tagErotic HorrorFull Moon of Desire Ch. 04

Full Moon of Desire Ch. 04


Sandra woke up several hours later to discover her mate was not by her side, In fact she sensed he was several miles away deep in the forest. Sighing unhappily she guessed He was just not the bed type. Perhaps if she made a small shed or something halfway between the house and the forest she could persuade him to let her stay near Felicity. Or visitations perhaps ah well she thought, they would work something out. Stretching out on her bed she sauntered over to the window to see where the sun was. To her shock the garden was bathed in the faint worn out orange glow of the afternoon. She had slept half the day away!

Perhaps she was adjusting to the more nocturnal lifestyle of the werewolf she mused thoughtfully and went downstairs to find her daughter.

"Afternoon Mom."

Felicity stated brightly as her Mother entered the room.

"How are you feeling?"

She asked with a hint of concern for the metamorphic change her Mom was undertaking.

"Hmm Oh, Like a new woman."

Sandra replied smiling faintly looking out of the window.

"He went back into the woods, I don't think he likes houses much."

Felicity said as if reading her mothers mind.

"Oh yes I know."

Sandra said still looking out of the window.

"Maybe he was born a werewolf, he doesn't seem at home among humans."

Felicity again tried to get a conversation started.

"Yes, that makes sense."

Sandra said, she turned back to Felicity her new light blue eyes glimmering with Motherly love.

"Tell me darling, did he take you? I'm afraid I was asleep and didn't hear anything"

She said knowing the answer already, The air was heavy with the smell of recent sex. Felicity looked away blushing slightly.

"Mom....Well... yes, yes he did."

She replied softly hoping against hope her mother wouldn't be angry with her. Sandra smiled warmly at her daughter.

"Don't be upset dear, I knew exactly what was going to happen when I left the room. He had already pleased me so I saw no harm in letting you borrow him for awhile."

She said looking to her daughter.

"I hope he made you happy."

She continued. Felicity turned back to face her Mothers smile.

"Yes he did. Very happy as a matter of fact...Err.."

Felicity paused mid sentence to contemplate her next question.

"Will you? I Mean...tonight, its a full moon.."

She blurted out again looking away.

Sandra wished she was already out there among the long forlorn trees. Running in the wind, leaves and twigs crunching underfoot. She sighed at the thought.

"I don't know, perhaps. But just in case I will be outside when the moon rises. I Don't know what will happen when I change.."

She replied turning back to the darkening garden. Her mate had also sensed the returning moon and was moving quite quickly back to the house. She wondered if he was there to help her through the change or just to satisfy his primeval urges. She chuckled to herself, either way it really didn't matter to her. The moon would become visible in the sky very soon, Sandra thought about weather it mattered if it was night or not or if the change would come just as quickly at dusk. She reached a decision.

"He's coming back now, I can feel him. I'm going to the garden."

She said to Felicity before heading out of the screen door and down to the edge of the woods where the now filthy blanket lay. Sitting down on it she stretched out her long athletic legs, leaned back and admired her now youthful curvy body. Presently she heard the soft footsteps of a bipedal creature emerging from the forest. She turned and smiled at her approaching mate.

He sat down next to her and waited, She had given into the infection so quickly and willingly she was already undergoing the final transformation. He was worried, the first time it happened to humans it was incredibly painful, it got easier over time but this was his new mates initial metamorphosis and it was going to hurt her. He wanted to be there to help her through it, he missed the companionship of a life-mate.

The hunting, feasting, sleeping together was mostly why his race sort out social companionship. He grunted as he felt the familiar call of the moon begin to affect his state. Leaning forward onto all fours he closed his eyes and allowed the shift of his body to begin. His hair lengthened and sprouted all over his body thick hatches appearing over his thighs and back. He opened his jaws and snarled as his teeth ripped through his gums elongating and sharpening. His hands trembled as bones shifted underneath the skin transforming into paws, his fingernails lengthened and harden turning into vicious claws.

