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Friends: Shower Surprise


Friends: Deleted Scenes - Shower Surprise

Monica and Rachel were lying together, naked in Rachel's bed after a morning of lovemaking. Monica rested her head on Rachel's shoulder. Her fingertips brushed her roommate's breast, as Rachel stroked her hair. Monica broke the silence.

"You know, we have to find some way to tell Ross about us," she said softly.

Rachel was silent for a moment. "Yeah, I know. But after what Carol did to him, I'm afraid he'll freak out and break up with me. There has to be some way of telling him what you and I mean to each other, without him getting all jealous and freaked about it."

"Yeah, somehow," Monica replied, thoughtfully. Then she raised up on an elbow and looked at Rachel. "Maybe... maybe he needs to SEE us, you know... together... but in a non-threatening way."

"Oh, I think I know how we can do this," Rachel said excitedly. She filled in Monica on her idea.

A few evenings later, Ross knocked and poked his head in their door. Rachel was standing in the kitchen in her bathrobe.

"Hi, sweetie," she smiled, going to him. "I'm so glad you could come over."

"Me, too," he gushed, kissing her. "So, what is it that you wanted."

"I've planned a surprise for you. You know how you like watching me undress for you, before we make love?" Her finger traced circles on his chest.

"Uh, oh yeah!"

"Well, I'm already naked under my robe, and I was going to take a shower, so..." Rachel cleared her throat, staring at Ross' lips, before she kissed him. "I thought maybe you'd like to watch... me, naked... water running down my body, and..."

"Um, OKAY!" he said quickly. Rachel giggled at him.

Some days, Ross still couldn't believe that Rachel Green was his girlfriend. AND that he'd had sex with her. 78 times so far, by his count. Knowing where this could lead, why would he be so stupid to pass up the opportunity?

She led him to the bathroom. The water was already running in the shower-tub and the curtain was closed. Rachel dropped her robe, revealing her nude body. On tip-toes, she kissed him seductively. He felt her silky skin. Then she turned and pushed aside the shower curtain.

Ross saw his sister standing in the tub, water running over her.

"Omigod, Monica," he said, looking away, then reaching for the door knob. "We're sorry. I guess Rach didn't know you were in here. We'll go now."

"No, no, sweetie," Rachel said, stopping him. "She's supposed to be here."

"What?" Ross asked, confused.

"Well... honey... when Carol left you for Susan, well... that was wrong. But that doesn't always happen. I love you very much. And you need to know that nothing will ever come between us."

Ross was beginning to get a hint of what she was saying. "But... so you mean..."

He looked at Monica, naked, then quickly averted his eyes again. Monica smiled to herself.

Rachel went on. "Monica and I have a closer relationship than I've ever had with anyone but you. And that can be a beautiful thing. We wanted you to know about us, and we wanted you to know that what you and I have..." She kissed him again, and he returned her kiss hesitantly. "...will never be hurt by what Monica and I have. So I thought that the best way would be for you to see us together, and see how wonderful that can be."

Monica stepped out of the shower and left little wet footprints on the floor as she went to them.

"Ross, I never want to come between you and Rachel," she said, looking into his eyes. "But you need to know that this is real." She smiled at Rachel and caressed her naked shoulder. "As real as you and Rachel. And it isn't going away." She gave him a sisterly kiss on the cheek. "Please be okay with this," she requested.

"Um," Ross said, looking at the two naked women standing in front of him, "I guess I could be."

He didn't want to admit it to himself, but he was curious about what the girls had planned to show him. They both smiled and kissed him, one on each cheek. Monica hopped back into the tub. Ross sat down on the lowered toilet lid. Rachel lingered and rubbed his chest, tracing her hand down to his crotch.

"I want you to enjoy this, honey," she said seductively, before accenting her words with a kiss and a little squeeze to his package.

She went to join Monica, who was already standing under the shower head. He'd never seen his sister naked before. He was intrigued by her body and found himself comparing it to Rachel's, which he knew so well. She was slimmer than Rachel. He knew that she jogged regularly, and did yoga with Phoebe. Now he saw the payoff of her workouts.

Monica's breasts were fuller and a bit lower than his girlfriend's. But he noticed her breasts lift up, as she reached up and ran her hands through her damp shoulder length hair, re-soaking it. Her eyes were closed and her head was slightly back. His sister looked just like a pictorial he'd seen in Playboy a few years before, though she looked even better than the model.

