tagLoving WivesFriends Helping Friends Ch. 05

Friends Helping Friends Ch. 05


To my readers. If you didn't like any of the previous series, I am not going to win you over with this chapter. I have been extremely busy so apologies for the lapse between chapters.


Rich couldn't believe how good his mood was. He had awoken, sore but satiated. Marie had welcomed his body into hers. Not intimate no-one-else-in-the-world-exists lovemaking. No. Something different. Sweaty, dirty sex. The kind where something in the back of your mind tries to push itself to the fore while you wrestle it back. This was Rich's dilemma. He loved Marie so much, he felt like he would do anything for her. Including exactly what he was doing; letting their friends use her body to carry their baby. But first, of course, she had to get pregnant first, the demon in his mind reminded him. And she chose to get pregnant the old fashioned way. No doctors, no hormone therapy, no clinical in vitro or artificial insemination in this plan.

Rich sipped his morning coffee, catching up on the overnight news. Marie breezed through their living room. "How are you this morning, love?" she queried.

"Fine." Sparkly really. Happier than I have been in months. Rich glanced at her, realizing she was still in her nightgown.

As if in answer to his quizzical looked Marie spoke, "I took the day off. I don't have to go to work at all. Last night was like a breath of fresh air. I didn't realize how much I was missing you. Can you go in a little late?"

Rich nearly choked on his coffee. Missing him? Could he go in late? "I'll have to double check my calendar, but I don't think I have any meetings this morning."

"Good," she murmured. She disappeared into their room, returning a few moments later. "Rich, let's go to the living room." He obliged, curious. Playfully she pushed against his chest catching him off balance and Rich fell onto the couch. Marie pushed the coffee table away so that she could kneel at his feet. His belt, button and zipper were no match for her deftness as she loosened each restraint. He watched in amazement and desire as she yanked at the back of his pant legs and Rich shifted to allow his pants to be pulled under the curve of his ass and down to his knees. His cock was freed to stand upright in its erect glory. Marie wrapped her hand around the shaft and pierced her lips with the throbbing head. Rich could barely keep his eyes open as her tongue began swirling the aching head of his cock, hot, moist and tantalizing. A blow job before work. When was the last time that happened? Rich settled back to enjoy her oral ministrations. Marie rubbed the exposed flesh of his shaft, palming his balls in her soft hands.

"Ugn." The sound escaped Rich's lips as his body began to take over. Marie's tongue flicked the opening, his salty pre-cum telling her that he was fully aroused. She slid his cock out of her mouth - feeling to Rich like a blast of cold air on his manhood and his arousal. His protest was quickly quieted as Marie deftly rolled a condom over him snugging it into place. Rich was vaguely aware of being snugged into this sperm catcher. Marie climbed up to straddle him, her knees placed alongside the cheeks of his bare ass on the sofa. She reached a hand between her legs to guide his cock into the opened lips of her pussy. Rich could feel her heat and slippery wetness even through his latex shield. She leaned back, resting her hand on his knee to steady herself. As she did so, her swollen lips and clit came into clear view. Her wetness coated him with each flex of her thighs as she lowered and raised her womanhood over his full length. Rich watched as her other hand found the throbbing cluster of nerves of her clit.

Marie teased at her mini erection slowly, the tempo increasing with each full envelopment of his shaft. Rich felt his orgasm building watching Marie's fingers dance over her pussy as his cock plunged into her. He could tell Marie's fingers were working their magic on her love button as they began to move more furiously and her internal muscles began to squeeze and milk his shaft. Rich closed his eyes as he grasped at Marie's hips to pull her tighter onto him as his orgasm began to well in the pit of his stomach. Her fingers became a blur as her matching orgasm pulsed through her canal. Rich gave a final thrust as his cock buried itself to the hilt deep inside Marie's dripping, swollen lips and his cum erupted into her – or more precisely, into the condom. Her folds clutched and squeezed him, hungry for the deposit they both knew wasn't quite going to reach its natural destination inside her. Their bodies paused against each other, resting momentarily. Marie stood. Rich's dick slid from from her body, already beginning its new journey to limpness. She again wrapped her fingers around him, slowing his decline with her gentle stroking. Marie kissed him lightly on the lips. "You should probably get to work now, sweetie. Don't forget dinner tonight."