The final phase was upon him quickly as his facial features shifted into a wolflike form, his jaw growing in size to a more doglike structure and finally his ears sprouting upwards into the canine shape. Leaning back on his hunches he howled loudly at the rising moon. His body now a magnificent looking brown wolf. Turning to his mate he whimpered in concern as she was already thrashing around in pain on the blanket.

Sandra screamed in pain, it felt like a thousand needles were pushing through her skin at the same time someone was taking a sledgehammer to her ribs and hands. Curling up into a ball she moaned in agony as the thick bristles of werewolf hair grew all over her skin. Blood began to trickle out of her ears as they began to reform themselves. Screaming again and contusing in crippling pain she rolled around on the white stained blanket.

Her mate was licking the wounds on her body as the thatches of werewolf hair quickly created sores all over herself. She was grateful for the support, although it didn't help the pain she was thankful she had someone to help her through this. Falling forward onto all fours she let loose a deep animal scream as her jaws and nose formed together and branched out forwards becoming a muzzle.

Groaning loudly in agony she watched her hands shift painfully into her new paws, blood gushed from the edges of her fingernails as they transformed into powerful claws. At last the transformation was complete and she fell forward onto her face, panting and whining heavily. His muzzle connected with hers softly as he nuzzled her to her feet. Licking her face lovingly her mate leaned back and howled happily that his companion was through the worst of it.

Shakily getting onto all fours, she experimentally tried walking forward in her new quadruped form. It seemed to come naturally to her, shaking her tail happily she rounded on her mate and pounced playfully onto him swatting his torso with her paws. He yelped and she sensed a feeling of relief and happiness emanate from him. He trotted off towards the forest, turning his head he barked an inquiry for her to follow. She paused and looked longingly towards the house. Turning around to face her he spoke in wolf a language he was more comfortable with and one she could now understand.

"You wish to stay nearby here and continue your relationship with your cub?"

He barked at her tipping his head on its side.

"I would like to say goodbye but I wish to run free like you also I would like to return here every so often to visit her and see how she is doing."

She yelped a reply happily. He nodded in response it seemed a fair compromise and he was asking her to give up a lot for him. Besides he often liked to hunt in this area anyway. He sat down and stretched his paws out in front of him waiting for her to complete her farewell.

Sandra turned away from her mate and bounded up the garden through the open screen door to the comfy environment of the living room where Felicity had been watching her change with extreme concern. Sandra leapt up onto her daughter placing her paws on each of Felicity's shoulders. Licking her face a little a leaping back down Sandra wagged her tail excitedly and hoped her daughter was really o.k with this new arrangement.

Felicity was a little confused when her Mother returned as a werewolf and greeted her with love and affection. She had watched her mothers transformation with trepidation and concern. Hearing the screams of pain she had debated weather or not to run down and help. Felicity had decided against that course of action when she saw the male was already licking and nuzzling her mother through the change. Well at least he was loving she had thought. Also all the legends about Werewolves described them as bloodthirsty monsters with no mercy or remorse.

But now she could see Sandra remembered who she was and who her daughter was. Felicity sighed happily knowing everything was going to be fine. She hoped her Mother would return soon and see her again, a small lustful part of her that had been suppressed for many years also hoped she would bring her man with her. With that she leaned down and petted her mother, stroking her long brown coat with affection she whispered.

"It's o.k Mom go and have your freedom, we'll see each other again soon."

Sandra yelped happily, running from her daughter and down to her Mate she bounded off into the forest Determined to enjoy her new freedom. His mate gave chase and they both disappeared into the dark wood and out of Felicity's sight.

They lay together on the mossy damp forest floor, pressed hard against the soil watching the deer cautiously lower its head and begin grazing off the small plants that littered the woodland. She was new and inexperienced. He would show her what to do. The Deer continued to graze, blissfully unaware of what was transpiring a short distance away.

She noticed his muscles stand out more as he tensed to pounce on the unsuspecting pray. A twig broke some distance away, the deer startled raising its head to face the direction of the breakage. An unfamiliar scent filled her nostrils, it was a rough scent of a man, another hunter! She began to panic but he did not for some reason. If she was picking up on it then surely he was?

