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Friends: Seduction of Santa Claus


Friends: Deleted Scenes - The Seduction of Santa Claus

Unable to find a Santa Claus costume, Ross decided instead to try and teach his son, Ben, about Hanukkah. However Chandler showed up at Monica's and his apartment wearing a borrowed Santa suit. This was a great distraction to Ben. Ross, Chandler, and Monica stood in the kitchen trying to figure out how to handle this.

"What are you doing?" Ross said to Chandler.

"You called everyone and said you were having trouble finding a Santa costume, so I borrowed one from a guy at work!"

"Thank you, but, but you gotta leave," Ross told him.

"Why?" Chandler replied.

"Because, I'm finally getting him excited about Hanukkah, and, and you're... you're wrecking it."

"But I didn't get to shake my belly like a bowl full of jelly," Chandler objected.

"I'm sorry, Chandler but this, this is really important to me," Ross insisted.

"Fine, I'll give the suit back," he said, very disappointed.

Ross left them and went back to Ben in the living room.

Monica leaned in to Chandler and spoke softly, looking over her shoulder to make sure that Ross and Ben couldn't hear.

"Hey, you think, you can keep it another night?" she said with a look that described what she had in mind. Her fingers were twirling in his Santa beard.

"Santa? Really?" he replied, somewhat surprised.

"Yes, is that okay?" Monica said, trying to hide her excitement at the idea.

"Did your Dad ever dress up like Santa?"

"No," she answered, with a tone that told him that she could be kinky, but not THAT kinky.

"Then it's okay!" he said, now excited at the prospect. Monica smiled and they kissed.

Later that evening after all the festivities, which for some reason included Joey dressed in a ridiculous Superman costume, Monica and "Santa" Chandler saw everyone off at the door. And before Chandler could lock it for the night, Monica was already heading to their bedroom.

"I wonder if 'Santa' is going to visit me tonight," she said, giving him a come-hither look as she went through the doorway.

Chandler swaggered through the living room. "I think someone's gettin' merry tonight," he chuckled to himself.

In the bedroom, music was playing on the stereo; a sexy jazz instrumental of "Winter Wonderland." Monica was lighting candles around the room.

"Ho, ho, ho. What's your name, little girl?" Chandler said in a deep Santa-voice.

She smiled. "My name is Monica, Santa. And I'm soo glad you decided to come. I was hoping I'd see you," she said seductively.

"Well, I knew I had to make a special trip for a beautiful young lady like you." He began strolling toward her. "Would you like to be Santa's little helper, tonight?"

"I don't know, Santa... what would Mrs. Claus think of this?"

"Eeh, who cares... that old bitch never wants to do any of the fun stuff."

Monica laughed, despite trying to stay in character, but regained her composure. She moved in close to him, and raised up on her tip-toes to reach over Santa's large belly; arms were around his neck. Her lips pushed through his beard and mustache to find his mouth. She gave him a passionate kiss.

"Well, in that case... don't you want me to be your ho... ho... HO?"

Her eyes told him everything he needed to know. Chandler reached around her and grabbed her tight ass.

"That depends... have you been naughty or nice, this year, Monica?"

With a knowing smile and a slow head-shake, she said, "Oh I've been naughty. I've been very... VERY... naughty."

"Well, my list says you've been nice, so I'm afraid I'm going to need proof of your naughtiness."

She gave him a little grin and a sideways glance, before provocatively sliding to her knees.

Monica's head ducked under the front of his Santa coat. All Chandler could see was her long hair draped across the back of her shoulders. But he felt the drawstring of his Santa pants being slowly untied. Then the front of the costume began to go down.

"Can I lick your candy cane, Santa?" a voice came from under his fake belly.

"Well, if that's what naughty girls do..."

Chandler felt the waistband of his underwear ease down, a moment of cool air, then the warmth of Monica's mouth. Wetness engulfed his cock as she pushed her lips farther and farther along his shaft, bringing his dick out and nudging the fabric down with her chin. Her fingers hooked the waistband under his sack, and she teasingly began licking the underside of his rod.

"Oh, Monica," he groaned, in his own voice.

"Is that good, Santa? Do you want me to do more?"

"Does an elf have a tiny yule log?"

"I don't know about elves, Santa, but your yule log sure is big. How about I lick your jingle balls, I mean, jingle bells?" Monica said as she flicked her tongue across his testicles. She slowly stroked him, licking and sucking on his balls.

