tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFrustrated Stephanie Ch. 11

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 11

byblack saphire©

Stephanie stepped out of the shower and wrapped her towel around her. She opened the bathroom door and walked into her room when she saw Mathew standing by her bed. She gasped audibly and pulled the towel tighter around her.

"Nothing to be ashamed of girlie." He laughed. "Not when I've seen most of what you have."

"W-where, where are the kids?"

"Lillian has decided to take the kids to visit cousin John. She'll be gone for at least an hour so I thought we'd have a little fun."

"You see! You never ask me whether its okay to take the kids. You're always trying to run my life... and theirs!" Stephanie protested.

Mathew laughed. "Well as long as you stay here, you'll follow our rules. And anyway, if I had asked you, we wouldn't be able to have any fun now would we?

He made his way toward her and pulled her towel off. She quickly moved to cover her breast and her pussy with her arms.

"Ahhh. Such modesty." Mathew taunted before reaching out to pull her hands away, exposing her body.

"Such a nice body and completely wasted on Tony. I know he doesn't fuck you as much as you'd like, girlie, but you must understand he only wants to provide for you and the children."

Stephanie blushed before retorting. "He fucks me just fine."

Mathew laughed again, this time almost sadistically.

"Well, that's not what the letter said...." Mathew pushed Stephanie backward toward the bed. "From what I hear, you don't get half as much as you want, perhaps not even that."

"No... its not true. No.... please" Stephanie pleaded. "Please don't do this."

"You just don't understand do you." Mathew hissed. "You think just because I'm old I don't get urges? You walk around this house in your skimpy nighties, with your little ribbons of panties hanging on the clothesline and you expect me to just ignore all that?"

Mathew sat on the bed and pulled Stephanie toward him. His face nuzzled her stomach and she flinched, pulling away from him.

"Lillian doesn't like to fuck much anymore, if at all. Many a time, I've sat in the toilet and jerked myself off thinking of you. Ahh.. how that has changed girlie. How that has changed."

"Please... please don't do this." Stephanie pleaded. "Was..wasnt the blow job enough? Please!"

"I told you there would be changes girlie, and this is the start of all that!" Mathew replied.

"P..Please! Not here! Not in my marital bed!" Stephanie cried out.

"You brazen hussy. I know all about you fucking Dave in this so called Marital Bed of yours. You can fuck Dave but you cant fuck me huh? This is MY house and that means this is MY bed! So stop the innocence and just shut the fuck up!"

Stephanie glared at her father-in-law, not quite sure how to respond to that. Shit! He seemed to know everything. Just what exactly was in that damned letter?? She looked down at the floor, almost in defeat and when she looked up, Mathew was smirking at her.

He pulled Stephanie down onto his lap and sucked her nipple into his mouth, rolling it around with his tongue. Stephanie gasped softly. Mathew kneaded the flesh of her breast with his hands as he alternated sucking first one breast and then the other. He pushed her off his lap and onto the bed, kneeling down before her. He stroked her belly, moving down toward the patch of hair on her cunt.

His hands parted her lips and his face moved closed toward her gash. Stephanie's breathing was short and shallow and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she watched her father-in-law prepare himself to feast on her.

Mathew inhaled the sweet, musky aroma of his daughter-in-laws cunt. "Mmmmm... you smell so good. Even better than your panties smelled."

Stephanie suddenly felt his tongue give a quick lick at her cunt, spreading the pussy lips. her legs jerked open involuntarily, urging him to suck her deeper.

"Oh yes! I haven't tasted pussy this good in a long time. Lillian isn't quite near as tasty as this."

Mathew licked and teased at her hole, dipping his tongue into her cavern every so often and then coming out to lick the lips of her vulva and then nub of her clitoris. Stephanie gripped the bedsheets, feeling her body tremor and respond to the licking. She bit down on her lower lip, not wanting her father-in-law to know what an effect his tongue was having on her.

She abandoned herself to the sensual feelings assaulting her body. His tongue probed deeply into her cunt. Then he began tongue-fucking her with more force than she would have believed possible. His tongue might have been a prick, it was so hard and long. His tongue continued to swirl around her cunt. She knew she was releasing woman cream and the wet noises from his sucking mouth only served to turn her on more. His lips pressed firmly against her cunt and he started sucking on her clit. One finger began to plunge deeply into her seething hole.

"Unnnhh....Unnnh... Oh Goddd Oh Goddddd!" She cried out as her hips bucked against his lips and her body shuddered and shook in pleasure. His mouth didn't stop the relentless assault on her clit and she had to push him away as the feelings became too intense. Almost to the point of pain.

Mathew grunted and rose to his feet. She looked up at her father-in-laws face, all covered in her glorious womanly juices and she saw nothing but lust in his eyes. He patted her ass roughly before commanding her. "Get on your fours!"

She obeyed. Turning he body to one side, she raised herself on her arms. Mathew walked to the side of the bed and pulled something out from his pocket.

"I hear you like panties." He spat out at her. "I read in the letter that you're a real panty slut."

With that, he shoved a rather large cotton pair of panties around her face. "These are Lillian's used panties." He said matter of factly. "Why don't you sniff them?"

Stephanie gulped as the panties were pressed into her face. She could smell her mother-in-laws smell on them as well as drips of urine. Her stomach rolled and she wasn't quite sure whether it was out of lust of out of disgust. It had been quite a while since she had had a pair of panties stuffed in her face and usually it smelled of creamy pussy juices.