Perhaps he knew this scent she reasoned. The deers attention was momentarily diverted away from their position and He capitalized on it, Rearing out of his slunk down position, Her male leapt into the air and landed heavily onto the Deers back bringing it to the ground with a loud thud. Utilizing his superhuman strength the male werewolf snapped its neck evenly and quickly. The death was instantaneous and He barked for him to join the feast.

"Ah Nanutak, Again you beat me to the kill."

A deep male voice called from the origin of the kill.

"And you have found yourself a new mate I see, I was beginning to worry about why I had not seen you."

It spoke again. From the darker hidden part of the woods a tall Native American emerged, almost as well toned and muscular as her Mate was. His long black hair cascaded down around his shoulders and his features were very handsome. Her mate looked to him and emitted a light happy growl. Obviously this human was known to him.

"Nanutak might I ask you to bring your kill to my camp and share it with me? It has been many moons since I last ate, Hunting season scares most of the game up into the mountains."

The man spoke again looking for sympathy from the werewolf. Her mate nodded, picking up the Deer by its throat he trotted ahead in front of the man heading, she assumed towards the mans camp. As she followed the tall handsome male stopped her and bought his hand heavily down on her rump.

"Perhaps he will also share his other bounty with me,"

He spoke softly his dark eyes twinkling.

Nanutak followed the dark path through the woods by memory, he could sense his mate following with his human friend some ways back. Presently he came across a beaten out clearing in the woods, there was a fire in the center, three large wooden logs sat in a triangle formation around it. Two large shelters sat in the background a washing line strung between them. He walked up close to the fire and dropped his kill near it, stretching out in front of the fire he whined happily and waited for his mate to return.

"I see your back."

A soft seductive voice spoke from behind him.

"Did you find a new slut to be your bitch?"

It asked angrily. He growled low in the back of his throat raising his hackles.

"So you did then. I Would have been your mate."

Spoke the mysterious voice again.

"When you took me that last time, I felt the connection, I could have been your bitch."

speaking again the voice resumed its angry tone. Nanutak sighed, The human female knew all to well the reason he hadn't bitten her. Her father would have hunted him to the ends of the earth if he turned the daughter. He had consented to their sexual affair purely because Nanutak bought it plenty of food and often shared his mates with the Man.

The voice became a person as the slim figure of a female slunk into view and crouched down next to Nanutak. She reached out gingerly and petted his fur lovingly.

"Is that where you've been? Finding another mate for yourself?"

She asked continuing to stroke his thick coarse dark fur.

"Father was worried about you, We depend on you for food and protection."

She spoke again more softly this time. Suddenly he raised his head high and turned to face the way he came his face clearly alert. He made a sound like a chuckle and turned back to face the young woman. She also looked down the path.

"Father wants to have his way with her doesn't he. Whatever will we do to pass the time."

She asked innocently twisting her hair with her hand and smiling at him. A deep lustful growl was the response.

"I Thought so."

She whispered happily. Kneeling down on all fours she hiked up the animal hide she was wearing exposing her glistening wetness to him.

"It always gets me so hot when your around, Stud me, Stud your bitch."

She whispered begging him to do her.

Sandra's lust had set her body on fire for this man, He stood over her muscular and handsome whispering suggestive comments into her ear. She had no idea what her mate would do though if she choose to take this new male into her body. Reaching out with her senses she sort his permission almost using telepathy. His reply came back in an instant, He didn't mind so long as she remembered who her Male was.

Her inner self smiled happily how could she forget everything he had done for her. At any rate she sensed he was about to indulge his lust as well. Turning her attention back to the man she trotted over to him and slowly seductively licked her tongue across his groin. Yapping she circled around him and came to a stop just in front of him, her rear end in the air and ready to be mated.

She moaned loudly as Nanutak pushed his long hard member deep into her womb. His massive arms hung on either side of her as he mounted her from behind. His massive organ probing her every recess sliding in and out of her with great intensity. Groaning under the weight of his body pressed against hers, She gasped loudly as her tiny pussy stretched out to accommodate his massive girth. Grunting with pleasure Nanutak pounded her sweet innocence raw, pumping her with his passion.

