tagNovels and NovellasFrom the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 22

From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 22



Indian Ocean

GRINES HAD ARRANGED FOR A SMALL fishing company to take Greyson and Cassidy to Mauritius. The venture was unconventional for the CATU director to have taken but considering the circumstances the organization was currently facing he took what he could get. It was soon proving to be a bad choice indeed.

Greyson looks at Cassidy with her fine body, perfectly tanned skin and lush hair and wonders how much longer he has with her before they reach their destination.

Naked, she pushes off Greyson and moves directly down between his thighs to suck his cock fast and hard. Her tongue races like a devil on his cockhead and her small mouth with its soft luscious lips works miracles on his shaft.

Reaching for her, he strains a bit and lifts her hips over his face, slowly letting her down. Eager she spreads her legs, trying to keep him in her mouth while he moves her around.

Like her he spares no moment and attacks her pussy with gusto. His tongue races up and down, playing with her clit. Twisting his skin around she makes him moan in her pussy, enjoying the sounds of his pleasure.

He plays with her with his fingers and soon her cock muffled cries become louder. When he feels her legs tense, he assaults her clit and makes her cum. Squirming in his grip, her body shudders in pleasure while she continues to try to keep his cock in her mouth.

Escaping from his grip she rides her wet pussy over his chest a few times, bending almost double. He continues licking her when she sits down again until the flow of her juices change from a stream to a trickle.

Stopping the sucking of his cock for a second, she breathes rapidly, "Do that again, please."

Doing as requested, he does it again, this time with more teasing and harder pressure.

Making her cum hard again, so soon after the first, she can't keep him is her mouth and she moans softly, his cock resting against her cheek.

Greyson is surprised with her intense second orgasm and she almost squirts her juices this time. Again she rubs her pussy against his chest, going lower this time before returning to his face. With genuine pleasure Greyson licks her clean again; her body shudders when he comes close to a sensitive spot.

Cassidy moves away from his head and pulls his legs over the side of the bed, sitting on her knees between them. Greyson moves to sit up and wonders what she is up to.

She sits up as high as she can and spits between her breasts which are already moist with sweat. Spreading her spit between her breasts by rolling them against each other she looks at him and smiles and says, "Get ready for the titty fuck of your life."

Leaning up against him, she engulfs his cock between her breasts and moves up and down, licking his cockhead each time it comes up with her long tongue.

Greyson moans hard and deep. A new sensation plays with his cock and it feels wonderful. Rushing a bit, Cassidy moves quickly up and down, jacking him with her breasts. The friction soon becomes intense and Greyson gasps when he is about to cum.

Cassidy takes his cock in her hand and jacks the last few strokes, aiming his cock down to her chest. The angle is wrong, almost painful for his cock and she jacks too hard but Greyson cums loudly, shooting enormous amounts of cum on her breasts. The downward angle makes each burst burn in his cock and shoot out with more force.

Cassidy is shocked at the force and amount with which Greyson cums on her and looks at his cock shooting with naughty fun in her eyes.

A sudden knock raps at the door to their cabin followed by a French accent. "We arrive at your drop off point. The Captain says you need to hurry your departure."

The excitement quickly fades from Cassidy's eyes and she says, "It's too bad we're out of time."

Greyson smiles, "After this mission is over I think we can figure something out."

She throws him a wink and crawls off.

WITHIN TEN MINUTES THE TWO AGENTS were fully dressed with all their gear and on the deck. The only problem was the deck was empty. Not a soul was in sight on the deck or in the water.

"What the fuck?" Cassidy mutters as she pulls out her MP5.

Both agents' guards shoot up as they scan the deck. The only immediate thing they see is the reflection of the full moon's glare across the pristine deck.

"I don't know," Greyson says spinning around with his HK416. "But I'm not liking it."

"I'm sorry to hear that," a thickly accented French voice says.

Recognizing the voice of the captain, both agents turn with their weapon aimed at the man. "What the fuck is going on?" Cassidy says trying hard to keep the irritation out of her voice. "And don't fuck with us or I won't hesitate to put one is your head."

A smile forms on the captain's face. "I think not Agent Cassidy."

"Believe me when she says she will," Greyson clarifies with a knowing tone.

"Then I beg you to differ," the captain says nodding toward the agent's back.

The agents throw each other sidelong glances before giving in to taking their eyes off their target to look back. When they do they realize the odds have just turned to favor the captain.

"Now if you'd be so kind as to surrender your weapons over to me we can take you in quietly and let my country's justice system prevail and maybe you will only serve a life sentence in a jail cell."

