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The sound of dozen groups crowding into the living room filled the air as the pale brunette tilted back the dixie cup and swallowed as quickly as she could. The sight of the voluptuous beauty grimacing as she swallowed set off the imaginations of the men who witnessed the young woman finishing the stiff drink.

"Ahh!" she gasped as the last few drops escaped down the side of her mouth. Wiping the sleeve of her office shirt across her mouth, Kat flailed blindly for the cup of orange juice that her friend, Jake, held. He watched her struggle for a moment before sighing, putting his plastic cup in the path of her grasping hand.

"Happy Birthday Kat," he offered wryly as she took his cup and set to finishing it off as well.

"It's your birthday? Really? How old are you?" asked one of the smaller frat kids that had wandered over towards the little group a moment earlier, his eyes conspicuously stuck somewhere between her mouth and her cleavage. She raised a finger in response, stalling for a moment, and finished off the sweet orange chaser with the same gusto she had polished off her last drink. Jake's mouth widened with a big, unmistakeable yawn in response.

"It's a running joke our mutual friend started awhile back. Whenever Kat goes out, she drinks like she just hit legal age. We also have a bet about how long it'll take for her to stop getting carded as well. I'm betting at least another decade, personally," he added. His eyes wandered around the room, checking out familiar faces and unfamiliar figures. In response, the 'birthday girl' lowered the one finger she had been holding up and rotated her hand slightly as she raised another, flipping him the bird. Finishing off the rest of the cup with a slight shrug, Kat made no further comment. Refusing to acknowledge his existence, she handed Jake back the empty cup without a glance, which he accepted after a moment, reluctantly.

"So. . . do you go to school around here?" asked the newest addition to the group. He looked at her with absolute captivation, and in return, with barely a word spoken between them, Kat's brilliant blue eyes shone with a certain. . . wildness. She tucked back a loose, tangled strand of hair behind one ear, highlighting the spattering of freckles that ran across her face with her nose as the centerpiece.

"Here we go," Jake muttered under his breath, shaking his head as the scene played out in front of him.

"No, I'm actually here with someone," explained the kid, who although looking like he'd barely started shaving, unabashedly ran his eyes over the curvy freshman's body.

"Who?" Kat asked, taking a half-step closer, flashing him a brilliant, promising smile.

"Oh-kay, so we're going to leave. Nice to meet you. . . whoever you are," Jake said, awkwardly stepping between what narrow space remained between the two as he slung a protective arm around Kat's shoulder, directing her away.

"My name's Erik!" the kid spoke up behind them. In response, Jake just glanced back at him as they passed, staring at him the way he would a circus attraction.

"What are you doing?! We were just talking," Kat squawked indignantly as he pulled her away. She tried to dig in her heels to slow him down, but every time she tried, he just continued walking forward. She was a full head shorter than him, and he was significantly wider.

"Of course," he said, his voice lacking all conviction.

"Are you sure you weren't just getting jealous," she teased, changing gears and falling bodily again him when they stopped at the kitchen. He was looking for a familiar face in the crowd and he caught her instinctively, automatically concerned that she might fall onto the carpet. She felt light warm in his hands, and for a split second he wondered what she might feel like, naked, pressed again him. . .

"No. . . of course not," he said, caught off guard at the question and wondering if he was being honest as he tried to ignore the sudden twinge of desire that surged through him. He had always thought Kat was attractive, it had been months since he had last had sex and, most importantly, he had been so busy the last few weeks that he had barely had the time and energy to jer-

"Not even a little?" she asked, lightly pressing herself against him as she breathed the words towards him with full, inviting lips. He suddenly found himself staring down into those wild, dancing eyes, as her lips parted slightly as she moved towards him. His heart started thudding as he fought the sudden urge to pull her against him, to push her up against a wall, and figure out if her lips were as soft and as delicious as they looked. Another undeniable surge of desire coursed through him as he stood there, holding her in his arms for a moment longer than necessary before taking a hesitant step back.

"I think we need to get you home. Wait here for. . . a second," he suggested, speaking more to himself than her as he looked away from her with an effort, continuing to look for their mutual friend, Janice. He found her striking red hair standing out amongst a small crowd of sloppily dressed college kids, swaying gently in time to the music. Taller and skinnier than her friend Kat, she stood out.

