tagBDSMFrom Russia with Love

From Russia with Love


"This place is so fucking warm" Bram complained.

He was in a luxury hotel room and currently he was tied spread-eagled on the bed after finding out his girlfriend was working for the KGB. Most people would have considered the heat to be the least of his problems but that didn't stop him bitching about it. He continued to stare longingly at the large window wishing it open.

Bram hadn't expected the warmth of all things. As far as he was concerned Russia was supposed to be a frozen wasteland and here he was being boiled alive.

"I expected torture but this is a bit extreme don't you think. How can you not be burning too?" he whined.

She tried to ignore him so he tried again.

"Hurting yourself just to hurt me, its not healthy." He said sagely as if imparting great wisdom. Teasing her was his habit.

Natasha threw a pillow at him. She would have preferred to throw something a little harder but she wasn't paying attention to what she was picking up, she just grabbed the closest solid object.

Responding to him was her habit.

She hurried as she searched the room trying to find it. She just had to grab it and get out of here.

"I thought Russians could deal with the cold."

"We deal with it very well by wearing warm clothes outside and having proper heating inside." She snapped back at him. Part of her knew that he was just trying to distract her but she couldn't help herself. He really knew how to get under her skin.

"You know your problem is you always need to get the last word. Its why it would never have worked out anyway."

She fumed at him but managed to remain silent.

Then she paused as an idea crossed her mind. She could gag him!

Looking around she tried to find something quickly. The place was a mess with clothes strewn everywhere, opened board games and even a box of cables and wires in the corner that Bram had insisted on bringing. Neither of them were very clean people but this level of mess was impressive. She had half wondered if Bram had been trying to make a mess in order to hide it better. As she scanned the room nothing really looked suitable for a gag, things were the wrong shape, he would be able to spit it out etc till she saw-

It made her cringe but she supposed it would do. Grabbing some of her panties which she had dropped on the ground the day before she pounced onto the bed next to him.

"Wha-GGRABBBAH" he groaned as she stuffed her smelly underwear in his mouth.

Then she stuck her tongue out at him just a few inches from his face.

Feeling much better she went back to searching.

Over the next hour she looked through every pile of clothes in the room. She went through the pockets and checked it wasn't in the folds of the fabric. She looked in every drawer and under the furniture. She looked in the bathroom and the main bedroom. She searched each and every corner of their room and the en suite. She searched and searched and eventually she just gave up.

She had wanted to find it on her own but to her frustration she had to accept that it was not going to happen. She had to get the information from him.

"Pah pah-" Bram panted and spat when she pulled the panties from his mouth.

"Did you find it yet?" he smirked at her in that way which she both hated and loved at the same time.

"Oh very funny, no I didn't now tell me where the fuck it is!"

"I don't know what you are talking about, your clearly looking for something but I can't imagine what." He feigned innocence. Sometimes Natasha though that his sarcastic tone of voice and his normal tone were starting to sound the same since he overused it so much.

"Well it looks like we will have to do this the hard way, I have been trained by the KGB to make men talk." Her tone of voice started to change as she said this becoming more seductive and she let her accent become stronger. There was no more pretending now anyway.

She picked up the panties that were formally in his mouth and started to move her hand slowly along his naked chest. The smooth material slid along his skin and down towards his cock, griping it tightly. She was dressed herself of course, and she took her time to enjoy the feeling of having her former lover at the disadvantage. Here he was at her mercy and she was going to have her fun this time.

She started to move her hand until it was stroking his cock through the soft fabric of the panties.

Up and down, up and down.

"You know you were holding out on me while we were together weren't you. You are way better at this than you let on-"

She gripped a bit tighter causing him visible discomfort and cutting him off mid sentence.

"Oh, so the solution to make you shut up is pain is it? I should have realised long ago."

She leaned over him so that he could see down her shirt just a little while continuing her stroking on his cock.

His breathing started to become heavier and she could see the pleasure of his approaching orgasm all over his face. Then suddenly she stopped and applied pressure at the base of his cock tightly causing him to yelp.

She had stopped him just as he was on the edge of orgasm, leaving him frustrated. Then she waited a minute and began softly stroking him again.

"Come on woman! I don't even know what you are looking for."

"Well I guess we will have to keep going at this all day then. Because I am not stopping until I get the answers I need."

She continued her stroking with the panties up and down his shaft. He was leaking precum now and it was getting all over her underwear, but this meant it was being rubbed on his dick and was acting like a lube to make the stroking even more pleasurable.

"Are you going to co-operate?" she spoke softly while gripping a big stick.

"Fuck you" he responded.

As she continued the stroking motion up and down he started to get close again. He tried to keep his face turned to the side and not let anything change his expression. But Natasha knew the bodies of men well and she could feel his cock throb between her fingers. Just as he was about to come she tightly (and painfully for him) griped the base of his cock again stopping the blood circulation and his imminent orgasm.

"Aghhh!" he panted his breath shallow as if he had just been running.

"I really think this is unfair, like when did I ever do anything to you. I have been nothing but the perfect boyfriend and this is how you treat me."

