tagErotic HorrorFull Moon Rut

Full Moon Rut


"Look! She's receptive to his advances," the older biologist whispered excitedly to his assistant. "It won't be long now..."

The pair were hunkered down in a carefully maintained blind a short distance away from a clearing where the activity was taking place. The setting was surreal; deep in the woods near midnight under the piercing glare of a bloated full moon. It was also the only possible time for such a study, a rare three-day period when the lycanthropes were drunk on the eldritch moonlight and engaged in a fierce breeding session. There were only five individuals in this particular pack: the Alpha male and female, who were currently near the bonfire in the center of their temporary encampment; another lesser-ranked bonded pair off to one side; and one lone solitary male who was sitting at the far edge of the camp and sulking.

The scientist had named the Alpha pair Pitch and Glow for the purposes of identification; Pitch was a gigantic scarred veteran who had led this particular pack for well over three decades. Right now he was still in his human form, his muscled chest and arms twitching impatiently while his mate, Glow, a silver-haired woman of astonishing wild beauty was playing a game of cat-and-mouse with him. She would dart in, ruffle his wild black mane with a giggle, and dance away again when he grabbed for her. When he finally stood up, the two humans could plainly see his arousal.

"Do you have the recorder ready?" the biologist, Mitch Warner, asked of his assistant.

"I'm already taping," Sheila Dover responded, her lens trained on the lesser pair, Grey and Blondie. The male, Grey, was in a partial shape-shift, his body covered in swatches of the fur for which he was named but not in a full metamorphosis. He had forced his mate onto her back and was between her legs, licking her with a tongue that was longer than it had any right to be. The female was in full estrus and her vulva was enflamed and ultra-sensitive to her mate's sloppy ministrations. The long tongue lapped at her weeping cunt with animalistic slurps and drool was beginning to drip from his lower jaw as it began to elongate. Mitch was right, it wouldn't be long now. The female, Blondie, was mewling in pleasure, her body beginning to sprout golden hair and her limbs starting to shift while Grey held down her twitching thighs and deliberately thrust his long tongue up into that delicious channel, making her growl in pleasure.

Off to the side in full werewolf form, the outsider licked at his own engorged cock and shifted position uncomfortably. Brown was a newcomer to the pack and relatively young in lycanthrope terms and so didn't have enough seniority to get a mate. He was forced to watch the breeding from the sidelines and forbidden to participate, an ordeal that Sheila figured must be pure torture for the virile male.

"Here we go," Mitch said in excitement, interrupting her feelings of pity for the smaller male. He grabbed her shoulder and pointed to where Pitch had managed to catch his teasing mate and wrestle her to the ground. She became suddenly submissive under his authority and dropped her eyes to his piercing glare. She rubbed her hand into the lush thatch of pubic hair at her crotch and offered it to him. He sniffed at her palm and began licking it eagerly, his breath starting to come out in harsh pants of lust. Knocking her onto her back he nuzzled her full breasts and nipped at the erect nipples, his form beginning to warp and grow dark with coarse hair as the Change quickly enveloped him. Muscled arms became powerful forelegs that pried her thighs apart and his long muzzle impatiently prodded the wet slit of her cunt. He tasted her thoroughly, slaver and juices coating his jaws as his tongue tasted and prodded until she was panting in excitement.

With a massive effort, she managed to get away from him and shape-shifted into a stunning specimen of werewolf femininity. Standing erect on two powerful hind legs, her silver fur was longer than normal for her breed, immaculate and groomed and practically glowing under the light of the moon that was poised overhead. It was no mistake that she was the chosen mate of this seasoned male. She looked over her shoulder at him and dropped down to all fours, moving her thick tail to the side in unspoken invitation.

Pitch was on her in an instant.

"See there?" Mitch was whispering, "You can plainly see the os penis as the prepuce retracts. Like any canine species, there's a bone in the organ called the baculum that provides rigidity regardless of the male's level of sexual stimulation. A shame that us lowly humans don't have one of those, eh? Now soon we should see the bulbus glandis-"

Sheila had heard all of this before and tuned him out as she zoomed in with the recorder. Pitch had his mate in the unmistakable doggy position and he was mercilessly fucking his mate as hard as he could. His long cock was unlike any human organ; narrow at the head but noticably expanding towards the base where the erectile tissue became a massive blood-engorged ball. He was jackhammering the female with harsh grunts of effort and Glow staggered under his greater weight, releasing whines with each thrust that could either be in pain or pleasure.