This was quite a turn-on for Chandler, hearing and feeling Monica, but being unable to see her. He imagined what she looked like under there, sucking and licking and rubbing. She was always the most alluring to him when she had his cock in her mouth, maybe even more than when she was having an orgasm.

Monica licked and licked and licked, deciding that she wanted to tongue-bathe every part of his cock and balls.

Then Santa's belly began to bounce up and down as Monica's head moved rapidly back and forth with his cock in her mouth. Chandler groaned at the feeling.

"Oh yeah, I'd say you're on my naughty list now."

He heard a little laugh, muffled by her full mouth, and this followed with soft sounds of enjoyment. In time, Monica's sucking abated, then her lips left his cock as she stood. The top of her head was slightly mussed by his costume, and she ran her fingers through her hair as she licked her lips.

"So did I do good, Santa?" she said, sexily out of breath.

"Oh yes, you can definitely be my ho, ho , ho, tonight."

"Mmm, good, I was hoping for that. Do you want to unwrap your present now?" Monica's fingers played along his wide black belt.

To answer her, Chandler simply caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers. Monica's lovely hair framed her face and fell across her shoulders. He ran his fingertips down her neck to the first button on her shirt. Her top was thin and snug fitting, and had a pattern of overlapping circles in various shades of blue and grey.

Monica stood there, allowing Santa Claus to undress her. As the buttons released one by one, Chandler was able to see her perfect breasts in a dark blue satin bra. He helped her pull her arms out of the sleeves, and then dropped the shirt to the floor beside them. One hand caressed her arm, and the other gently squeezed her breast in the bra. He dipped his finger behind the fabric, and brushed her nipple. It was quite hard.

"There's more to unwrap," she whispered.

Chandler undid her tight black jeans, and crouched in front of her to pull them down as she watched. Her blue satin panties were revealed. He wanted to lick her right then and there, but decided to draw things out a bit longer.

He helped her out of her shoes, socks, and jeans, and then ran his hands up the back of her legs to her ass. Here he found that the dark blue garment was actually a thong. He caressed her bare bottom.

"I love your ass, Monica," he said, forgetting for the moment to stay in character.

"Thank you, Santa," she smiled. "But you're still not finished. I need to be totally naked."

He hooked his fingers under the side straps of her thong, and inched it down. Monica saw that his eyes never left her trimmed pussy. But before he could lean in and lick, she brought him to his feet. She had something else in mind for that.

"One more," she said.

Monica spun around so he could unclasp her bra, then as she turned back, she held it in place, brushing the hair from her face.

"Wanna see?' she enticed.

"Oh yeah."

"Then tell me, Santa."

"I think you need to show Santa your breasts, young lady," Chandler said in his Santa voice.

Satisfied at the response, Monica sensuously dropped the bra. Chandler knew he'd seen her naked body a hundred times, but his heart still missed a beat.

"You like?" she asked, knowing the answer.

"Very nice," Santa replied, wholeheartedly.

Monica moved in close and imperceptibly rubbed her petite body against him. Soft red velvet on her breasts. The chill of a wide leather belt and a large metal buckle on her stomach. Downy white trim brushing just above her pussy.

"Now, let's see how naughty Santa can be," she said as she pulled off his cap, and set it on her head. It was a little too big, but the way it drooped slightly to the side was delightfully flirtatious.

Monica walked away from him to the end of the bed. She put her right foot up on the footboard. Chandler looked at her, legs spread, telling him with just her body what she wanted next.

Stepping out of his Santa pants and underwear, Chandler walked over to her. He caressed the inside of her raised leg, from ankle to pussy. Then with two fingers, he rubbed the smooth skin on either side of her slit. She breathed a soft exhale. Chandler's other hand tenderly kneaded her breast, rubbing her nipple between two fingers.

He bent his head down, and Monica felt her breast buried in his fluffy fake beard. Then a tongue. A wet tongue lapping across her nipple. She moaned softly as Chandler's palm rubbed the full length of her pussy, cupping her in his hand.

Chandler went to his knees in front of her and looked up at the woman above him. Her hand had already moved to the breast his mouth had just left. She was caressing herself.

His eyes riveted on her engagement ring. His hot girlfriend had become his hot fiancée, and soon she would be his hot wife. He would do anything for this woman. He would give her any pleasure she wanted.

Chandler moved his head to the side and skimmed the inside of her thigh with his beard, slowly moving it upward. Monica felt the curls brush against her pussy lips. Then his warm breath, soft on her clit.

He just waited there... breathing... looking up at her. Monica stared into the eyes behind the costume.

"Lick me, Santa," she whispered.