She stuck her tongue out at him again. She thought that having to listen to him complain was the worst fate imaginable but this was actually quite pleasing. She should have taken this option first.

"Okay how about this, I will make you a deal. You finish me off just once and I will tell you where it is, that's fair right?"

"Hah" she snorted derisively.

"You are not in a position to negotiate, idiot."

This time she moved to sit on top of him with her knees on either side of him with his cock directly in front of her. She tossed the panties over her shoulder and now she took him in her mouth. She couldn't see his face but she could feel the muscles in his dick throb as she moved her tongue. She wrapped her tongue around his shaft pushing her head down so that she could even touch the base of it near his ballsack. She moved her tongue expertly against his skin sensing every twitch and jump so sensitively that she knew just the precise moment to pull up and with her hand she grabbed him once more and applying pressure to the right area she stopped his orgasm in its tracks.

"Agghhhh" he bucked his hips upwards and yelled with the desire and the frustration of being denied.

She turned her back to him giving him a good view of her ass and slowly slide her panties down to her knees. She turned round again and his eyes were glued to her naked pussy directly in front of him.

Then as he watched her with batted breath she slowly positioned herself just above his fully erect penis and began to envelop it in her pussy, but the moment his head was about to be touched by her she moved back up again.

He let out a long frustrated sigh.

"Ok, ok, I will tell you where the USB is."

She smiled to herself. Well she was making progress now.

"Where, baby" She spoke slowly, moving her lips in a motion that made it look almost as if she was blowing him a kiss.

"I hid it in my ass"


She was washing her hands in the sink.

For the 4th time.

There were things she enjoyed about this job, it gave her the freedom to travel, she got a lot of money and it gave her the kind of joy that often she couldn't get from anything else. Natasha loved secrets and games ever since she was a girl and there was an excitement to this that made her feel alive.

However having to fist her former lover(who she really didn't hate that much) in order to retrieve classified data was probably a low point in her job satisfaction. It had been a slow and painful process to get the USB undamaged. Too much force and she might break it (and Bram) too little and she would never get it out. It made her regret not trying to introduce him to something that might have made his ass a little looser before now.

But she needed to get going now she sensed something wasn't right. If Bram didn't know she was KGB then why had he hid the USB so thoroughly. She needed to get out of here as soon as possible.

She went back out into the bedroom and saw a still naked and gagged Bram( gagged with the same panties which were now covered in his precum) still tied up on the bed.

He still hadn't even cum.

She blew him one last kiss and left.


The moment she left Bram got to work. He knew he didn't have much time to catch Natasha and he only had one advantage.

He knew where she was going.

He hadn't tested the restraints before now since there was no point with her there he would never have got far but now with her gone he had a chance.

She had tied him with rope but it was substandard. She must have been limited in what she could have brought through airport security. She was being sloppy too, the knots should have been tighter.

It was almost as if she had wanted him to follow her.

He started to twist his wrist back and forth trying to loosed the knot. It chaffed at his wrist and hurt his skin but he kept going as fast as he could. As his arm twisted back and forth, he started to make slow progress.

He only hoped he still had enough time. If he couldn't catch her...

They would both be in trouble.


Natasha was thinking about how great things would be. She would be rewarded handsomely for everything that she had accomplished. Central Command would be very happy with her.

This was her moment of triumph.

But it didn't feel right. She felt a pull to the hotel still and a feeling of wanting to go back there. She kept going over reasons to go back and cover her tracks, to kill Bram or something but none of her plans made sense. She didn't need to go back. Somehow though she kept getting this feeling that she was headed in the wrong direction towards the wrong future.

Natasha had known that their relationship could never last. She knew it was just a job and she would just need to get the data and then get it back to Moscow. But that didn't mean that there weren't nice things about the relationship. She found herself daydreaming about the times she had spent with him. She had always enjoyed the nights with him the most, lying in bed and falling asleep beside a lover was always nice but with Bram it had been different for her. She would often lie staring at him before sleep just memorizing his features. She felt certain that she would never forget his face no matter how long she lived.

She was jolted awake by the sudden stopping of the car.

"This is the place right?" The cab driver a middle aged man looked at her hoping that he could get rid of her as soon as possible. He had been shocked to find that she wanted to go out of the city to a remote location. He had driven her for god knows how long and he wanted to back to the city as soon as possible.

"This is the place" she snapped at him, irritated at being woken from her daydream. She got out of the car and tossed a wad of money in his direction.

"You never saw me."

And with that she set off up a hill and into a forest.

She had been told to get the data to a secure location which was located deep in the Russian wild. It was a secret facility that wasn't on any map anywhere.

It took her about 4 hours of hiking but she could easily have gone longer. It felt good to be hiking and breathing in the fresh air. Away from the city it was calming and she found herself starting to loosen up and let go of all the stress of what was going on. Out here it felt as if none of this was really happening. It was just her and the woods. She always loved pushing her body to its limits and she made good time hiking up through the trees ascending to the top of the forest. It helped that she came prepared with a massive backpack containing everything she needed and all the right clothes to keep her warm. She even had a fold up tent.

Eventually she made her way to the river where 2 row boats were waiting for her.

2 rowboats.

