tagSci-Fi & FantasyFull Moon Strays Ch. 07

Full Moon Strays Ch. 07

byEvil Alpaca©

This story is a bit wordy and fairly long, so if you are looking for immediate gratification, you might want to look elsewhere. It contains heterosexual and lesbian sexual activity.

--------------- -----------------

The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead (or just confused) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy/redistribute the story, in part or in total, without the author's permission.

This story takes place in the entirely fictional city of Springfield, California, so don't go looking for it on a map. And in my little fictional world, there are no unwanted pregnancies or STD's, except as plot driving devices. The author encourages the practice of safe-sex. Finally, as the name implies, this is part of an ongoing series. It would benefit the reader greatly to examine the earlier stories for background information and descriptions.

-------------------- -------------------

Red and Jane lay in bed, quiet in each other's arms. Jane had gone through another day of interviews, and it had been taxing. She kept having to answer officials' questions about what had happened with her stepfather all those many years ago, why she hadn't said anything, why she had run away and where had she been. But that part was getting easier for her. What was getting harder was having to explain what she was doing now, and how could people get a hold of her?

Jane had been very careful about what she said. She was between jobs and between homes at the moment. She was in a serious relationship. She wasn't there to get any money from her mother. She wasn't looking to profit from her stepfather's actions or death. But all these questions kept bringing up feelings for Jane and putting ideas in her head. She had made a decision about what she wanted, and she had just told her lover.

"Are you sure?" Red asked, obviously pensive.

"Yeah." Jane snuggled closer, mindful of her injured arm. She had told Red that she wanted to get a real job and a real address. If . . . when her mother got out, Jane wanted her to be able to come visit, or to stay if she wanted. Red had panicked at first, thinking Jane was leaving her and the Strays, but Jane wanted to remain a part of the group, even if she couldn't find a way of living with them. It had taken a lot of kissing on Jane's part to convince Red that the younger woman still very-much wanted the lycanthrope in her life.

"I don't know how it's going to work," Jane added. "But we'll make it work. I'm not giving up the best thing that's happened to me in my adult life. I just . . . I want my mom to have a place too."

"She will," Red said.

"I won't leave you like Natasha did," Jane said, then wished she hadn't. She had little knowledge of that relationship, so it wasn't fit for her to comment. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. But Nat isn't a villain. She and I . . . just didn't work. But she helped me out a lot. Believe it or not, she was a good influence on me."


"I used to be a lot more temperamental."

Jane blinked. "How?!"

Red smiled. She wasn't known for her cool and collected mind. "Imagine my temper with my brother's self control, and you pretty much have it."

Jane's eyes opened wide. Robbie was a rash young man, and Red often found herself bailing him out and being responsible for him.

"Yeah, that's it," Red said, noticing Jane's realization. "But Nat helped me get my head on straight and start taking responsibility for things in my life. That's kinda when I got stuck being second in command. And I used to be a lot more butch."


Red looked quizzical, but realized that Jane was still somewhat new to the lesbian "lingo." "Yeah, I . . . I wasn't very interested in attracting . . . you know . . . a mate. I wasn't concerned with my appearance or being friendly to anyone. When I started to calm down . . . well, let's just say that Nat made me realize what effect a pretty girl can have on you when you're paying attention."

Jane slowly cracked a smile. "I think I understand that."

"I'm not THAT pretty," Red replied.

"Yeah, you are. Even when I thought you hated me, I couldn't take my eyes off of you." Jane slid on top of Red's body, using her magical hair to keep her weight off her arm. "I still can't. Seeing you made me feel alive in a place I thought was dead." She kissed the redhead. "Seeing you helped bring me back from going insane." She kissed her again. "And seeing you be strong helped give me strength to come back here and make peace with myself and my family."

Red held the girl close to her. Jane had wanted to hate someone for what had happened to her. Her stepfather had raped her when she was just a young girl, and Jane had been broken ever since. But her stepfather was dead now, killed by a mother who hadn't seen what her daughter was going through until she had run away, and Jane's father had been in the ground for thirteen years. There was no longer a point in hating the first, since she couldn't ever exact her revenge. There was no point in hating the second, as her mother had been coping with her own pain, and had exacted a terrible toll on the perpetrator when she finally discovered his crimes. And the third had been a loving and decent man who had died in service to his country and would've had died again if it would have spared his little girl. So Jane had finally given up on hating, and had finally started healing.

