tagHumor & SatireFrisky Goes To Town

Frisky Goes To Town

byAvalanche Man©

Steam was just billowing out from under the raised hood of the old '52 Chevy stake bed pick up. Very glumly, they sat beside the road and watched the mini imitation of Old Faithful, the geyser. They were actually more concerned about how mad that Paw was going to be when they got back late from the trip down the mountains into town. Paw had a temper, no doubt, and could skin some hide off anyone who crossed him or got him fired up. The old truck was his pride and joy.

As much as the supplies they needed to keep the still going, the antique truck was Paw's baby, and he kept that wooden stake bed in excellent shape and well varnished. In addition to the family business, the cabin, mountain, and that truck were their inheritance, and he told them about caring for all of it as their lives depended on it.

A giant clunking, banging, and loud popping sound had happened before it started blowing the steam out from under the hood.

Paw had been sick for months it seemed, and Sawdust didn't have a clue about how to care for the truck, check under the hood, and barely knew how to drive it. His gear shifting always had a lot of grinding sounds, and bucking whenever he put the clutch back in to shift.

Fortunately, they were down to the main highway, and someone should be along to help them in a bit. Sawdust (Paw said that was what was between his ears) sat looking over Frisky as he waited for another car or truck to come along. Frisky wasn't happy about the situation, but knew that fretting would help. She had on an old shirt of Sawdust's that was tied under her full breasts, and a pair of cut off jean shorts. Paw had always called her Frisky, even though her born name was Emma Lou. He said she was as frisky as a new pup, or a squirrel chasing through the trees hunting nuts. And something about one day she would be out hunting nuts too.

The other two brothers had moved off, and Leroy had even gotten in the Army. But Frisky was the only girl, and getting to be about nineteen, while Sawdust thought he was about twenty one. Sawdust had had full access to her body, and spent many nights for years giving her all his nuts could produce. He knew several of their uncles had enjoyed her young, lush body as he had heard them when they came for family visits. Maw had up and died about a year ago, and now Paw wasn't doing too good either.

Sitting, chewing on blades of grass, they almost didn't notice this fancy Escalade pass, stop, and then back up. A big, big city feller got out and came back to look under the hood of the old pick up, and then talked with them about their plight. Introducing himself as Byron Seville (or something like that), maybe Duville; he had offered to give them a ride and asked if Sawdust could drive. Eyes glittering, Sawdust had told him he could drive just about anything, especially that fancy rig of his. Not only that, but this city guy was totally excited about the old truck and wanted to buy it, just like it was.

Sawdust hemmed and hawed, until Byron had offered to buy him a brand new truck in town, and a good meal at the cafe. Knowing when he had one hooked on the line, Sawdust had dug the title out of the glove box, and signed it over to Byron. His real name was the same as Paw's, and he could finally show he had something between his ears after all.

Byron had called some friend with a tow truck before they had left the old truck. Passing the tow truck and honking at it when they were half way to town had been a big moment in Sawdust's life, as Paw had beat him black and blue before for honking the horn on the old truck.

As they were flying down the highway to town (Man, this Escalade would do sixty in a heartbeat), he noticed Byron in the back seat with Frisky. Through the rear view mirror, he could see she had her shirt open and Byron was slurping and sucking all over her melons. Like a man who hasn't a good meal in several days, he thought as he tried to watch and drive at the same time. When her shorts started coming off, he was told to pay attention to the road ahead and nothing else.

From the sounds coming from the back seat (and a brief peek here and there), he laughed to himself that Frisky was getting some strange (whatever, that meant). The bouncing and wallering in the back didn't even make that Escalade fish all over the road like it would have in the old truck. Dreaming about what kinda truck he was going to pick, he forgot about them carrying on back there until they were almost into town.

Driving straight to the dealer was the first order of business, as Sawdust was going to show what a wheeler dealer he was. Man, they had a gorgeous RED Z71, crew cab that had him drooling at both corners of his mouth. But, Frisky (who had her clothes back on) insisted that Paw wouldn't put up with it, and had chosen a dark green Z71, crew cab. It hurt something bad to give up on that bright red one, but he had to agree with her that Paw would probably kill them if he got something other than the dark green one.

Byron had handled the details at the dealer, and even gave him a new hundred dollar bill to go get the supplies. Frisky had stayed with Byron and told him to meet them behind the cafe once he had everything, and she really emphasized Everything.

In his new truck (with an automatic.......no more shifting ever), Sawdust had gone to the feed store with the list from Paw. He highly suspected what he would find her and Byron up to after he loaded up his new truck with sugar, coils of copper, and the other stuff.

Sure 'nuff, that Escalade was rocking and all steamed up from them both naked, moaning and groaning while getting the most out of.... or into each other that they could. He patiently waited about twenty minutes before honking HIS HORN to get their attention. Climbing out as they pulled on their clothes, they then went around to the front of the cafe. Byron gave him a twenty dollar bill and after saying how glad he was to know them took off for some other business.

Floating home in air conditioned comfort and doing sixty, they were stuffed full of themselves and their bellies were about to bust. Paw would be so proud of them and how they could handle the family business, that he was bound to start feeling better. He could probably get up and around again, and visit their aunts and uncles while they took care of everything for him.

As it was almost dark when they got back up the mountain, they didn't tell him or show him the new truck until the next day.

Instead of delirious with happiness, he had almost had a stroke on them about the new truck and how well they had done. "YOU MORONS........YOU IDIOTS........that truck was your inheritance!!!! There was probably close to a million dollars hidden in that stake bed. You think I took such good care of it just to look at it being shiny. You two stupids will never learn a thing." With that outburst, he had gone back to bed, and had a heart attack a couple days later.

Several months later, as Frisky began to swell and show that she was in the family way, Sawdust thought "Well, at least I did something right, as Paw always said we needed some new blood in the family tree."

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