As Rachel stepped into the tub, Monica opened her eyes and looked at Rachel, then over at Ross. He quickly looked down, with the feeling that he'd been caught doing something wrong. Monica laughed, not at all embarrassed that her brother was checking her out.

"Ya know, you can look at me, Ross," she said good-naturedly. "That's kind of why we're all here."

Monica turned and faced into the shower spray.

"Isn't she beautiful, sweetie?" Rachel said, to let him know that watching Monica was all right with her too.

She placed her hands on Monica's shoulders and gently kissed between them. The water scattering off Monica's body created little droplets on Rachel's chest and face.

Ross could feel an erection starting to build in his pants.

Monica turned and placed her hands on Rachel's arms.

"Let's get you wet, too, Rach."

Ross couldn't believe he was hearing these words from his sister, and wondered if Monica meant it as a double entendre. He saw them loosely hug, so neither would slip as they switched places.

Rachel tilted her head back and both girls' hands massaged her brown hair as the water drenched it.

Monica was standing very close to Rachel. Ross watched their breasts touching lightly against each other, nipples very hard. Then they became pressed together as Monica's hands rubbed Rachel's back. Rivulets of water traced their way down both women's' bodies.

His eyes followed Monica's hands, moving lower to the small of Rachel's back. So close to his girlfriend's ass.

"Will she touch it?" he wondered. "Will... will she grab it... and... and maybe... squeeze it?"

Rachel and Monica gazed at each other, smiling. Ross' focus on Monica's hands was ripped away as Rachel kissed Monica. That gentle kiss became more passionate and he watched his sister's tongue darting in and out of Rachel's mouth.

His hard-on was bulging his pants by this time. He discretely pressed his palm against it and slowly rubbed as he watched the scene unfold.

Rachel broke their kiss and roughly grabbed Monica's ass, giggling. She squeezed and pulled Monica's hips against her own.

"Mmmm, I love this little ass!"

Monica's hands finally went to Rachel's butt.

"Well, I like yours too. And I bet Ross agrees with me."

They looked over at him, hand pressed against his crotch.

"Honey, you can touch yourself while you watch us," she went on with a sultry tone. "In fact, I'd kind of like to see you doing that."

"Yeah, Ross," Monica added, "you've seen what we have... so, show us what you have."

Ross unzipped his pants and pushed them, along with his boxers, to the floor. His cock sprang up.

"WOW! That's big!" Monica exclaimed. "Rachel, you're a very lucky girl."

She gave a little laugh, "I know." Then she kissed her roommate. "Twice lucky."

Monica smiled as she broke their embrace and picked up a bottle of body wash.

"Turn around, Rach," she said.

They stepped back from the water and Monica lathered up the soft skin of her friend's back and shoulders. Rachel smiled at Ross, as she watched him slowly stroke his rod.

He saw Monica crouch behind his girlfriend and bring the soap suds to her butt, then down the backs of her legs. She stood, skimming her hands from ankle to shoulder, and kissed her neck.

"Now the front," was all Monica needed to say.

Rachel turned and offered the rest of her body to be washed by her roommate. The shower doused her hair and rinsed her back. Soapy water cascaded across her butt, down her legs and into the drain. Monica cupped a palm under the spray and directed handfuls to help rinse Rachel's shoulders.

She retrieved the bottle and squirted more into her hands. She smeared them together rapidly to raise a slight foam, then one at a time, slowly washed the full length of Rachel's arms. Her head was to the side and down slightly. Monica gave a couple of sideways and upward glances as she rubbed Rachel's slim arms; her eyes saying everything without uttering a word.

Both Ross and Rachel found this extremely seductive, but more so for Ross as he watched steam begin to swirl around the girls. Girls showering together had long been a fantasy for him, though he'd never told Rachel of it. And he never imagined that his little sister would be one of the women bringing this fantasy to life.

Monica's soapy hands crisscrossed Rachel's chest, then began moving lower. Even though he knew by now that it would happen, he was stunned at the sight of his sister caressing his girlfriend's breasts.

Ross caught himself thinking, "Now you, Rach. Rub Monica's breasts." But he could never say such a thing.

A bubble floated up and landed on Monica's nose. The girls giggled as Rachel wiped it away, replacing it with a kiss. Ross found himself laughing with their playfulness.

Monica continued washing Rachel's stomach and hips, then crouched in front of her and attended to her legs.

"Yes," Ross said softly, not realizing that he had spoken. They both looked at him and smiled.

"We do requests, too," Monica said, only half-teasing.