"Janice? Janice! Remember how you warned me about how Kat gets when she's drinking? Well, she's there. You should probably start thinking about giving her a ride home before she starts thinking about giving somebody a ride," he explained in a rush, hand gently cupping her arm to get her attention. She took a moment to turn away from the group to face him.

"I told you. Okay though, I could use some fresh air," she said, flashing him a sweet, brilliant smile as she swayed a few steps closer towards him.

"Wait, are you okay to drive?" he asked, trying to keep his tone light despite the seriousness of the question as he stopped her, steadying her. Her cheerful, bubbly smile was infectious though, and he found his grin widening after a few moments, despite his concerns.

"Of course! I've only had. . . a couple of drinks," she burped, slurring slightly. What worried him was that she was entirely too enthusiastic about driving as she fished around inside her purse for her keys. Jake immediately pictured the front of her car wrapped around a tree in the middle of nowhere, windshield cobwebbed and bloody, engine lights flickering in the darkness as the hood smoked. He groaned despite himself, having a vivid flashback of his own close call with a drunk driver last year.

"Uh, actually, I think I'll just drop her off quick and head back if that's alright with you," he proposed, exchanging the empty cup he had been carrying for her car keys. She stared at the cup with a mixture of puzzlement and confusion for a moment, furrowing her brow in thought before her attention, and brilliant smile, returned.

"Okay, well thank you! You know which car is mine, right?" she asked.

"Yeah, considering you drove us here I think I can find it again," he quipped, grinning.

"Oh shut up! I just wanted to make sure," she said, shoving him gently as she laughed.

"I'll be back soon. Text me if anything interesting happens," he said, turning to move away.

"Don't be long. I'll miss you," she said, abruptly throwing her arms around him for an unexpected hug that took him by surprise. Her sizeable breasts pressed fully against his arm, and he returned the hug, awkwardly, a moment later, ignoring the displeased looks from the pack of guys gathered around her. Jake reveled in the moment without trying to seem like he was reveling in the moment, smelling the sharp waft of grapefruit shampoo in her hair and the sweet smell of her perfume. There was a moment, just a moment, when she pulled away and they were looking at each other that he thought he might've been able to kiss her and get away with it, and then the moment passed.

"I'll miss you, too. Be right back," he responded, a little more solemnly than he'd intended as he flashed another smile back at her over his shoulder and walked away. He wasn't surprised to find that Kat had wandered away from where he had left her, and after a bit of searching he found her outside on the porch. She was finishing off another drink and supporting herself as she did by fairly hanging off a giant paunchy white kid named Greg surrounded by a group of his similarly sized friends he had seen around a few times before.

Jake wasn't sure about what he had missed as Greg confidently pulled Kat against him by the small of her back, smiling with half-hooded eyes as hers flared open. His hand travelled down past her shirt and rested on the seat of her pants, his fingers dimpling the fabric slightly. His mouth moved closer towards hers, and she glanced away, looking uncertain and off-put.

Jake sighed heavily as he approached the group, a sense of dread building in his gut.

"What could go wrong?" he muttered, and then paused midstep as a thought struck him. Quickly, he slipped on his glasses, rolled the sleeves of his button up shirt back down over his forearms, tucked in his shirt, and plastered a wide, overly sincere smile onto his face as he wandered towards Beauty and the Beast. He was almost touching them when he finally spoke up.

"Kat? Honey? Who are your friends?" he asked, sounding as genuinely curious as he could.

Kat glanced back when she heard her name, and then did a brief double take when she saw the glasses. Then the familiar, mischievous gleam entered her eye again as she looked at him. She quickly pulled away from Greg's grabby hands, who was looking at Jake with an expression somewhere between guilt, confusion, and barely suppressed amusement, along with the rest of his friends. Jake was half a foot shorter than Greg, though far more muscular, but managed to look completely unimposing as the office-friendly, domesticated version of himself.