"Get the lights," Red said.

Jane slowly extended a lock of hair until it wrapped around the switch, and the room got dark. She felt warm lips touched the skin just above her collarbone. They kissed her there, then kissed her neck, the underside of her chin . . . Jane wanted them to hurry up. She felt them on her earlobe, her forehead, her cheek and then finally . . . finally . . . on her lips. Red's breath escaped into Jane's mouth, finding a willing sanctuary there. Her tongue followed suit, running its tip along Jane's upper teeth before sliding inside to dance.

Red released the kiss with a gasp. She couldn't see her girlfriend's face, but knew that Jane was probably looking straight at her. She raised her lips back to Jane's face, making contact with the girl's chin and finding their way back to Jane's mouth based solely on feel.

As the liplock continued, Jane started to roll over and Red rolled on top of her, almost by simultaneous mutual consent. Jane's legs parted and let Red settle between them. Their breasts pressed together, occasionally rewarding them both when nipple rubbed against nipple. Red reached around and grabbed the back of Jane's head, holding their faces together so their kiss would never have to end. It was obvious that Jane didn't want it to, as her hair ensnared Red's hand and kept it there.

Red's other hand snaked its way south, sneaking between them as Red briefly raised her hips. She placed the back of her hand against her own mound while curling her fingers into Jane's warm pussy.

Jane was out of breath. If Red's kiss hadn't done enough, her fingers had driven the rest of the air out of her body. Red reared her hips back and slowly pushed forward, driving her fingers deeper into Jane's body.

Jane wrapped her legs around Red, gently spurring the woman's butt with her heels and encouraging her. Red started to pump her hips and fingers faster, but slowed down from time to time. She was in no hurry. She wouldn't mind if that moment could last forever.

For Jane, the moment slowed as she achieved an unusually rapid climax. Her hair extended, caressing and gripping Red's body and holding her in place as Jane pressed her thighs against the beautiful redhead's hips and came on her fingers.

"Someone was wound a little tight tonight," Red said.

"I guess you're right. I didn't realize . . . but it was kind of like this yesterday too. I think I'm going to like sex with you!"

Red stifled a laugh. "I certainly hope so." Lips met lips again. She felt herself being turned over as Jane's magical locks seemed to have and idea. Jane lowered her thighs to the sides of Red's face, and her own lips quickly dove towards Red's paradise. Jane was growing bolder, even if in baby steps.

This position was comfortable for Jane, as she was able to keep weight off of her arm. She was quite nervous about performing orally on her lover, seeing how little practice she had up to that point. She didn't realize that her tentative and gentle explorations were actually driving Red quite mad with lust. For every one gingerly lick of Jane's tongue, there were a dozen ravenous licks from Red.

Both girls had actually taken time to groom themselves recently, including their "private" areas, so nothing got between their voracious mouths and their juicy prey.

Red had already shown, in their few earlier sexual encounters, that she knew exactly how to make Jane moan, and she was proving it again. Her tongue and fingers were performing an intricate and delicious assault on the depths of Jane's sex. It was so efficient that Jane couldn't think straight. So after one long stroke of the tongue, she encircled Red's clit with her mouth and started sucking on it and then letting it go in rapid succession. She pushed a finger from her good hand inside that magical opening and explored the inside of Red.

Then she remembered something from a rendezvous back at the den. She pushed her thumb into Red's pussy, then inserted a single finger into the woman's rectum.

Red clenched her butt-cheeks around the unexpected but wholly welcome invader. She had to will her anus to relax so that Jane could do whatever it was that she had planned. That shy finger grew bolder and toyed with Red's anal opening. But even this new combination didn't prevent Red from bringing about Jane's next orgasm before Jane could return the favor.

Jane lost track of time and thought as she came on Red's face. She was trembling so hard that it could have easily been mistaken for a seizure.

Red was discovering that her young lover had an endless supply of nectar. Even after having cum once, she almost drowned Red with her second climax. Red kept her lips and tongue moving, teasing Jane's nether-lips in the afterglow of her orgasm.

