tagIncest/TabooFriend's Sister Groped

Friend's Sister Groped


It all began when we got drunk someone went to take ice and passed through Susy's room. Susy was 22 and Michael's only sister who went to college and also worked part-time. He looked in and had a quick grope then returned to tell to his friend who made an excuse and went and by the time I came to know I was the sixth and last guy to grope her tonight.

She was lying on her stomach with her knees on her bedroom floor. She had her little nighty bunched around her waste. Cum was smeared all over her small ass and face. I took a closer look at her. She was a beauty who would get better and better looking the older she got. I remembered two guys earlier in the night talking about getting her after her brother passed out. Then they joked about taking turns fucking her after she was wasted.

When the party had winded down I went looking for them. Hoping to catch a glimpse of them banging her. Or maybe finding the leftovers, which is just what happened.

I wiped her clean and slowly moved my hand over her soft body and then spread her little ass cheeks and took a closer look at her pussy. To my surprise it was bald. I got more and more excited as I looked and decided not to waste any more time. I had taken a jar of Vaseline from the bathroom when I got the washcloth. Next I took my already hard dick and greased it up. Her face was to the side and she breathed lightly like in a drunken sleep. I stood there with my cock in my hand watching her face and thinking about what I was about to do next.

'Should I?' I asked myself.

I pondered this as I continued to stoke my meat.

'Sure!' I answered myself.

'Why not? You don't often get the chance to fuck such a sweet young slut.'

I got on my knees and positioned myself behind her. I slid my cock up and down her crack to lube her up and then plunged into her hot cunt. She let out a gasp as I bottomed out in her slick little hole. Her eyes screwed up and her mouth opened with a gasp.

I didn’t dare to move an inch!

"Oh!" she cried. "Aara mmm glsshh," she mumbled and slurred something un-intelligible.

I slowly moved my cock out and back in, sawing at her young pussy. I moved my hips around in little circles trying to find her sweet spot. She let out another little moan. I had found it. I then began to work it in earnest. Pumping my hard cock into her snatch and then giving my hips a little lift. I wanted to make her cum. I was drunk. Else I would have banged her and left as soon as possible. Her little face was clenched up and her pouty little lips were open and inviting.

"Oh! Whewww! Oh!" she cried.

"You like that you little slut?" I asked slowly.

I began to pound her harder and harder feeling her nearing and orgasm. I was on the verge of cumming but I wanted to do something I had been thinking about for a long time.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy with a slurp sucking sound. I took the jar of Vaseline again and slowly taking a scoop applied on her asshole, then using my finger I pushed the grease in, applying around evenly on her sweet little asshole and then some on my already hard dick. Her ass was high in the air and I positioned my cock over her asshole and pushed very slowly. It began sliding in and I regained my hip movements as I began fucking my friends kid sister’s ass. It was a smooth movement especially since I was on top of her and her small ass contained a load of Vaseline. As her ass was tight

It was like someone clutching my dick with butter. Unknowingly I began to increase my speed and thrust, as I was drunk and also the verge of cumming.

I grabbed her arms and pulled her into me as I fucked with all of my strength. I was banging the shit out of her! I pulled out my dick and pushed in again.

With a pop my cock plunged into her tight little asshole.

"Whaaat??" suddenly she woke up, but I couldn’t stop and thanked the stars that there was only little light, but even if it wasn’t I didn’t care. I was beyond reasoning. I squeezed her small breast and teased her nipples.

"Ohhh... no... no... sto--p this!" she moaned saying no to each upward thrust of her hips as my dick rammed in deeper.

"I can't stop Suzy. It feels so fucking good fucking you." I replied.

"Please stop. Don't do this," she begged as I began to fuck her with hard deep thrusts.

I slid my cock in and out of her creamy asshole.

"Here I come ... Fuck! I'm gonna fill your ass with cum!" I screamed.

"Fuck... ungh... yeah... take it slut."

"Whewww! Ohhhhh...ungh! Fuck! Unggh yeah!" she convulsed,

Cumming with her bucks and heaves. I soon followed suit filling her hot ass with cum. I must have pumped a gallon into her shitter because when I pulled my cock out it starting leaking non-stop and collapsed in a tangle heap on her small body, stuck together in a sweaty mess.

Getting up I turned her around pulled her face to my cock. She tried to resist. I slapped her. As she opened her mouth to cry, I inserted my cock in and held her head by her hair I pulled and pushed her head making her do a blowjob. Usually it’s said that if you are drunk it’s hard to cum, but here I was getting ready to cum again. As I felt her tongue and her sweet lips on my cock it rose to 90 and man wasn’t I heated up. I held her head and began to push to & fro. I rotated my cock in her mouth and told her to suck. As she began to suck I exploded a huge load in her mouth. I held her head till the last of

My cum was drained into her mouth. Then whipping my dick on her small breast teased her hard pointed nipples and made her suck once more. I then told her to lie down and removed her dress with a warning that if she shouted I would kick her ass. She lay there naked. I watched her small breast; her hairless pussy and her pointed red nipples and began to stroke my dick. She watched me as I began to pump my dick with one hand and grope her with the other. Then telling her to turn as my hand groped over her sweet small ass, then spreaded her ass cheeks and teased her asshole. I turned her around and ejaculated on her tender stomach and wiped my dick on her panties. Telling her to dress up, I warned her not to say a word as I left.

The party was over and all was ready to go. We left together saying thanks and special thanks in our mind. As soon as we reached out everyone began to tell his own story of how they groped little Suzy. When it was my turn, I told them. All sat still motionless, in the end; naturally they didn’t believe me and called me a taleteller. Well I don’t blame them - Would you have believed me???

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