tagBDSMFrom Sweetie to Slutty Ch. 07

From Sweetie to Slutty Ch. 07


I made it to my morning classes and went back to my room at the hotel. All of my gifts were there. The clothes, sex toys and the stripper outfit. There were also some fresh flowers along with a note from Bob.

"Katie, this note was written yesterday, so technically, it does not violate the terms of our agreement. Smile.

A few things... First of all, here are your gifts. Feel free to keep it all, but it has occurred to me that living in a small dorm room with Bobby's girlfriend Kelly, you might not want to bring all of your presents. I will have Donny hang on to the items that you leave behind until such time that you know what you want to do with them. More on that later.

I am sure the guys told you that you made many fans this weekend. They have all agreed to leave you be, as otherwise, they would all chase you and it would be untenable and uncomfortable for you. The understanding is that they each have the right to see you if you get in touch with them. Bobby will be providing you all of their contact info at a later date. You can do with it what you wish though I cannot promise that I would permit it as your Master if you opt to go that way.

As for Thursday and your decision... I want you to think carefully, because if you walk away, I will not pursue you out of respect and my offer will expire.

What I require from you is this: Tell me what it is you want and how you envision our future.

If I like your vision, then we'll be together. If I see problems, I will address them and tell you how things need to be.

Think about the ways that you have already submitted.

Don't just think about the act itself, think about what you felt mentally and emotionally during the act and during the lead-up to the act. You had a lifetime of experiences in a few days. With some time to reflect, what are the things that truly excited you? How can we pursue these things together and how will you meet my needs? Do you truly understand submission? Do you want to pleasure your Master that way or is it just a sexual release limited to times of arousal?

Think about all you've done. Think about what your desires will be as you move forward. I will be calling at 8pm on Thursday. Make sure you are in a place where you can be free to speak openly.

And Katie, remember -- there is to be no sex and no sexual release until after 8pm on Thursday. Do not disappoint me on this.

Goodbye until then, my sweet little slut."

I was soaked. What is it about this guy that keeps me on edge? He just owns me and I love it.

I had told Kelly that I was staying with my Aunt in Boston for a few nights before she heads back to her other home in England, so I was covered as far as my absence from my dorm room. It also gave Bobby a chance to get comfy with Kelly before all three of us were in the same room together. It was going to be very weird. Bobby and I had now done things together that he would never be able to do with Kelly and we needed to find a way to cloak our newfound intimacy. This was going to be one of the hardest parts of my new reality.

For those who wondered just how my body could have accepted all that sex without getting swollen and sore, you can rest easy. I was now in the very strange state where I was horny as hell, but far too sore to act on it. My ass, pussy and throat were all feeling the after-effects of my extended gangbanging. Now that all my adrenaline had faded, I was feeling the lingering realities of my actions and my men's actions. Having to wear underwear with my jeans wasn't exactly helping either.

I got into an oatmeal bath and relaxed for a bit as I reflected on all the antics of the past week. My life was now going to be different and I have to admit that Bob was right about sexual sobriety. Everything was moving into a different context. I blushed as I thought about some of the really dirty things I did, but as I blushed, I felt that now oh-so-familiar tingle inside of my pussy. Still, I felt no shame for what I'd done. I felt a little guilt over Dave, but seriously, if Dave had been man enough to open me up sexually, I never would have needed the sexual intervention that I got. I would have rejected it.

Whatever people might think about what the guys did with me, to me and for me, there is one fact that can't be ignored. These guys gave me a sex life where before there was nothing. I had been so unsexed that I didn't even think I was missing anything. Now it was up to me. I could go whatever way I wanted to go. I had all these amazing men at my disposal and I had a new found sex drive to feed. I wouldn't go back even if I could.

I showered off the oatmeal and got dressed in some of my new pajamas. They were sexy but also very comfy. I went through all my new clothes and took the stuff that I wanted to wear at school. I put the rest aside. I took the vibrator and, per Master's orders, the Ben Wa Balls, but left the rest of the goodies from the sex shop. I had no place in my dorm room to store a fourteen inch dildo and explaining that one to Kelly was not something I was going to risk.

