tagSci-Fi & FantasyFrom Terra Ch. 04

From Terra Ch. 04


Author's Note: I first started writing this series in 2006. Now, eight years later, the fans who read my blog voted that this be one of the series that I try to finish this year. It's a challenge and definitely a wonderful one. I'm going to do my best to keep the transition seamless, but I have a feeling that the Chryssa who exists in my head now is a little different than the Chryssa who existed in my head eight years ago. But I hope that you all enjoy anyway. It's very odd to be picking up a series after so long, but I hope to do it justice!


Chryssa was rudely awoken by a hand shaking her shoulder. She moaned as she rolled onto her back, her body aching in places that she hadn't known existed. The alien that had taken her the night before had battered the inside of her pussy with his wriggling cock and she'd had so many orgasms that everything that wasn't sore felt overly sensitive.

"Up, up," said Matron rudely, throwing the covers off of her and exposing her body to the sunlight. "I don't have much time to waste with you, the house will be open for the night soon and I need to get you to Tralek before that."

Blinking sleep away from her eyes and she tried to decipher Matron's words, Chryssa pushed herself into a sitting position as Matron rumbled away, her round gray body lurching over to the large tube, Chryssa stretched and tried to work out some of the kinks in her muscles. Completely naked, she inspected her body, but despite the alien's fearsome appearance, he hadn't left any marks. Only her wrists and ankles were a bit reddened, mostly from all the tugging she'd done while she'd been writhing with pleasure.

"Come here, get in," said Matron, seating herself on the floor with her feet dangling into the water, her skirts hiked up to her knees. Her legs looked kind of like an elephant's, thick and stubby. Steam rose up off of the water, looking extremely inviting.

Not bothering to shield her body from Matron's eyes, knowing it would be pointless anyway, Chryssa forced herself from the comfortable bed and over to the tub. The water was hot to the point of almost being painful, but it felt wonderful on her sore muscles. Matron had Chryssa sit in front of her so that she could wash her short blonde hair.

"We will need to grow this out," Matron said, clucking her tongue as her thick fingers worked a lather through the strands. Chryssa just closed her eyes and enjoyed the scalp massage and jets of hot water against her body, trying tune out Matron's words, although it was nearly impossible since there was no other noise except the bubbling of the water around her. "Your customer this morning, Hrrak, was very pleased with you. But you will still not get another customer until you've been more fully trained. The more you earn, the better your lodgings will be. Perhaps one day you will have earned enough to buy yourself out, if you choose... although I've never had a girl choose that before." That last was said with a bit of pride. "Hrrak was part of your training... you might as well make the best of your situation because you do not have a choice. And I hope, after Hrrak, you will be less frightened by some of the other clientele. House Exotica caters to all species, although Hrrak is among the most fearsome of my customers."

Well that was good to know. Those sharp pointed teeth had been quite frightening. Still, Chryssa didn't like the sound of being trained... or being a whore. On the other hand, she was already in a much better living situation than she had been on earth, and it sounded like her best chance of leaving the house, with money and without being hunted, was to buy herself out of slavery.

Stories had trickled to Terra about the awesome technology of other civilizations and the strange cultures out among the galaxies... the humans on Terra tended to be extremely isolationist, so many of the stories had conflicted with each other. Chryssa wished she'd paid a bit more attention to those conflicting stories, maybe she'd have a better idea of what to do.

"Up," Matron said, before unceremoniously dragging Chryssa out of the warm embrace of the water and putting the young woman over her knee. Chryssa squealed as Matron's thick finger prodded her anus.

She truly didn't understand what the alien's fascination was with that particular hole - just about every single one of them had either touched or penetrated it - but she did not appreciate their attention to it! Squirming, she tried to wriggle off of Matron's lap as the thick digit pushed in, making her tiny hole spasm in protest. The sharp burn of penetration faded almost immediately but that didn't stop Chryssa from fighting back.

"Hold still," Matron said sternly. Her thick skin was completely unaffected by Chryssa's nails as they dragged up her leg, making the young woman despair. How could she fight when Matron didn't even feel her struggles?