Jane was able to get her fingers moving again, joined shortly thereafter by her tongue. She noticed that Red was toying with her more now, giving Jane a chance to "catch up." So Jane inserted a second finger into Red's asshole, sucking on her clit more rapidly and with firmer resolve.

"That's it baby," Red said softly as she felt her own body prepare itself for the ultimate rush. Red had commented that Jane had been wound a little tight. Apparently, she was as well. When she climaxed, the earth stopped spinning, the angels sang and she saw stars circling her head. Jane's fingers were hopelessly trapped in Red's behind and her mouth was introduced to a copious amount of Red's honey.

"Oh . . . oh that was nice," Red said, feeling Jane shifting positions and creep back up until they were next to each other again. Her superior night vision helped her see how happy Jane looked . . . how content. "Wanna clean up?"

Jane's hand crept into Red's. "Will you join me?"

Red kissed her. "Any time."

----------- -----------

In Mexico . . .

----------- -----------

"You've got to be kidding?!" Robbie exclaimed at the hapless cactus that stood before him. "The trail . . . the rumors . . . they HAVE to be here!"

Natasha stood next to him. "Unless these 'Raptors' look much different that you described, then they're NOT here."

Lothar looked perplexed, his chubby face contorted. "I don't get it. The crystal pointed to here. If they're gone, they can't have gone far."

This little group of Strays and allies had been driving around Mexico for days, trying to find a group of flying outworlders called the Raptors. For creatures with enormous wingspans and distinct appearances, they were remarkably good at hiding. They kept to the unpopulated areas wherever they went and traveled at night. All of them were nocturnal anyway.

Robbie rolled his eyes and gripped his hair. "Aurgh! I . . . I . . ." He didn't know what to do. Leadership was new to him, and he didn't much care for it. "I'm gonna take a piss."

He walked off into the darkness about twenty feet. He wasn't particularly shy about whipping it out in front of the others, but he didn't to clear his head. He stepped behind a rock and began to urinate over a fallen log. His bladder shut down rapidly when the log moved out of the way.

Rising up from the sandy soil was a really, really, really big snake. It had to be forty feet long and six feet around. Its back, rather than being scales, seemed to be dark brown feathers. And its viper-like head was looking straight at him.

{{ How rude, }} came a voice directly into Robbie's head.

Robbie screamed like a little girl. He wasn't proud of himself at all for doing it, but it seemed like the natural thing to do when facing a quetzalcoatl for the first time. Particularly when your pants were around your ankles. In his single prior encounter with the Raptors, he had only met one of the harpies, but not this creature.

The feathered serpent reared back and looked annoyed, or so far as Robbie could tell from its cold expression. Its tongue flicked out.

{{ You are strange. You smell of both beast and man, and you have been following us for some time. You are a lycanthrope, no? }}

"Yuh . . . yes," Robbie stammered as the rest of the Strays approached. The quetzalcoatl didn't appear concerned.

"Is that . . ." Lothar started.

"That is," Michael replied. He was a bit of a geek when it came to knowledge of outworld species, and he had always wanted to meet one of these mythical beasts.

Behind them, the dirt shifted and a second serpent as large as the first emerged from the sand. The Strays were surrounded.

Natasha noticed that her friends were looking edgy and knew she needed to keep them cool.

"We aren't here to fight," she said. "At least, not against you. We've been looking for the Raptors. I'm assuming that's you?"

{{ Indeed, }} the first serpent thought, broadcasting its telepathic messages so it didn't have to repeat itself.

"We have . . . heck, this WORLD and dimension have . . . some serious problems. We need to get to a remote section of South America, pick a fight with a shaman, steal a magical jewel and bring it back to prevent an Elder God from breaking through and starting a second war in Heaven."

The rest of the Strays stared at her.

"Don't hold anything back now," Michael said, a bit sarcastically.

"Yeah, we wouldn't want them to think we're hiding something," Matthew interjected.

"Shut . . . up," Robbie said to one then the other. He was just happy he didn't have to say anything important.

