tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFull Moon Rites

Full Moon Rites


Lindsey parked her car off to the side of the cracked blacktop and checked her text messages. The friends she had coerced into her ghost hunting adventure had backed out, citing idiocy and poor judgement. No matter. She was used to going off the beaten path by herself, and she had been here before. The stories were too intriguing to not pursue. The derelict barn at the bottom of the hill, slowly being consumed by undergrowth, was reputedly haunted, with reports of strange lights and noises coming from the area, coinciding with the full moon of each month.

The sun was still high, but she booked it down the hill to her destination. The doors stuck, and she jammed her shoulder against one of them to force it open. The interior was just as she remembered it, with cracking cement flooring and Virginia Creeper prying its way under the window frames. Her boots scuffed through the dust. She was not the only one who visited here, she noted. Someone had spray-painted large intimidating letters on the inner door of the entrance, admonishing "Get out of my house!"

A cursory look around showed nothing much had changed, so she took a short walk up the hill that overlooked the valley. She took stock of her equipment. Her phone no longer got reception, but the small video camera she had borrowed from her school was fully charged and ready to record. All there was to do was wait, so she wrapped her jacket more tightly around herself against the autumn air and watched the sun go down and the full moon edge itself up over the horizon. She squinted at the barn in the distance-- had she seen a flash of light? She started filming the barn, but the dimming light gave her little satisfaction with the results. She made her way cautiously down the hillside, using her phone as a flashlight in the deepening shadows.

There! She was sure of it. Many lights -- multiple lights- flashing across the surface of the dusty windows at her destination. She flipped of her flashlight and crouched in the shadows, heart beating quickly. Was it ghosts? Was it real? Would she regret this, or would she be left with irrefutable proof of the afterlife? Could this be the foundation of renewed spirituality for her?

She crept closer, finally reaching a vantage point outside of one of the more intact windows. She heard footsteps from the interior, and gasped, flattening her body under the window against the wall. As she heard the footsteps recede, she got up the courage to peer over the ledge inside, just in time to see...

A person, walking away. Dressed in a sheet. Not even a very convincing costume -- no more than a bedsheet. The crushing disappointment of not having a paranormal experience made her slide down the wall to the ground.

She heard more, other footsteps, but she was in no position to investigate them without being seen herself, so she slipped away as quietly as she could to the higher, banked side of the barn where she knew a broken opening in the siding would allow her to peer down on them. She relaxed a little here, feeling more secure in her spot of concealment, and pulled out her video camera again. More people - perhaps 20 or 30 -dressed in bedsheets were entering the barn, and she eyed them up critically. If anyone were to create a supernatural rite, they could at least have been a little classy about it. There was not a one convincing costume in the bunch -- just plain bedsheets with crude holes cut for eyes and mouth. One was even on a patterned bedsheet, like her grandmother would have had, another used a part of a fitted sheet with the elastic still on it, and yet another's had a yellowish stain down the side.

Suddenly, a hand clamped down on the back of her shoulder, causing her to drop the camera where it hit the slate flagstone. She momentarily wondered if it was permanently damaged, but this was soon overridden by the great possibility that she was in very real trouble. The hand on her shoulder was as solid as steel, and her position against the side of the barn gave her nowhere to flee to. "I... I'm sorry" Lindsey stammered, "I thought it was haunted -- I was out ghost hunting -- I didn't mean to..." She trailed off, seeing a dismissive quality in the eyes through the fraying holes of the sheet. He grabbed her other arm and twisted it behind her- shoving her toward the entrance of the barn that she had just pressed her way into a little while before.

Not much had changed with the interior of the barn, but the little that had made her eyes widen. Most of the "ghosts" carried flashlights to illuminate their way around the large interior room, but a great quantity of candles had been lit around the periphery casting flickering shadows across the walls and ceiling. A folding table had been set up to the side, covered with unusual and unidentifiable instruments. And some sort of smooth stone altar had been set up in the center -- not hard and angular like any other altar she had seen, but dipped and curved like the slopes of a woman's body.

