Fucked by Brother and His Friend


If I had thought my threesome in the kitchen had been hot, I hadn't known what hot was until that afternoon. Chris was lying when he said he would destroy me, and I had never known staying power like it. Even Simon's premature cum seemed to have been a false start, as within half an hour both had taken turns in my mouth and pussy and neither seemed ready to finish. Considering their tender years too, I was pleasantly surprised. About an hour after they had started I had cum more times than I could recall, both boys having sucked on my clit and finger-banged me, as well as pounding me with their cocks. It was as I found myself being hoisted back up onto all fours and Simon's balls banging into my clit that I declared I wanted it in the bum.

"You in my arse, Chris." I gasped. "I want you in my arse first."

Chris had obviously never done a girl that way before, because he frowned and said,

"I don't want to hurt you." Simon was still doing me from behind.

"You won't," I said breathlessly, "I lost my anal virginity in the first year. I love it in there." He still looked sceptical.

"She'll fucking love it," Simon said, still fucking, "she's loved everything we've done so far. I've never known a girl love sex so much." Chris nodded and shrugged at the same time.

"Okay then. Move out of the way, Si." I grinned and reached in my top drawer for the KY Jelly I always kept in there.

"You can wank onto my face, Si." I said. Simon nodded. "Lay down, Chris." Chris did, his cock pointing toward the ceiling. I snapped the lid off of the KY and positioned myself between his legs. "You're going to love it in my arse, Chris." I said, stroking him up and down. He groaned. "It's so tight in there, you won't last very long." I continued stroking. "The man who took my anal virginity did it during a threesome with another girl," both boys visibly liked this story, and Simon began stroking his pole as I continued with my dirty words, "he just bent me over a table," I squeezed KY onto my hand, "and spat in my arsehole," my brother moaned as I lubed him up, "and put his big, fat cock right in there. He fucked my bum until I screamed and his whore of a girlfriend licked my cunt while he did it," Simon jacked and jacked groaning at the tale, "and then she stuck a fucking huge courgette in my pussy as I came and he lost his load in my arsehole." I had finished lubing my brother up. I got onto all fours. "Fuck my arse, Chris."

Whilst I was more experienced now than I had been during that first arse-fucking, I could scarcely have been more excited than I was now. Chris lined his penis up with my puckered little bum hole, and Simon came and stood in front of me. "Wank it onto my face while Chris does his sister up the arse, Si." I said. This seemed to be the words that Chris needed, as he grabbed my hips and drove it in there. The pain was as blinding as it had been the first time, but I knew this time of the amazing pleasures that lay ahead.

"Fuuuuuck!" Chris cried out as his balls hit my lily-white bum cheeks. "It's so fucking tight!" Simon's hand was a blur as he masturbated furiously, so turned on by what he was seeing and hearing. My tits swung beneath me and I used my right hand to frig my cunt.

"Yeah, it's so tight in my arse," I said, "so fucking tight and so fucking slutty."

"You're a fucking whore," my brother cried, his fingers digging into my hip flesh as he drove it home, "you're a fucking whore and I am going to white wash your arsehole with my fucking jizz." I cried out in pleasure as the sensations in my arse and the sensations in my clit came together. "You've been fucking asking for this for years and now I'm raping your fucking arse!" The sights and sounds were too much for Simon who suddenly announced:

"I'm going to cum on your face, Michelle!" and for the second time that day I opened my mouth and took Simon's jizz. It splattered on my face and hair, and against my tongue, warm, sticky ball-batter all over me.

"You're a fucking cum covered whore," Chris said, pulling my hair just as Steve had done that first time, "a fucking cum covered whore and I'm going to shoot my load in your bum!" My fingers rubbed my clit as I thought of what I must look like, and of Chris's cock pounding my insides, and of Ava Devine still fucking on the screen in front of me, and of Steve's cock being the first one on my arse all those months ago and of course, of Louise's big, white titties and what they'd felt like in my mouth. I came squirting, for the first time in my life, thin, white girl-cum onto the bed beneath me. The spasming of my cunt and arse must have sent Chris over the edge as he suddenly screamed,

"I'm cummmmmming in yourrrr arseholllle!"

And so, not for the first time, that was how I ended another amazing fucking session, in a cummy pile of sweaty bodies. I thought I had been satisfied before, but nothing like this. It was the most pleasure I had ever known.

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