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Full Maintenance


I hear him come into the house and immediately pour his wine then set his plated dinner on the table. I've already eaten. Normally, we eat together like a regular couple, but not on maintenance night. On this night, every Tuesday, I choose to serve him. He comes into the dining room, kisses me and sits at the table to enjoy his dinner while I stand quietly behind him, ready to serve him anything else he may need, refill his wine, massage his shoulders. He finishes, thanks me, and I clear the table while he re-locates to the turned chair.

I come back into the room after loading the dishwasher and he pats his lap. I have also changed into more appropriate attire for my maintenance. I have taken off my simple dress but have left on my heels which are securely strapped to my ankles. He prefers this since he likes the way the heels make my legs look, but the straps keep them on my feet should I begin to kick.

I smile gratefully at him and position myself over his lap. He rubs the vitamin E only on my ass - which soothes the skin but also ensures that I will feel each blow administered. I brace my hands against the floor and close my eyes. The touch of his hand on my naked skin has already caused my heart to beat faster and my pussy to moisten. I hear him chuckle a bit and know that he is well aware of my excitement.

"You've been very good since your punishment has ended," he says.

"Thank you, Sir," I respond.

""Your strips from the caning have almost healed. Are you sure you want a full maintenance?" he asks.

"The choice is yours, but I'm willing to accept a full maintenance session if you so desire," I answer. "My punishment last weekend was well deserved. I overspent my allowance and flirted outrageously with that man at the diner."

"All true," he agreed, beginning to spank me with gently, warming swats.

I am grateful for these swats. They sting, but will also allow for minimal bruising after he has finished.

"In that case, a full session then. Once your bottom is properly warmed, I will begin your true spankings. A full ten minutes. If you are not crying my then, another ten minutes will be added . When I feel you have been properly maintained," he says quietly, "I will fuck you senseless."

I don't answer. I can't.

His hand comes down and I jump. Pain radiates across my flesh and tickles my clit. Before long, I can't think at all. All I know is sensation. His hand. My burning ass. My wet pussy. My place here on his lap.My body on fire.

I have no idea how long he has spanked me, but I realize he has stopped. I slide to the floor and unzip his pants. I take him into my mouth and gratefully suck his glorious manhood. He plays with my hair. After a while he stands, my mouth still on his dick until he forces me to kneel. He grabs my ponytail and pulls, causing me to look up at him.

"Still dry eyed," he notes. He knows I do not cry easily, but I need the release of tears in order to feel truly submissive, truly a woman, truly free.

He bends me over the table and I grab hold of the opposite side.

"That's it. Hold on," he tells me.

I hear his belt slap against itself and I close my eyes. Ten minutes with the belt. I'm not sure if I can endure, but I know I must. My ass burns and I hear his heavy breathing. Finally, I break. I cry out and tears spill out of my eyes, wash down my face. He ignores this and continues to lash out at my bottom with his belt. I weep, sobbing out my love for him.

I feel his hand on my ass, gently rubbing, caressing.

"You please me," he says.

I cry harder, overcome by his praise.

He enters me. His penis finally enters my warm, dripping cunt and I melt around him. He fucks me and I am full and beautiful and a woman. I am his.

I am his.

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