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Friends with Benefits


Are you ready for me?

A thrill runs though me as I read his text. Always ready I reply.

11 pm the expected knocking on the door. I open to reveal my very drunk fuck buddy standing there in his suit. His jacket lies folded over his arm. He grins as he watches my eyes light up. He knows I have a thing for guys wearing suits it something about that fitted message of confidence they convey that turns me on.

'Should I put on the jacket for you'? He asks knowing my response already. 'You can' I reply 'but don't expect it to stay on for too long I'm ready to fuck you right now!'

'Sexy ayyy?' He twirls so I can appreciate the full effect. 'Careful now' he admonishes me as I rush to tear it off 'this suit is expensive be gentle'.

He carefully removes his jacket and hangs it safely over the door his considerate actions giving me false impressions as to how drunk he really is. He strides over to where I stand admiring the view and pushes me against the wall. Pinning me against its unyielding force he fiercely claims my mouth. Biting my lips ever so gently he kisses me. In the four months we have fucked I have had one rule (well OK there have been more) but number one - NO kissing. Too intimate. Too easy to fall prey to all those emotional traps that traditional foreplay tends to evoke. It's usually in, out, nice to know you, call you later. It should have been my first sign that tonight rules would not apply.

I knead his groin going along with this new change. I feel his cock stiffen in my hand the sensation bringing me to my knees as I frantically pull down his pants eager to get it into my salivating mouth. He moans as my warm mouth encases his hard shaft but within seconds he pulls me off him.

Why are we still dressed he questions me. You know how visual I am I need you naked. This is a guy who strips as soon as he enters my house and expects me to do the same. This is the guy who refuses to dim the lights. This is a guy who has no use for lingerie. This is the guy who has also given me a newly acquired confidence in my body. A confidence that would soon be completely torn apart.

Almost frantically he pulls off my pj's. I help him unbutton that lovely white shirt. His tie is placed around my neck. 'Come with me bitch' He uses it to pull me into the playroom/dining room. The mood has suddenly changed it is no longer light and playful. He has taken control and I am there to please him. Together we have danced this strange dance of dominance and submission many times before. It is in this atmosphere I am most accustomed. It is where I feel most comfortable. It is here I know what my role is. I know what to expect.

He stands. I kneel. I lightly lick his cock teasing him. I am waiting for him to take command. Mocking his rule. I do not have to wait long he grabs my hair and pushes me down on that cock until it is firmly lodged in my throat. My nose is stuck against his rock hard stomach. He is all muscle this guy. I have no hope against his strength. He can lift me with one arm. I struggle to breathe. I have long since taken care of my gag reflex he knows I can take it but tonight he wants to test me. I feel his penis pulsating in my throat. I explore the shaft with my tongue eliciting moans from above. I try to push off him I need to catch my breath. He holds me there my struggle exciting to him. He soon bores of this position and pushes me to lie flat on the ground. With 2 legs over my head he begins to fuck my mouth like a surrogate pussy.

In and out he roughly shoves. No mercy for the throat I know will be very sore come morning. He loves how this is my favourite position.

He lifts out of my mouth and flips me over like I weigh nothing out all. In one swift movement he has accessorized himself with a condom from some unseen hidden stash. As he slaps my face again and again he forces it against the carpet. He physically bends my knees and enters me from behind. The lack of lube does not bother me but usually I wet him with a little saliva before he fucks my ass. Tonight nothing. I wince. The wince earns me a painful bite on my neck .

He is a biter this guy and my body is marked by various ugly brown or purple bruises on my legs, arms and back at different stages of healing. 'No bruises' I shout 'I have court next week'. 'You telling me what to do cunt??" You fucking dare to tell me what to do?' 'Please' I attempt to explain. My mouth almost sucking carpet as he holds my head down against its dotted pattern ' the tops I have won't cover the bites so high up my back' He ignores me. He bites again I yell out 'owwwwww' I wiggle around trying to dislodge his teeth piercing my skin. 'that's for trying to order me around I'll fucking do whatever I want to do to you'. I groan inwardly knowing this one will be a big bruiser. I dare not complain fearing the repercussions.

He pops out of my ass and throws the condom across the room where it lands somewhere among my daughters toys. I feel a moment of shame as I look at her toys embarrassed for the actions they are witness too. Pinching my nose he gags me once again as I deep throat him as he sits on my chest. He turns around and shoves his ass onto my face. 'lick my ass bitch' resting on my face he smothers me. The weight feels crushing. Tentatively I stick out my my tongue probing his dark hole. I know he will not let up until I have satisfied him. As I rim him he plays with my boobs. Sliding his cock in between them the movement makes my face below feel pulverized. The weight now becomes unbearable. I try desperately to lift him off but my efforts are meaningless to him. He barely feels me.

He moves to play with my pussy. The position now changes and his balls now hang over my mouth. SUCK THEM he commands. My tooth mistakenly catches on one of them. He turns around enraged. 'YOU WILL BE PUNISHED FOR THAT SLUT HOW DARE YOU HURT ME??' I laugh nervously my usual response in such a situation. This doesn't seem to lighten the mood like it usually does. A blow rips across my face. Before I could protest he backhands me again. 'WIPE THAT SMILE OF YOUR FACE DO NOT LAUGH AT ME!' Please don't slap me like that it really hurts. My remark gained me two more fierce slaps.

One more sincere plea. Four more hits. I fell silent. It was at this moment for the first time I actually began to fear that he was out of control.

He drags my body to the other side of the room and pick up his belt. I work out his intention and wiggle away trying to get to my bedroom. He grabs me blocking my attempt to escape. Forcing me to the floor he sits on my chest facing my pussy. Holding my legs open he whips me with his belt right on the most sensitive part of my body. I scream. I have high tolerance for pain but this is way outside the boundaries. I pummel his back begging him to stop but the whips only get stronger. My pussy feels like it is on fire. At this point I am scared. I want out. I need out. I have to get as far away as possible from this guy. My back is literally against the wall there is nowhere to go. His strength once the thing that attracted me to him now terrifies me. I know I am no match for him.

The rest of the night sort of passed in a blur....

Another condom fucking my pussy oh thank god that whipping stopped. I think I'm bleeding. Tie tightened around my neck now I'm chocking. Hands now strangling me. Please I don't want to black out. You have no idea how strong you are. You are so drunk you cannot recognize the capacity of your strength. Lights fade. Hearing dimmed. I see stars. A shoes in front of my mouth. 'eat this dirty bitch' eat this you worthless piece of scum' How does that taste' 'do you like the taste of the dirt?' Condom off. Cock replaces shoe. Jerking motion. 'Tongue out!' Tongue is out strings of cum all over my face. Scooped up into my mouth. I swallow. He falls off me exhausted. Lies down beside me feet up on my daughters play school farmhouse. Noisy snoring. Oh thank god that is over.

Tears fall. I lay there broken. Cum drying on my face. My body hurting. Picture taken for the memory. I pick myself up. Shower. Remove the dirt covering my body. I leave him there.

But three weeks later his cock and I re meet. once again I fall prey to it's charms. I can not say no. He knows my inner slut too well.

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