tagNovels and NovellasFucked Over Ch. 02

Fucked Over Ch. 02


They celebrated their first con together with an expensive dinner. Rebecca couldn't get over the fact that the old man had simply handed her a stack of cash, $10,000 total, to "help out an orphanage".

She and Dave had done their research well, finding Jerome Hill and his history. Which included having grown up in a boys' home from the age of six when both of his parents had died in a car accident, leaving him without any immediate family to go to.

Soft spots were the best way to hit a mark and they'd definitely found Jerome Hill's.

At first, the old man had whipped out his checkbook, willing to give well over the $10K that he did give.

But Rebecca knew the banking rules thanks to September 11th and she didn't want to take any chances, making something up on the fly about how cash was preferable to a check.

The old man had shrugged, went to a wall safe and pulled out the stack of money.

Rebecca had laughed all the way back to the car where Dave had been waiting for over a half hour. He'd looked at his watch repeatedly and thought that she might have been caught, that Jerome Hill might have been on the phone with the police and they were simply waiting for them to arrive.

When she came through the door, pausing to thank the old man once more, Dave wiped the back of his hand across his brow. It was by no means hot out; he'd simply been sweating through his worries.

Rebecca got in, slid next to him and peeled through the cash.

"Easier than taking candy from...well you know," she said.

Dave smelled her perfume and dug his face into her neck, kissing her, nipping at her skin.

"What do you want to do now, baby?" she asked him.

He could think of a few things but first, he wanted to spend some of that cash before Jerome Hill realized he had been scammed.


They walked back to the car, Dave held the door open for Rebecca and she thanked him. He ran back around the front of the car and got in behind the wheel.

"Now what?" he asked.

After a moment, she smiled.

"What?" he queried, his eyebrows raised.

The what was a house that sat on a plot of land that stretched as far as Dave could see. The house was larger than any he'd seen before, its dark brick facade making it appear as if it was disappearing in the setting sun. There was light streaming through every window, which were too numerous to count.

Rebecca came to the main entrance and motioned Dave to join her before she took the door knocker in her hand and rapped.

It was answered by a woman in a red slip dress.

This woman, whom Dave would come to know as Marissa, was hotter than hot. The red slip dress was cut high enough on both sides that Dave knew she either wasn't wearing panties or it was a thong. It was cut low enough in front that he could see plenty of skin beneath her cleavage.

Her face was gorgeous and Dave had an immediate perverse thought that he'd love to see it coated in his come. Her lips were red and without lipstick. Her eyes were of a green thta he'd never seen before. Her smile was white and seemingly flawless and her hair was raven black and fell below her shoulders to about mid-back.

She was tall but not towering. Dave figured her for about six feet, beating him by two inches.

Rebecca kissed the woman on both cheeks but without much feeling and Dave got the impression that the feeling was mutual on Marissa's side of things. Rebecca introduced Dave to her and the woman extended a hand that was so very smooth. He felt like kissing it and did so, drawing a blush from her cheeks. Marissa invited them into the house proper, ushering them through a set of double doors.

When she opened them, Dave's breath caught in his throat. Inside, an orgy was in full swing.

Here, a woman on her knees, taking it from behind by a man whose cock was so long that there were still a good three inches outside of her when he pushed inside of her. His balls were tight and his head was thrown back. The woman was gripping a patch of the carpet underneath them and she was moaning quite loudly. Every couple thrust, she looked back at him and said, "Give me your fucking cock!"

Elsewhere, a group of six men stood before a woman, who was on her knees but this time facing them. Each had a hand around their cocks, ranging in size, each pumping away. A few of them were grunting but the majority kept silent as they sweated and labored up to their come. Bukkake, Dave seemed to remember it being called.

In the corner of the room, a woman was hoisted in a swing and receiving oral pleasure from another woman. A pair of lovers looked on, wearing nothing but drinking champagne.

A couple was laying down on one of the three couches, the man thrusting in and out of her from behind.

