tagNovels and NovellasFrom the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 08

From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 08


ITALIAN PRESIDENT AMATO LUDOVICO STEPS OUT of his home and gives his wife a kiss before walking down to the waiting car in the driveway.

He waves to the driver and walks down to the car and gets in. "Good morning Marco," he says.

"Yes it is sir," the driver replies.

""You're not Marco, my regular driver," the President says.

The man turns around, the doors locking as he does so. "Unfortunately for you, no I'm not."

The car explodes a moment later.


SPAIN'S PRIME MINISTER JOSÉ LUIS REYES wakes to the phone ringing a half hour before his alarm is set to go off. He groggily turns over in the bed and picks up the receiver. "Hello?"

"Is this Prime Minister Reyes?" the voice on the other end asks.

"Sí," he answers sounding slightly confused. "Who is this?"

No answer comes. Instead, the line goes dead. The Prime Minister hangs up the phone and feels a hand settle on his shoulder. "Who was that?"

"I don't know," he says to his wife.

Suddenly there is a load crash that startles both of them. Fear instantly has its grip on Reyes and he has the feeling the phone call in the sudden crash is connected. "Get to the children and call the police," he tells his wife.

But before either can get fully out of their bed the door to their bedroom is burst open and a trio of soldiers step through.

"Who are you?" he demands.

"Your executioners," one of them says raising his carbine.

The other two follow suit and all three open fire, spraying down the Prime Minister and his wife.


PORTUGAL'S PRESIDENT FERNANDO SANTOS Candido looks out the window of his office at the gardens of the buildings contempt with the beauty of the rising of the sun. Behind him the door to his office opens. "António, thank you for coming so quickly," he says not turning around.

António de Santana Soares, the Prime Minister of Portugal, closes the door quietly behind him and says, "It is not a problem Mr. President."

"Have you heard anything about President Ludovico this morning?" Candido asks with a frown forming on his face.

The Prime Minister stands next to the president to look out the window. "So far they have determined it was a car bombing. Do you have a fear sir?"

"The New World Regime has taken credit for the attack," Candido answers. "And yes I have reason to fear an attack António. NATO received a threat six months ago warning them of every country allied would become a target."

Shock and disbelief shadows Soares face for a moment before he lets his logic take over. "We receive threats everyday like many other nations and organizations. What can make you so certain just because of an attack on the Italian president?"

Candido turns to regard the Prime Minister. "Because the New World Regime is the ones that made the threat."

Soares is briefly at a loss for words. "What are we going to do about it?"

"The only thin—" The President suddenly goes silent and looks back out the window. "What's that?"


He points out the window. "That."

Soares follows his finger, squinting though the sunlight to in an effort to see himself. I don't kn—holy mother of—"

His sentence is never finished. An RPG crashes through the window and upon contact erupts into a fireball annihilating the entire office.


THE SAVA BRIDGE SEEMED TO BE rather busy and congested this morning as Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Haramja looks out the window at the sun shining off the water of the Sava River below.

"Can you see what the holdup is up ahead?" she asks breaking her gaze away from the water.

"Not quite madam," the driver replies. "There does appear to be some men in uniform though. Maybe an accident or something?"

"Ugh. I certainly hope not," she says. "I have a busy day today and I certainly do not wish to have it start out late."

"No ma'am."

Prime Minister Haramja sits back with a frustrated sigh and begins drumming her fingers in the door rest when a group of four uniformed figures each carrying a MP5 appear suddenly a few cars ahead of her vehicle. "Well it looks like we may have some answers yet. Are those police officers?"

"It looks that way ma'am," the driver offers.

"Good," she says putting on a smile for the first time since they had entered onto the bridge and this fiasco had begun. "Roll down your window and have them make an escort for us."

The driver nods and begins doing so when suddenly the four figures stop short and raise the MP5s. Before the driver or Prime Minister have time to comprehend what is about to happen the four figure ravish the vehicle.


ANTON KOCBEK, PRIME MINISTER OF SLOVENIA, sits at his desk with his pants dropped to his ankles and his secretary sitting down between his legs. It is not the first time she has been in this position and certainly not the last either of them intend to be.

His secretary, Anja, takes her mouth off his cock for a moment and looks up at him. "Your wife was pretty adamant about coming this by this morning. Are you sure she won't be stopping by?"

"Yes, yes," he answers gruffly. "I made sure we wouldn't be interrupted."

Satisfied she gives his cock several slow, caressing strokes up and down with her hand. She wriggles to sit up, then takes the head of his gorged cock to her mouth. Her beautiful, soft lips part just slightly and she lets them press lightly onto the cum-dribbling head of Kocbek's cock. She purses her lips to kiss the cock, moving her head slightly so to smear his cum, onto her lips. She presses forward letting the rounded shape of the cock push her lips apart then she slides her tongue out to provide a soft, slippery path over her teeth. She ever so slowly and teasingly pushes her head forward so that her mouth, inch by inch, engulfs his cock.

Anton Kocbek moans in a lustful ecstasy at the feeling of Anja's head in his hands as he feels her wonderful and loving soft mouth sliding slowly up and down over his cock. He revels in the feeling of her tongue constantly moving and lapping over and around his raging cock as it penetrates right to the very entrance to her throat.

Then he cums, spurting directly down her throat. As he begins to withdraw, his continually spurts cum coating Anja's throat and then her mouth with the remaining cum. She gags and chokes on it. She is forced to stop though as he plunges it back down her gagging throat and fucks her mouth even more vigorously.

Without warning a knock comes at the door interrupting them. They both freeze. Prime Minister Kocbek let's out an almost silent shit when his secretary bites down a little too hard on his cock.

She pulls off and says, "I thought we weren't going to be interrupted."

"Hush," he commands looking down at her. Then he turns his attention to the door as he struggles to pull his pants up. "Who is it? I said I didn't want any interruptions this morning."

There isn't any answer.

Anja starts to get up, but Kocbek waves her down. "I don't play games," he says, this time with a little more force behind his voice. "I demand to know what is going on."

For an answer the door bursts open, nearly coming off its hinges. In the doorway stands a woman wearing a tight red dress and a MP7.

"Who the fuck are you?" the Prime Minister demands.

Errios smiles at him and says, "Your assassin."

She raises the gun and puts a single round in his head. Anton Kocbek falls back into his chair; the momentum carries the chair and him back until it bumps into the window. Beneath the desk Anja covers her mouth with both hands as she tries not to scream. Errios laughs to herself and walks from the room.

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