tagCelebrities & Fan FictionFuller House Pt. 02

Fuller House Pt. 02


"Oh Kimmy, I think I found something that belongs to... have mercy!" muttered a stunned Jesse as he was unable to finish his sentence when confronting and seeing his arch nemesis and former bothersome neighbor Kimmy Gibbler wearing a full 1980's workout getup of blue leggings, white scrunchy socks, a worn-out pair of Reebok's and a neon orange crop top that hung loosely over her giant bra-less breasts. Her thick nipples made indentations against the flimsy material.

"So you're the culprit who had my brassiere. It's really hard to do any sort jumping exercise when your big boobs are trying to hit you in the face," naively responded Kimmy as if she had no clue that she purposely left her 34F bra on Jesse's chest. "As you can see, it would be a terrible idea for me to walk around topless. My hooters aren't as perky as they used to be but I can tell that excites you. I've heard stories about your big hunk of love. This is my first time actually seeing it, wowzers!"

Jesse was puzzled for a bit as to what Kimmy was referring to until he looked down at his Elvis Presley pajama bottoms and saw a massive boner had spouted.

"Either you're hiding some beef jerky in your pjs or you have a really big dick," Kimmy spoke out bluntly.

"Okay Gibbler, I'll admit. I'm very fond of large breasted women and never in a million years under any circumstances would I ever find you even remotely attractive if you didn't have those enormous ting tang walla walla bing bangs," confessed Jesse.

"Hmm and I bet you'll love to just do more then ogle my enormous, large, fat, gigantic, super soft, ultra floppy huge tatas," Kimmy teased in a silly sultry voice as she shook her massive knockers at Jesse.

"Have mercy..." he softly whimpered.

"So little tiny shrimp tit Becky isn't doing it for you so now you want these very big, very soft, and very fat fun bags to quench your thirst," Kimmy further teased while she lifted up her oversized milk bags and bouncing them in her hands. "I'll let you have them if you do something for me first."

"Anything," Jesse agreed in a zombified tone, still enthralled by Kimmy bouncing and jiggling her very large breasts in her hands.

"Okay Jesso. If you want these huge juicy fat titties, all you have to do is make love my feet."

With her request made known, Kimmy kicked off her workout shoes and leaped onto her bed with her huge heavy tits bouncing around on her chest and her smelly sock-covered 7 ½ feet pointed towards Jesse. An instant whiff of her stank feet caused Jesse to remember all those times Kimmy took off her shoes and the foul stench of her feet would funk up the house for days. He took a large swallow but knew if he wanted to get her enormous boobs, he had to start with her feet first.

"Fernando and Ramona won't be back until tomorrow night and I know Becky left for her special news assignment this morning and won't be back until tonight. We have several hours to kill and my feet are aching and smell pretty bad after my workout. And once you're done with my feet, perhaps you can treat my hairy vagina to some lip action."


DJ Tanner walked into her bathroom that was connected to her bedroom to find Jimmy Gibbler naked except with a towel wrapped around the top of his head looking in the mirror.

"OH MYLANTA!" DJ yelled out in utter shock.

"Oh, hey DJ," Jimmy replied as if this was a regular thing. As he turned around to greet her, his large flaccid cock and heavy round scrotum swung and slapped against his inner thighs.

"Jimmy... Why are you in my bathroom and why are you naked except with a towel on your head?" DJ asked while her light-blue eyes darted back and forth from his handsome face to his loosely swinging gentiles.

"The hot water in the basement isn't working and the towel is for drying my hair, duh," Jimmy replied in a moronic manner.

"Still doesn't explain why you're naked?" DJ replied with urgency.

"I washed my hair while in the shower. Why would I get into the shower with my clothes on to wash my hair? What do you think I am, stupid?" Jimmy replied.

"You may lack something upstairs but you sure are very much equipped downstairs," admired DJ while her eyes continued to linger on Jimmy's hung manhood. "Stephanie never mentioned you had such an enormous package."

"My Super Dave motorcycle helmet has arrived already!? Boy, Fed-Ex is really fast. I haven't even paid for it yet. It's still sitting in the cart on the website," stated an over enthusiastic Jimmy.

"Your dick, Jimmy. I'm talking about your really huge dick," DJ bluntly stressed.

"Oh. You mean Mr. Happy. Well you know your sister. She's a bit of the jealous type since your boyfriend Steve is a bit undersized," Jimmy pointed out.

"Oh Mylanta! Stephanie told you that? I told her not to tell anyone," scowled DJ.

"Oh yeah. Stephanie told me not to tell anyone neither, my bad. Now she's going to kill me," Jimmy apologized.

"Oh well, I guess I am a bit envious of my sister now that I've seen what makes her screams echo throughout the house at any given time during the day," said DJ as she let out a heavy sigh and frowned.

"Awe. Don't be sad, DJ. Everything will be okay," replied a soft-hearted Jimmy as he stepped towards the Milf of 3 and embraced her with his 6'0, lean muscular naked frame. His large naked member pressed up against her stomach. DJ didn't shy away when she felt his elongated package pressed against her. She let her hands wandered up and down his sculpted back, then down to his tight ass and squeezed two handfuls.

"You know what would turn this frown upside down?"

Jimmy pulled back from DJ while keeping his hands on her shoulders to response.