The day seemed to drag on for Rich but eventually it was night. Time to clock out, head home and get ready for dinner with Leslie and Tim.

Rich and Marie arrived at Tim and Leslie's house and rang the bell. They hear Tim yell that the door is open and enter their friends' home. Rich mused that they had not all been together since they agreed to have Marie carry their baby. Rich was getting a little bit of relief fucking in with Leslie, but not nearly enough.

Rich handed the bottle of wine they brought with them to Tim, "I guess Marie doesn't get any of this, or at least only one glass." Tim chuckled, perhaps a little nervously, Rich thought.

"I'll get the glasses and set us all up with one," Tim said as he ushered them to the dining room. Rich noticed Leslie emerge from the their bedroom to begin serving up dinner. It looked to him like she must have just finished a shower. Her dark hair was slightly damp and still wavy. Her skin was clean, freshly scrubbed, beautiful in its completely natural state.

As they ate Rich noticed furtive glances between Tim and Marie which were balanced by his and Leslie's shared looks. He soon realized they had nearly polished off a second bottle of wine before they had cleared their dinner plates. Leslie prepared dessert for everyone and set plates at each place. Marie excused herself to go "freshen up" and the three friends remained making small talk.

"Let me find some music to put on," this time it was Tim's turn to stand from the table. Still sipping wine, Rich soon realized it was he and Leslie apparently abandoned by their spouses to finish off the bottle.

"What do you think they're up to?" Leslie asked him, her beautiful brown eyes gazing deeply into his. Rich shook his head as if he didn't know, or didn't have some kind of belief. "Come on," Leslie grabbed his hand and motioned for him to follow her as they snuck toward Tim and Leslie's bedroom door. It was nearly completely closed, but Rich could make out the sounds of baby making. His cock stiffened involuntarily. Emboldened by the wine and the fact that Leslie's hand was still entwined in his, he pulled her toward her guest room. Pushing the door closed he pushed Leslie down onto the bed and placing his body over hers he locked his mouth to hers, mashing his tongue into her mouth breathing in her freshly scrubbed smell. Leslie kissed him back passionately. Rich began undressing Leslie, furiously removing her clothing to expose her breasts. He broke off from her mouth to suck her tiny tit into his mouth, flicking the nipple with his tongue. She returned the suckle by removing his clothing, dropping his pants to the floor.

"What are we doing?" Rich thought, his mouth formed the "what" but Leslie re-initiated their kiss and guided his now naked body into her womanly folds. She grabbed the cheeks of Rich's ass thrusting his body into hers, taking his erect cock. Their bodies began moving together better than they ever had. The thought of his wife being fucked just two doors down was a bit confusing to Rich. He wanted to be mad, to be jealous. Leslie's body took him. Distracted him. Thrust after thrust he plunged into her hot, wet womanhood. The smell of their heated bodies filled the air. Leslie's hands grabbed and pulled at the cheeks of his ass with each plunging thrust into her.

Leslie began to tickle the entrance to his anus with each momentary pause. Rich was consumed with their lovemaking. Withdraw, fingernails scraped the flesh of his cheeks. Thrust into her hot, swollen pussy. Pause to feel the heat and moisture engulf his throbbing cock, and that tickle again of her fingertip. With each thrust and pause Leslie's finger invaded him just a little more, his tight sphincter muscle surrendering to her insistent advance; each pause lasting just a little longer than the one before.

Rich palmed her tits, rolling the nipples into erect eraser hard points. Leslie moaned as he leaned in to take one into his eager mouth. He felt a new, bolder pressure on his back door. "Leslie has a toy!" he thought, "When the hell did she manage to get her hands on it?"

As he bit down on her breast, suckling it into his mouth, Leslie moaned again and pressed the anal toy past the guardian of his gut. Rich felt the pressure from the supple toy inside him, forcing his cock to throb and stretch to its fullest girth. Leslie felt his cock grow inside of her, filling her with its wanton heat and desire. This was surely the best fucking Rich had given her and now she was also fucking him in the ass with her silicon dick.

