tagNonHumanFruit Fly in the Pie

Fruit Fly in the Pie


Our story begins with the seemingly humble Drosophila bifurca, otherwise known as the fruit fly. The Department of Entomology and Nematology at UC Davis is researching and observing the life cycle of the fruit fly. We have a team of graduate students clamoring for the prized position of research assistant to one Dr. Witt. It seems the research position has gone to Hannah. An intelligent, if somewhat naive, girl Hannah is short and plump, yet very pretty. Her classmates assume she is sleeping with the professor to merit the position. Hannah is very arrogant and flaunts her superior position over her classmates.

Lecture Notes:

Drosophila bifurca has been found to produce reproductive material (sperm) up to 20 times its own body size. The sperm of a 6 foot tall man, if proportionate to that of the champion fruit fly, would be about 120 feet long. The female fruit fly can lay up to 500 eggs at a time.

Hannah: The test lab is prepped for the evening and my lab reports have all been completed and are on your desk, sir.

Dr. Witt: Excellent! Go on and head home for the night. You deserve a rest.

Hannah: Thanks. Have a great night.

Hannah exits and Paul enters.

Paul: Do you think she suspects anything?

Dr. Witt: Not a thing. She's naive enough to believe she was the best qualified to be my assistant. Poor girl. She doesn't come close to matching your sheer brilliance or ambition!

Paul: She definitely wouldn't have the stomach for the true nature of this "project".

Dr. Witt: But she will make the perfect test subject for our specimen.

Both men enter the actual lab together. There they stand looking down on a humanoid figure strapped down to the lab table. His long proboscis, insect-like features, human proportions, and human limbs are indicative of an insect-human hybrid. He patiently watches the two men, his creators, as they scheme. Seeing that their nefarious plan is in place, each goes on to his respective home.

The next evening.

Hannah: I'm all finished for the day. If you don't need anything else from me I'll go ahead and leave for the night.

Dr. Witt: I've actually got a surprise for you. Due to all of your dedicated hard work I'm going to take you on a tour of my actual lab. I figure it's time for my assistant to see what my research is in action.

Hannah is beyond excited, chomping at the bit to sneak a peek at this brilliant man's pet project. As they enter the lab together Hannah is shocked to see Paul, the Doctors assistant from last semester who rumor had it had been escorted off of campus. As she prepares to speak she is quickly injected with tranquilizer and is gently lowered onto the lab table and her legs into stirrups. She is then stripped, restrained, and gagged for good measure.

Paul: She sure has a nice rack and a pretty little pussy. Are you sure we can't test her out first?

Dr. Witt: No tampering with the test subjects! This is the perfect time and we cannot wait until she is ovulating again.

Both men stand back and admire their handiwork. A rattling sounds from the back room as the humanoid senses the pheromones of the ovulating female. Hannah starts to rouse and immediately attempts to scream around the gag.

Paul: Good idea with the gag.

Dr. Witt: Now calm yourself Hannah or else you will get no explanation.

Hannah visibly attempts to calm herself, taking deep breaths.

Dr. Witt: Good. As I'm sure you realized Paul is still my assistant. We needed an appropriate female test subject for our breeding program. We have been attempting to cross breed humans and fruit fly hybrids. However, female flies and human men are incompatible. So we have decided to try the opposite. After mutating genes of normal fruit flies and then that of their ever growing offspring, in a few decades we have produced a humanoid fly-human crossbreed. Congratulations, you are our newest test subject!

At the mention of breeding program Hannah starts to fight again. She looks about wildly as she comes to the realization she is in trouble and the good doctor is actually a mad scientist.

Dr. Witt: Now stop that or I won't elaborate on our plan. That's better. After I revealed my research to Paul he was inspired to take part, however not as active a part as you will play. In the interview process you had to submit to special testing, including DNA. According to your results the "useless" extra DNA in your genetics makes you more susceptible to being crossbred. You have won the genetic lottery! Don't look so worried this is purely for the sake of scientific advancement. Looks at his watch. You're going to be a mother at this time tomorrow! The injection I gave you was part tranquilizer and part gene therapy to induce some of the extra genes to kick in and help increase fertility.

After giving his spiel, he instructs Paul to prep the humanoid. Paul comes back leading him into the lab. No prodding was necessary as natural instinct kicked in and the humanoid was drawn to the copious feast laid out before him like a fly to honey. He scented her pheromones and was drawn ever closer to the lab table. Looking down on Hannah spread out for the taking his proboscis was working double time, complexly sensing her readiness to mate. Hannah started to protest the best she could, thrashing about wildly and further exciting the humanoid. Hannah attempted to close her legs as he stepped between them. The stirrups held them open as far as they could go, giving him perfect access to breed her. Sensing her unwillingness, the fly instincts told him to lap at her genitalia with his proboscis.

For this being rape, it sure felt good to Hannah. Adrenaline had started pumping as she had sensed the danger she was in. And that monster fly thingy licking her cunt lips and stroking her clit was starting to make her pussy drip with honey of a different kind. It was a good thing she was gagged or she might betray herself with incessant moaning. The two geeky scientists in the corner taking notes made this act even more embarrassing. Of course being the thorough scientists they are they recorded and taped the whole mating.

Dr. Witt: Notice his use of the fruit fly behavior of using his proboscis to encourage her to mate.