That was what he was waiting for. His tongue parted both his beard and her lips.

"Ohhh Santa," Monica groaned.

Chandler wagged his tongue up and down in her crease. His beard was tickling her clit and causing little tingles in her lips. She responded by giving him small, encouraging noises.

"Oh... oh... oh..." she whispered.

His tongue glided up to her clitoris, flicking across it rapidly. Monica gasped at the sensation.

"Oh yeah! Oh YEAH!!" she moaned.

Chandler loved that tense high-pitched moan that she sometimes made during sex. He reached his lips through the fake beard to suck on her clit, his chin pushing it against her pussy in the process. As he sucked her clit, Monica's wetness seeped into the beard. He realized he'd be buying a new one for his co-worker, but he didn't care. Monica was moaning and that was all that mattered.

"Oh yes, Chan-, Santa... yeah, Santa... suck on it..."

Monica watched him, staring deep into his eyes. Her fingertips rested on either side of her face. She had that wonderful pleading look, begging him to go on.

"Yes... yes..." she said in quiet whimpers.

Chandler caressed the insides of her thighs as he moved his mouth back to lick her lips. He loved her aroma and taste.

Reaching up through her spread legs, he gently dragged his fingers down her lower back and held her ass in both hands. Monica looked down at him, managing a slight smile in the midst of her pleasure. Chandler pushed his tongue up into her.

"UUUUHHHNN!" Monica grunted, long and low, grabbing onto his white wig.

He began to tongue-fuck her the way he'd learned she loved.

"Oh! OH! Yeah... just like that... oh god, just like that..." she whined.

Her body was tense and her legs began to shake. Her hands roamed her bare torso, caressing her abdomen, stomach, breasts, neck. Monica's mouth hung open as she watched him.

"Oh yeah... mmm, yeah... lick me Santa... lick me..."

He could tell from her fast shallow panting that she was so, so close.

"Cum, baby," he thought, "Cum for me."

His tongue lashing went on and on and on. Whatever she needed for her orgasm, he was going to do.

Monica took one long deep breath and held it as her climax washed upward. Her hand snapped to the footboard in a death-grip.

"UUUHHHHOHHHHHH!!!" she groaned.

Holding her ass, Chandler pulled her body closer to his face, pushing his tongue just a little bit farther into her.

"OHHHH.... omigod... omiGOD!!!"

He was wagging it rapidly up and down, and side to side. For Monica, the thought that she was cumming with Santa Claus licking her pussy was a little kinky, yet very erotic. Her mind drove her onward.

"UUUHHN... OHHH... OH YEAH... MMMM.... MMMmmm... mmmm... ohhh... oh..."

Chandler gradually stopped licking, as Monica's orgasm subsided. He stood up, holding her trembling body. She was trying to recover from the delirium and catch her breath.

"You okay?" he asked, a bit concerned.

"Oh yeah!" Monica panted. "So, so can I sit in Santa's lap?"

"Are you ready for more?" he questioned.

She smiled. "I only get you for one night, so I better make it good."

Monica led Chandler to the chair. He sat down, and she draped herself across his lap, her arm around his neck. He rested his hands on her knee and her butt.

Monica squirmed around a bit, feeling his bare legs on her ass. She was so cute and sexy, all buck-naked except for a Santa cap.

"So Monica, what can Santa give you this year?"

She smiled, as she began stroking his still-hard cock. "Let's see..." Monica pretended to think about it. "I want an orgasm, Santa," she said girlishly.

"Hmm, another one?" he inquired.

She gave him a big nod and smile.

"Well, the elves make everything else, but making you cum... that I can do!"

She laughed, "And it sure feels like YOU'RE ready for me, Santa."

Monica swung her legs to the front and snuggled her ass under his costume belly.

"Let me slide down your North Pole," she joked.

Chandler chuckled and held his cock out, as she slowly pushed herself onto it. Hot wetness enveloped him.

"Ohhh yeah," he groaned, "that's the stuff."

Once he was ball-deep in her, Monica ground her ass against his pelvis, feeling him wag inside her. Then she leaned forward and began sliding up and down his cock.

"I bet Mrs. Claus doesn't do this," she teased.

"Hell, no," he replied as he held her slim hips. "And compared to you, she'd probably crush me."

Monica laughed out loud.

"Well, I'm gonna fuck you real good, Santa. I need to make sure you come and visit me again next year," she said sexily.

Their banter soon gave way to moans.

"OHH, Monica," he moaned as she slid on his cock, rocking her little ass rapidly up and down, her bare feet on the floor between his boots.