Rich's eyes closed involuntarily, each thrust into Leslie's beautiful pussy matched by her thrusting into him. The feeling was sensational, his body now seemingly in a kind of erotic drunkenness. Her toy stretched him. The deeper Rich pushed into her, the deeper and harder Leslie drove her toy into his now willing back door. Her pussy swelled, milking his cock – each thrust matched by the dildo she pushed into him. The feeling was electric, Rich's body sliding into hers. With each complete stroke, Leslie's pulled her dildo into Rich, bumping his prostate and making his cock swell inside her. It felt as if the silicon toy was inside her, like she was fucking herself with the device. Her pussy was molten, her fuck juices covering them both. The pleasure and pain of Rich's hands and mouth on her tits was driving her nuts; his cock pumping into her a surreal self pleasuring as she pulled him deeper, the exposed shaft of her dildo becoming a handle to control him.

Leslie withdrew her toy. Rich could feel the slight chill as his anus partially closed. He was ready to explode from the sensation of being totally enveloped in pussy and cock – both real and synthetic. He gasped slightly, the tiniest amount of relief from no longer being filled and disappointment that he had not yet drained his balls into Leslie's sopping cunt. She placed the inanimate love partner at the entrance of his ass once more.

"Please," whispered Rich, barely audible.

"Please what?" Leslie teased him.

Rich longed to feel himself filled by her again. "What you were doing. Please do it again."

"This?" Leslie asked, smiling mischievously as she played the toy around his anus.

Rich closed his eyes, a silent response to the stimulus. His hips continuing to rock against hers. Rich felt the toy dart into him, barely an inch before she withdrew it. With each insertion his breath caught in his throat, his hard cock throbbed and reached into her. The sensation began to change, what was she doing differently? A fuller, warmer sensation, his sphincter was being stretched open. Rich tried to relax his muscles and moved his knees so that Leslie's thighs were over his own.

The new, bigger toy, whatever it was, began slipping into him. As he sank fully into Leslie's womanhood a realization began to creep into his mind. Rich opened his eyes, he could see her head rolled back, her own eyelids flittering. And her arms. Her arms were stretched out above her head. Rich stopped moving, his body and hers pressed together, soaked in fuck sweat. The "toy" continued its slow barrage on his back door until it was completely sunk into him. He could feel flesh lightly touching his and he closed his eyes once more. Fear, anger and betrayal began to redden his face. And another feeling. The fire of his sphincter being stretched. An electric charge began to build in his abdomen, as if this new thing were poking at it from the inside. Rich felt his sphincter muscle contract involuntarily, sending a signal to his cock to stiffen. Leslie felt it too, his dick, buried balls deep in her, hardened, then quivered and sent ripples of pleasure the length of her love tunnel. Leslie let out a little moan. The new toy, Rich realized, was not a toy. It began to withdraw and he gasped at the sensation of being emptied, but it stopped before being fully removed and started refilling his ass. Rich didn't move. He felt pinned on top of Leslie. He felt flesh against his bare butt cheeks and what was that tickling his balls?

The movement began to pick up speed, very slowly at first, but each time Rich felt filled, that same electric ripple flowed through him – his anus tightened and his cock swelled inside Leslie. And each time that happened, Leslie's moan got just a little louder.

Thwack! "What the hell?" someone had just slapped his ass cheek. Hard. Rich's head snapped up. He started pushing away from Leslie. The combination only served to cause his ass to tighten around the shaft buried in it and – if it were possible – to push himself deeper into Leslie. And then another new sensation as Tim cock exploded into his ass shooting him full of jizz. Rich's body was no longer under his control. He felt cum seeping out of his ass to dribble over his balls Tim gave him a few final strokes. He heard sounds that he knew must be coming from his own mouth, but they were strangely far away. Rich felt his balls contract, knew he was nearing his own orgasm. His ass quivered, milking the last of Tim's juices into him. The room felt like it was spinning as his body began streaming its own cum into Leslie, her body reciprocating with her moaning orgasm.

They lay there for what seemed like ages. Their throbbing bodies and breathing returning to normal. Rich looked up to see Marie standing naked off to the side of the bed. It looked suspiciously to Rich as if she had the beginning of a swell to her abdomen. Rich wondered if this was the end or just the beginning.

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