He wasn't as big as her mate but he was still big enough to make her yelp in pleasure when he entered her. From behind he had lain his hands onto her rump and thrust his hard cock deep into her. With her new body came new senses, everything was amplified one hundred times fold. She growled and snarled as he thrust himself deep into her body, pummeling her with his passion. He let out a deep bellow of pleasure as she pushed her hips back to meet his every move.

She was groaning loudly under his hard cock. Nanutak slammed his dick into her with ferocity and intensity his massive member penetrating her very being. She moaned deeply entrenched in his passion as his relentless assault on her slick tight hole continued. He growled deeply, fervently studding his bitch with all his might. His hard dick bounced off her cervix again and again as his thrusts bought her closer and closer to a climax.

Sandra could feel her mates passion as he took the young lady, She could feel his deep thrusts as if they were in her own body. Her juices flowed coating her males dick in her essence, making his passage down her soaking tunnel that much easier.

"Oh you bitch, you slut, Oh yeah, I'm going to seed you good.. Mm Mm."

He cried out as his thrusts intensified. His cock flowing down her tight canal, filling her with his passionate lust. She groaned, his words turning her on even more. She was her masters bitch and she wanted Him to stud her. This male would do for now but she needed the feel of her mates hard member deep in her body. Those thoughts finished her off, the finality of her desperate need for the feel of her Males dick deep in her body. She let loose a long low howl of pleasure as her orgasm took her. Shaking under his thrusts she grunted and snarled as her body exploded into a tapestry of overwhelming contentment. Her grip on reality lost she almost fainted under the power of her new bodies climax. Dimly aware of this lesser males explosion within her as well her thoughts turned to her Mate and his little slut.

Nanutak continued to thrust deep within his latest conquest, her frail human body had long succumbed to his overwhelming presence inside of her. She lay in front of him now barely moving breathing heavily trying to get herself back together. His human side smiled inwardly, His mate would have still been taking him even after her climax.

"Stud me, make me your bitch."

the female whispered as he continued to push his large throbbing organ deep into her body. She was his bitch, he knew this now, She would give him whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. This was pleasing but not what he looked for in a companion. His new mate submitted but also had her own identity, if she wanted to do something that badly he had no doubt she would do it, whatever he said. This pleased him more. Just thinking about Sandra and her tight warm hole, the first time he had taken her as a human outside the woods. When he had finished inside of her and she had licked him lovingly.

It bought him over the edge, Leaning his head backwards he Howled out his mates name in wolf. His body convulsed, grunting in pleasure as his balls spasmed and sent their warm essence through his cock, he growled with pure primeval lust as his body injected its seed into this willing females womb. Streams of mixed juices connected their genitals as he withdrew from her body and began to eat the flesh of the Deer carcass.

"Mm yes, thank you."

the woman whispered watching the love of her life lay down to eat. She knew in her heart of hearts he would never be hers, but as long as he continued to stick around her home and satisfy her now and again she was relatively happy. She pulled the animal hide clothes back down to cover herself up and went to sit down next to him and stroke his coarse hair affectionately.

Sandra had heard her mate howl out her name when he finished his conquest of the younger woman. She smiled in her mind happily, He was truly interested in her, not just for her body but for her companionship as well. She contentedly moved away from the male and followed her mates scent to the camp. He called out to her for a moment and she paused to listen.

"He would not have turned you If he did not consider you more then a sex object. You are his and He will take care of you. Perhaps you can take care of me again sometime?"

He stated and then asked playfully. She turned back around to face him and nodded. She would take him into her again, she knew this, there might also be other males she would have. But none of them would have her, none of them would fill her with the same contentment her mate bestowed upon her. Turning around again she trotted off towards the camp leaving the happy man to follow slowly. After a short time of trekking through the dark gloomy woods she came across the clearing, the fire burned brightly in the middle of it and illuminated in its glow lay her mate and the young woman he had taken. Her hackles raised slightly as she could sense the woman's deep attraction to her mate.

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