There was a table near a couple patio doors and there were two men seated at the table, getting blow jobs from two other men, while on the table, a woman was being fucked from behind by another woman wearing a strap-on. Amazing to Dave was that the table contained all of the place settings and that, somehow, the two women were able to maintain their spot in the middle of the table. Also amazing was the fact that the table had not collapsed, even with the slight size of the women.

On a set of stairs that was in the middle of the room, running to another level, various couples of both sexes were either fucking or sucking.

Dave looked over at Rebecca, who shrugged, then at Marissa, whose smile continued to linger.

Rebecca kissed Dave on the cheek and went up the stairs. Marissa sidled up to Dave and asked him if he liked what he was seeing. Dave could hardly speak.

This was the first time that he'd actually seen an orgy outside of porn videos. First difference that he noticed was that there were more people here than there ever were in porn video orgies. The sounds of sex continued on, women moaning and screaming out the names of their lovers. It drove Dave's erection to further hardness.

"You're welcome to join in, if you wish," Marissa's voice sounded in his ear. Her mouth was tantalizingly close and her breath hot against his skin. He wanted her the moment he'd walked in the door but he had no idea how to tell her. "Of course, you can watch, too, if that's your thing."

Marissa started to move off, taking down the straps of her dress. Dave felt his hand move on impulse. He touched her naked back and then grabbed her by a shoulder. He turned her back towards him. Her dress was down in front, her breasts exposed. They were quite large but didn't appear to be fake. Dave didn't see any scars. He put a hand on either side of her head and kissed her, his tongue raked across her lips. She parted her lips and both of their tongues wrapped around each other, searching and finding.

The sounds around them started to fade as Dave pulled his clothes off and Marissa allowed the dress slide to the floor. Her cunt was shaved and she had a tattoo of a black rose just above her opening. She looked down at his cock and licked her lips then, suddenly, she halted.

"Before we fuck," she said, "there's something I always make my lovers do."

Dave smiled. Whatever it was, he could handle it, he thought. To win a prize like her hairless pussy, he could handle it. He figured it was something as simple as rolling a condom on or having him eat her out. He thought maybe, possibly, it could be something kinky like tying her up or her using a whip on him.

Marissa reached down and grabbed hold of his cock and then he thought perhaps she was going to jack him off. Instead, she walked forward and pulled him along with her. She led him over to the table where the strapped-on woman was now being fucked by the other woman, with the same strap-on dildo. The two men who had been getting blow jobs had blown their loads all over the two other men. Marissa leaned down and tapped one of the blowers on his shoulder.

Suddenly Dave didn't think this was such a good idea.

"Dave," Marissa said. "This is Marc. Marc, darling, Dave is one of Rebecca's friends. Dave wants to fuck me."

Marc smiled. "Who doesn't?" he said, looking the naked woman up and down.

Dave felt like he'd fallen into another dimension. Did Marissa need this guy's permission to be able to fuck him?

"Is this your first time?" Marc asked Dave.

"First time?" Dave didn't quite understand what he meant. Orgy, yes. First time with a woman? There was no such thing as a male virgin, was there?

"It's his first time," Marissa's sweet voice said. Dave felt she'd struck a conspiratorial tone. She still had his cock in her hand and, even though Dave knew he was still hard, he felt as if he had shriveled up. What was going on here?

Marissa reached past the woman being fucked on the table and dipped her hand in a bowl that contained condoms. She grabbed one, tore the plastic open with her teeth.

"Looks like cherry," she said. "How appropriate." She looked Dave in the eye. "You're in for a treat."

She pumped Dave's cock once or twice, handed Marc the condom and then dropped Dave's cock so that it hung by itself. She walked away, seemingly disappearing into thin air. Dave knew it was impossible but, as he turned in a widening circle, he couldn't find her anywhere.

Dave turned back to Marc and said, "I'm not letting you fuck me, if that's what you think."

Marc raised his eyebrows, as if shocked at Dave's outburst and then he laughed.

"Not how it works, pal," he said. "I'm not going to fuck you. In fact, I'm not going to do much of anything. You're going to suck my cock. Or you're not getting anywhere near Marissa."

To Be Continued...

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