tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFucked On The Dance Floor

Fucked On The Dance Floor

byMidnight Angel©

The dance floor was hot, crowded and the perfect setting for a woman who wanted to lose herself. There were several men on the floor she'd already made eye contact with but no one had caught her eye...yet.

The vibrant beat of the music slowed to a throbbing pulse that matched the constant flicking motion of her clit. She'd dressed to seduce and intended on satiating her fervor for a hot fuck tonight.

Raven locks shimmered beneath the red glow of the club's lights and gave her an ethereal look that appealed to those with a darker appetite. Every proud inch of her svelte frame begged for attention and demanded that only those with a strong demeanor need apply. Glancing from the corner of her eyes she watched as a man of rather strong build cut through the crowd and gave her a quick once over with little or no regard for her stance.

In a flash she was hooked. Pixie-like features scrunched up to let him know regardless of his demeanor, he couldn't get past her exterior long enough to be given a chance. Kicking up one black strappy heel, she turned from him and began to dance into the group in front of her.

Her black velvet halter dress gave the view of more than ample cleavage from the keyhole cutout with stud trim. The heavy metal T neck made it seem as if she were wearing a wide black collar. The hint was subtle but gave the right figure the vibe she was exuding.

A broad shoulder severed the connection between the woman and the young suitor that had just begun the first stages of flirting. Glacier blue eyes cut the kid a look that brooked no resistance.

Without a word or warning, strong hands grabbed her waist and yanked her back into a hard frame that was more than willing to accommodate her slender body. His husky breath carried a growl to her ear along with his words, "I don't think you've got a grip on this particular dance."

To emphasize his words his fingers gripped her tight enough to pull a gasp from her glistening lips as he tugged her ass back into his growing bulge. "I've been watching you all night. You've teased nearly every man out on the floor with the exception of one. Why is that? Do you wish to lure the one you want the most without ever acknowledging him? You knew I'd find you when you left earlier this evening."

A sinister chuckle rumbled through her raven tresses when he finally let go of her only to grasp her hand and twirl her out at arms length. "I knew you'd try," she countered at arms length, "lucky you."

She'd teased him mercilessly earlier that evening in their apartment. The need for a little spice in their life was apparent and she'd taken action. The idea had been to have him come and find her. What he did after that was up to him. And knowing him, it would be brutal.

The crowd parted to allow her room to extend the movement and ended with raven locks whipping into her face with a breathless finality. Diminutive hips began to swivel in time with the music until she had gyrated down only to rise slowly, rolling her head back and then settling her hard gaze on the man that still grasped her hand.

His hair was as dark as the night itself and seemed even darker due to the ice cold glare of his eyes. He made her shiver and had barely touched her. He didn't give her any time to compose herself or think.

With a masculine yank she was rushed into his arms and rolled back over his forearm. He followed the bend of her feminine frame with his own, gazing at her heaving chest while taking in a deep breath to inhale her scent. The warmth of his lips brushed across her cheek before he pressed his head into her and forced her to expose more of her neck. Sharp incisors raked across her skin with a long low growl that rippled her flesh into rows of goose bumps.

The erratic beat of her pulse pressed into his lips when he took firm purchase of her skin and bit into her neck. The bite was firm enough to leave a mark but not draw blood. That would be for another time. The tip of his tongue ran down the bowed arch of her neck in tandem with gasps from the crowd that surrounded them.

They were putting on one hell of a show and there wasn't an eye in the house that wasn't glued to them. A feminine groan escaped her once he pulled away and leaned back with muscles flexing beneath his crisp black linen shirt, swiftly hauling her up with him.

He inched her in closer and slid a leg between her parted thighs and gruffly spoke one word. "Grind." She obeyed as if she'd been his all along.

Gripping his upper arms she pushed herself up against his hard frame. Plush lashes lifted so she could watch his reaction when she titled her ass back and lowered her throbbing cunt to his thigh. The tip of her soft pink tongue darted from the corner of her mouth as she eased herself from side to side upon his thigh whispering softly, "Don't tempt what you can't handle."

She gave his thigh deep hard grinds that ground her ass back toward the crowd only to thrust again and clutch at his thigh. Her black lace panties were already wet by the time his hand came back to mark her ass with a loud smack.

Another groan was his reward. But his hand didn't move from her buttocks, instead he pushed her harder into his thigh. Her breath was panted into his chest before he forced her to slide down to the floor and over every rippling muscle he possessed.

