tagGroup SexFull Moon Fantasies Ch. 3

Full Moon Fantasies Ch. 3


Tracy knew that Mindy was working late that night so she wasn’t really surprised to find the apartment empty. It was roomy and well-kept and smelled of lavender incense. Doug had been here once before, at a party, but now, as Tracy turned on a few dim lights, he was more able to appreciate it.

She found an unopened bottle of Chardonnay in the refrigerator and the pair of them finished it off rapidly as they cuddled silently on the couch. The bulge in Doug’s pants was still aching as that ever-present full moon shone through the large picture windows of the apartment, granting an eerie light to the occasion. “Come on,” he whispered after a while. He held his hands out to her and led her into the bedroom. He pulled back the pink bedclothes and began slowly, nervously undressing Tracy again. He forced himself to go slowly, trying his best to be romantic. Then he undressed himself. She could feel it, too. In spite of all they’d done, something special was happening. He kissed her lips carefully and sweetly. His hands ran themselves across the naked expanse of her back, lovingly caressing the bones and the curves. Suddenly, his nervousness lifted as the softness of it all—the lips, the back, the bed—calmed him as he held her.

Tracy was still ravenous but, at least for now, she found herself appreciating the gentleness as she pulled him down onto the comfortable bed, never breaking from his lips. She relished the feel of his hairy body tickling her smooth flesh.

His kisses moved to her chin and then her neck. Her eyes closed and she threw her head back in pleasure, running her hands through his hair as he sucked and nibbled at her neck for what seemed like hours before lowering himself to her bosom. He latched onto her left breast like a suckling baby and sucked for all he was worth. Tracy was definitely not feeling maternal, though, as she cooed and moaned and moved her other hand to spread her sticky lower lips. After a minute, Tracy pulled his face back to hers, but this time with a deep soul kiss. Meanwhile, her hand grabbed his throbbing prick and aimed it at the welcoming entrance to her vagina. She slid down a bit and then pulled it inside of her at last with a nice loud POP! “I can’t believe this,” he said, “but what about…?”

“Now, listen, stud,” she cut him off. She was speaking quickly and her breaths were short. “This is no time for a conversation. Look down there. It’s your cock-Doug’s COCK-in Tracy’s pussy. It’s real! I’ve got birth control covered. Right now I just need you to fuck me hard, like you’ve always wanted to.” With that, she bit her lower lip and wiggled her ass in such a way that Doug almost came right then. “Pleeeeease? Just fuck me, baby.”

Tracy’s eyes closed as Doug, concentrating hard on not coming too soon, began to slowly and rythmically meet her every rising thrust. He could feel the tightness of her flesh as she squeezed him in ways he had only imagined before.

Inside Tracy’s head, it really didn’t matter whose cock it was, as long as it was long and hard and deep inside her, she was happy. Was she a slut or was it okay to feel like this? She just wanted to come and to use a handy male body to help her do it. Goosebumps rose on her arms and her back and the distinct aroma of sweat and pussy spread across the room.

Her experienced thumb and forefinger rubbed her nub back and forth as Doug began grunting on top of her. She knew his big moment was coming and she couldn’t wait for the heat, the sudden burst of warmth all though her lower body as he flooded her with his seed.

“Ungh! I can’t…. I’m gonna….”


The sudden intrusion scared Doug half to death and he jerked back, pulling out of Tracy’s hot pocket just as he began spurting wildly across Mindy’s bed.

Mindy stood in the doorway of her bedroom.

Tracy looked up to see the 24 year old actress’ expression turn from anger and disgust to something much more interesting-lust!

Doug’s mouth fell open, searching vainly for words that would solve everything. His rapidly shrivelling prick continued dripping onto her bed and Mindy couldn’t take her eyes off of it. Surprisingly, instead of throwing them out, the pretty brunette began unbuttoning her blouse to reveal her own, quite impressive titties, the subject of many of Doug’s wet dreams and fantasies. Tracy smiled. Things were proceeding exactly the way she had hoped. Doug lay back in the bed next to Tracy as they both enjoyed the strip show taking place in front of them.