Something was wrong, there was supposed to be one boat so she could travel down the river quickly and leave no tracks. No one was supposed to follow her. She considered destroying the second boat but then thought better of it. She would go and wait further down the river and watch to see who would follow her. She had her gun with her and she would know they were coming. She needed to know who they were. No should know about this place.

She got into one rowboat and started rowing. She needed to go as quickly as she could so she could set up and leave whoever it was far behind. Rigorous physical exercise was compulsory for all Russians but in the KGB you need to be pushed to your limits. She had been trained in almost every physical activity imaginable and required to excel in general fitness. A casual observer might have mistaken her for a crazy Olympian training for a gold medal in the cold.

She covered an impressive distance in just one hour. Although she normally had excellent stamina Natasha was breathing heavily. She had been rowing as fast as she could to get to a good position quickly. The trees here on the bank were the highest and she had plenty of foliage to cover the boat. As she pulled up ashore and hid everything she settled in to wait. She took her gun out and watched, ready to shoot whoever came down that stream next.


It had been so close.

He had put enough friction on his restraints that eventually they were weak enough for him to break. He got out of bed and raced down the stairs as fast as he could.

Women screamed as he went past flashing them. He knew there was no time to lose so he didn't even get changed. Instead he ran down the hotel stairs stark naked. He eventually got to the exit and had just enough time to spot Natasha getting in a taxi. He quickly memorised the licence plate as the car drove off. If Natasha had bothered to look behind her she might have seen a crowd of shocked onlookers and a single naked man with a big grin on his face.

He had to ask at the counter about getting back into his room. He had locked himself out since he couldn't exactly bring his key in his pocket. He realised he would have to hope she help him and not call the police.

"Hello, can I ask you for a hand please?" He smiled trying to seem friendly.

Everyone was staring at him. He could even hear some giggling from behind him and the angry voices of parents. He supposed he should consider himself lucky that he hadn't been thrown out yet.

"My room is upstairs and if you check inside all my identification documents will prove its my room. I seem to have forgotten my key" He tried to make things sound as if this was no big deal. Maybe acting normal would help her to stay professional as well.

The receptionist was a young woman in her early 20s and she was at a loss for words staring at this man who seem to have no shame. The problem was if he was in the room she thought he was in then she couldn't call the police. He was in the most expensive room in the hotel and as her manager liked to say "the customer is always right -especially the rich ones". As she tried to focus on the procedure for helping him she couldn't help but have her eyes drawn to his member which was still erect and wagging every time Bram moved.

"Eh, eh well if you could, em right this way sir I will just grab the master cock- I mean key, ha the master key I mean and- " She tried to speak normally but she kept stuttering and getting her words wrong. This had never happened to her before and she hoped it would never happen again. The awkwardness of the situation made her feel mortified trying to pretend she wasn't leading a stark naked man up to the most expensive suite in the hotel.

She led him into the elevator hoping to get him out of sight and get him back to his room as soon as possible. The downside was that the elevator had mirrors on the walls which made it very hard not to look where she was trying very hard not to look. It was the most awkward moment of the poor girls life.

"This is it sir" She laughed nervously as she fumbled with the keycard lock when they got to his room. It took her a few tries to get it open.

"Thank for your service you have been most helpful. I will make sure to mention to your manager that it was a pleasure to stay here." Bram had a big smile on his face. He always seemed far more immune to the embarrassment of nakedness than other people. However he couldn't resist having more than a little fun at someone else's expense.

"Well I do hope you eh, enjoy the rest of your stay" She squeaked before running off her cheeks completely red.

With a quick laugh as she ran off Bram turned his attention back to the matter at hand finding Natasha


Bram was able to enlist some help to find out what he needed. He made a quick call on a secure phone and his CIA contact helped him track down the taxi driver. After hunting him down Bram threatened the man with a gun and got him to tell him everything. He forced him to drop him off at the same location Natasha went to intent on following her.

But he got more than he bargained for.


"She went into that forest really and I don't know how far it goes I promise. Please let me go now!" The man cowered in fear.

"Don't tell anyone or I will come back and kill you!" Bram yelled at him as he marched towards the forest. It was just typical of Russians to make Hiking a requirement to get to a safe house. They probably thought it made it more secure.

What made this situation worse(other than Bram's general disdain for physical activity) was that he had no gear with him so he had to catch Natasha before long or he would end up dead from exposure. But if he went back for a tent or any supplies he would be too late. He had press on but he didn't know how he could catch her. She had a massive head start and she would be able to travel much faster than he could.

But he had to try.

He was lucky he had a GPS app on his phone or he would have been screwed. It was kinda ironic that he downloaded it for the last vacation he had gone on with Natasha. She had gone on and on about the great outdoors and yada yada (he tried to tune her out sometimes) but he got an app just in case she got them lost. Now he could use it to find her. He had some Intel on the location of the safe house so he knew the coordinates. He also knew there was a river where there should be a boat waiting for him.

His plan was so messed up now.

He pressed on through the forest knowing that this was going to be awful. He wasn't made for this kind of thing and he knew how painful it was going to be. It wasn't long before he started to feel the effects.

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