tagBDSMFulfilling my Fantasy Ch. 02

Fulfilling my Fantasy Ch. 02


Continued from Chapter One

As he walked me to my door, Mr. Shumway said he had enjoyed the evening and that he had decided that we would meet again at noon the next day, Sunday. I was told to be at the Hotel Marque at exactly noon. There would be a key waiting for me at the front desk and that I could plan on returning home no later than 5 pm. With that instruction, he turned and walked away, without as much as a kiss. This had obviously been an interview and not a date.

Chapter Two

I had dreamed about Mr. Shumway and thought about why he had not carried through and showed me what it would be like to be his sub. I was disappointed and also very excited about his control over me.

The time passed so slowly in the morning as I watched the clock and prepared to dress for Mr. Shumway. I bathed in a hot tub with a mild lilac scent and hoped he would like that aroma. As I searched for my clothing, I noticed I could use a bikini trim. Getting the shave cream and my razor I decided to go all the way and shave myself clean and smooth. It felt good.

My lingerie drawer was full and I searched for just the right panties and matching bra. I saw a pink set that consisted of a lightly padded, platform bra and matching thong panties. The bra lifted my breasts and pushed them together, but fully exposed my nipples and top of my breasts. I really did not like the string of the panties that disappeared up the crack of my ass. However, since they were a matched set I slipped them on and saw that only a small patch on silk covered my freshly shaved mound. Looking in my mirror I was impressed with my breasts sexy appearance.

I decided to wear a light summer blouse and skirt. The skirt I selected was a dark pink "A" line with a tight waist and the blouse had a modestly scooped front. It was perfect for a luncheon with friends. Putting on my shoes I saw that I really needed nylons, so I wrapped on a garter belt and slid up some very light nylons. It took half an hour to get my makeup and hair just right. The clock struck eleven.

My call for a cab was to pick me up at 11:30 and that would put me at the Hotel Marque before noon. He was right on time as I was waiting in front of my house. We arrived at ten minutes until twelve and I went straight to the main desk. I asked if a Mr. Shumway had left a key for... and the deskman interrupted and said, "Miss Barbara...???" I said yes and thanked him as he handed me the unmarked pass card and told me it was for Suite 2601, on the top floor. I was informed to use the VIP elevator as it was only for use by the guests in the executive suites. Walking away, I noticed the deskman's grin and wondered if he knew why I was meeting Mr. Shumway?

The VIP elevator was waiting and very quickly took me to the 26th floor. Exiting, I saw the sign pointing to Suites 2601 to 2604 to the left. As I approached the door, I checked my watch and saw that I was one minute early. Quickly checking my hair and eye makeup, I rang the door bell.

My knees were knocking and I didn't know what to do with my hands as I waited. I held my purse to my chest as the door opened. Mr. Shumway was standing there, filling the doorway and looking down upon me. I felt as if I should run. In a soft but clear voice he said, "Come into the living room." He turned and walked ahead of me.

He sat in a Lazy boy and instructed me to stand in front of him. Silently, he stared at me and motioned with his hand for me to rotate so he could see me from all sides. Looking me in the eyes, he broke the silence and told me that he had seen something in me that needed him and some of the things he could provide me. He made it clear that if I agreed to become his "toy", I must do everything he asked, without hesitation and without question. He told me that if I had any doubt about submitting to his control I should leave now and go home. I started to ask him a question, but he held up his hand and said that I was never to talk unless he specifically asked me to speak or asked me a question. He then told me, "Get out of here and go home NOW, or agree to totally be mine for the next five hours." I waited a moment and then nodded that I would agree. Although I was frightened and felt like running, I was also more sexually aroused than I had ever been and he had never physically touched me. It had all been the power of his will.

Mr. Shumway informed me that I was not to speak but only do exactly what he ordered. "Go into the kitchen and bring me a C C and 7 on the rocks. I almost asked him where these were, but remembered his instruction of silence. The bottle of Canadian Club was sitting open on the counter and the 7 up was in the refrigerator. I put a few ice cubes in a glass and poured his drink. Returning, I handed the glass to him and received a smile. He then told me to stand in front of him.