I ordered a nice dinner and a bottle of champagne to go with it. I ate and did some homework and went to bed to finally get a good night's sleep. I awoke early and ordered a big breakfast with plenty of fruit. I ate, showered and got dressed in plenty of time to make to my 9am class.

Donny said he would take care of my things and he thanked me for being so much fun to serve. I gave him a non-sexual kiss on the cheek to show my affection. I knew we'd likely meet again.

I enjoyed my classes and went back to my dorm afterwards. Kelly was out somewhere so I had time to get settled. I got through my school work and penned a letter to Dave that let him know about my intention to see other people. I strongly suggested that he do the same. I went on to say that I would always love him, but that I owed myself some time to be alone. I left no doubt that it was over for now and asked that he not call me and that I would reach out to him when I was ready.

I put it in the mailbox downstairs and I felt a lightness come over me as it left my fingertips.

The deed was done.

My Master will be happy with me. Though I could not commit to him until Thursday, I was already wanting his approval. As much as I had internal conflict as to how I wanted to proceed, what I really wanted was for my Master to be happy with me.

I wanted to be a good girl at school and his submissive slut on the weekends. Could I continue to reconcile myself as two people? What would happen when school was over? What would happen if I committed to him and he rejected me? I was very confused as to my own wants and fears. The only thing I understood was that I wanted Bob to be happy with me. He understood me where I did not. I had the sense that Master knew what was best for me where I only had an inkling.

I was a strong woman. That's where my conflict was.

How could I be a strong woman and submit to another? By giving a man control of myself, was I doing some kind of disservice to all women? Could I somehow be both at once? An example of a strong woman and a submissive slut too? There was something deep inside of me that I couldn't reconcile. Something that was sticking in my emotional and intellectual gears. Were those feelings my better judgment? Or, were those feelings the things that Master would help me through?

Was my Master the guide? Could he show me the light or would he only shield me from it and make me feel safe in a fake world? If I was kept safe in a fake world, would that be a life worth living?

I was adrift and I knew it. Metaphorically speaking, if I was floating down a raging river, Master seemed like a branch that could bring me to safety. Was he a projection or was he real?

I worried these free-flowing worries, but in truth, they were only worries. It was nothing that was going to stop me from following Master.

When I got back to my room, Kelly was there. She was glad to see me and she wanted to make sure that Bobby and his friends were nice to me. I assured her that they were more then nice.

The understatement of a lifetime for sure.

We chatted and went to dinner together. I knew deep down that the Bobby thing was over and that I posed no threat to Kelly, so I wasn't carrying the kind of guilt that I thought I'd be carrying. Truthfully, I was getting gangbanged, and if Bobby was going to be faithful that was up to him. I was in no position to say no to anything when he fucked me the first time. He was the one who was supposed to protect me. He never stepped in. In truth, I loved him for it. Still, the person who would need to answer Kelly if the truth came out was Bobby. Thankfully, the truth felt well protected at that time.

I told her creative tales about my well-to-do Aunt Karen, who took me on a huge shopping spree and gave me extra cash for my second semester without telling my folks. This was a nice clean way to explain all my new toys. I also told her that Aunt Karen had introduced me to this cool guy and that I might go to see him this weekend or maybe next.

I made up a lie about him being from New York.

She asked a ton of questions, but I said that I'd only met him once and that he had kissed me when my Aunt was in the kitchen and that I kissed him back. He was a rich guy who worked on Wall Street and I was a business major.

I went to bed early and got another solid night's rest. I woke up feeling like myself, but with new strength. I felt limber and strong and... horny.

As I stretched I realized that Kelly was already off to her early class and that I was alone with my vibrator. There is no doubt that I would have stuffed myself silly if not for my Master's orders.

He knew he had to tell me.

This was more evidence of his wisdom and more reason to submit to him, I thought.

I got up and took a cold shower. Not sure if they are supposed to work for women or not but I gave it a shot. It made me horny.

I needed 8pm Thursday in a big way and I wanted room service in more than one way.