The hybrid gently pushed his proboscis into her pussy, lapping at the sweet nectar of the highly fertile female. His human instincts pushed him farther up her luscious body to burrow into her huge tits, allowing his almost human looking cock to come into contact with her pussy. This caused Hannah to squirm almost uncomfortably. His cock felt huge and thick, and she hadn't ever had one. As his proboscis investigated her nipples, causing them to become rock hard, his cock probed at her pussy, starting to push in. Being a fly hybrid, he knew nothing about virginity. And the two men of science, having no common sense, hadn't realized they might need to accommodate for the tightness. Encountering a barrier, he shoved his dick into her with more force, unintentionally hurting her tender virgin pussy.

She started to cry a little from the pain, shaking from the adrenaline rush. Her hymen breaking, blood covered the hybrids cock, spreading onto the lab table. The foreign invasion caused Hannah some discomfort, but it started to feel a little better. He started thrusting harshly into her pussy, still teasing her nipples to stand erect. It was starting to feel very good. Very good indeed. Her pussy was now sopping wet with her own juices and blood. It was all too much for her. Her pussy started pulsing, squeezing the huge cock inside her repeatedly as she came hard. After what felt like forever, the hybrid came as well. His cock in her as close to her cervix as it could get, he started to unload his ridiculous amount of semen.

His semen was one continuous coil, entering Hannah's uterus and folding over itself as it started to bulge her belly out. After a few minutes of continuous insemination from a member of the species with the record size for sperm, she looked about 6 months pregnant. Oh my, Hannah thought to herself, at this rate I'm going to look like the queen of sea cows. Along with the bulging belly Hannah's tits became tender, accumulating milk and becoming heavier. They had started out as 38 DD's. Presently they were somewhere in the H range and continuing to grow. Her nipples had been small and pink. They were now the size of small dinner plates and the color of an overripe tomato. The skin on her tits and belly was so overstretched it was shiny and covered in stretch marks. Her tits were so full of milk begging to be released that her nipples stuck out at least 3 inches. Finally the impregnation completed, the humanoid stepped back and admired his mate.

Paul: That was even hotter than any insect porn I've ever seen. Too bad I couldn't have rubbed one of really quick.

Dr. Witt: For all of your brilliance you sure are a pervert! We will leave the soon-to-be parents to recover and will reconvene in the morning.

Paul removes the gag from Hannah and exits.

Feeling the need to nourish his mate, the humanoid chooses the most select pieces of fruit from the bowl and hand feeds her. Finally regaining her composure, she ineffectively attempts to instruct him on how to free her from her bondage. Hannah finally gives up and accepts her fate.

Hannah's belly continues to grow. The humanoid stands watch over her, making sure the pregnancy progresses safely. Her tits swell to at least 3 cup sizes bigger. By morning the octomom had nothing on her ridiculously huge belly and her tits looked big enough to feed an army. By the time Dr. Witt and Paul arrived in the lab to see the progress, her offspring had started to move about in her uterus, making her extremely large belly roil.

Dr. Witt: She's even bigger than we had estimated.

Paul: There must be at least 10 in there. He fed her all 10 gallons of fruit. We will have to order more quickly for the birthing pool.

24 hours after her breeding, Hannah's back started to ache even more than what was caused by being strapped to the lab table all night. Never having been pregnant before, she didn't understand the process her body was undergoing.

Hannah: OH. This is really starting to hurt. Can't you idiots give me some Tylenol or something?

Dr. Witt: You're going into labor Hannah. We cannot allow any drugs into your system because we do not know how your offspring will react. We can try to make you comfortable.

Paul and Dr. Witt remove the bondage and assist the unnaturally large pregnant Hannah off of the lab table and into a shallow inflatable pool placed beside the table. In the process of moving Hannah felt a pop and dirty brownish water gushed out of her still sore cunt. She started to panic as they lowered her gently into the pool. What Hannah had assumed to be water was actually liquid fruit syrup. She started feeling painful contractions, causing her legs to unconsciously spread open. She bit her lip on a scream. The humanoid was back in his area, watching somewhat disinterestedly.

Hannah: Oh my God this is painful! Get these monsters out of me NOW! It's tearing my pussy apart.

Dr. Witt: You're labor is progressing naturally and normally. And those aren't monsters they are the wonderful product of science. Besides, you're their mother. Now it's time to push!

Moaning, Hannah bore down and pushed as hard as she could. The pain was practically unbearable. She pushed for what felt like forever without any progress. Finally, the infants head pushed into the birth canal. It felt like her pussy was being torn apart.

She screamed some more then pushed some more. The head finally got to her opening and was started to crown.

Paul: I might not be able to stomach this after all. Watching the baby's head stretch Hannah's poor pussy to the size of a large baseball, he vomited on the floor and fainted.

Screaming, Hannah finally pushed the baby's head out, tearing her perennial area, then followed the body. The doctor plucked the squalling baby out of the liquid, showing him to Hannah for a moment.

Hannah: He... he almost looks human.

Dr. Witt: That's the idea.

Hannah started having contractions again. She painfully birthed out 11 more babies, then passed out.

When she awoke, she was strapped back into the table, her legs spread in the stirrups. She had a plump baby on each nipple, eating like it was their last meal. Her cunt was still severely sore, the doctor having had to stitch her up from the tearing. Her stomach was extremely flabby with the excess skin hanging to either side. She could barely see over her enormously huge milk filled titties.

Dr. Witt: Ready to go again?

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