She could never remember receiving this much attention in her young life, and Cat was enjoying the heady feeling of rubbing up against the strangers in the club. She moved through the throng of men, the grinding of her hips and seductive dancing as she pressed herself against them left more than a handful of throbbing erections in her wake, and she was enjoying the thrill of her own power. She stood out from the crowd in her short red minidress, and spun gracefully in her heels as she headed to the bar.

She pressed her tits together over the edge of the bar, the low neckline drawing the attention of the closest male bartender. The warm smile she flashed elicited a heated response from him, and, ignoring the line of patrons who had been waiting far longer, he headed in her direction. As she leaned over further to shout her order in his ear, he copped a quick feel of her tits, sending a tingle of pleasure rushing through her. He was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome, and despite his taking advantage of her, she felt flattered, and couldn't help staring at his ass as he walked away to get her order. Moments later, he returned with the three shots of vodka she had ordered, and watched with raised eyebrows as she downed them one after the other.

Cat sashayed away without a second thought and headed for one of the raised platforms. The liquid courage sloshing around inside of her made her think that somehow everyone would want to see her talents displayed on high. The bouncer at the bottom gave her a quick look over before acknowledging that she wasn't drunk enough to accidentally topple over the rails, and she climbed the ladder in her four-inch heels, swaying her hips to the rhythmic bass. Once at the top, she could see everything. It was thrilling to know that you could see every couple subtly -- or not-so-subtly -- groping and grinding, that they weren't nearly as private as they thought they were.

But she didn't have long to admire the view. It was mainly guys up here, getting a look from above at all the tits they could. The arrival of a woman, and a hot one at that, was a cause for excitement. Cat knew she looked hot, and revelled in their interest. Come and get me, she thought, dancing alone in the middle of the small platform. It wasn't long before someone moved up behind, her taking her hips in his hands and moving with her to the music. She raised her hands above her head and slid her body down his, coming up facing him. Her tits brushed against his cock on the way up, and she saw it stiffen as her face became level with his. He was handsome, and older than her own eighteen years by a good five years. Blond and beautiful, she was immediately turned on and pressed closer towards him.

His mouth immediately captured her own, and she responded in kind, rubbing herself up and down him like a second skin. His arousal was fuelling her won, and she was almost ready to leave the main club with him and find a room to enjoy themselves further in, until she noticed him giving a hearty thumbs-up over her shoulder to one of his friends. It just seemed... tasteless. Not that what she was doing right now was particularly classy, but still.

She backed away until she was near the steps, preparing to go back down. Blondie looked put out, but she smiled at him coolly and shook her head. Unlucky sunshine, she thought, but was prevented from actually leaving by someone on his way up. She nearly fell, the unexpected presence startling her. The alcohol had done little to help her balance, and just as she was about to topple backwards, a pair of helping hands grabbed her firmly -- by the ass -- and saved her from falling. She turned to face her rescuer and realised it was the handsome bartender who had just served her, and briefly wondered what he was doing up here until he herded her back towards the guy she had just been dancing with.

"We don't have teases here," he shouted in her ear, and she stared at him, uncomprehending. The previous man was sitting back against the rails, nonchalantly displaying his hard on for her to see. She'd thought it was big before, but it had certainly grown since then. "Besides, it's play time."

Cat's eyes widened and she was going to make a break for the ladder, but the bartender stopped her with two hands on her tits, pushing her towards Blondie, who, she now realised, had wasted no time in getting his cock out. The platform began to empty as she was forced to her knees by an arm twisted behind her back, and her face was pressed against Blondie's crotch. She knew what she was supposed to do, but refused. She was a virgin, for God's sake! Not wholly inexperienced, but she had been schooled to know that she was always able to say no.

And now was no exception. She kept her mouth shut.

Blondie slapped her across the face and leaned in close so he could shout in her ear. "There's plenty more where that came from, and if you don't cooperate I'll make sure you get it." Cat stared up at him defiantly until he slapped her again and tears began to form in her eyes.

She opened her mouth and sucked on his thick cock as he fucked her mouth. He didn't really care how she did it, just that her mouth was open, so she concentrated on not choking as he pounded her, hitting the back of her throat with each thrust.

The bartender started unzipping her dress and, in his impatience, tore open the bottom to rip it from her body. He couldn't be bothered with her panties as she squirmed to get away from him, and he lay on his back underneath her as she tried to escape. His firm grip on her legs kept her from moving, and brought her wet cunt closer to his face.