The group heard the flapping of wings, and the remaining Raptors swooped in. Most of the Strays had never seen harpies before. First generation lycanthropes recognized the three succubae (two females and one male), the gargoyle and the four dragons, as all these creatures came from the Terran dimension's version of Earth. Succubae were light-boned winged humanoids that greatly resembled humans except for longish fingers and feet and having feathers rather than hair on their head. Oh, and the large feathery wings. The gargoyle was a squat creature that more resembled a gorilla than a person, and its skin was the color and texture of stone. Dragons looked somewhat like European legends of them would depict, except that they were the size of large dogs. They also had long tails and leathery wings. Dragons weren't as intelligent as their counterparts. Michael had once referred to them as the Terran equivalent of "ape intelligence," or maybe a little cleverer. These ones seemed quite quizzical and were actually sniffing around the newcomers' feet.

The quetzalcoatl (both singular and plural) were from a different dimension from those already mentioned as well as from the harpies. There were ten harpies in all, three male and seven female. Harpies, unlike succubae, were very muscular, relying on power rather than a light frame to keep aloft. Their shoulders were as massive as those of bodybuilders, and there wings were leathery and wider than those of succubae. There feet resembled those found of birds of prey, and their human-shaped hands were capped with sharp talons. Just above the base of their spines sprouted something like tails, but different than anything the Strays had seen before. These tails consisted of a series of tentacles that hung down over shapely butts, and sometimes they moved. Michael had heard that they had prehensile tails that they could use to cling to branches and the like when perching, but he had never understood the dynamics of the appendages until now.

One harpy stepped forward. It was a female, and she possessed a severe beauty that took many of the Strays by surprise. To Robbie, she resembled a bodybuilder he had seen on television by the name of Cory Everson, except that her skin was gray and her short hair was pitch black.

"Kalib has relayed to us what you told him" the harpy said, looking at the great feathered serpent that Robbie had first made contact with. "Your story . . . intrigues us," she added sternly. "What it has to do with us . . . that you must tell us of," she added.

"May I ask who we're speaking with?" Robbie asked.

"I am Belsa. I am the leader of the Raptors, and I speak for them." The rest of the Raptors gathered behind the woman as if to emphasize her point. Except the dragons. They were chasing after rabbits in the brush. Belsa shook her head in disgust. "Why do we keep those things around?" she asked of the group behind her, most of whom were watching the dragons' antics with some amusement.

"I'm Robbie. I'm a representative of the Strays."

"I remember your name," Besla mused. "You spoke with Oltivant before?" She motioned with her hand, and one of the male harpies strode forward. (Despite human legend, harpies were both male and female).

"Hey," Robbie said almost casually. "Long time, no see."

The male harpy just looked at him.

"Oh. . . kay," Robbie continued.

"And Tarloh still leads your band?" Besla asked.

"Yeah, he and Red."

"The fire-haired warrior," Besla said with a grin. She had sparred once with Red and found her an admirable opponent. "So, tell me of this proposal and of why you came to us."

-------- ----------------------

Back in Springfield . . .

-------- ----------------------

Croc, Johan and Anya were standing in front of an abandoned mineshaft well north of town. Croc had been "feeling" his way long the dimensional membrane for several days, trying to find where the recently defeated Shoggoth had started to worm its way out of its prison dimension and closer to this one. He was certain he was close.

The big man looked tired and more than a little queasy, but he refused to listen to Johan's or Anya's advice to take a break. He couldn't deny that he wouldn't mind impressing the sexy young woman and earning a spot in her bed for the evening, but he was wondering if his burst of machismo might be short-sighted. The closer he got to the source of the dimensional weakness, the more his skin crawled, and he wasn't the type to scare easily. He was a professional assassin, and he had never felt like this before.

"Okay, ah think it's time," Croc said, rotating his neck and shoulders. He didn't really need to stretch, but he wanted to impress the sexy Latina.

"Listen, we've done enough for one day," Anya said. She knew that Croc was posturing, but couldn't help but admire the view.

"No, it's all right. I'd rather get this over with." Croc put his hands out and watched as they disappeared in a scarcely visible ripple. It was like pushing his body into heavy water, and took more energy than one might think. Once through, he looked back at his temporary comrades. Staring through the dimensional membrane was similar to staring through slightly warped glass. He could see things just fine, but there was a surreal quality to it.

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