When she was nothing but a quivering pool of want and need he watched her grovel at his feet. She curled her hands around his calve and began to kiss his black pants leg in an effort to please him. He gave her a shake of his head and slid his foot away from her. The space between them grew as he turned and walked away from the woman on her hands and knees. It took her two seconds to begin to crawl to him.

Suddenly he stopped and turned a vicious glare on her from over his shoulder. The look alone forced her to freeze with one arm extended before the other, her shoulder blade cut forth in a provocative crawling motion. He didn't take the time to see if she'd stopped, he knew she would. He wanted the crawling to commence once he had cleared a path across the dance floor. Let her beg for it.

The lights dipped and swam over their bodies, casting a flushed glow on the crowd. The beat to the music was dark and primal and matched his mood. He turned, spreading his legs apart in a cocky stature. Raising his chin so his eyes were mere slits, he looked at her from across the room and lifted a single finger to give her the signal to come to him.

A soft groan was lost among the music as she began to crawl toward him. Obsidian eyes crept up his body to level her passionate gaze upon him. The curve of her ass pressed tightly into the back of her dress, showing every curvaceous movement that inched the hem up that much higher. His stance beckoned her closer until the distance between them was minimal.

Again the look in his eyes made her melt, it was dominant and dark with merely a hint of what was to come. She crawled directly up to him and stopped only when he grabbed a fist full of her raven locks and began to slowly pull her up to his groin. Obsidian orbs lowered instinctively and pulled a devious laugh from the man. With a devilish smile he grinds his hips into her face, forcing her to look up at him due to the lude act.

She could feel the bulge that he'd teased her with only minutes ago. He yanked her hair again to bring her that much closer to his crotch and forced her to look up at him. His eyes told her what he wanted...what she wanted. Closing her eyes she pressed her lips into his pants and kissed his arousal. A guttural growl was shot down toward her as he yanked her directly up to her feet.

Her knees nearly buckled before she caught herself. In the next instant he'd grabbed her hand and pulled her in close, watching as her body bowed then eased back before thrusting his thigh between her legs to ease her back a step then forward again. Their legs entangled and untangled as he led her in intricate dance steps that sent her raven locks whirling around them both while he twirled her around his form.

The crowd parted again, watching slender legs work and propel the woman until her partner's hands caught her at the waist and bent her over again with his lips merely inches from her lips. His breath spilled across the dampened flesh as he spoke, "Prepare yourself." The words were simple enough and yet they held a meaning she was incapable of fathoming.

He brought his hand up to course down the side of her cheek, around her neck and lower still to the valley of her breasts. Masculine fingers traced beneath one plush globe and then the other, tracing the seam up to one nipple and gripping it tight enough to pull a sensual cry from her lips while he held her balanced over his other arm. His lips teased the nape of her neck, ravishing her flesh with the bite of his teeth once more.

As soon as it had begun it ended. She was void of his touch and wrenched up and turned to cross both of her arms at her waist, one firm grip holding them in place as he melted into her body from behind and walked her back across the dance floor. Her pulse raced as he kept her in step with the beat of the music. He didn't stop until she was facing the wall.

Raven locks draped across her face as he pushed her forward, releasing her arms so he could shove her into the wall and kick her feet apart. The air was pushed from her lungs with a luscious groan. One hand was placed in the middle of her back to hold her in place as his hand snaked up her dress from behind and grabbed her panties. With a single jerk the lace ripped and made short work of her undergarment.

It was at that exact moment that she began to visibly squirm despite his hold on her. She rolled her hips back and then forward to grind into the wall, showing him the wanton need that had built to a fevered pitch. The crowd began to move in closer shielding them from the view of those not in close proximity.

His hand crawled up her back and beneath her silken locks, the strands lacing through his fingers as his nails stroked her scalp. He took that moment to press his body into hers from behind. His heat transferred through her dress and radiated directly into her soul, pressing her even harder into the wall that seemed to be alive with the reverberation of music.

This man would be the death of her if she let it happen never mind that she'd die a satiated and very happy woman. She hadn't heard his zipper slide down amongst all of the music still throbbing around them. But that wasn't the only thing throbbing around them.

Easing her hem up further she felt the thick bulbous head of his cock press between her legs. The look of shock on her face was priceless. She's expected to be felt up possibly but not actually fucked on the dance floor.