I wonder what ever happened to those guys? They probably got fired for disappearing for so long. I hope it was worth it.

I settled for the school cafeteria. Eating that food was definitely pushing me towards Master. I'd been spoiled for a few days and I wanted more.

I had a full load of classes and a night class too, so I was pretty tired when I finally got home. Kelly and Bobby were watching TV and I joined them. It wasn't that weird for me, but I'm not so sure about Bobby. He seemed a little squirmy and I wondered what was up. Was he afraid he was going to call me slut by accident or did he just want to be deep-throated?

I'm so bad.

He left around 11pm or so and I got another good night of sleep.

Thursday was a full day too and being able to keep busy was a blessing for sure. After a long day of classes I hit the cafeteria and had another scrumptious meal. I was back to my room by about 6pm.

I had two more hours to kill.

It occurred to me that I hadn't thought about my answer in some time. I felt like I had done something wrong. Like I had gone too long without thinking about my Master. For the next two hours, I sat and I thought. Kelly had night class from 6:30-9pm, so I felt like I had the most privacy by just staying home.

I wanted to just say yes, but I wasn't exactly sure what the question was going to be. I knew that I had to be with Bob. I needed his guidance and his huge cock too. But, what was I giving up? What would life be if I just followed my own instincts? Who was going to help me find myself, Master or me on my own? I guess a lot of submissions start this way, but my heart told me that Master knew best.

The phone rang at 8pm on the nose and I answered on the first ring.

"Hello, Master."

"Hello, Katie. Have you given thought to our relationship?"

"Yes, Master."

"What conclusions have you come to, Katie."

I didn't hesitate.

"That you know what's best for me."

"Anything else?"

"I need you to teach me about myself."

"Good, girl. Anything else?"

"I am a strong woman, but I want to submit to you. I am somehow two women. The strong woman and the one with the need to do anything and everything you say."

"Yes, Katie. That's where I come in isn't it?"

"Yes, Master."

"Katie, if you give yourself to me now, I will be your Master whenever you are in my presence. Additionally, you will follow certain rules at all times. We'll go over these rules this weekend. If you opt to continue with me at this time, you will be ready every Friday at 3:05 pm. You will take with you only the things you need to study. You will get straight "A" grades this semester or we cannot continue. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Master."

I was now soaked between my legs.

"Good. This is a totally non-negotiable point, Katie. You will graduate with perfect grades. It's important if we are going to fulfill my vision for you."

"Yes, Master. I will be good. I will study harder than I ever have in my life."

"Good girl. I know you will. Now that you have some understanding of how things will work, you should know that this arrangement will last until the end of the school year. At that time, we are both free to evaluate. Until that time, we have a commitment to each other. You are mine to use as I see fit and I am entrusted with cultivating your inner slut and helping you to find your light, whatever that may be and wherever that leads us. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good girl. Now, tell me who you are."

"My name is Katie. I am Master's submissive slut. I exist to fulfill my Master's wishes."

"That's a good girl."


"Yes, Master."

"My name is still Bob. In time, you will learn to tell what name to call me and when. One easy rule. If we are in the company of others, I am Bob unless you are told otherwise. When we are alone, I am still Bob, but it is up to you to figure out when Master is in the house. My tone will be easy to read. My body language will say what needs to be understood. When I get into that place, you must join me. As long as we are alone, it's always ok to call me Master if that's what you want. Lastly, there is the possibility of punishment if rules are broken. The severity of punishment is dictated by the transgression, but also your limitations. I'll never hurt you in a lasting way. Is all this understood?"

"Yes, Master"

"Good girl. Now for your weekend itinerary. You will be ready at 3:05 outside Felner Hall. Look for Donny's car. You've seen it before. Donny will take you to the plane. You will be in my presence late tomorrow evening. We will have you back by Sunday evening. There will be ample time to study on the plane, but you will let me know if more study time is required. Is all of that understood?

"Yes, Master."

"Good girl. You may indulge yourself in an orgasm tonight. Do that for yourself as soon as you get off this call."

