tagIncest/TabooFull Bloom

Full Bloom


Forrest awoke to another hot Summer Saturday morning. It was 90 degrees again and he knew it would be broiling in the after noon. He was already bored this summer break and seeing that he had nothing to do, today made him just want to lay in bead and sweat. He would have gone to the mall, or movies but he knew it would packed with old high school chums that he had no desire to see.

He laid back in his bed sheets, clad only in his boxers. He looked down and noticed his manhood fell out his open hole. "Oh well," he thought, "might as well jerk off." He started to go at his unwilling member and eventually found a rhythm. He thought of his girlfriends at school and all the fun they had and eventually his penis started to react. He was settling into his own pseudo-sexual fantasy world, when his door popped open.

"C'mon, Forrest it's eleven AM. Rise and shine, you can't sleep all day." He didn't lock the door and Mom came in with her usual laundry load. She immediately looked down at the floor and continued with her typical babble. "Why don't you call a friend Forrest or go to your fathers house..."

This was a typical happening. He would forget to lock the door and she would barge in when he was doing his business. She must have caught him a hand full of times. Especially now, that he had been home from college and was bored. He was also under the impression, that she never noticed and he figured she probably thought he was 'itching' himself. Besides his mother was an old hippie so, in theory, she allowed him to have his space.

He quickly had rolled over and laid on his side. Forrest's Mom then sat on the edge of his bed and looked at him over his shoulder. "I know you don't have to work today so shouldn't you call a friend." Forrest responded as if he was still asleep. "Wha, oh yeah sure." Forrest's Mom, would have done anything to spend a day with him but he was older and she feared he was growing away from her. She wanted him to be independent but she missed him. Still she knew he would waste his Saturday anyway with his typical old, sitting around in his room, listening to music, smoking grass and occasional masturbation.

"Tell you what Forrest, why don't you come with Anya and I today." This didn't excite him at all. The idea, of hanging around with his hippie mother and her hippie friend just made him more tired. He wanted to stay home and count the days until he went back to college but she would have none of it. She got up and said "Cool, now wake up lazy bones you're hangin with yer ol' lady today." She walked out and down the hall, without shutting the door. Forrest got up, bonner bobbing out again and went to close the door. His Mom turned around and, while just looking at the floor, said; "Please Forrest, get going."

He had his prick covered but he got the feeling that she knew what he up to. Which she did. He agreed and started towards the bathroom. He looked at her briefly as he walked. She still had her long raven colored hair that went half down her back and she still wore her old bell bottoms and 70's cowboy shirts, complete with brown cowboy boots. Boy, she was stuck in an era; he thought. Even though her body sagging at 48, she still looked like the hippie she was in the pictures he had of her, his father and him when he was born. Her hair still hung in her dark Native American face like it did then. Her eyes were bold and passionate. She looked tough but when she talked you could see her kindness. His dad too still wore a pony tail but Forrest thought the were both dorkish with their "open mindedness" and "strong political beliefs." That stuff made him snicker. He just wished they still did drugs so he could get some from them and be stoned during his break.

He walked into the bathroom and looked at himself. He had a shaved head and long goatee. His American Indian face was bold but his father's Irish jeans gave him sympathetic eyes. His tattoos of vines covered his wrists as well as Japanese symbols on his shoulders. They meant "Strength" and "Love" but he would tell the girls they meant "Nihilism" or some other trendy meaning. Whatever he thought would get them hot, he would say. He got those meanings from his Mom, who would always say; "Forrest, Strength will take you were ever you want to go but Love will teach you to appreciate wear you are." He loved his Mom and although he acted disinterested in her lessons on life he appreciated everything she sacrificed for him. His dad was cool too. Although they divorced, he still lived by and gave his Mom anything she wanted. He sometimes wished he had a sob story, but they all didn't.

He walked down stairs in Cutoff Shorts, T-Shirt and his Black boots. He sat down in the kitchen and poured himself some of her herbal tea, which he had to drink since she didn't allow coffee. He really didn't want to go with her and besides he didn't know where they were going. "Mom, I don't know, were are we going any way?" His Mom, walked into the kitchen. "I don't know!" She responded with her inquisitive but open tone. "Anya, said it was a surprise. Sounds fascinating though." Oh Christ, he thought they were headed for some strange East Indies spiritual lecture or something.