When she squirmed again he pulled her head back and kissed her temple then leaned down enough to whisper in her ear, "You want to be fucked like this...out of control...no choice in the matter...all of it. Deny it and I'll fuck you that much harder because you're lying."

His tongue flashed out to trace the ridge of her ear after he spoke, pulling another groan from her depths. She shook her head back at him, thick lashes spread across her cheeks as she held her eyes shut tightly. It was then that he pushed her cheek into the wall with his own head, releasing his grip in her hair to grab her wrists and hold them above her head with one hand, the other hand curled around her waist to hold her tightly in place.

To his credit she didn't cry for help, she didn't tell him no, and she didn't try to stop his advances. Truth be told every fiber of her being was on end with the anticipation of his next move. He thrust his hips forward and impaled her on his cock with one smooth motion. She cried out sweetly, biting into her lower lip as he spread her tight folds with his thick shaft.

His heated breath fell upon her cheek as he pulled back and thrust in hard enough to thump her body against the wall. A guttural groan rumbled past her ear when he thrust again and had been thoroughly coated with her hot sweet cream. His grip on her wrists tightened when he began to thrust with a hard and clean motion that kept her pinned to the wall in utter bliss.

She cried out sweetly while his thick shaft created the sweetest friction deep within her hot cunt. And over and over again he impaled her until she was lifted to her tip toes, her high heels little to no help in the matter. The crowd watched with hungry eyes, but one look from him and those that thought it was open season backed off. It was obvious she was his girl and no others were allowed to touch.

With another brutal grunt he began to fuck her with fervor. Slamming his cock into her tight cunt at a pace that made it obvious this was for his pleasure first and her pleasure secondary. The coarse metal teeth of his zipper rammed into the smooth flesh of her ass, marking her skin with tiny pink nips. It only added to the sadistic pleasure she craved. His teeth found her neck and sunk into her flesh. "Tell me you want to cum....beg me for it ."

Rubbing her cheek into the smooth surface of the wall she began to speak and found the only sound she could make was a whimpering noise that was simply music to his ears. He rammed her with a hard thrust and held his hips there, riding her up the wall as he grind himself into her. "Tell me!" he ground out from clenched teeth.

"Please!" she cried out in breathless wonder, lips parted with the pant that followed the plea.

"Please let me cum!" Her tender flesh began to throb even harder, the slick firm length of her clit having been grind into her tight wet flesh nearly made her climb up the wall despite being pinned there.

"Again!" he growled, releasing her wrists to grab her hips.

She began to speak and before she could utter a sound he began to thrust into her harder and faster. He used his grip on her hips to jerk her from the wall a minuscule amount, drawing her ass into his groin so he could manipulate her body to thrust with instead of using his hips. It brought her down to the base of his cock and let her feel the smack of his balls against her ass as he impaled her brutally every time.

Perfectly manicured nails raked down the wall so she could press her hands flat against it to keep from being battered into the wall. He fucked her with vicious strength, forcing her to cry out as she neared the point of release. It was out of her control, her body was nothing but the instrument of pleasure he'd been playing all evening.

Crying out sweetly she felt the tingling sensations burst into full fledge orgasmic ecstasy. The rapturous feeling exploded like a white light spilling from the center of her being, flowing through her limbs until she was nothing more than the sensations that were ebbing through her in erotic bliss.

Once he felt her release he began to thrust relentlessly and matched her euphoric release with one of his own. A primal cry of pleasure greeted the air as he grit his teeth and slowly pumped his hips until every drop of his cum was lost in her.

He pulled back only to thrust back in with a languorous motion that was more loving than harsh, filling her with every torrid inch of his cock. Leaning in close he covered her body with his, layering her neck with soft kisses between heated pants for breath.

The crowd all but gave them a round of applause. If it hadn't been for the tight space he'd shoved her in and the cloak of the crowd they would have surely been thrown out of the club with the charge of lewd conduct. Shoving up from the wall he covered himself and zipped his pants. He managed to tug her dress down and promptly tossed her over his shoulder on his way out the door.

The smirk that curved his lips said it all. "Don't fuck with me unless you want to receive it back tenfold." Her raven locks bobbed lightly as they dangled toward the floor with every step he took.

"I was counting on that." she retorted with a baleful smile.

"Oh we're not done yet." Glacier blue eyes cut her a look of truth.

"I was counting on that too!" she replied with the growing feeling of anticipation forming in the core of her being.

It was their way of life. It was their type of love. It wasn't for everybody, but it worked for them. And that's all that counts.

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