The firm hand pushed Lindsey slowly towards the center, and other "ghosts" approached. Before she could register what was happening they started removing her clothing, pulling off what was easy and cutting the more difficult clasps and buttons with knives until she was naked before them all. She pulled against the hand on her arm, but wrenching against his grasp only put a pressure on her shoulder that threatened to become real injury.

He pressed her shoulders down, folding her in half, and exposing her pale bottom to the crowd in the room. Hands gripped her bottom, forcing her ass cheeks apart, and out of the corner of her eye she saw someone take a device from the folding table and approach her with it. A cooling slime trickled between her cheeks -- lubricant -- she started to shriek and struggle with renewed effort, even though resistance sent pains through her back and shoulders. A finger crudely probed her sphincter, forcing lubricant into her hole, and she gasped as next the device was forced into her anus. Her assailant pressed firmly against the resistance of her tight ass until she finally felt the tip of it pop into her, and then the shaft followed much more easily. He paused for a moment, as she breathed heavily and quit her futile struggle. Then he twisted a rotating dial on the device, and she sharply inhaled as she felt it suddenly expand, locking into her bottom.

The hands released her. She felt sudden freedom -- elation -- hope. The window! She dashed toward the place where she had first spied on these people in hopes that it would offer her respite from whatever they had in store. She sprinted across the dusty floor, leaving toe prints in the dust, tits jiggling madly, the black handle of the device still sticking out of her and bobbing comically between her ass cheeks as she made a mad dash for freedom. She threw herself against the window, but the sash was stuck tight. There was a looser looking one just a few rows down. She made a break for the second window, feeling the weight of the device in her anus bouncing with every step. She pulled and tugged at the window, but no sooner had it started to give than several of the ghosts closed in on her, pulling her back to the center of the room towards the altar. There were too many hands on her body to resist. They half-dragged, half-lifted her onto its smooth slopes, and she felt the chill of the stone against her skin. Hands lifted her hips, jutting her naked pussy into the air, and one ghost reached under and locked the handle of her anal device into a socket designed for that purpose -- keeping her hips thrust upward. As the handle made contact in it's socket, a strange trembling reverberated through the device up into her body, deeply stimulating her through her ass. Her thighs were pressed apart, but she found they comfortably rested in the curves of the altar, which her body heat had now warmed.

She sobbed and turned her head to the side, only to see another "ghost" returning from the folding table with a small bottle and some cotton balls. He made a great show of opening the bottle in front of her eyes, and when she tried to turn away, moaning, he enlisted help from his fellow ghosts to hold her head so that she could see. He saturated the cotton balls with liquid from the bottle, and then moved to apply it to her raised pussy. It burned suddenly and acutely, making her hips jerk in an attempt to get away. He swabbed slowly around her clitoris, pausing to let the chemical take effect, and then moving down the interior of her labia to her vagina. After several times, her sweet sex was look red, swollen and irritated, and the tears that had been forming in the corners of her eyes started to spill over as the burning sensation overtook her genitalia.

Meanwhile, others forced their fingers along the sides of her mouth, prying it open so they could wedge a ring gag into her mouth. "You've been most accommodating" one of the ghosts said through the fraying hole cut through his sheet "but this will ensure total cooperation." Her jaw ached as the gag placed in her mouth was expanded, forcing it to be available for whatever they saw fit. No sooner was it placed in her mouth than one of the ghosts, visibly stroking himself under his sheet, decided he could not wait any longer. He straddled the altar, thrusting his hard cock into her mouth where he came almost instantly as she gagged on his member, seed spilling out and over her chin. She started shrieking around the gag, only to be quickly silenced by a quick slap with a riding crop on her burning clit.

"Now, as I have said, you have been most accommodating. But we just can't have all that noise. It won't do you any good -- this place is too isolated. And if you work with us, you will be justly rewarded. Here -- as a token of good faith...."