"Baby, I'm so happy you made it!" she squealed, with what Jake considered a little too much enthusiasm before she fairly vaulted herself onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck and squeezing him tightly as she tangled her legs around his waist. To his even greater surprise, her soft, sparkling lips quickly found his, and she kissed him with a passionate hunger that took him by surprise. He was just as taken aback as Greg and his friends as she bit and pulled on his lower lip before pulling back, staring directly into his eyes with raw, carnal desire. Remembering what he was doing, he hugged her in return for a moment before sliding his hands down the sides of her body, making a show of tentatively squeezing her ass before turning and shuffling away with her still hanging on.

The group surrounding Greg started laughing and talking amongst themselves as he left, but he tried not to focus on what they were saying. They didn't sound angry about his intrusion, and more importantly they weren't chucking beer bottles and slurs after him. Halfway down the driveway, when he decided they were in the clear, he muttered to Kat.

"Okay, you can stop the show and come down now," he said quietly, in his normal rumbling baritone, wanting her to stop squeezing his neck.

"Show?" she giggled, giving his ear a little nip as she started to untangle herself. She ran her nails through his closely cropped curly hair before she dropped to the ground beside him with a graceful wobble.

"You know, one day you're going to get yourself in trouble," he quipped, one side of his mouth quirked up in a grin as he concentrated on the way his ear tingled. He found himself watching Kat more closely now, especially the way her hips and juicy ass swayed in the well-worn, tight-fitting jeans as she walked in front of him. She just shrugged nonchalantly in response.

"So you're going to give me a quick ride?" she asked, giving him a look over her shoulder. The comment was far too innocent as they approached the gleaming black SUV, and he immediately imagined bending her over the hood of the car.

"Of course," he replied, his grin on full display as he unlocked the car. He could still taste her on his lips, and his ear still tingled where she had nipped him. His thoughts kept returning to how light she had felt wrapped around him.

"You're a bad person, you know that. Don't you know how drunk I am?" she asked, dramatically flopping onto the roof of the car.

"Please. I've seen you drunk, Kat" he replied, rolling his eyes as he walked past her and slid into the driver seat.

"And you know how I get, right? That's probably why you jumped at the chance to give me a ride home. Goddamn pervert," she continued cheerfully, bouncing off the hood of the car and crawling into the passenger seat beside him. An intoxicating waft of perfume, sweat, and alcohol followed her into the enclosed area as she shut the door.

"Never crossed my mind," he lied, his grin a little more forced than usual as they pulled away from the curb. He rolled down his window and took a deep breath of fresh night air as they started across town towards her apartment.

"You're a bad liar, you know," she responded, glancing over at him as she did.

He shrugged in response. After a long, pregnant moment, he glanced over at her.

"Alright, so the thought has crossed my mind," he confessed into the silence, trying to sound casual as his heart thumped nervously in his chest.

"Pfft. You're so not my type," she snorted, looking out her window as she crossed her arms under her breasts.

"Racist," he replied immediately, trying to casually play off the sting of rejection.

"Dick. I was going to say you're too nice, but apparently not," she said, smiling brilliantly as she looked over at him, brushing a loose bang out of her face.

A thought struck Jake, and he burst out laughing at her comment, clutching the driver's wheel as he did. Kat looked at him with concern.

"Huh? What?" she asked, confused.

"Sorry, you just reminded me of something," he apologized, dabbing at an eye with the back of his sleeve when he finally settled down.

"A few weeks ago I was hooking up with this girl. She was the ex-girlfriend of one of my former buddies – it's a long story. So anyways, I asked her if she wanted to use a condom, and she said no. I was pretty sure she was clean, and long story short we ended up fucking on my bed. She's groaning, moaning, and pulling on the bed sheets while I'm fucking her from behind. She was super tight and wet and everything, and since it'd been a little while for me I came really, really hard inside of her when she came, because her pussy clamped down on me. It happened so fast that I didn't get a chance to really warn her, though. It just kind of happened, and she didn't realize what I'd done until a minute later, when she noticed that I was getting soft, and she was dripping onto my sheets."

Kat watched him as he talked. He glanced over at her from time to time in between concentrating on the road. Traffic was sparse this late at night, fortunately.