"OW!" Chryssa shrieked as Matron removed her finger from Chryssa's anus, and the alien's broad, flat hand came down hard on the upturned curve of Chryssa's buttock. It hurt like fire blazing across her skin, and - though she didn't know it - the water from her bath only increased the effect. "Stop that!"

Slaps rained down on her bottom as she started to kick and struggle even more, one of Matron's hands holding her firmly in place while the other smacked her cheeks pink.




The sound of flesh impacting flesh echoed around the room, accompanied by Chryssa's shrieks, threats and, eventually, pleas. Water sloshed and churned as her legs kicked, until she finally ran out of rebellion and slumped over Matron's lap, still kicking a bit, while sobbing her apologies.

"That's better," Matron said harshly when she was finishing spanking Chryssa. Her finger pushed at the entrance of Chryssa's anus again, this time sliding in a bit easier. "I won't have any more nonsense out of you. You should have learned yesterday, you don't have any control here and I won't hesitate to turn your ass bright red whenever it's necessary to keep you in line. There's plenty of good things about working at House Exotica. You will be cared for, fed, housed, and cleaned, you will never need to worry about your survival, and there will be plenty of pleasure for you in this line of work." The fat finger probed deeper, making Chryssa shudder at the burning intrusion, working itself back and forth and loosening up the tight muscle. Why were these aliens so interested in that particular part of her?

On Terra she knew what parts a man and a woman needed for copulation and breeding, but the aliens seemed more intent on pleasure than anything else... still, this wasn't pleasurable! At least not for her. It burned and hurt and felt incredibly strange, not to mention wrong. But the spanking hurt even more and she didn't want Matron to add to the red burn across her buttocks, so she grit her teeth and bore the degrading intrusion.

"Good girl," Matron said, although her tone had more warning than praise in it. As if she was reminding Chryssa that she'd BETTER be a good girl... or else. "Now I'm going to put a plug in this little hole of yours and you'd better keep it in there. If you need to go to the bathroom, you may ask myself or your Trainer or my husband to take it out for you." Remembering how much Matron's husband had enjoyed licking this particular part of her, Chryssa shuddered. She certainly would NOT be inviting him anywhere near the tender, private parts of her body again! "If you remove it yourself, the spanking you just received will feel like a distant dream."

Sniffling a bit, Chryssa wriggled and whimpered as a fat, cool, lubricated plug was pushed steadily into her anus. The tip of it was quite thin, but the fattest part was a bit thicker than Matron's finger and Chryssa's tight hole protested as it was stretched. She squirmed, trying to escape the burn, but then the plug pushed in and she gasped as her anus snapped shut around the little indent between the fat plug and the base. Although she couldn't see it, the base was a circular, flat protrusion between her cheeks, sparkling with a little red gem. House Exotica prided itself of tantalizing all of its customers' senses, including titillating them with exciting sights such as a sparkling gem winking between a human woman's buttocks.

"Good, now up." Matron said, pushing Chryssa upwards.

The plug in her bottom seemed to twist, making Chryssa squirm uncomfortably as she stood upright. Even though the plug wasn't very big in truth, it was certainly the largest object that Chryssa had ever had inserted into that virginal space and the fact that it was to remain lodged in there made her acutely uncomfortable. It already felt like she had to go to the bathroom, even though she knew that she actually didn't.

Getting up out of the tub was awkward as the plug jostled and moved inside of her. She squeezed her anus tightly, worried that it would slip from her body and give Matron cause to spank her again.

"Come here," Matron said sharply, already over by Chryssa's closet, rummaging through the silks and gauzy dresses that were in it. "Stop dawdling unless you want to find yourself over my knee again."

Taking small, mincing steps, trying to reduce the strange sensations that the plug induced, Chryssa hurried over to Matron, who had pulled out what looked more like two silky sheets than anything else.

"Is this it?" she asked worriedly, as Matron used gold clips to secure it over her shoulders and then tied a belt around it. The fabric draped provocatively over her bosom, and without the belt the slits up the side would have shown off every inch of her from the sides whenever she moved. As it was, it was still going to show quite a lot.