Ross saw her head just inches from Rachel's pussy. Both girls noticed he was staring at Monica. Her smile turned dirty.

"Do you like my 'position', Ross?"

Monica pressed the back of her hand against Rachel's inside ankle, and her roommate moved her foot to the side of the tub. Monica went on with her sexual teasing.

"Or, maybe you want me here..." she moved her face closer to Rachel.

"Or here..." Monica's lips were now just an inch away.

"Or here," she said, half-muffled as her mouth covered her roommate's clit.

Ross was jacking strong and fast at this sight.

"OH MONICA!" Rachel groaned as she threw her head back into the shower spray. She steadied herself with a hand on the wall.

Monica held Rachel's thighs to keep her balance with her face in her friend's crotch. Rachel felt her give a fast, pulsed sucking to her clit, lips clamped tightly around it. Monica removed her mouth with a loud smooch.

"Is that something like what you want?" Monica asked, licking her lips.

"Oh, wow!" he gasped, slowing his strokes.

"Ross, honey," Rachel said sweetly, "it's okay. Tell us what you want us to do."

"Um... well... Monica washed you, so maybe... next you should do her."

Rachel's sweetness turned a little slutty as Monica rose.

"Oh, I'll "do" her... but first shouldn't I wash her?" she finished with feigned innocence.

Ross gave her a slight smile. He loved how his girlfriend could be sweet and slutty at the same time.

She gestured for Monica to turn around, then applied some body wash to her palms. Monica looked back over her shoulder and smiled an invitation.

Rachel pressed her body into Monica's and wrapped her arms around her. Her hands began to raise a lather on Monica's body as they roamed from her neck to her crotch. Ross' unspoken wish came true as he watched Rachel fondle his sister's graceful breasts.

Rachel's tits were pressed into her roommate's back and she moved her body around, transferring soap from her to Monica. She crept downward like this, until she was rubbing her chest on Monica's tight ass.

Ross was jacking hard again. But this time he realized that he was completely aroused at seeing his sister's nude body covered in a sudsy, soapy film. Patches of bubbles hung below her breasts.

"WAY better than that Playboy," he thought.

Monica was looking down and behind her, making eye contact with Rachel as her legs and pussy were lathered. She took in a sharp breath as Rachel's finger found her clit, and then did a quick dip into her cunt.

Rachel rested her cheek on Monica's soapy butt as she slid her finger back up and in. Monica moaned as Rachel finger-banged her, playing in her box.

"Omigod..." he thought, "she's masturbating her... my, my girlfriend is masturbating my sister!"

Ross was numb with disbelief. But he wasn't so numb that his own hand stopped it's action.

Rachel drew her finger out. "Say, Mon," she said running her fingers along the outside of Monica's labia, "feels like it's time again."

Monica smiled, knowing that this wasn't really true. "Ya think Ross would want to watch that?"

"Well, I don't know," she said looking over her shoulder at him, "But he might want to watch what it leads to."

Monica sat on the edge of the tub, resting her back into the corner of the wall. Rachel grabbed a disposable razor and held it between her teeth as she lifted Monica's feet to rest on the sides of the tub. Monica's wrists hung inside her open knees.

There she was. Ross' little sister. Like she was posing for one of Joey's porn magazines. Ross admired the feminine curvature of her calves and slim thighs. His eyes went to her wet pussy lips and swollen clit. One of the nicest pussies Ross had ever seen. Flat, toned abdomen and stomach. And those perfect breasts.

Ross slowed his hand. But not because seeing Monica didn't turn him on.

"If I cum with Monica like that," he thought, "they'll think I want to... like... do her, or something."

Yet, once the thought of having sex with Monica entered his mind, it was hard to push it away, especially as he took in all that happened next.

Rachel knelt in the tub between Monica's widely spread legs. She applied a bead of body wash to Monica's trimmed pubic hair. Slowly, seductively, she worked it with her fingertips, until it brought a thick lather.

Both Gellers watched her actions intently.

Rachel "accidentally" brushed her thumb across her roomie's clit. Monica took a little gasp. Rachel crinkled her nose and gave her a nasty grin. She created a thick covering of soap all over Monica's genitals.

Monica looked over at Ross, his eyes fixed between her legs. He looked up and she gave him a little smile, before directing his gaze back down.

Taking the razor from her mouth, Rachel gently glided it over the flesh between Monica's legs. She made sure that Ross could see everything she was doing.

The white film was taken away and smooth pale skin remained. Of course, the girls knew it was all for show. Monica had shaved that morning. But for Ross, he'd never imagined anything so erotic as his gorgeous girlfriend shaving his beautiful sister.