Like Tracy’s, Mindy’s body was not the Playboy ideal but it was one that he had fantasized about for months. Now early on a Sunday morning, with that old hazy moon still staring through the window like a peeping tom, she sashayed over to her bed, reached down and started pumping his still sticky flesh back to life.

Without saying another word, the trio worked themselves into a threeway just as if they’d rehearsed it. Mindy was the centerpiece, on her knees on the bed slurping greedily on Tracy’s creamy puss while Doug came up from behind.

With Mindy’s tight, pink anus staring him in the face, Doug decided to take advantage of another of his fantasies. He ran his fingers through the moisture between her legs and then slipped his ring finger into her ass and wiggled it. Mindy protested at first but Tracy clamped her legs around her head to keep her at her own task. Doug spit into his hands and rubbed it over the head of his dick. Then he spread her cheeks with his hands and pushed. It wasn’t easy at first and Mindy moaned and teared up a bit as he pushed up through her sphincter muscle. He had never imagined anything so tight as her ass clamping down on his prick. He held tightly to her creamy upper thighs as he began sliding his meat up her poop chute at a more and more frenetic pace.

Tracy’s fantasy was being granted, also. She had always had bi-sexual tendencies but she had never actually been with another girl before. Her hands played with the older girl’s silky brown hair, twirling it around with her fingers and pushing it aside so she could watch as Mindy’s tongue licked its merry way around her puffy pink lips.

The bedroom now reeked of sex as the lust-crazed boy humped in and out of the actress’ ass, ever more anxious to relieve himself of the terrible pressure once more built up inside his loins. Tracy fondled her own titties as Mindy, one hand frigging herself down there, kept her lips tightly fastened to the target formed by the young girl’s clit. Despite the assault on her behind, her own attack showed no mercy as she built Tracy up over and over, always stopping just short of release. Finally, she relented, concentrating her efforts on her victim’s magic love button, sucking the sensual bud like a miniature cock. Tracy moaned uncontrollably, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh, GOD! Ohhhhhhh, YES! Oh! Ohhhhhhhh!!!!”Like a cat lapping milk, she darted her tongue out over and over to tickle Tracy right to the edge and this time she pushed her over! Her sweaty body began bouncing on the bed, tossing Mindy even further back onto Doug’s anal invader. His cock was sore from the tightness and the extra bucking didn’t help. He reached around to squeeze Mindy’s bouncy tits as best as he could. Tracy cried out “I….I’m….Unghhhh! Cu….Cu…Cumming!!! Oh, FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK!!! Whoa, baby!!!!! Oh, yes! OH MY GOD, this is incredible!!!”

It was also hot enough to trigger the eruption of the molten lava that had been building up in Doug’s balls. Without warning, he grunted and shot a hot string of cum up into Mindy’s bowels. Mindy collapsed on top of Tracy and Doug’s member slipped happily out of her constricting rear. Her ass remained gaping for a moment and he watched in fascination as his cream dribbled out of her butt. “DAMN!” he shouted! “Wooow!” and then they all laughed nervously.

They knew they needed to talk but they were all three exhausted and drifted into sleep cuddled up together on the bed. Tracy awoke a few hours later, still sticky below but with her horniness finally appeased, she knew that she had to get Doug home before morning.

The moon seemed to be spinning as she finally arrived back at her own home just before dawn. It had been a long, lust-filled evening-one she would never forget. The moon had borne witness to it all, and in her mind, now resembled a thick wad of cum that had spurted up into the heavens.

Dawn found a freshly showered Tracy sleeping comfortably at last, looking for all the world like an innocent angel. Soon afterwards, though, the phone rang insistantly. “Hello”, she answered groggily.

“Hi, Trace, I’m back.” Said Stan’s voice. “I’ve been missing your sweet pussy like crazy! Why don’t you come on over and I’ll….”

Click! She hung up the phone, took a deep breath and smiled a hazy smile as she drifted back to sleep remembering all her recent pleasures.


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