"Hmmm. A few stacks of your dad's world famous blueberry pancakes," Jimmy suggested.

"I don't know if my dad's pancakes are world famous but that's not what I'm talking about, silly. Better yet, why don't I just show you," DJ replied with a devilish grin and sunk down to her knees and took hold of her sister's boyfriend's big meat in one hand and cradled his smooth balls in the other. "Maybe Mr. Happy can make me happy while I make him happy at the same time?"

"Sure, if that what it takes to turn your frown upside down. Or is it right side up?" Jimmy clueless replied.

DJ lightly licked the tip of Jimmy's large soft spear before enclosing her warm mouth over it. She tugged the flaccid shaft while she suckled on the bulbous head. Both parts were starting to become engorged and hard in DJ's care. She tenderly fondled his big smooth balls as she took more of his hardening shaft between her soft lips causing her sister's boyfriend to give into the mouth that's sucking his hard cock and moaning willingly.

"Is Stephanie good at sucking your cock?" DJ asked straightforward while dislodging Jimmy's hung tool from her mouth and dragging her big sexy lips and tongue up and down every thick inch of his shaft.

"Ohhh yeeeeaaaah. She could deep-throat like nobody's business," Jimmy moaned as he kept his eyes on the older Tanner sister licking his huge boner up and down like she was afraid her Popsicle was going to melt on a scorching hot summer day in California. "She even knows how to work her mouth on my balls, too."

DJ descended her mouth upon his large hanging ball sack and feverishly sucked them in turns while keeping a tight grip on his fully erected 9 inch penis.

"Looks like Mr. Happy is ready to make me happy," noted DJ before getting in a few last sucks on Jimmy's fat balls. She stood up in front of Jimmy wearing a plain white long nightgown with her nipples clearly hard underneath. She hikes up her nightgown, pulls her plain pair of panties down to her ankles and bends over the sink. Jimmy takes his hard cock in his hand and lines it up in the entrance way of DJ's blonde pussy.

"You don't have to be gentle. I had three kids come out of this vagina," explained DJ as she embraced her sink.

"Gentle was never my style," Jimmy replied as he forcefully began pushing his big hard cock in the opening of DJ's wet cunt.

"Oh... my... LANTA!!" squealed DJ as the biggest and hardest cock she ever seen had just pried its stiff hardness into her slick pussy, stretching her beyond its normal limitations and started thrusting balls-deep.

For the next few minutes, Jimmy Gibbler fucked the much older woman over the bathroom sink. He alternated between pulling at her long blonde wavy hair and squeezing her jiggling tits as he masterfully fucked her. He then planted his hands to her round ass while it slammed off his moving pelvic. It was smaller than Stephanie's but felt nice and tight.

"Oh FUCK! Oh shiiiiiiiiit! Ohhhh FUCK!" DJ cried out as her mom body was being ravaged in ways she never thought possible.

"UHHHHH FUCK, DJ! Your pussy isn't half bad. It's definitely tighter than your sister's," Jimmy growled referencing Stephanie's pussy.

"FUCK! OH FUCK! Harder! Harder! I'm so close! MMMMMM fuck me!" DJ begged, standing on her tippy toes at the sink while her damp cunt was wrapped tight around Jimmy's plunging stiff member.

Jimmy had never heard DJ utter a single swear word since he has known her but fuck seems to be the main word in DJ's vocabulary at the moment. He held onto her childbearing hips while driving harder and faster into her extremely moist cunt and felt it convulsing around his enormous cock.

"Ugghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, cummmmmming!" DJ groaned and muffled with her face in the sink. She felt her hot sticky fluids rush out of her pussy while Jimmy continued his relentless pounding.

"Don't worry DJ. There's plenty more where that came from," announced Jimmy.

"Oh Mylanta..."

Jimmy continued fucking DJ over the bathroom sink until her orgasm subsided. Afterwards, he pulled his soak and wet throbbing dick out of her sore pussy, lifted her up and carried her into her bedroom. He sat DJ down on the bed and removed her nightgown leaving her only in her wool tube socks. He then pushes her back on the bed, preparing to fuck her brains out on the same bed she and Steve occasional made love on. He reinserted his massive dick back inside DJ and fucked her into her second orgasm. He pulled out after she finished cumming and positioned her into the spooning pose. Jimmy hammered her insides hard and fast into a third overwhelming orgasm. He rolled over on his back and positioned the 41-year-old MILF in reserve cowgirl and pounded her into her fourth and final orgasm on a Saturday morning. At this point, Jimmy was ready to let loose the colossal buildup stored in his heavy ball sack.

"Get ready for the Gibbler cum platter," he grunted.

Jimmy pushed DJ off him after she finished cumming and aimed the bloated crimson head of his hard cock towards her face. Jimmy held onto the back of DJ's blonde head with one hand so she couldn't escape the immense load that suddenly burst in her face from his angry throbbing shaft.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Jimmy roared as one massive sticky wad after another of hot cum blasted DJ in her blue-eyed face and neck and even soiled her blonde hair. After he thoroughly creamed DJ's face, it was barely recognizable hidden beneath thick layers of salty gooey jism.

"I've had facials before but nothing like this," stated DJ as Jimmy's thick slimy cum trailed down her face and onto her chest and perky tits.

To Be Continued...

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