I felt so strange standing, looking down at this man that I had willingly given this power to and waited as he looked into my soul. I expected him to ask me to undress and for him to eventually have him use my body for his pleasure. As usual, he surprised me and told me he had some questions for me and that I was to answer them briefly and directly. He began by asking if I was willing to be totally his for the afternoon, doing everything I ask of you. I said, "Yes, Sir". He said, "I expect you to be my sex toy and respond to me as your absolute Master until 5 PM." I replied, "Yes, Sir, I will be yours to do with as you command."

Mr. Shumway explained that his orders were to be followed exactly and immediately. I was never to question anything and while standing, to maintain with my eyes looking down at the floor, my hands held to my sides and my feet 18" apart. I went into that position and dropped my head, looking at my feet. He said, "Good girl. I told you that you would be set free in five hours, at 5 PM. Until then you will be tested to see if you qualify to become my permanent sex toy."

We will begin with a simple task. You are to stand at the end of the sofa in your proper position. I moved there quickly and held my hands to my sides. Mr. Shumway then told me I was to remove my blouse and my bra, placing then beside me on the back of the sofa. I did as I was told, now standing facing the front door with my bare breasts and erect nipples fully exposed. Looking down as I was instructed, I heard him pick up the phone. He said, "Please have a bottle of a chilled fine white wine in a bucket of ice delivered as soon as possible. (pause) That will be ten minutes," he asked. "Thank you." And he hung up.

I wondered what I was expected to do. Apparently, I was to do as told and just stand still. Mr. Shumway got up and turned on a soft music CD. I expected him to come over and look at my nakedness, but he ignored me and sat in his Lazy boy. I shivered from the cold, my apprehension and from my nakedness.

It seemed like an hour without any conversation, when there was a knock on the door. Mr. Shumway got up and answered it. He told the young man with the wine to place it on the coffee table in front of the sofa. About half way, he stopped and looked at me. I stood with my head bowed, silently. "Do you like my toy?" Mr. Shumway asked. The boy stammered and kept staring at my exposed breasts. "Yes, Sir," he replied.

The boy sat the ice and the wine on the table, almost tripping while staring at me. Mr. Shumway said, "Please do us a favor and place some ice cubes on both of her nipples." I looked up, startled but knew not to move. I wondered if the young man would do such a thing to a strange woman. I didn't have to wait long to find out. He filled both hands with ice and stood directly in front of me. Staring into my eyes, he pressed all of the ice against both of my breasts. I gasped, but stood still, now shaking from the horrible cold. My nipples became as hard as rocks and stuck out over an inch.

The boy rubbed them all over my breasts until the ice had almost completely melted. The cold water ran down my stomach and onto my legs. I continued to hold my hands to my sides and looking at the floor. Mr. Shumway said, "That will be enough. It seems I have a well behaved toy, don't I?" The boy shook his head, dried him hands on a towel and walked out without even a tip.

I was shivering as he walked out the door, looking back over his shoulder at me. I felt like such a tramp.

Mr. Shumway came over to me and told me that I had behaved properly and that I had passed the first test of obedience.

The clock on the mantle chimed 2 PM, so I knew I had three more hours before I would be allowed to leave.

"If you are ready, we will begin your next test," he informed me. "As you could tell by your first test, I do not want you to be shy or reserved. I want you the think of your body as belonging completely to me. Let's try something now. Take off your skirt."

Dropping my skirt on my blouse, he told me he liked my garter belt, hose and shoes but I was to remove my panties. Now without a bra or panties, I was essentially nude. He told me to stand in front of him and turn around so he could see all of me. As I rotated, he continued with my training. He said, "I want you to no longer think of yourself as a woman. When you are with me you are merely a receptacle for sperm. You are a cunt, an ass and a mouth. Do you understand?" Amazingly, I did understand. I was no longer Barbara or a woman with independent thoughts. I was his toy and his "cunt". It astounded me to feel so free and uninhibited. I didn't have to think for myself or make any decisions. I was, as he put it, "a receptacle."