He produced a jar and opened it with aplomb, dipping two fingers in and scooping a quantity of translucent goo from the bottom, which he proceeded to massage over her agitated sex. The cooling effect was immediate and she moaned as her sex was stroked and soothed. "Now, look at it..."

She obeyed, peering down the length of her body to her jutting pussy, which was now not only red and swollen but also glistening in the candlelight with the odd ointment. She watched his fingertip stroke her from the base of her clitoral hood and stopping just short of the swollen exposed tip. The device in her ass started to vibrate more intensely, sending shudders up her body. A few more men approached, rubbing and massaging her inner thighs and pinching her nipples and breasts, and as she shuddered in pleasure even as another straddled the altar and mounted her mouth, effectively obscuring her view with his bedsheet so she could no longer see what they were doing to her body. As the hard cock thrust down her throat she felt thick fingers teasing her clitoris, pinching it at the base of its hood and rubbing it slowly back and forth. It felt so good she moaned, sending the cock in her mouth over the edge and feeling the cum pour out over her tongue and down her throat. She could either choke or swallow, so she swallowed, gulping the seed as it filled her mouth. As soon as his cock was removed, another replaced it, so the gag reflex that had predominated her first experience began to fade as she grew used to her mouth being stretched wide and her throat invaded constantly by a blunt, slippery cock. Fingers roughly started invading her vagina, but trembling in her anus and the stimulation of her clitoris encouraged her to thrust her hips up against the foreign hand. With each thrust of her hips, the pressure in her anus seemed to increase ever so slightly... had she imagined it? A few thrusts later she determined she had not. She tried to still her body and not respond to the soft stroking of her clitoris and deep pleasurable invasion of her vagina.

"Not giving us much to work with, I see. Let's see if this will do the trick." Said the voice.

Her mouth was given respite from the oral sex and hands retreated from her body. The lead ghost brought another object from the table... a sort of a rubber clamp. He fitted it snugly but not uncomfortably on her clitoris, and then plugged in a connecting cable, not unlike the one she had used earlier to charge her video camera. Almost immediately she felt a thrilling rhythmic pressure run through her that was impossible to resist. She pressed her hips up against it, moaning as her clitoris was rhythmically squeezed between its two protrusions. She felt her ass stretch tighter as the anal toy started expanding once again, and the ghosts resumed their petting and stroking of her body: squeezing her thighs and ass, groping and pinching breasts and nipples. She felt pressure on the entry of her vagina again, but this time smooth and slippery -- her first violation from an aroused cock. It pressed teasingly against the vestibule of her vagina, stroking up and down between her labia and gently pressing and withdrawing from her. It finally entered her completely, her vagina trembling with the sensation of the fullness, and simultaneously the clamp started delivering a tingling pleasure to her clitoris, sending her into an irresistible orgasm while her anal canal was stretched and stimulated.

She relented to the pleasure. A new cock was placed in her mouth and she found the smell and taste turned her on, so she took it as eagerly as the gag would allow her, groaning and gulping at the font of cum that issued forth, at which point it was soon replaced by that of the next eager ghost. Similarly, as soon as the erection in her vagina issued forth its load into her cunt, it was replaced by a new one, and the clamp encompassing her clit, rhythmically squeezing it so that the tiny tip of the clit popped out from between its black rubber jaws, started sending new tingling shocks through that most sensitive organ.

She could not have said how long it went on for, but only that they were done before she was. She was taken down from the altar and devices removed. She lay curled on the cracked cement floor as they took away all traces of the night's event. A beam of light from the rising sun fell across her thighs, illuminating the drips of cum that had trickled down them. Her jaw ached from being opened for so long, and her anus felt empty and deflated. She smelled the pungent stank of herself and looked down at her pussy, pubic hair matted with cum, clit still swollen and aroused. She pressed the smooth palm of her hand against it, bringing herself to one last orgasm that paled in comparison with what she had experienced hours earlier. When she finished, she realized she wasn't sure what she was really going to do next, naked and desecrated in the middle of the woods. But she did know where she would be for the next full moon.

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