"If you like that, you're really gonna like this, Santa," she panted.

Monica put her hands on his knees for balance, and brought her legs snugly together. Her already tight pussy gripped his shaft even more as she bucked up and down.

Chandler watched the white fur ball on the end of the cap bounce around as Monica's head moved with her body.

"That's it... Fuck me, young lady," Chandler said, remembering to use his deep Santa voice, "Give Santa a treat."

Between frantic breaths, Monica replied, "I... I was hoping... that Santa would... give me a treat later... all over my face."

"Well, well," he said as Monica continued her chair-fuck, "you are a naughty girl."

She looked over her shoulder at him, with a nasty smile.

"I think Santa needs to take you to the bed," he decided.

Monica pulled off him, and he directed her to lay on her back at the edge of the bed. Chandler hooked a forearm under each knee and brought Monica's legs up and apart. His dick was poised at her entrance.

"Fuck me, Santa," she whispered with a smile.

Chandler shoved his cock in her wet pussy. Monica grunted at the sensation.

"Yeah... do it... mmmm... do your little helper... "

Chandler's hips moved back and forth, his costume belly resting on Monica's abdomen. She reached up and played with his beard as he slid in and out of her.

"Mmmm, yeah, Santa... make me want to be naughty."

Her feet bounced and she felt the soft velvet of his sleeves tickling the backs of her knees.

"Mmmm... yeah... do me, Santa..."

Chandler looked down at his sexy fiancée. "Touch yourself," he moaned.

Ever since that Valentine's Day, Monica knew that Chandler liked to watch her feeling herself up. Sometimes she would arrange for him to "catch" her doing it in bed or in the shower. Then they would watch each other as they masturbated, telling each other what they would do "if only" they could touch.

"Ooo, Santa, you CAN be naughty. Is that what you want? You want to see me rubbing my breasts? Caressing them? Touching them?"

She followed her own direction and saw that his eyes were fixed on her chest. She was moaning deeper as she focused on the feeling between her legs.

"Ohhh... yeah... it feels so good when you fuck me, Santa... Can you tell? Can you see my nipples nice and hard? Can you feel my pussy wet for you? UHHnnnn... that feels good!"

Chandler ran his tongue along Monica's ankle and shin as he kept on fucking her. Long slow strokes, so that he wouldn't cum too quickly.

"Ohhh, yeah," she groaned, "Like that."

Her hand glided down under his costume belly and found her clit.

"You wish you could see me rubbing my clit, huh? I know you do. I'm doing that right now. Can you feel my hand down there? Can you feel my finger when you push in me?"

Chandler grunted a yes, imagining the times he'd seen Monica doing just that. She moved her hand lower, so his dick rubbed in the fork between two slim digits. She held her pussy as he fucked her.

"You want to see me masturbate, don't you?' she moaned. "I like it when someone watches me. It makes me feel sexy... and dirty... and I know it makes him want to fuck me."

Monica's fingers went back to her clit, and her head pushed back into the bed as she rubbed both her clit and her tit. Her head rolled from side to side, dislodging the cap.

"OHH... OHH... Fuck me... fuck me... Ohhh... ohhh... mmm... let's, let's do it on the floor... fuck me on the floor."

He took his dick out of her. Monica stood, leaving the cap on the bed, though not noticing and not caring. She kissed Chandler through his beard.

"Treat me like your whore, Santa," she said with consuming lust.

Without another word, Monica was on elbows and knees on the area rug. Her head was down, long hair brushing the floor, and her butt was up as she waited to be penetrated.

Chandler looked down at her. Beautiful petite body. Nice tight ass. And he did something he'd never done before.

He bent over and gave a little slap on her ass. Just hard enough to tingle and make a sound.

Monica giggled, "Why, Santa! I didn't know you spanked naughty girls. Because I have been VERY naughty."

She wiggled her ass, enticing another little smack on the rump as Chandler smiled under his beard. Then he knelt in front of her head.

"No, naughty young ladies need to suck Santa's dick," Chandler said as he raised her head and pushed his cock past her lips.

Monica willingly took it into her mouth and allowed him to face-fuck her. As he rocked his hips, Chandler ran his fingers up and down her bare back. They both enjoyed every sensation.

"Mm hmmm..." Monica encouraged, as he reached back and gave her another benign swat on the butt.

His hands roamed her firm thighs, small ass, petite frame, hanging breasts, then up to her soft cheeks. He withdrew his cock from Monica's mouth as her big blue eyes looked up at him.

"Are you gonna fuck me now?" she smiled.

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