Mathew laughed as he rubbed the panties all over her face. "I'm gonna put them round your neck." He said as her pulled them over her face and pushed her her head through one of the leg holes.

He moved back to the edge of the bed and squeezed her ass. She raised her ass higher and he saw the gleaming gash of her cunt. The raven black fur surrounding her cunt hole was glistening with her excited cunt juice mixed with his saliva.

"God, you got a beautiful snatch," he said, licking his lips. His hands pulled her legs further apart, positioning her to the correct level. He loved her soft, smooth flesh and tight ass. It sure was better than the flabby, wrinkled skin of his wife.

She shuddered as his hands moved up her between her thighs. She heard the sound of his belt buckle and then some fumbling as he removed his pants. She turned to look behind her shoulder and she saw his prick jutting proudly out of his torso. She gulped again at the sheer size of it and the fact that his glans were an an ugly purple.

Her body was almost shaking with need. She wanted to feel his long, thick, hard prick fucking her. Her cunt felt hollow and needed to be filled. The eating out he'd given her had made her cum but it had also ignited the fires of lust in her body. Nothing less than a hard fucking could quench the fires raging in the depths of her cunt.

Mathew positioned his cock against her rose petal and slowly applied pressure. He could feel her wetness moistening his cock head, preparing it for entry. Mathew slid forward and he split her pussy lips with the turgid head of his cock. He thrust deeply, straight into the humid channel of her cunt. They gasped in unison as his thick purple headed cock vanished from sight into her snatch.

Stephanie groaned and her eyes widened as she felt the thick cock spearing into her, spreading her cunt lips and filling her like no other cock had. She pushed her ass back against him, trying to get him deeper, trying to shove her body back around his impossibly long prick.

Mathew pulled out and began to saw his cock slowly in and out of her. Stephanie felt him getting deeper and deeper with each stroke and she moaned softly as his cock reached places she had never known existed. Finally, she felt his balls slap against her ass cheeks and she felt incredibly full.

Mathew paused a second before he began battering his cock into her. There was no skill in the way he simply shoved his prick into her steamy hot twat. With a cock his size, he didn't need any technique. He didn't need to tease or torment her, he just fucked her hard with the blunted end of his cock, penetrating her softly yielding body deeply.

She shuddered again and closed her eyes. She could feel his cock plunging deeply into her, fanning the fires deep inside her.

Mathew looked down at his cock plunging in and out of her. The pink scalloped, inner pussy lips poked out and lewdly kissed his cock when he pulled out and then disappeared again as he fucked hard into her. His cock was coated in thick white cream -- her love juices from deep inside her.

He felt her shudder and then her thighs began to tremble as she buried her head into the pillow. Her hands grabbed tightly at the sheets and she let out a low guttural moan as he body convulsed in the throes of an orgasm. Mathew kept his pace, not stopping at all.

Just when she thought she was coming down from her orgasm, another one shook her body, more powerful than the first. She raised her head, gulping in air as her entire body shook.

"Oh Godddd Oh yesssss!" She cried out, almost incoherently. "So good... yesssss."

"Yeah baby!" Mathew groaned. "You like how Daddy fucks you, don't you. Go on , move that body of yours. Show Daddy how much you like it."

Stephanie moved her ass back to meet each thrust of her father-in-laws huge cock. Her pussy was so stretched and she knew she was leaking so much juice. She could hear the wet sounds of their fucking and she was going delirious with excitement.

She heard Mathew grunt and then his hands grabbed her breasts and used them as more leverage. He pumped hard into her, his thighs making loud slapping noises as they banged against her ass.

"Oh goddd... godd.. mmmmm gonna cum again... cum with me Daddy... spray your cum Daddy!" She cried out.

Mathew grabbed the panties haning around her neck and forced some of it into her mouth. She bit on the panties as her body started to convulse again.

"Suck those panties girlie! Suck your mother-in-laws panties!"

Mathew hammered his cock into her cunt and with one final plunge, spurted deeply into her. Stephanie cried out with the panties stuffed in her mouth as she felt the hot jism bubbling up deep inside her. Mathews cock twitched and spasmed as he unloaded the contents of his balls inside of her.

With his prick still inside of her, he continued kneading her breasts, resting his weight on her back.

"Sweet, sweet pussy." He moaned softly. "Hottest damn pussy I"ve had in a while."

Stephanie's cunt twitched again, milking the last remnants of his spunk out of his balls. She was still biting on her mother-in-laws panties and she let them fall from her mouth, still hanging around her neck.

Mathew raised himself off her and eased himself out of her cunt. She felt a gaping emptiness as his cock withdrew and almost immediately felt his cum dribbling down her thighs. Mathew walked to the side of the bed and deftly removed his wifes panties from Stephanie's neck. He proffered his cock to her and she looked in amazement at how much white cream there was at its base and matted into his pubic hair. She knew it was her own cream. Still on her fours, she obediently took the cock into her mouth, tasting his jism mixed with her own cream as she cleaned it off. Mathew pulled his saliva coated cock out of her mouth and wiped it with his wifes panties.

"You're my little whore now." He announced before leaning in to give her a peck on her cheek. "My little whore..."

Mathew picked up his clothes and walked naked out of the room, laughing quietly to himself.

Stephanie watched him go, almost in regret...

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