tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFull Moon & The Pool Jets

Full Moon & The Pool Jets


It is the end of a long, busy day. The house is finally quiet and I am finally alone to relax. I go to the computer and check my e-mail. Junk fills it, as always. I do a little surfing and end up at one of my favorite movie sites. I always enjoy moviepost.com. I start down the list of movies and select many of them.

I enjoy so many different types of movies. There are very sexy women using dildos on their wet pussies. They are so wet that it shows up well in the movie clip. In some of the movies, there are women using toy cocks on other women and licking their clits at the same time. I watch a movie of a woman being fucked from behind very hard and fast. The camera moves in and shows the way her pussy grabs that nice hard cock as it slides in and out of her.

At this point, I have out my own toy. The silver vibrating bullet, you know the one. It is turned on a low setting and is resting right against my very wet clit. My legs are spread under the desk and I continue to select movies. I select a movie that shows a man stroking his nice hard cock. This brings pictures to my mind of you, right in front of my face, doing the same thing. My pussy gets even wetter and starts to throb picturing that in my mind. I absolutely love to see you slide your hard dick in your hand.

I reach down to the controls on the vibrating bullet and turn it up. I literally sigh as I feel it apply more stimulation to my very swollen pussy. I know that it is incredibly pink and swollen and that your tongue would find the perfect spots to lick if you were here right now. I come across a movie clip of two women with a man. I carefully watch these clips and imagine you and I have met with a very open, sexual female.

One of the clips has one of the women on her hands and knees being fucked from behind. The second woman is lying on the bed, with her legs spread, having her pussy licked by the first woman that is on her hands and knees. I can picture being the woman on her back, looking up and watching you as you hold her hips and slide your cock into her wet pussy. You looking down at her tongue on my pussy and back at the expression on my face as I watch you both and feel the pleasure she is delivering.

This mental image coupled with the movie clip on my screen has me very turned on and I am nearing orgasm. My legs are spread wide under my desk and my hips are instinctively moving up and down to slide the toy completely across my clit. I throw my head back and listen to the sound on the computer while I picture the look on your face as you watch me cum right in front of you. That is the moment that I start to orgasm. I can feel my pussy throb back against the vibrating bullet.

I do not stop it or move away, but continue to let it massage my cumming pussy. This barely gives me a minute to come down before I start to cum again. Just the way you would make me cum if you were here but of course not as intense on my own. After I orgasms a few more times, I move the toy and put my hips back on the chair. I still have my head thrown back and my eyes closed as I catch my breath. I finally lift my head and look back at the screen. I smile as I notice that the clip is endlessly looped on my screen.

I get up and decide to change gears. I really have to get your naked body off my mind or stay distracted all evening. I head to my bedroom and decide that a late night swim will do me some good. Since it is dark out, I do not bother to change into a swim suit but plan to go naked, like I always do at this hour. It is a full moon, so the night should be lit up very nicely.

Right before I walk out the door to the pool deck, I stop at my night stand and grab one of my favorite toys. You know the one, it is ribbed and flexible. It doesn’t use batteries at all and is actually designed as an anal toy even though I usually use it in my pussy. There is that time you used it on my ass, though and it was definitely designed properly I learned. I am not sure why I grabbed that toy, but I did so and took it with me on the pool deck.

After placing my towel and toy on the pool edge, I slowly get into the nice cool water and swim around a little bit. I go over to the steps and realize that the pool jets are on. Since I am naked, the stimulation from the pool jets is even more intense. I am sure it helps that I am very turned on and have already cum numerous times just moments before. I stand next to the jet and let it massage my nice swollen clit. I am literally teasing myself, not allowing the water pressure to be applied right on that magic spot. If I have learned one thing from being naked with you, it is that a little teasing goes a long way.

I reach to the pool edge and grab the toy that I brought with me. Putting it in the water, I slide it very slowly into my pussy. I am standing near the steps, with the water jet teasing my clit and this toy slowly entering my pussy. It feels wonderful to have this toy inside me. The full moon has the pool lit up quite well and my head is thrown back a bit looking at the moon and stars as I enjoy the feel across my entire body.

After a few minutes of this intense teasing, I put my legs up on the side of the pool. This puts my pussy right at the level of the jet. I have my legs spread and the jet is flowing water right at my pussy. I can look down and see in the moonlight how swollen it is and can watch the water dance across my clit. A simple shift of the hips and the water changes from dancing across my clit to practically shooting directly into my pussy. It feels like a water dildo that is fucking me.

I alternate between directing the water to my clit with the toy I brought into the pool inside my pussy to pulling the toy out and directing the water into my pussy. When I have the toy in my pussy, I have it pulled back so every ridge slides against my pussy lips as I move it in and out. The feel is amazing. I am getting loud even though I know that I am outside. I do my best to remain quiet, but the orgasm that is building is quite intense.

I know that a neighbor could simply look out their window and see me in the moonlight. The thought of that excites me also. I think briefly that I will feel them watching me but the honest truth of the matter is that I am so engrossed in what I am doing, I would not notice a thing. I close my eyes and picture the time that I had you in the pool on the second step. It is the perfect height for you to stand and slide your cock right into my mouth as I stand in the water. I remember your hands on my head and your cock throbbing in my mouth. That picture is very vivid in my mind as I close my eyes and feel an amazing orgasm begin.

I move my pussy against the water stream and cum so deeply that I feel it through my entire body. It travels from my head all the way down to my toes and I feel a warmth travel the length of it. I have experienced this type of orgasm before, but just not due to my own hands. This is the kind of orgasm I have had while you pleased me in various ways and that thought only makes this orgasm even more intense.

This time, I have to move away from the stimulation immediately after I cum. I lie in the pool and begin to catch my breath. I am suddenly aware of my surroundings. I realize just how bright it is in the pool with the moonlight, notice that I am floating naked right on top of the water and then realize that I am not on the deck alone.

You are sitting in the lounge chair not 5 feet from where I am at with your eyes right on me. You have a huge bulge in your shorts and you are mesmerized my me. I look at you embarrassed and start to move back into the water. “Don’t move on my account,” you tell me. I smile and start to walk out of the water toward you.

“How long have you been there?” I ask as I continue to walk over toward you.

“Long enough to see how hot that was,” you tell me. “And to get this,” you say, showing me your nice hard cock. I reach down and stroke your cock right through your clothes and feel it get even harder with my touch. You look at me and notice I am shivering. You stand up and wrap my towel around me, kissing me very deep roaming your hands across me as you do so. “Let’s go inside now,” you tell me as you turn to walk in the house, unzipping your pants as you get closer to the door. You lie me down in the bed and I quickly doze off to sleep.

Sound asleep I barely hear the shower on. What actually wakes me is your breath right across my pussy. I feel you lick my clit carefully and tease me. I reach down and pull your head feeling your wet hair in my hands. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to cum any more, but as usual, you are out to prove me wrong. I am one lucky woman, aren't I?

C K & L

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