tagErotic HorrorFrom Devoted to Slave

From Devoted to Slave


I fell for her right from the start and our passion built as did our role-playing. Dana always took the lead in the bedroom and I thought this was very sexy. We started with some D/S play as her verbal taunts and mild humiliation was extremely arousing to me. She picked up on this and escalated our games into BDSM. What an exciting game bondage is, to be tied up and helpless to stop your lover from doing as she wishes is an amazing feeling and I found myself getting hard just listening to Dana talk to me about it.

The first time she tied me to her bed she used silk scarves looped loosely around my wrists and ankles. I knew if I had to, I could escape but the fantasy alone almost sent me over the top. Dana enjoyed this role-play at least as much as I did and she would have thunderous orgasms as she used my face and my cock to satisfy her needs. I worked to obey her command of not cumming until allowed. When she would order me to cum now, I always sent a flood of sperm deep inside her cunt.

I should have noticed the signs, she was having way too much fun being in control, and to tell the truth I was getting off on it too. The signs were all there but I was too horny to pay any attention to them. She always made sure I was very aroused before she'd start making demands of me. As for me, I fell right into step loving the thought of bowing to my queen. It is just the logical next step from light bondage and teasing to sadomasochistic cruelty.

It all went systematically and yet my fall into this world was not even noticed until it was too late. We went from silk scarves occasionally, to where any time I was naked around her I was to be restrained. Next came hand cuffs and I remember at the time asking myself, what was the difference, it was not as if I wanted to escape when she had me tied down. Yet it still was all a game to me and one that was very erotic. The realization that I was over my head didn't come to me until that first slap she gave me. I was in my usual position cuffed to her bed and she took umbrage to some flippant remark I made. The blow not only hurt it surprised me and when I said something about it she repeated with another slap. After I apologized, she calmed down but then she rode my face harshly until she achieved orgasm. She then got off me and left the room.

I lie on her bed cuffed and alone, frightened yet still with a throbbing hard-on. At the time, I didn't understand but the worse she treated me, the more aroused I became. How long I lay there I do not know but my arms and legs ached from the restraint. When she came back into the room, she was dressed and I felt strange being naked in front of her. She took a bottle of lube from her nightstand and as she poured it over my cock she told me it was now my turn. I was still afraid of her and I couldn't tell if she meant it was my turn for pain or pleasure. It is only now that I understand it is always both to her as my pain is her pleasure.

She began to rub me and with the lube, it felt like heaven, with just a few strokes I began to feel that urge to cum so I warned her. She squeezed my cock hard and then she slapped my balls painfully. Then she started again and it felt so good but then another slap to my balls. She repeated the procedure enough that I was afraid to cum and this must have been what she was waiting for then she played with me until I came in a torrent. However, this did not stop her as she continued to rub me vigorously. Even though I was no longer hard, she kept me stretched out with her hand.

I begged her to stop and that I would do anything she wanted. This was what she wanted to hear and she uncuffed me and told me to kneel before her. I now knew my place and answered her with a 'Yes Mistress' and although this made her smile, she still kicked me in the nuts to show me she was now in control.

I'm now her slave and I know it. I live in fear of her and yet I can't escape for that would lead to a life I don't think I could live. Here I am trapped between the fear of being with her and the fear of being without her. Somehow, she knows this and takes full advantage of my weakness and me. I keep thinking I should get out and escape from this abuse but to me the alternative is more fearful.

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