Sheila knew that werewolf copulation was different from human sexual intercourse, because human males become erect first, and then entered the female; lycantrope males enter first, then swell and become erect. Pitch's cock was growing as the coupling continued, the bulbous gland at the base first slapping up against the female's wet cunt and finally entering her, where she released a pained yelp at the invasion.

"Aha! The coital tie!" Mitch exclaimed in excitement.

Pitch bit down on the back of her neck and his hindquarters shuddered as he climaxed into her receptive channel. When it was over, he awkwardly levered one leg over her back and the pair collapsed to the ground, lying with their rumps close together, panting in the dirt from their efforts. Between their furry asses was a mass of engorged tissue, the male's cock was still embedded in her spasming cunt and trapped there by her powerful vaginal muscles. It was a guarantee that the thick cum wouldn't leak out and the slower sperm would have a chance to swim up to the fallopian tubes and ensure fertilization. They could remain connected that way for minutes or, in the case of inexperienced breeding pairs, hours.

With a weary grunt, Pitch raised himself on one elbow and twisted around until he touched muzzles with his mate. With a weary bark, Glow began licking his face and around his ears in gratitude. Shortly after that her vagina muscles relaxed and he pulled himself free and laid down close beside her. The pair shape-changed into their hybrid forms and cuddled near the fire in a display of affection that was almost human.

"They'll be at it for the next three days," Mitch said with a smile. "Alternating between sleeping, hunts, and breeding. It won't stop until her scent changes and he's sure she's pregnant."

Lucky bitch, Sheila thought to herself as she considered her last boyfriend; a one-pump-chump who had been oblivious to the concept of foreplay. That had been over two years ago and she had let work take over her life since then, and it was a job that rivaled no other. To be taken on as junior scientist in the Lycanthrope Project? It was a dream come true.

Seeing that the Alphas were out of action for the time being, she swiveled her recorder back to the other pair. It was clear that Grey and Blondie had engaged in a rut of their own and they had missed it. Right now the hybrid male was on his back, clearly exhausted and the female, in her human form, was cleaning his shrinking cock with long swipes of her tongue. Clearly visible between her spread legs, a thick stream of cum was leaking from her recently fucked cunt.

For some reason, Sheila couldn't stop looking at the sight.

"That's enough taping for now," Mitch said, grabbing for the camera and shutting it off. "The neutralizer on our clothes will only protect us for another hour and I want to be out of here before it wears off. We'll come back tomorrow night. Alright?"

"Sure," she agreed. As they carefully left the blind, she spared one backwards glance to Brown, the outsider, who had moved off to the shadows with his back deliberately set towards his amorous pack members. It was a sight that haunted her as she and Mitch finally made it back to the van.


Brown was one miserable lycanthrope, that was for sure. His cock was as hard as a branch and it wasn't going away. It didn't help when Pitch and Glow began groping one another in that unmistakable precursor to another rutting session. He watched helplessly as his powerful leader began suckling his mate's breasts and teasing the pert nipples with playful growls. When she spread her legs to his questing hand, Brown's head almost exploded with the heady scent of her sex that wafted all the way over to where he was lying. He could smell the combined union of their juices and his mouth exploded with saliva while his hard cock throbbed against his lower belly with almost painful force.

With a whine he slowly inched forward, barely aware of Grey and Blondie who were humping fiercely on the far side of the camp. The youngest pack member had his brown eyes trained solely on Glow who was on her knees and licking at her mate's balls. Her tongue lapped at the heavy spheres, making him writhe in the dirt, while her free hand rubbed at his flaccid shaft. Her bare ass waved invitingly at Brown, the swollen slit of her sex clearly visible, the lips spread apart and streaked with drying cum.

It was just too much for the virgin male. With a growl he pounced atop her back. Glow released a livid scream and in a flash, Pitch was on his feet and throwing the youth off her. Brown landed in an undignified heap at the edge of the camp and scampered away before his leader could punish him for his insolence in a way that would make the ache at his groin seem normal. With his tail between his legs, he raced through the woods, his ears flat against his head and disappeared into the night.