Matron snorted. "No need for modesty here girl, you'll learn. Now come on and stop dawdling." This last command was accompanied by a heft smack to Chryssa's rear. The thin fabric of her make-shift dress did nothing to soften the blow to her already red bottom, and Chryssa yelped as she jumped forward.

Rumbling on ahead of her, Matron didn't even turn around to see if Chryssa was following. Of course she did, rubbing her bottom and looking about curiously. This was the first time she was able to see most of the house, which was beautifully decorated. In the distance she could hear the sound of feminine giggles, along with the low rumble of male voices. There was no telling where the sounds were coming from, but she took heart from the fact that she certainly didn't hear anything that sounded bad.

Already she could tell that her life was going to be much better than it had been on Terra when it came to material things. The fabric draping her body was of a material she'd never seen before, it seemed to caress her skin as she walked and she couldn't help but get a sensual thrill as it slid across her nipples and shushed through her legs. The house was decorated in all sorts of bright colors and fabrics, the floor coverings were thick and lush, and explained why Matron had seen no need to give her footwear.

They passed many closed doors, went down two staircases, and finally Matron ushered her into a rather sparse looking room. This was obviously not a room that clients would see; the floor covering was still soft but not brightly colored or as luxuriant as the other halls and rooms, there was only minimal furniture - a bench and a table - and the walls were lined with cabinets rather than being decorated or draped with silk. Sitting on the bench was a hulking mass of a male, completely bare-chested, with long wavy blonde hair that went down to his shoulders, he was studying something on the table in front of him.

"Tralik! Here she is," Matron said, pushing Chryssa into the room. "I have to go see the other girls. Start her on oral, as far as we can tell she was a complete innocent before the Lickens picked her up." And with that, Matron was out the door, shutting it behind her and trapping Chryssa in the room with the male.

As he stood up, she gasped in disbelief. "You're human!" she said, her tone accusatory.

Tralik laughed, closing the folder of whatever he'd been looking at and walking around the table to look her over. Heat bloomed in her cheeks as his lazy blue gaze took in her scanty attire, and she looked down to realize that her nipples had been so stimulated by the brushings of the fabric that they were standing rigid at attention. Immediately she crossed her arms over her chest, hiding them from him.

His laughter stopped immediately and he strode forward. At least half a foot taller than her, more heavily muscled than any male she'd seen on Terra, he was very good looking and more than a little threatening. Chryssa squeaked and backed up rapidly, all too aware that she didn't have any weapons to hand and that a man this size would have no trouble subduing her unless she had something to even the odds. The wall came too soon and she pressed herself against it, keeping her eyes on him as she tried to calculate her odds of getting the door open before he could grab her.

No chance at all, really. Tralik took one look at her terrified face and snorted. "Relax, girl, I'm not going to mark up the goods."

She should be bristling at the implication that she was 'goods,' but she was too relieved by the rough reassurance. While she wasn't afraid to fight, she didn't like the odds of her current situation.

Plucking her wrists from her body, Tralik forced them away from her chest. "Don't ever cover yourself. Unless you're doing it to be teasing or seductive. Otherwise, anyone can see what they want and touch what they want as long as they pay for it."

As if to emphasize this point, he took a breast in each one of his big hands, squeezing the soft flesh gently. Chryssa shuddered but kept her hands at her side. She looked up at him, right into his hard blue eyes. "So what are you going to pay me for this?"

Tralik laughed. "You'll do, little girl." He pinched her nipples, making her gasp, before he released her breasts. The tender little buds throbbed and she resisted the urge to rub them. Something itchy flared between her legs, something needy. "I'm your Trainer, I don't have to pay to do anything to you, I get paid to do it. Now come over here and stop cowering against the wall." He turned and walked back towards the bench.

"I wasn't cowering," she muttered.

"Yes you were," he said callously, obviously uncaring about her pride. Settling his muscled body down on the bench, he leaned back against the table. Chryssa's eyes immediately went to the prodigious bulge at the front of his trousers, which were laced up with some kind of cord. Seeing where she was looking, he smirked. "Don't worry, you're about to get very acquainted with this particular piece of equipment."

Chryssa glared at him again. "How can you be doing this? Shouldn't you be helping me escape? How can you have betrayed your fellow humans like this?"