Anya, always pulled this type of thing. He really didn't want to go he rather bike or call his college friends and convince them meet him halfway so they could go out and drink. But he did that last weekend and his Mom was never happy with him driving her old VW bug half way across the state just to get drunk. When you live in the middle of New York State you have to drive pretty far to have a good time. "Mom, can't I stay home? Please." He asked. She put her head down and frowned. "Forrest, you only have a few weeks left and then your back at school in New York City. Can't you spend one day with me? I've let you have your days off to yourself because you work, all summer." "Yeah, but Mom, you and Anya get so annoying..."

"Oh, what the hell are you going to do any way?" She abruptly barked. "Whack off all day?!" He sat silent and so did she. She would rarely yell but when she did, the truth always cut through the BS. They sat silent for a Moment and suddenly Forrest said; "Well your last Guru said that was liberating?" Forrest's Mom looked at him and then they both laughed. The tension had broken and with that Anya's beat up van rolled down the rock filled drive way. "Forrest's Mom looked at him with a pleading expression. "Please, Forrest." Forrest couldn't resist, he could do pretty much any thing he wanted around there but breaking his mother's heart always got to him. He let out a long sigh and said "Okay, Mom." She jumped up, ran over and gave him a hug. Her long hair got in his face and mouth but he resisted making spitting sounds.

She started locking up the house and he grabbed her Indian designed sack. They both walked out and Anya got out of the Van. She was her mother's age but much larger, she too was a hippie friends from the old days. But her hair was short and she would wearing men's work clothes. She was Mom's politically conscience Lesbian friend. The kind who would always want to play catch with Forrest and to see if he was man enough.

She was usually happy to have him along on their excursions but today she had a perturbed look on her face. "Hey, guys." Anya said with an underlining tone of concern. Forrest was getting the impression Mom's surprise was a hard ass Feminist folk rally. Which was never cool to bring a guy with combat boots to. Mom however was unfazed or she chose to ignore it. Nothing would ruin her day with her son. "We're ready." Mom said eagerly; "You want to tell us the surprise know or should we wait?"

Anya, paused a second and took a diplomatic tone. "Well, Mum, you're son is welcome but I'm not sure he'd want to come." Actually Forrest thought this might be a cool out and he was hoping Anya would sell it well. "Why, not?" Mom said getting serious. She wasn't going to back down. She would rather spend a night at a Melissa Etheridge concert wearing a Pat Buchanan T-Shirt than not spend a day with Forrest. Anya, squirmed for a second and "Spoke up. Well it's not any real hard ass reason or any thing." She settled. "We're all of us welcome, to this thingy, but it's just that...well...you both might be uncomfortable."

"Really, why?" Mom said, Now she was getting worried. Anya, smiled and stared at the ground. "Well Mum," (A pet name she called her since she had Forrest.) "It's a nudist, thing." She laughed. "I'm sorry, I didn't think Forrest would want to hang out today, I guess I should have told you." Forrest laughed with Anya and was relieved he was off the hook. He knew his Mom had done this before but never with him lately. When he was a small child, sure but now, never. an after noon of lying around was before him.

Mom looked as if she just found out Santa didn't really exist. Anya and Forrest started feeling bad. "Well, if you guys want to do something different..." Forrest said, because in his heart he knew her day, her week and practically her summer was ruined. School was just around the corner and weekends like this were fleeting. Anya, said well we're both expected. You're Mom was going to be, a sort of, guest of honor tonight."

His Mom's, frown started to bow and He knew she was going to cry. He looked at Anya and Anya looked frantically back. They, didn't know what to do. Forrest's Mom just then relented; "Fine, uh you can make diner..., right?" Forrest responded slowly yes. He felt really bad but he couldn't imagine romping with his naked Mother.