Rachel moved the razor down both sides of Monica's mohawk, removing the imaginary stubble.

Rachel grabbed the shower massager and stretched its long hose to the end of the tub. She set it on a gentle spray, and rinsed the soap from herself, then from Monica's body, starting at her chest. Rachel's hand rubbed along her torso and legs, ensuring that she was clean.

Ross' eyes kept following the stream of water down to between Monica's legs, staring at his sister's tight pussy and that strip of hair above. He caught himself jacking hard again, and eased up to keep from cumming too soon.

Rachel crouched between Monica's thighs and washed away the rest of the soap. Her face was very close.

As the last of the suds was gone, Rachel took the flat of her tongue and slowly licked the full length of Monica's pussy.

"Ohhhh, RACH!" Ross groaned, obviously pleased.

The girls looked at him and smiled.

"More, Rachel," Monica whispered.

"For Ross... or for you?" Rachel said, looking up at her.

"For both of us," she said sultrily, as she watched Ross masturbating his big hard dick.

Rachel put her head down and went to work between Monica's legs. She flicked her tongue on Monica's clitoris.

Ross saw goosebumps raise on Monica's legs and arms, as an uncontrollable shiver ran through her body. Yet, with steam still floating thickly around the bathroom, there was no way she could be chilly.

Rachel put her lips around her best friend's clit and sucked gently, while the tip of her tongue continued to dance on the little fold of flesh.

"YEESSSS!!" Monica moaned.

She began groping her own breast, rubbing her chest and neck. Her finger hung from her open mouth as she looked at Rachel. One long French-kiss to her clit.

Ross watched his sister's tits heave gently as she took shallow panting breaths.

"Yes, do that... oh yes... oh Rach, I like that..."

This spurred her partner on. Monica's hand left her mouth and ran through her damp dark locks.

Her eyes were closed and she groaned, "Oh god, Rachel.... oh my god... oh... make me cum... make me cum, Rachel."

Rachel's free hand was at her own crotch, rubbing her clit hard. She wanted Monica to cum, but she couldn't help touching herself.

Her tongue was shooting in and out of Monica's box. Her partner was moaning loudly, just the way Rachel liked her.

"OOOOOhh... OHHHHhhhh... MMMMMMMmmm... oh, RAAACH... lick me... lick me Rach..."

Ross saw the look of ecstasy on his sister's face. He heard her sensual moaning. And part of him wanted to create that look and those moans.

Ross had been keeping himself right on the verge of ejaculation. He would masturbate hard and fast until he was almost there, then he'd back off and slowly stroke himself. Fondling his balls. Thinking about both women sucking on them. Then he'd start the cycle all over, watching his girlfriend going down on his sister.

Monica's mouth hung open as she reveled in Rachel's attention.

"I'm so close... I'm so close..." she whimpered.

Rachel stopped frigging herself and pushed the same finger inside her friend. Her mouth moved up to the swollen clit.

Monica gasped at all the sensations. Hot water flowing over her. Rachel's warm tongue throbbing on her clit. A finger rubbing deep inside her. Monica screamed as she came.


She squeezed her tits as Rachel sped up the finger-action. Monica's screams melded into moans.

"MMMMMmmmm... OOOOhhh... oh, fuck... ohhhh, fuck... oooohhh... ohhhh."

She caught her breath as the orgasm passed.

Monica dropped her feet to the floor of the tub as Rachel rose up to kiss her.

Ross was trying to recover some composure himself, sensing that the show wasn't over.

The girls stood giggling, almost as if Ross wasn't there. They replaced the shower massager and turned the main head back on.

As Rachel helped Monica rinse her back, she asked, "So now what, baby? Do you want to see her make me cum? Or do YOU want to make me cum?"

Then she paused before saying luridly," OR do you want to make Monica cum?"

"Rachel!" Monica exclaimed, gently slapping her roommate's shoulder, eliciting a laugh. "Ross doesn't want to fuck his own sister."

Even though deep down he felt otherwise, Ross took the obvious choice.

"I want..." he cleared his throat, "I want to watch Monica, um, lick you... and stuff."

"Good choice," Rachel winked.

She bent over the open end of the tub, placing her hands on the rim, and presented herself to Monica. She knelt behind Rachel and gently rubbed her clit and pussy lips.

Monica smiled at Ross and watched him as she pushed her finger into Rachel, producing a "mmmmm." She slowly finger-fucked her.

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