All the dancing had already turned her on, and Cat was terrified that her captors would violate her further. Her own juices, she knew, would be her downfall, acting as lubricant for the men. But instead of the cock she expected to squirm away from, her legs were pinned and her pussy was forced onto the bartender's face. The first lick would have had her shuddering with pleasure if she hadn't had to immediately grab onto Blondie's legs to keep her throat from being totally impaled on his cock. She inhaled through her nose as he slapped her again to get her back to work, but with the distraction between her legs she barely felt it. She needed to get him away from her before she actually started to enjoy this.

His tongue dived into her moist slit and he tasted her virgin juices as they leaked over his face. There was no doubt this teasing bitch was enjoying it, and he was going to take full advantage. It wasn't every day you got the chance to fuck a bitch in public, let alone without consequences. This club had very few rules, and fortunately, there wasn't one against fucking. A woman on the platforms was fair game.

He released one of her legs carefully, to see if she'd protest, and when she didn't he pushed two fingers up inside her cunt. Fuck, she was tight. He slid them in and out, loosening her up, when he felt the thin barrier across her entrance. A virgin. A smile crossed his lips as he carried on licking her out. This was going to be better than he'd thought.

Cat didn't initially register that one of her legs was free, so pleasurable were the sensation coursing through her. Her whole body was trembling with the effort to keep herself upright, but finally she slipped on Blondie's cock and it shot past the back of her mouth and into her throat. She nearly gagged, but her throat was full, and she began to thrash as her oxygen ran out. Her free leg pulled up, her knee bashing the bartender in the head as she fought to breathe. Until now, she had almost been enjoying it, but right now she needed to get free.

"That's it bitch." The words were lost in the noise, but the bartender was clearly pissed. "I was going to be nice, but fuck. That. Shit."

He bodily lifted her from Blondie's cock and tossed her on her back. Blondie looked pissed, but with the bruise already forming on the bartender's head, he kept his distance -- for now. The bartender violently pushed her legs over her shoulders and released his cock in one movement it was a monster -- not something a girl would want for her first time -- and Cat struggled to get away, eyes wide with horror. She couldn't do anything though, as his cock headed straight for her pussy and pierced her in one swoop, balls deep.

The pain was expected, but still hurt, made worse by the size of his cock pressing up inside her as deep as it would go. At over ten inches, it was just shy of touching her cervix, and her cunt spasmed around his cock as she adjusted to his size. Her own wetness had saved her from further damage, and as he pounded deep inside her, the pain began to fade, instead replaced with a building pressure unlike anything she had felt before. She didn't have time to enjoy it however, as his monster pulled out of her cunt. He had only been getting it lubed up. She had only a brief second of relief before he pressed it at the entrance to her asshole and began to push into her tight opening.

Tensing, trying to push him out, she only succeeded in increasing the pain. She screamed, but the noise was muffled by the pulsing music. She couldn't help squirming, trying to get away from the tearing sensation in her ass as he pushed further and further inside her. Tears dripped down her cheeks and the bartender stared into her face, enjoying the look of pain and helplessness as he began pounding her with ever deepening strokes. Soon she was fully impaled, and, still trapped, she stilled as she began to realise that nothing was going to save her from this. Nothing.

The pain began to fade as she stopped struggling, and though she fiercely denied to herself that it was beginning to feel good, a tingling in her clit grew with his repeated thrusts. She was getting hornier by the second and, had her hands been free, she would have grabbed his hips and pulled him further into her. Her hips thrust back against him, not to escape, but to further his efforts.

His smirk wasn't pleasant, but she no longer cared. Her resistance was non-existent. She wanted -- needed -- more.

And more she was going to get.

The bartender pulled out of her and lay on his back, guiding her on top of him. She was forced down on his cock by Blondie, who had come over to help, but she didn't even try to escape. She only began to realise what was about to happen when Blondie lined up behind her and shoved his cock in her ass.

Filled beyond belief in two brutally opened virgin holes, the friction built inside her until she couldn't take it anymore. She cried out as she came, her pussy and ass clenching furiously around the invading cocks. Blondie couldn't take it and his cock grew impossibly large inside her ass as he squirted her full of his cum. The sensation was strange, but she didn't care. Blondie pulled out, to her consternation, and wiped himself on her tattered dress. She didn't have to look around to know that he was long gone. And she felt a sense of relief as she realised the ordeal must be nearly over. But a quick glance over her shoulder revealed just how wrong she was.

A queue of at least ten guys was patiently waiting their turn and, she had no doubt, the queue extended down the ladder and onto the dance floor. She finally began to realise that she was hopelessly and royally fucked.

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