Anya, and his poor hippie Mom got in the Van and they started to back out of the driveway. Forrest waived goodbye slowly and she waived slowly back. Towards the end, Anya stopped the vehicle and sped back and jumped out. "Forrest, get in, come on before I kick your ass." Forrest looked confused and so did his Mother. He was about to say something when she grabbed his arm, and although he was pretty built himself, Anya was tougher than a dock worker. She squeezed his arm and he thought it might go numb so he slowly followed her into the van. They both got in and drove away. In the van Forrest and his mother looked at each other befuddled. "So, what are we going to do?" said Forrests' Mom. "Won't the old hippies be pissed when we don't show up?" Anya looked straight ahead. "We are showing, up."

They argued with Anya, all the way there but she insisted that if Forrest was a common guest when he was young he would be fine now. Forrest's Mom stopped taking him there when he was about to go to grade school. She knew that, no matter what kind of environment she could create for him the harsh reality was his telling stories of being around naked people wouldn't sit well at school. Anya, argued now they were both older and mature. They could handle it or at least not look at each other. Forrest's Mom was not into it and even began to get angry but Anya kept driving insisting it was too late. She had to be their and they would have no time to go back drop off Forrest and be back in time.

Forrest's Mom kept insisting and threatened to not go along or even enter the nudist valley. Forrest said he would simply walk home. Anya finally, came straight forward, and said; "Look, the only reason you two would be so embarrassed is if your associating this whole thing with sex. It isn't and since Forrest has yet to become a dirty old man and you Mum, will just know him as your son there should be no tension. I've brought my mom with to these things, you know that." She said as she looked at Forrest's Mom. "Just try it you two and if you hate it I'll drive Forrest home. But Mum, you really should stay." Forrest's Mom was silent and so was Forrest, he didn't know what to do. Anya looked at him; "It's just old naked people, Forrest. Just relax, have an open mind and only look your Mother in the eye." Forrest just sat back and sighed silently. "Yeah, a very, very, very open mind."

"Would it be horrid?" he thought. Despite his protests he did remember the nudist colony when he was young child. He remembered running and swimming. He remembered nuzzling his nude mother and her warmth. It seemed so natural then, why was it a big deal now. He would pull naked stunts at college and no one cared. He had even played strip poker and it never felt uneasy. His mother sat silent for awhile and then turned back to face him. "Is this Ok, Honey? I don't want you to be uncomfortable, just say the word and we'll bring you home." She said. " I mean, if we make it a big deal, then it's a big deal. If we don't then we don't." She smiled and looked at him. "It's just me your mom anyway. It's nothing new, right?"

"Right." He answered. He wasn't sure why he was going along. Yet, he thought, it might be nice to revisit those past summers or at least live in denial, for the rest of the day. They drove for another hour and they talked about other things. Forrest was getting hot and sweat was building up in his shirt. He thought it might be nice to get bare ass soon because he was all sweaty. As soon as he thought that however a pang of reality would hit him: He would be nude and with his nude mother!

A strange feeling settled in to him. It felt perverse, upsetting and strange but familiar as well. He was confused but he knew he would face it. He hoped it would feel normal or at least relaxed when it was happening. Forrest's Mom also grappled with the uncertainty too, but she validated herself by thinking; it's just my son. I brought him into this world he was naked then. No big deal now. She knew of his habits and his girlfriends and she dealt with them like a typical mom. She had seen sons of other people and they had no problem. She knew it would be the same for them. She worried, however, if she was too open minded some times.

The Van turned down the dirt road heading towards the valley. Their hearts raced. But the dirt road was long and they just watched the trees engulf the road. Forrest's began remembering the area and how he used to get excited. He remembered the trees and cool water. Soon they saw the parking, were other cars were. They parked and got out. They both joked as they headed towards the valley trying to calm their own nerves. Across a field and through some more woods, they walked until they heard splashing.

People were swimming. Again their hearts raced. It was going to happen. A tall Ivy covered fence ran around, what seemed like acres. Forrest remembered that the land was owned by a winery and the owners were avid nudists. They made their way into the a small shack that stood as an entrance. The memories were flooding back to him. Behind a desk was a short man with a long beard and hair who was forests age. He looked at Forrest, his Mom and Anya.