Mr. Shumway stood up and undressed as he walked into the bedroom. I stood unmoving as I watched him enter the room nude. He called me and told me to join him. He was naked as he lay on the bed. I actually had more clothing on than he did, considering my garter belt and hose. My eyes could not stray from his cock and large balls. He was not erect but I assumed that was a task for me.

As he stretched out on his back, he spread his legs and told me to slowly and gently lick and suck on his cock. I crawled between his legs and took his soft cock in my hands. Lightly stroking, I bent forward and kissed the tip of his dick. Taking it into my mouth with suction, I could feel him grow and become increasingly firm. It kept getting bigger and harder as I increased my oral actions. "Ah, yes..." he murmured.

He did not participate at all. I expected him to take my head in his hands and actively fuck my face but he wanted me to do everything. I wanted to please him, so I worked hard, on my knees, and using both hands and my mouth, I tried to give him the best blow job he had ever had. Looking up, he had placed his hands behind his head and had a wide grin on his face. I increased my efforts and took him as deep as I could while stroking him with both hands. Amazing as it was, his cock kept growing. It must have been ten inches long and two inches across. It was now as hard as a brick.

"That's a good little cock sucker," he whispered. "You are not to let any of my cum escape from your oral hole. I want to see my cum in your mouth before I tell you to swallow." I had never had any man do this to me, but knew it was about to happen. He grasped my ears and told me to, "Open wide." It was then the first blast of his hot, sweet cum hit my tongue. I almost swallowed but managed to hold it in my cheek as the second and third shot filled my mouth to near overflowing.

He fell back and let go of my ears and told me to show him what I held in my mouth. I slid forward and opened my mouth. He had coated my tongue and mouth and told me, "Excellent. Good bitch. You may now enjoy your meal." I swallowed and licked his cock for any additional cum. He seemed to like that and told me to get up.

I was hoping this would be the end of my "tests" but he told me he had one more task for me before I would be allowed to leave. He went to the dresser and pulled out several items. He had me turn my back to him and placed a heavy silk blindfold over my eyes, tying it tightly behind my head. I heard him walking around me, but he never touched me. I couldn't help but think that the only things I was wearing were my garter belt, nylons and my shoes. My panties and bra had long sence been removed. He had me kneel and walk around the heavily carpeted floor on my hands and knees. I felt my breasts swaying as I moved. He must have noticed the same thing as he told me to sit up on my knees with my feet under me.

I was told to spread my knees, exposing my pussy to this man. He then told me to caress my breasts and pinch my nipples. I could feel them becoming erect and moisture forming between my legs. He was still moving around me. "Now, finger yourself. I want to see you get yourself off," he directed me. It only took a couple minutes as I had not reached a climax while I was getting him off, or when the waiter was freezing my tits with ice.

My hands and fingers felt good on my freshly shaved mound and my wet lips. A deep moan escaped from my mouth as I was stroking my clit and I felt a raging orgasm rack my entire body.

As I collapsed trying to catch my breath, he told me to take off my blindfold. As my eyes got used to the bright light I could see that he was holding a couple of cameras. One was a still digital and the other was a digital movie camera.

He smiled, showing me the cameras and informed me that he had enough pictures and video of me masturbating in my garter belt and hose (and nothing else) to convince my friends and family that I was truly a slut. He said they would remain in his personal file as long as I continued to be his "Toy." I was now definitely his sub and he was going to be my Master.

"Barbara, you may dress and leave now. I will be calling you with our next appointment. Be prepared at that time to become clearly marked as mine."

NOTE: In Chapter Three, Barbara would go deeper into the sub world of her new Master. The choice was no longer hers. She now belonged to this strong man.

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