His body a vortex of whirling emotions, shame and anger the most prominent, he stopped at a stream the pack used for bathing and shape-shifted into his human form, stepping into the cold depths with a pained hiss as the water caressed his still aroused shaft. It helped to lessen his desire and he sat down on a submerged rock and stared up at the moon in exasperation. He howled once, a plea to those back at camp that he was sorry and waited breathlessly for an answering call. There was none. Until he was invited back, he was banished from the camp.

Snorting in frustration, he dipped his head into the chilling water and shook out his long mane of hair. He then scrubbed at his skin with a handful of sand, trying to do anything to get his mind off of the moon and the breeding season it evoked this time of the year. It was the only time that lycanthrope females went into heat and emotions, like hormones, were running wild tonight.

There was a light breeze that brought gooseflesh to his already-chilled flesh and he instinctively scented the breeze. Even here, he could smell the heady aroma of an excited female and his eyes suddenly dilated in surprise. The wind was coming from the opposite direction of the camp! He scrambled out of the water and ran through the forest, led by that unmistakable odor and letting it eclipse all logic, only slowing down when he caught sight of a campfire. Proceeding silently through the undergrowth, he hunkered cautiously down when he caught sight of a lone female lying on a blanket. She was on her back, naked, with her legs deliberately propped up to let the wind carry the scent of her sex into the forest.

Sheila knew that she was no longer alone but remained as she was, intent to wait him out. She was no longer wearing the neutralizer but had lathered on a lycanthrope musk that helped to disguise her human scent and possibly make her more acceptable. This was obviously not something that Mitch would condone but her scientific curiosity outweighed the possible ramifications. She knew from studying the logbooks that single males had a higher mortality rate than bonded pairs, specifically around rutting season. With their instincts scrambled by the sensory overload they tended to die stupid, needless deaths. Lycanthropes were rare, and Sheila knew from her studies that Brown was too special to lose by an unrequited heat. She wanted to help him and herself, too, in the bargain...

After almost an hour, Brown finally appeared at the edge of the camp, his dark eyes suspicious and eager.

Sheila mimicked Glow's earlier behavior and rubbed her hand against her excited pussy and held her hand up towards him, the juices from her snatch coating her fingers. Scenting the arousal, Brown snorted impatiently and studied her for a few moments longer, his muscled form shivering with need and unease. His earlier excitement prevailed and he cautiously crept over to where she was laying, his dark eyes darting about for any sign that this might be some kind of a trap.

Sheila knew that Brown, like the rest of his pack-mates, were not unaccustomed to humans. She would never have tried this in any other place than the Reserve, where Pitch led his small pack in relative peace with only the occasional study group keeping tabs on their supernatural behavior. As a result, they were tamer than their wild counterparts up north.

"It's alright," Sheila whispered, dipping her hand into her pussy again and offering it to him. "I'm here for you. Only for you."

At the sound of her words, Brown's young face tightened up in suspicion but quickly relaxed. He didn't understand English but he was responsive to the tone of her words that were trying to convey that she wasn't a threat. The muscles across his hairy chest twitched as he squatted down beside her. Tentatively, he grabbed her hand and sniffed it and began licking her fingers. A sound that was almost a purr began to emanate from deep within his chest as he began sucking on the digits.

Sheila remained carefully prone on the blanket and let him investigate her. He ran his rough hands among her arms and sniffed at her hair, drawing back slightly when he realized that she was fully human. The hesitation lasted only for a few seconds and he began nuzzling her jaw line, teeth grazing the sensitive flesh as he worked his way down. She wasn't worried about a bite that could afflict her with his arcane taint; she had her inoculations up to date and was immune to it.

He grabbed her breasts and kneaded them with inexperienced fingers, watching the nipples stiffen and rise with intent interest. When he began licking them, Sheila broke her paralysis and betrayed a moan. He recoiled in surprise, cocking his head to the side in an almost amused gesture and went back at it, studying her face for her reaction. Her nipples were always sensitive at the best of times and when he began lightly biting at them, she couldn't stop writhing in excitement. There was actually a lopsided grin on Brown's face as he realized he was successfully pleasuring her.