"Oh yes, Master. Thank you!"

"You've earned it, my pet. After you cum, I want you to start practicing with the Ben Wa Balls. You will go for a walk tonight before bed with both of them inside your pussy. You will wear them all day tomorrow. They will help to keep your pussy nice and tight and they will keep your floor strong. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good girl. I will see you tomorrow evening, Katie. Goodbye for now."

He hung up. I was soaked and I fished the vibrator out of my bag. I still had over an hour until Kelly got home, so I knew I had enough time. I pulled off my pants and thong and turned on the vibrator. I was already swollen and ready to cum. I had promised Master that I would only cum once, so I started slowly, by working around my clit and then penetrating myself. It was a big vibe and it tickled me deep inside as I raked it over my g-spot. I humped the big toy for five minutes or so and even without any clit stimulation, I was going to explode.

I slowed down a little and laid back on my bed. I kept pumping my pussy with deep slow strokes and when I knew I was going to go off, I started rubbing my clit with my free hand. I came with a flourish and my screams were loud enough that my neighbor was knocking on my door a few seconds later.

My hips were still shaking as I threw on my sweats, put the electric boyfriend under the bed and went to the door. It was Gracie from across the hall.

"Katie, are you ok? I thought I heard screaming."

"Oh, sorry, Grace. I was talking on the phone and I was laughing so hard it must have sounded like screaming."

She looked at me kinda funny and left. I was going to need to get better at this masturbation thing. Screaming as I did all weekend was not going to work.

I decided to go for my walk now and I locked my door and took out the Ben Wa Balls. They were pretty big, but I was already soaked and they slipped right it.


When I stood, they felt like a tampon a little, but bigger and when I moved they sort of came alive. This was going to be interesting. Master was with me it seemed. I got up and walked into the other room. I put on my sneaks and took off. I was squeezing my muscles to keep the things inside me and it felt rather delicious and naughty. I wondered if I would get in trouble for having an orgasm as I walked.

I thought they were going to fall out, but I was doing well. I walked through the center of campus and took a short stroll before turning back. My pussy was gushing with excitement. It might have been the knowledge that I was going to be wearing the things in class all day the next day.

On my way back, I ran into Bobby and he stopped to ask how I was doing. I went to speak and my voice cracked. The balls were having a greater effect than I'd realized when all I had to do was walk without letting them fall out. Perhaps tomorrow would have its challenges.

I told Bobby that things were good and that I had a great time on our trip. I got most of the words out, but I know he sensed something. I was breaking into a sexual kind of nervous perspiration and I told him I had to get going. I headed back to my dorm and was able to keep the balls inside of me.

Kelly was home when I returned and I excused myself to the bathroom where I removed the balls. I missed them a little bit after I took them out, but it was a lot easier to concentrate this way.

I went to bed early and got as much rest as I could just in case I needed it. As I lay in bed, I had an uneasy feeling knowing I could end up anywhere in the Western Hemisphere by the same time the next day. I knew I had to follow Bob without equivocation, but only a fool would do so with no fear.

I trusted my Master, but trust is a complex thing. I needed to boil my trust down to its bare essence. I was determined to use simple trust versus complex trust. To not use my active mind at times when I am better served by my more primal instincts. My active mind housed all of my doubts and fears and those things led to 20 years of stale existence. Master was going to get me out of my own head and then he was going to reintroduce me to myself. At least that's the vision I had.

I had a newfound strength, but it only made me lust for more.

My submission to Master was incredibly powerful and I wanted it to be fulfilling, but I also sensed that I was not going to be a submissive my whole life. It felt like taking an avenue versus arriving at a destination and that countered a lot of what I had read on-line where folks wanted to submit as a lifestyle.

I was at the beginning of an adventure and I was also coming off of one. Life was exciting and I didn't want that to change. I had a deep sense that I was doing something that I would not regret though my mind was throwing warning flags up left and right.

In so many ways, I had become two people. One thing I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt was that I could never lead a boring life again. There was as much cost in that as in anything else I could think of. You just don't get time back. I wasn't going to waste any more of mine.

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