He recognized them and even asked if Forrest remembered him. He was Aron. They had played together when young. Oddly, enough he did. Forrest felt relaxed. They chatted and then Aron said they could change. The pang hit Forrest but slightly less. They walked through a door together and into a small room outlined with wooden benches. Aron, handed them a large box and said they could put their stuff in there.

The moment of truth was at hand. Anya, quickly disrobed not wanting to make a deal of anything. She was larger and her naked look made zero impression on Forrest. Mainly because it reminded him of other guys at a gym. So he sat down and pulled off his boots, took off his shirt and then without thinking pulled down his cutoffs. While hoping it wouldn't mean getting poison ivy on his ass.

Anya rolled up her clothes and talked about going fishing. Forrest just tried to relax, yet, like a light in the dark his eyes moved towards the movements next to him. He saw his mother from behind and took an eyeful in. With only her shirt on he could see a full view of her bottom. The dark tan skin of her large round rear, curved into, muscular legs which straddled the floor like a dancer. She shifted her hip to one side emphasizing her curve. He noticed some standard wear of age on her cheeks but nothing unsightly. From between her legs he saw a large dark tuft of hair. Boy, she really was caught in an era, he thought.

She dropped her shirt and he saw her muscular back. She turned around to face him, as she thought she might as well get it over with. She began talking to him and he responded. Yet the conversation was just subconscious. She did look older he conceded to himself with her lines on her face but her vitality shined in her eyes. Forrest saw that his mother did age. Her tummy popped out and her large bosom hung lower than his childhood memory had served.

But her large tits were still her sexual prowess. Men had always seemed captivated by their size and that was still the case. They were larger than any of his typical skinny girlfriends. They formed into two mounds with her brownish nipples that he remembered very well from his childhood. Her bosom was what he clung to, suckled and it brought a strange warmth to his heart to see her loving chest again. She moved and her breasts bounced, causing him to stare. While she seemed unimpressive to the typical eye, he looked her age and surprisingly he felt comfortable seeing her naked. Her long hair wove down her body and made her look more native. Although he wouldn't tell a soul he was glad for his mother looked healthy.

"I'm a fat old woman aren't I?" She said. "You look good Ma." He felt stupid. It was a typical response that never made any one feel better. Anya was outside and she was calling for Forrest's Mother "Hey, guess who's here?" They both went outside and felt the warm air on their bodies. It felt good and it seemed perfect for their body temperature. Suddenly, nude people were around them hugging and laughing. Forrest stood quiet, until his mother called for him. At this moment, as he walked forward, he realized he was also nude.

He felt awkward and wondered if his penis had shrink into his body. He felt embarrassed but with all the grey beards and older faces he felt comfort consuming him. A genuine feeling of acceptance was given to him; they were simply just glad to see him. He felt as if he was in a dream all the old faces he knew from when he was a child were filling his eyes again. It felt hyper real and his naked body just made it all that more tangible. Maybe Mom's theory was actually right. If you don't make it a big deal then it wasn't a big deal.

His Mom was casual, she talked and looked completely at ease. He soon found himself walking, and lying around nude as if it was nothing. He even hiked a bit with Anya. Later he asked her how she was feeling. She smiled, "It's old hat for me. We're going to make diner do you want to help me?" Forrest was looking for an excuse for not playing catch with Anya so he obliged. Forrest's Mom Beamed, "Great!" He decided then he would spend the rest of the day with her as he promised from before. He helped her peel corn as she told stories about playing folk music around the country. Forrest's mom beamed with pride at her son. He was so handsome and all the women were taking him in with their eyes.

They made sure to talk to him in order to have an excuse to look in his direction. She knew a younger girl had designs but Mom was proud he wasn't responding. Although he may not have control with himself alone at least he didn't throw himself at any girl with a cute bottom, she thought. Everyone noticed his tattoos and how strong he looked. He did have a muscular body with strong legs like his mother. She peeled another stalk and looked for another. She noticed his groin. There was a time when he was so small. Now he was man and the small patch of brown hair that held a long smooth penis looked sexy. Now she realized why her son was being eyed. What was it about a strong proud young cock that was so appealing? She didn't know but was glad her son had one.

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