He moved down along her stomach, licking at the soft flesh, and finally buried his nose in the small thatch of her pubic hair, inhaling deeply.

Here we go, Sheila thought and wasn't disappointed when he began licking excitedly at her clit. She spread her legs wider and offered herself to him. He buried his face into her snatch and licked with compulsive eagerness, his muscular body shivering with exhilaration. It was a strange sensation being eaten in this position; his tongue running in the opposite direction of what she was used to and the sensations only heightened her lust.

He was stretched out beside her and she could plainly see that his cock was hard and aching with need. Even in his human form it resembled a canine penis, with the glans hidden at the base instead of at the head of the shaft, giving it a slender, tubular appearance. Twisting her body she reached for it, gripping the foreskin and retracting it further so that she could get a closer look. It was covered in a spiderweb of bloodvessels and almost purple with arousal, a droplet of pre-cum oozed from the slit and she licked it off with a flick of her tongue.

Brown jerked in shock at the unexpected sensation and swung his head around to see her wrap her lips around his shaft and begin to suck him. It was like no feeling he had ever encountered before and he came almost immediately, surprising her. One volley of thick cream went into her mouth, and the other splattered against her face as she gagged. A third, weaker stream landed on her breasts.

"Ah crap," she muttered. Well, really, what did she expect? Don Juan of the forest? She began getting up to go clean herself off and Brown suddenly pushed her back down, frowning and shaking his head. To her astonishment he began cleaning her, licking up the sticky puddles of his own spend from her chest and then moving over to her face. When his tongue grazed across her lips she stuck her own out, sharing the taste of his tart semen as their tongues fluttered and probed against each other.

He didn't stop until he was certain he had washed all traces of his ejaculate from her face and then moved back down between her legs again, intent on that particular region that intrigued him the most. Sheila's hips jerked in reaction when she felt his tongue brush against her clit and then deliberately prod her cunt, invading the slippery walls and scooping out the thick juices with growls of pleasure. His claws were gripping her legs with almost painful force-

Wait a second- Claws? Yes, he was starting to Change in his heightened sexual state, probably not even aware of it. She pulled away from him, earning her a frustrated snarl of confusion, and rolled over and got up on her hands and knees, spreading her legs.

Brown recognized the invitation with something akin to amazement and came up behind her. He nosed her wet slit and licked it in gratitude one last time before climbing on top of her, clumsily pawing her breasts as he licked at the back of her neck. He hunched impatiently but couldn't find the entrance until she reached down and guided his cock into her pussy. After that assistance he slammed it home, making her cry out in surprise.

The feeling of her shuddering walls around his throbbing member was indescribable and he surrendered to his full wolf state as he fucked her. Slobber dripped from his jaws and soaked her hair while his claw-like hands squeezed her tits with each maddened thrust. His tail was lifted high like a flag as his furry hindquarters thrust into her, his heavy balls rocking back and forth. It was a scene out of a horror movie; a small human woman being brutally fucked by a slavering beast in the middle of the woods but Sheila's cries were not one of fear or pain.

It was excitement and pleasure.

She could feel his engorged cock grow bigger as the savage rut continued. The engorged glans at the base were slapping up against her enlarged clit and she released a panting scream as she climaxed. A gush of fluid exploded in her stretched channel, easing the way for his huge rod. She partially collapsed under his greater weight, her cheek resting on her folded arms, and Brown accepted this better angle of entrance and hammered into her with renewed fervor. Instinctively he knew that the coupling wasn't yet over, there was still something that had to happen. He dug his hind claws into the dirt and lunged forward as hard as he could with a savage growl. The bulb at the base of his cock entered her and Sheila released a choked scream of pain at the invasion, struggling under him.

Holding her firmly in place, Brown's thighs flexed with each spurt of his come. Sheila could feel her pussy being filled with his copious cream, the bulb firmly entrenched inside her cunt ensuring it that the semen could not be forced back out. The pressure was unbelievable and her body spasmed with each squirt of his cock until he was drained. Still, he didn't let her go, compelled by an unknown imperative that dictated he had to ensure the coupling so that she could be fertilized. She could have told him it wouldn't matter; crossbreeding between lycanthropes and humans was impossible.

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