"Anyways, so she asks if I came inside her, and I say yes, of course. She looked really sad and mentioned that she had been saving that for someone special. When she said that, I just burst out laughing and it totally killed whatever mood there had been," he concluded.

They drove in silence for a short time until Kat spoke.

"That's what made you laugh so hard?" she asked, disbelief in her voice.

"I just found it funny that I have this completely undeserved reputation as this super nice guy. You're not the first person to say that, either. I'm really not, though," he admitted, in total seriousness, his confession accompanied by a shrug.

"You're an asshole!" she exclaimed, sounding oddly cheerful as she passed judgment.

"I mean, I try to be polite to people though, so I guess I've got that going for me," he continued, ignoring her comment. He felt a little uncomfortable in the ensuing silence, and he kept his eyes firmly fixed on the road until he noticed her shifting slightly in her seat.

"Something wrong?" he asked, using one hand to look for the temperature control on the dashboard and wondering when she had last gone to the bathroom.

"No I just. . . it's nothing. Don't worry about it," she said, sounding a little muffled, as if she were biting her lip. She squirmed in her seat.

"What? What is it?" he asked, curious and concerned.

"You have no idea how turned on I am right now," she admitted finally, breathily, embarrassed.

"Huh?" he asked dumbly, glancing over at her. Her hand was neatly tucked between her thighs. He realized what she had been doing and was dumbfounded. He had just thought that she was cold, or had poor circulation. . . or something.

"Really?" he asked, looking over at her in complete and utter astonishment. The car swerved slightly in response, and Jake was suddenly grateful that there were no cars near them. She stared at him with hooded eyes, making a pitiful mewling sound in the back of her throat as she wrenched her hand out from between her thighs.

"So. . . you're wet?" he asked, trying to sound conversational. His heart was starting to pound in his chest as he thought back to how her body had felt wrapped around his, how her lips had felt and tasted when she kissed him. His fingers felt tingly, slightly numb. It had been a long time since he had felt this pent up. A part of him, a growing part of him, wanted to tear her clothes off and feel her lithe body wrap around him once more.

She shrugged, straightening in her seat slightly.

"I don't believe you," he announced, after a moment.

She shrugged again, smiling.

Time seemed to slow as he took a huge risk and lifted a hand from the driver's wheel. He crossed the distance between them, which now felt enormous, and his palm felt unusually warm as he rested his hand on her thigh, his fingers slowly inching their way between them. Kat watched his hand with some amusement and relaxed as his hand touched her, subtly spreading her legs apart, making space for him. She put her own hand on his when he started sliding his hand between her legs, but made no move to stop him. Her hand guided his as the tips of his fingers encountered the damp heat radiating from between her legs, and he watched her gasp silently as his fingers brushed against that delicious gap. He squeezed the inside of her thigh gently, firmly, teasing the sensitive skin as he rubbed her dripping mound through her jeans. Her thighs clenched around his hand as she rocked back against him with a small mewling sound as he rubbed her slit through the damp fabric. His own cock was rock hard with excitement, raising a massive, unmistakable tent on the front of his own pants as he played with her.

"Mmm, that feels so good," she groaned, twitching against his hand as her nails traced light furrows through the hair of his forearms.

"I think I should pull over," he suggested, as he realized that he hadn't been paying attention to the road for several long seconds as the car wobbled between empty lanes. He reluctantly pulled his now-damp fingers back as he slowed, and quickly spotted and turned into a semi-familiar, poorly lit side-street to park the car, pushing back his seat as he did.

"Okay, come here," he ordered, uncharacteristically aggressive as his too-long neglected libido burned inside him. Kat slipped out of her seatbelt and awkwardly crawled between the narrow space between the driver's seat and passenger seat. He bodily pulled her against him, her back to his chest, until her ass was resting on his raging, rock-hard erection. His hands quickly undid the button of her jeans, and he slid a hand between her legs. He couldn't wait a single moment longer.

"Oh god," she started, moaning in a hushed tone, as his other hand slipped under her shirt, squeezing her breast. She ground against him as his fingers slid under her red satin panties and discovered the wet heat between her legs. She groaned again as he slid the tips of his fingers along her slit, up and down her sensitive folds, and circling her slick button gently as he felt her up.

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