"And what's option B?" Greyson asks, stalling for time.

"We kill you, throw your dead corpses overboard and get the satisfaction of doing so."

Greyson looks over to Cassidy. She shrugs and says, "Well it could be worse."

Greyson grins in displeasure before turning back toward the captain. "Why wait this long? Why not turn us over earlier?"

The captain laughs loudly before replying then spreads his hand out toward the island of Mauritius. "The way we see it is whomever you two are sneaking in on to attack may find it generous in their hearts to reward us for uncovering your treachery."

"Rotten fucking pigs!" Cassidy shouts. "So much for patriotism."

"We do have mouths to feed my dear," the captain says drawing out laughs from the rest of the crew. "So what will it be?" he asks once the laughter dies down. "Option A or Option B?"

"How about Option C?" Cassidy offers.

The captain raises an eyebrow.

"We kill your crew and I still put that bullet in your fucking head and we continue with our mission and those mouths you have to feed go on starving."

A smile curves up at the corners of the captain's mouth. "Tenacious, but you are outnumbered and outgunned. I suggest you surrender or we will be forced to miss out on payment and we will kill you."

Cassidy smiles back. "Then you are welcome to try." She drops into a crouch, twisting her torso in the process while swinging her MP5 around firing full blast catching the first of the crew members before any of them have a chance to comprehend what is taking place.

Greyson understands full well the meaning behind her message and is already in a forward roll, moving out of her line of fire and coming up to his own feet to unleash a torrent of fire from his HK416 on those that remain standing.

In seconds the deck is covered in blood as Cassidy and Greyson get to their feet and turn to face their captor. Cassidy levels the MP5 at the captain's head as he steadily begins to walk backward until he bumps into the railing surrounding the deck. "We can work this out," he pleas. "We are after all reasonable people."

"My partner and I are...normally," Cassidy says with a devious grin. "But we can't have you running around giving us up once we here and I did promise you I'd put a bullet in your head."

"We can be resonab—"


The captain's head flies back violently followed quickly by his body. The only noise to follow is the splash of water seconds later. Greyson and Cassidy stand on the deck for several long seconds in the silence underneath the full moon before the young female agent finally breaks it.

"Can you sink this thing without drawing attention?"

"Shouldn't be a problem," Greyson says with a curt nod.

Cassidy nods back. "I saw an inflatable boat back there. It should be good enough to get us ashore."

WITHIN THIRTY MINUTES THE SMALL INFLATABLE craft reached the moonlit shore carrying Greyson and Cassidy unnoticed. After another five the two agents are on the edges of an airstrip.

Sitting on the airstrip are two C-27J Spartan transport aircraft and a single hanger at the opposite end. The tarmac and aircraft seem devoid of any life and the hanger doesn't appear to have any activity either.

Cautiously, the two agents cross over to the hanger sticking as close to the shadows as possible to remain as best hidden as they can. Within minutes they reach the parted doors and step inside without incident. Inside, it looks like any hanger found anywhere in the world. The walls are stacked with crates and the center is wide open allowing ample girth for even one of the large C-27j Spartans outside to sit, but both agents know looks can be deceiving and their Intel says otherwise.

Greyson motions toward the south wall at a group of slightly darker crates and Cassidy nods. They move from shadow to shadow covering each other in case of an ambush, but one doesn't come and in twenty seconds they are standing at the section of crates with a small control panel opened up.

Cassidy pulls out an equally small device and connects the device's only lead to the screen and says "Let's hope this works." A second later the panel lights up green and the entire face of crates slides away revealing an elevator.

"Not the best way to sneak into a facility," Greyson remarks.

"What better way than going right through the front door," Cassidy says putting on a smile. She isn't any more comfortable with the idea than he is but what choice do they have? "Besides, they'd never expect it."

AS THE ELEVATOR COMES TO A stop and the doors part the two agents are bathed in total darkness. The power to the elevator seems to have died and the hall leading out only has a soft glow of light at the far end casting an eerie glow just enough to illuminate the floor enough for them to see that it is there.

"So much for not expecting us," Greyson says angrily.

"Welcome, welcome!" a voice booms through the air. "We have been waiting your arrival since you came ashore. Now please hurry yourselves as we do grow tired of waiting."

"Talk about getting fucked," Cassidy says shaking her head. "What do you want to do?"

"Only thing we can," Greyson shrugs in the darkness knowing his partner can't see the gesture, "we go in and figure something out when we get there."

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