing in the garage. I love that sound. Then, she gets quiet and slows down. I know she's about to have an intense orgasm. Her hands shoot out in front of her and they shake as though she's being electrocuted. I watch her body convulse for a minute and see nothing but the whites of her eyes in the candle lite. When it passes, she jumps off and gobbles at my cock. She doesn't want to give me head, she just loves the way she tastes. When I'm sure she's licked all her juices off me, it's my turn to push her back. She resists very little and collapses on her back. I fold her legs up and push them against her breasts. Her pussy lips are all puffed out from the beating she'd just giving them. But that's was nothing compared to what I'm about to do. This is one of my favorite positions to fuck hard. She helps a little, lining me up. Once I know I'm there, I plow in and hit bottom way before the full length of my cock is used. She gulps hard and catches her breath. I rise up and collapse down on her again. My entire body is coming up and collapsing time after time. My cock is rock hard and it feels like a chisel trying to take chips out of a stones, and succeeding. Once I get the rhythm, the speed increases. Her squeals are deafening and I think I'm killing her, "OH BABY, FUCK ME HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!" I'm thinking if I fuck her any harder I'll snap her spine. Her nails are digging into my back and I can feel some blood start to trickle. I'm still wondering how that bed ever stayed together under the pressure with put it through. I'm banging so hard into her I can hear my balls slapping her ass. She's screaming louder and louder, "DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP!" But if I don't stop, I'm going to cum, and I want this to last. Don't know when this will happen again. Because, "Friends don't fuck."

I pull out and Melody moans, almost in relief. I roll her onto her side. It's one of our favorite positions and automatically her lower leg shoots out straight and I straddle it. She pulls her other leg up to her chest and that exposes her pussy for easy access. She's got the most perfectly shaped ass. And world class legs from the 15 miles-a-day bike rides she takes. This position gave me the perfect vantage point of both. And the perfect angle to hit her cervix again. With the sensation that I'm about to cum gone, I slide back inside and start to pump. I just lean back and watch my cock go in and out. Incredible penetration from this position. She pulls her leg even tighter to her chest to get me deeper inside her.

What a glutton for punishment she is. Apparently she's into the pain thing a little tonight. The entire crack of that beautiful ass is glistening from the juices running down from the fucking I just gave her. I lean in a little and ride my thumb up the crack of her ass rubbing that little hole every now and again. Her hand releases her leg and grabs my hand, ramming my thumb into her ass. Her head arches back and she's about to cum again. I've never understood how she doesn't loose her voice from those screams. I stop again to prevent shooting my load. She starts grinding again, "DON'T STOP UNTIL YOU CUM!" barely audible through the scream. It's been a while and I've got quite a load saved up for her.


I'm about to cum, her ass is moving back and forth, she feels me twitch inside of her.

She laughs, "You're there, aren't you? I can feel it."

I love when she's playful and teasing like that. "You bitch."

She laughs, "Give it to me, baby. I want to feel it."

I've got a death grip on her hip.

"What's the matter? Waited to long, didn't you? Can't cum now?" She giggles, "Want me to suck you off?" As she starts to sit up to take me into her mouth, that last stroke withdrawing from her cunt was all I needed.

As my cock pulled out it started to shoot. It shot a stream from her ass to her chin. Damn, I know she hates that. 'Don't you dare cum on my face; that's disgusting!' she warned me too many time. But not tonight, she just laughed as a small glob hangs from her chin. She anxiously grabbed my cock and jerked it off. When she figures she has it drained, she sat up and flicks her tongue across the little slit in the head of my cock. Those big brown eyes look up at me as she pushes me back. She looks so innocent. But God, do I know better. Her tongue starts to twirl around the head of my cock. I smiled with a new excitement. Didn't know what it was at first, then it hit me. Something she said replayed in my head, "Want me to suck you off?" She had never sucked me off. The entire time we were together, she never took me from beginning to end giving me head. Never thought about it because everything else was incredible. Sure, she'd suck me a little bit now and then, but that was more for lubrication. She'd slobber pretty good, especially the nights she was feeling tighter than usual. I just figured she was no good at it, so she didn't do it. Well, either she took lessons in the last week or, for some reason, she just deprived me of a wonderful thing. She was like that; always kept some tricks in the bag I guess.

Melody rammed it deep in her throat until she gagged. She quickly backed off; it was slathered with a thick spit. She looked up, winked, and started jerking me off. What an evil smile. I sometimes wonder if I were in love with the devil herself? She opened her mouth and her head started to lower itself again. But she didn't pass GO, didn't collect $200, and didn't stick my cock in her mouth again. She pressed it to my stomach. Its head level with my navel meant one thing; I was full length. She had me rock hard once again. Damn, did I even go soft a little bit?. Didn't matter, didn't care. Down she went until my left nut was being flicked with her tongue. Another first!

The sensation was numbing. I couldn't move! She worked the head of my cock, rubbing it against my stomach, all the while sucking my balls.

That wouldn't do for Melody; one had to give as good as he got. And as I said, I was frozen. She stopped rubbing my cock, emptied her mouth, and warned, "Hey, I've got nipples here needing to be pinched!"

I shifted my body 90 degrees to obtain access. She had the most responsive nipples. I twisted them gently at first. She grabbed my balls and twisted them a bit. "You want me to show you how to do it?"

"Hey, hey!!" I fired back, pinching and twisting until I was sure I'd unscrew the damn thing.

She moaned deep in her throat, which was a good thing because that's where she just put the head of my cock. The vibration and the sucking were a great combination. Luckily it was only moments earlier that I exploded or that humming throat thing would have done me in. And that wouldn't do; I needed to fuck her again. Damn, she was good! The bitch! Real good. Felt like I was about to explode again; had to slow her down. Another 90 degree turn, a duck under her leg, and the sweetest pussy I ever tasted was hovering over me. I was at a quandary. Not only was it the sweetest tasting, it was also the prettiest I've ever seen. Sometimes at night while she was sleeping I would just look at that thing. Now, there it was, glistening in the candlelight. I pulled the lips apart, a hand on each of her cheeks. She oozed a bit. I don't remember her being this wet except when we first started to go out. Maybe we just fucked too much and there's just so much lubrication to go around.

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