"Oh get over yourself," Tralik said, unconcerned by the vitriol in her voice. He waved one arm expansively. "You've had enough time to look around. Ever seen anything like this on Terra? If you say yes, you're a liar. Nothing like this exists on Terra. Humans are too busy fighting over wealth and treasures to actually enjoy any of it. We're barbarians compared to the rest of the galaxies. You've been plucked up from a pretty shitty life, scrounging for your survival, and set down in House Exotica, one of the best of the pleasure houses in existence. Your every need will be taken care of. So you'll have to do an honest day's work in return for that, so what?"

"So what? I didn't get a choice! I don't have any freedom! And what they want me to do is... is... SHAMEFUL!"

"You have complete freedom of the house. Once you're trusted more, you'll be able to walk around the streets wherever you want to go. You're free to eat whatever you want, entertain yourself however you want... you have the time and the freedom to learn anything you want. Something you wouldn't have had on Terra. And you're actually free to escape on your own at just about any time too, they don't exactly guard the girls very heavily, because they want females eager for pleasure. As for choice, you could have ended up in the gladiator rings, fighting for your freedom, instead of earning it in a much safer environs. But you're a natural at pleasure, you've liked everything that's been done to you, which is why you ended up here."

Chryssa crossed her arms over her breasts, then shifted them slightly lower as Tralik gave her covered bosom as significant look. It grated on her that she did so, but at the same time she didn't want to get into a stupid argument about covering her breasts when he was imparting so much useful information. Her brain was already churning with the truth of some of what he'd said. And especially with the revelation that she would have a fair amount of freedom. But some of what he said was pissing her off too.

"I was drugged, you moron," she sneered at him. "Every time. Like I said, I had no choice."

This time Tralik really laughed, and Chryssa glared even harder. Which just made him laugh harder. "You didn't know... you really didn't know... Ahh, little girl," he said with a grin. She was getting really tired of being called that. "That drug only works if there's something there to work with. If you hadn't been aroused at all, it wouldn't have done anything more than numb you. But you didn't just get wet, you got more aroused and were more enthusiastic than any other female House Exotica has ever procured. You may not have knowingly chosen, but your body chose for you."

Heat flushed through Chryssa's body as Tralik grinned triumphantly at her, obviously highly amused.

"That's not true."

"Ask around. All the girls here watched the video of you with the Licken, they were all jealous. None of them had that good an intake experience - and they've all stayed on and are enjoying themselves greatly." He arched an eyebrow at her. "And don't say that it's shameful. It's an asset. There's nothing shameful about sex or pleasure. No matter what the leaders on Terra said. They're all a bunch of hypocrites anyway."

That was definitely true. Chryssa knew that more than one of the leaders had indulged himself outside of his marriage. Even as they all preached about morals and the suspect morality of women. It had never seemed fair to her, but it also hadn't affected her because she hadn't been all that interested in any of the men in her village. The only male she'd cared about at all had been her brother.

"Now come here, you're going to learn how to suck cock."

The crude words jolted her out of her thoughts and she narrowed her eyes at Tralik. "Why?"

"Because it's enjoyable. You've already had your pussy licked. And you liked it. So you're going to learn how to suck cock, because males like it. Now come over here. If I have to come after you, I'll spank your ass before putting you on your knees."

As Tralik waited, patiently although with a bored expression on his face, Chryssa's thoughts flew. A lot of what he had said was true. She'd been amazed at the sumptuous luxury of the house. And she had to admit, she liked that part. So far the other things hadn't been so bad, although the plug in her bottom was still a bit uncomfortable. The thought that the drug hadn't been as responsible for her reactions as she'd thought was what really got under her skin.


Maybe it wouldn't hurt to try out what was being offered. She wasn't sure she believed Tralik that escape would be easy, but then again, she didn't know what she would do once she escaped. Stuck on a completely unknown planet, with unknown streets, no allies, no money and nothing worth trading except her body... she could end up in a much worse situation. At heart, Chryssa was a pragmatist. So until she learned more about House Exotica and the planet it was on, she would play along with what they wanted from her.

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